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  1. George Dewey

    Sailing Instuments - What to display where?

    Correct. Many people take the attitude that they are not going to make the (considerable) effort to keep their instruments sufficiently calibrated for correct true wind solutions, so they use apparent wind. And in that case, windex and telltales often meet the need. It's sure a lot cheaper.
  2. George Dewey

    Sailing Instuments - What to display where?

    Heck, don't even waste your money on these new fangled boats with foils that let them go upwind. Following the trades worked for centuries.
  3. Ironic that a compliment over the participants refraining from ad hominem attacks is at the verge of causing the thread to devolve into exactly that!
  4. How much ocean racing is there out of Charleston? I found the CORA site and looked at their courses. It seems the longest are about 45nm? I sent them a note, no reply. I'm in RI, and in New England we typically have long distance racing with courses that long but every season we have a few opportunities for nearly 300nm. Is there anything like that down there?
  5. George Dewey

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    I would think this would be a support nightmare for them. Its mostly DIYers doing this, and many of them are close to clueless.
  6. George Dewey

    Smart Regulator for LiFePo Battery charging?

    I had a long discussion with the designer about alternator temp monitoring before I bought mine. His earlier product had it, but he removed it from the latest one. At the time, he seemed to make a lot of sense about why but it was a while ago and sadly, I don't recall the details. That said, the OEM alternator on my MD2030 never had a problem.
  7. George Dewey

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    That seems like pretty short money for a carbon mast... Or did you replace it with aluminum?
  8. George Dewey

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    I'm in the process of getting insurance for an offshore capable boat right now. Working with a few brokers, all the applications have asked if the boat is a salvage. So anyone applying for insurance would have to disclose that, and I would expect the insurance company would want to know who did the repairs. Man bun or not, I would be surprised if the underwriters decide a couple of kids with no experience or credentials doing the repairs make them comfortable. I certainly could be wrong, and it would be good to hear from someone who actually sells insurance. Knowing the history of the boat I sure would not buy it.
  9. George Dewey

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    The right idiot who does not care about getting insurance, and maybe just wants to sit at a slip or on a mooring and watch other boats go by.
  10. George Dewey

    Amateur couple rebuilds salvage cruiser

    These two really should consult an expert. Isn't the Rod available? He was just recently interviewed by one of our correspondents, so he is around. Somewhere.
  11. George Dewey

    Predict Wind, iPad and Zeus2 - Moving routes

    Thanks for the hint, I'll investigate that. If that is true, I can write a little app for an iPad that uploads the exported file.
  12. George Dewey

    Rate it

    Why does it suck?
  13. George Dewey

    J/111 2011 questions

    How hard a job was it?
  14. George Dewey

    J/111 2011 questions

    My bad, mine is hull 29.
  15. George Dewey

    J/111 2011 questions

    How bad would it be to add 4.25oz at the masthead? I'm considering a combination anchor / tri-color light, to get more visibility offshore. I have checked several and the one from Marine Beam seems to be the lightest. And of course there is the wire as well, but it would be very light wire since this device uses very little power and can tolerate the voltage drop.