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  1. jarcher

    Nexus NX Depth sounder malfunction

    The only thing I can suggest is that you check to see that you have sensible entries in C14 and C15.
  2. Probably just as accurate. But do you wash your hands first?
  3. Of course not, it's just another tool. And yes, land effects are complex, hence my desire for some tool to help. I'm not at all a weather expert, far from it, but as a computer guy I do understand the difficulties of modeling complex systems. Perhaps this area is just too complex to model reliably.
  4. jarcher

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    Well that's a bit of a trip! Let us know how my make out.
  5. Okay great, but I'm mostly interested in what is likely to happen, say, this Saturday afternoon? What will the velocity be, is it expected to build or fall, will it go left or right? That kind of thing. I understand of course that we have to track the shifts while we're out there. My question is, can any of these tools be helpful for local racing where I'm not circumnavigating the world?
  6. I have just been using generic forecasts which are great for telling me if I should think about bringing my rain gear or if I need to be on the watch for a sudden T-Storm. I'm not sure exactly what a micro-climate is, but it sounds like something we would have a lot of in Narragansett Bay.
  7. jarcher

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    Where are you and the boat?
  8. jarcher

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    That's a older NX2 Multi but it should work fine. When it's set to the wind page, there should be a dash under the the word "Wind." Like the pic I attached of mine. Are you sure you're on the wind page? Press the page button to skip from page to page. Failing that, let's try reinitializing the instrument. From the manual: 3.2 Re-initializing the instrument If two instruments by mistake have the same ID number, this can cause disturbance and block the information on the Nexus data bus. To re-initialise the instrument, press CLEAR during the power up sequence when version and ID numbers are displayed. The display self test is then re-started on all instruments and you will be asked to press KEY on each instrument as explained above. Note! If you do not succeed to re-initialise, we suggest you disconnect all but one instrument with the same ID number, then repeat the above procedure. By "KEY" it means "SET." The older (classic) instruments called the set button the key button.
  9. Eight years ago the consensus here was that Predict Wind was the better product: We still have Predict Wind and Sailflow, and also Windy. Do you all still feel Predict Wind is the way to go for near shore buoy racing? I used Predict Wind for Narragansett Bay several years ago and stopped paying because I didn't find it accurate. I looked at Predict Wind last and was not impressed, but that was just one evening. Is it worth a second try?
  10. jarcher

    Looking for racing crew in Rhode Island

    I'll email you, thanks.
  11. jarcher

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    I assume you mean 3 conductors plus the screen for a total of 4. Can you post pics of the connections on the server and the multi? I'll have to review the manuals to see if I'm forgetting something. I can try to replicate this on my workbench as well. It would be very unusual for the server to fail in such a way that this would happen. When you start the system the multi will come up and tell you what version of it's firmware is running. Can you let me know what that is?
  12. jarcher

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    Since you said that the lights on the server are blinking, I assume that you have your wind transducer connected to the server port labeled "wind" correct? In this case the transducer is neither an nWind nor a gWind, it's an older model. The nWind and gWind connect to the network. The older transducer connects directly to the server wind port and makes those lights blink. Is it a twin fin? It still sounds like your Multi is having trouble talking to the server. You said the analog displays are disabled. Are they actually disconnected? Try making sure that there is nothing connected to the network but the server an the Multi. Make sure the connections are clean and there is no corrosion. Make sure the network cable is just an unbroken length of cable. You don't want a lot of splices and such.
  13. jarcher

    Weather Map Definitions

    Yesterday evening Predict Wind said we would have 8 kts out of the south. They got the direction right, but the breeze was closer to 13 to 14 kts. They were right that it fell to nothing as predicted but that happens most evenings. Full disclosure, that was the free forecast. I was going to sign up but last night, and other past experience, has me thinking I can save money by tossing a coin.
  14. jarcher

    Nexus Nx2 Wind Issue .

    Error 3 is a data timeout. C51 controls the navigation page and that should not impact the display of wind data. C73 controls where the boat speed comes from. If you have a log transducer (the thing with the paddle wheel) then this should be set OFF. If you're getting boat speed from GPS SOG then it should be set ON. The reboot, in combination with Error 3, sounds like a network wiring issue. You could have a faulty cable or a bad connection somewhere, I suggest you check the wiring. If you don't know how it should be wired let me know and I'll explain. Since you have reliably flashing LEDs I would start with the cable between the server and th multi control. Before we can get it configured right, we need to make sure the wiring is okay. Just to be sure, this is an NX2 multi or a classic multi?