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  1. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    1 - They left Hawaii in a sailboat. 2 - They were picked up by the US Navy approximately 5 months later. Done. Easy peasey.
  2. Garmin buys Navionics

    I think their plotters can link to an AP. So I guess if they link Navionics to the plotter and then the plotter to the AP .... (note the use of four periods, since I was just mildly chastised in another thread for using an ellipsis, three periods, instead).
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Or maybe what ... fuck? What the ....
  4. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    I think number 3 above. Primarily because water purifier is going to use some power, and her description of the engine failure would preclude running it. I don't see a battery making water for 5 months. A hand power unit is not going to make much. Plus she said they were making distress calls, so that more power drain. I suppose she could have been lying about the engine failure, but how would she have fooled her captive for 5 months with a working engine? Then there's my original theory about former crewmates becoming shark food early on... (note the correct ellipse)
  5. Garmin buys Navionics

    Navionic supports auto-routung. Love it or hate it, that's patented technology that Garmin didn't license in their Bluechart app. It will be interesting to see if they drop that feature from Navionics, and if they add to Navionics the ability to upload routes to their plotters (which Bluechart does).
  6. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Apparently these two fools were not sufficiently embarrassed. so they had to make it worse by giving a press conference. Somewhere around 26:30 she actually blames the rigger for the alleged spreader failure claiming that "he downsized the rigging."
  7. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    She probably didn't trust the other chick to winch her up or take up slack on the halyard, or ease her back down, or whatever. Then again, who knows what that nut was "thinking."
  8. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Yes, we all could! That's why we're all laughing at them.
  9. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Wow, this could be as much fun as Hot Rod and the hulking, plywood-and-construction-screws catamaran! I suffered through that 11 minute video. She told a tall tale. The only sailing disaster omitted was a rogue wave. But how about this theory... Lots of food, no significant damage to the boat apparent... An untriggered EPIRB... How many people started this journey? Maybe there were a few more and someone thought it best to hide for five months and allow some time for the evidence to be eaten?
  10. Thanks! That's just what I'm after.
  11. H1000 Autopilot problem

    I just bought a boat with a B&G H1000 instrument system, including an autopilot. I know its super old, but by and large it works. One issue I'm having is with the auto-pilot. I'll put the boat on a course under power, sails down, and press the on button. It's in compass mode and it shows both the heading I set and the current heading. The trouble is that it steers the boat back and forth around the heading. It will go 5 to 7 degrees left, then overcorrect 5 to 7 degrees to the right, or more. Back and forth, even in no wind and flat seas. I presume it's not supposed to do this. What should I look for? I did find the manuals and there was no mention of anything like this.
  12. Great tips, thanks! Glad to know how easy it is to pee off the stern, and the weight in the vee berth is what we'll do. Tomorrow we head to Maine, Saturday morning we're off. If you never hear from me again, I will have gone Gilligan. The wind models show some pretty heavy winds at this point, although I think they will hit Monday instead of Sunday. Yesterday it said saturday, so we'll see...
  13. AIS to iPad or other tablet

    AIS data encoded using NMEA 0183 is part of that standard. Any device which claims that it converts NMEA 0183 from one topology to another (wire to wifi, for example) should be able to handle all the standard NMEA 0183 sentences.
  14. Looking for Nexus instrument cover

    PM me...
  15. AIS to iPad or other tablet

    So I'm lost. At this point in the thread, what are we trying to help the OP with? If he wants to transmit AIS data, he has to spend a good bit of money, for both a transponder and an antenna splitter or a second antenna. If he wants to receive AIS data, well, again, a $260 lowrance VHF Link-8 will give NMEA 2000 or 0186 to his plotter. Maybe I should whip up some software to convert AIS data to something an older, less expensive plotter can put on to the screen. But really, what's the shelf life of something like that?