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  1. George Dewey

    Spinlock Throttle Retrofit Installation

    Thanks very much.
  2. I have a Beneteau First 36.7 that came with a CH2100P throttle to control the Volvo engine. Because of the long throttle lever I bought a Spinlock throttle retrofit. Some friends and I today were looking at it, a new CH2100P and the instructions and we think we know how it installs. It came with four black spacers. It seems that the faceplate screws into the spacers which go behind the cockpit fiberglass, and then the CH2100P screws into other holes in those same spacers. Is that right? If so, how sturdy is that? Also the existing opening is wider than the Spinlock faceplate so I'll have to mount another bit of plastic, idealls 1/8 inch, on top of that. Will that mess up how the spacing scheme works? Thanks...
  3. George Dewey

    Choosing a drysuit - Brand and size

    Apparently, I'll need some boots. Any recommendations on that? How much bigger than my normal size be?
  4. George Dewey

    sailing gloves (no, not what to buy) amazon question

    I don't know for sure, but I think Amazon's warranty works for them because many people forget they have it and never make a claim. On a related note, I am always annoyed when I buy something like an Arduino and they offer to sell me professional installation on it. If it weren't so expensive I would buy it just to see what happens.
  5. George Dewey

    Choosing a drysuit - Brand and size

    I'm pretty sure I have never seen this level of consensus on any topic on these forums. I went to Kayak Academy as recommended to read the write up, great info, and I saw that they sell used suits. So for the low low price of $250 I ordered one. This is great, I didn't want to spend much since I'll probably use it 16 times this winter. You have all been a great help thanks guys!
  6. George Dewey

    Choosing a drysuit - Brand and size

    I'll be frostbiting starting Jan 1, in Rhode Island and we'll be sailing in temps as cold as 20 deg F so I'm considering getting a drysuit. I used to be a fan of Gill equipment, but I think lately it has been of lower quality. I bought a Gill OS2 jacket and used it to move a boat. Of course it rained that day, I had no dodger and by the end of the day I was drenched. The jacket didn't do much good. Also, some friends bought Gill gloves and fell apart halfway through their first season. So I'm skeptical of Gill stuff now and wondering what I should look at. I see Crewsaver and Zhik make some that are reasonably priced but would appreciate suggestions. Also, how big should it be? I'll need room under it for long johns and another layer, so how many sizes up should I go? Thanks...
  7. George Dewey

    Black Widow

    I am most of the way through my first season with it. I used to have my boat cleaned by a diver weekly and early in the season he said he didn't need to do it weekly so we switched to every other week. He has told me even this is not needed, since there is only minor cleaning needed. I launched after rolling on four coats but didn't have time to burnish. It will be interesting to see how must the cleaning smoothed the paint. I'm in Warwick, RI.
  8. Not sure what you're trying to do, maybe this? (watch in the Youtube app or Chrome for the 360 effect to work).
  9. George Dewey

    Will Oxley book and software other than Expedition

    Well I have yet to find a weather service that is worth much sailing on Narragansett Bay. I'll probably end up buying Expedition before N2B in 2020. Before that, I have a lot to learn about these apps and ocean routing in general. Plus, last I knew Expedition needed Windows (and that may be different now, I'll check) and currently, I don;t have a Windows laptop, just my Mac.
  10. George Dewey

    Will Oxley book and software other than Expedition

    Oh! I didn't expect a reply from the author himself, thank you! In that case I'll grab a copy.
  11. Is the Will Oxley Kindle book about using Expedition very specific to Expedition, or is it helpful to people using other software, such as qtVlm?
  12. George Dewey

    AIS receiver info anyone?

    Joakim is exactly correct.
  13. George Dewey

    AIS receiver info anyone?

    Right, so you could also save yourself a few bucks and go with the older class B standard, unless you want the higher power. If you're not offshore, you probably don't need that either, especially if your antenna is at your masthead. Just a suggestion.
  14. George Dewey

    AIS receiver info anyone?

    You can find the Garmin AIS-800 (which includes a splitter built in) for about the same price as that transponder plus the splitter. Of course if you already have the splitter then that's a good option. Keep in mind that the higher power means more battery power consumed, and given you're on a sailboat I don't think you'll benefit from the more frequent transmissions, since those only kick in when you're moving fast, as in > 23 knots. Some people debate the increase in transmit range from the extra transmit power (2w vs 5w) since VHF is line of sight and 2w can transmit to the horizon. A benefit of class B SOTDMA is that you can get one that sends message 27, which can be received by satellites. I'll probably go with SOTDMA and if so I'll get the Garmin, but this one also looks nice:
  15. George Dewey

    Black Widow

    For the Interprotect 2000e, I didn't have much luck with the foam rollers. They often didn't actually roll, and I got a bunch of drips. Today I used a 1/8 inch nap solvent resistant roller and the job went faster, smoother and better. Still not perfect. I'm looking at rolling on the barrier coat as practice for the paint, but I think I'll need to find a helper to roll and tip with for the actual BW.