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  1. I think he just can't afford a computer or Internet service.
  2. I don't seriously think USCG didn't want to provide it, I just think they could not find it. For example, the first time I filed such a request (after USCG rescued that barge) they had trouble finding it because the name was incorrectly recorded as "Hawaiian Flyer." Perhaps by now the records have been properly filed, but who knows.
  3. And apparently there is a government coverup! As longtime readers of this, er... thread, will undoubtedly recall, I filed a FOIA request with the USCG over the final sinking, or alien abduction, or mass suicide attempt, or whatever it was. They sent a letter explaining that they had no records responsive. Hua? I called and spoke with them. They tried again. Still nothing. I sent an appeal. Still nothing. I explained that there exists video of helicopters with USCG painted on the side pulling people out of the drink... All to no avail. I finally got tired of it and gave up. But this I'm sure of... Somewhere, in a deep, dark vault, there is a file drawer, right next to the drawer marked "Area 51", that is marked "HR & FH."
  4. Frankly, I'm hoping to find out if Lane himself was actually onboard. Other than the pregnant hermaphrodite, we really have no idea who was onboard and I would not put it past Lane to have sent people off by themselves in that deathtrap.
  5. No, given how far offshore it was the state probably had absolutely no part in this at all. I think we'll get some info soon.
  6. And the Coast Guard says... Accident? What accident... We don't know about any accidents... Okay, to be fair, this is the initial response from the first office. I'm still expecting other responses. But, for what its worth (absolutely nothing - but I promised to post responses to my FOIA request) - here it is:
  7. Congratulations to all of you in the "I Can Post The Weirdest Shit" contest; You're all winners. Does anyone have any leads on any of the 6 questions? Questions #1 and #4 the ones of real interest. Those others are just amusing weirdnesses as is fitting for this sad weird blip in the ongoing story: "Humans on Earth." Someday the USCG will answer my FOIA request... Not holding my breath...
  8. Did Rod bite his ears off?
  9. Informative or cogent posts in this thread are definitely the exception. If you read the thread very carefully you might Not find a couple one. fixed Nah, there have been a few, and whenever the USCG answers my FOIA request, we'll have another. By then, unless another hermaphrodite appears, this thread will be mostly forgotten. Oh, most of the tits we have seen posted are pretty nice.
  10. How could it be a sub? Its made of plywood and, as we all know because Rod told us, plywood floats no matter what! I think its an airplane. Maybe a spacecraft!
  11. Which thread? The way I read his profile, lilmurray's account was logged into a couple of weeks or so ago, but hasn't posted on SA at all since around the time of the "launch". Come on lilmurray, it's safe to come out now. Allan Maybe he doesn't have any fingers left to type with... ROTFLMAO!!!
  12. So, when its all settled, will the longshoremen get over time to clear the backlog?
  13. I totally agree.The abrupt, and complete silence from lilMurray is very strange. Surely one of the SF anarchist's must know him personally? Has anyone checked the Batrimaran? Send him a PM! Maybe the site will email him letting him know he has a PM waiting.
  14. So...like...these swampkeeper things. How would they do, say, in a place like the Delta, or maybe right in Richardson Bay, or maybe over in the Berkeley marina? Sound like the new "green" way to clean stupidity. Intriguing indeed. Are these things biodegradable? Are they free-range? Can you ship them UPS or FedEx overnight? These things can solve problems well beyond stupid people who set out for ocean voyages on wooden barges. They can combat the elderly golfer overpopulation problem as well.