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  1. joker1373

    Old J24 Gudgeons

    The issue with the old setup is that the bottom pintle can break where it is welded to the fitting. I had it happen to me on my old J24. Drilling a hole for a cotter pin would keep the rudder from lifting up out of the gudgeons, but does nothing to prevent the pintle from snapping off. The new setup should have a gudgeon above and below the pintle fitting on the rudder with the pin going through all three. The cotter pin is just there to retain the pin. There is a lot more strength there and if the pin ever starts to wear out, it’s replaceable.
  2. joker1373

    J29 Seeking Practice Sails

    This is what came on my boat. Depending on what your plans are for the boat, this may be a bit overkill. If you plan to take the engine off to race and it’s light enough you could get a smaller fixed mount and position it to match the shaft length on your outboard.
  3. joker1373

    J29 Seeking Practice Sails

    Congrats on the new boat! The J29 frac rig is almost identical to the J30 rig dimensions so you might want to take a look at the J30 class website.