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  1. Charlie Foxtrot

    Apollo 11 IMAX documentary

    In 100% agreement with Mustang. PB, it's an awe inspiring, must see movie. If only to relive those heady days. My family was on a business picnic at a private park on 20Jul69. I wouldn't leave the car the entire day listening to Unca Walter and Niel Armstrong.
  2. Charlie Foxtrot

    If You Love dogs......

    Friend had a Jack Russell Terrorist. The little bastard was destroying their house a bit each day. His solution: get another Jack Russell. Those two arse-holes terrorize each other all day long. When the wife and he get home, the JRTs are practically comatose.
  3. Charlie Foxtrot

    If You Love dogs......

    Then you'll probably need two. Most dogs are very social animals, they need companions. Our dogs were always happier as pairs.
  4. Charlie Foxtrot

    If You Love dogs......

    Yeah, but then we'd have to take the dogs in for a full range of shots... All in all, not a bad result: 1) A very bad scene ended with no downside 2) Dogs got steak 3) Wife now actually somewhat listens to me about NEVER opening a door to someone not known or expected. Even if it's the cops - the answer through the door is "Come back with a warrant."
  5. Charlie Foxtrot

    If You Love dogs......

    Nope. Dogs threw themselves between my wife and the dude, but were mostly confined by the narrow hallway. The vato jerked his leg out of the door, yelling "BIG Dogs!" to his buddies. The wife seized the opportunity to slam the door shut. Cops couldn't find the gang. The dogs got steak that night and went back to play-fighting in the backyard.
  6. Charlie Foxtrot

    If You Love dogs......

    Amazing dogs. My two goofballs sensed that my wife was fearful, slid opened a sliding door (never done it before), and pelted through the house in time to interrupt a push-in robbery with their impression of 200 pounds of Cujo.
  7. Charlie Foxtrot

    If You Love dogs......

    Just remember me fondly, PB. All I ask.
  8. Charlie Foxtrot

    If You Love dogs......

    German Shepherds have become the milestones of my life. The only thing that could possibly be worse than losing them, would not to have them in my life at all.
  9. Charlie Foxtrot

    Mexico pipeline explosion

    Several Mexican commentators are saying that there is little gasoline to be had in the countryside. The government is restricting fuel supplies to keep it from the cartels. That may explain the drive to get the gas. Don't have any other info.
  10. Charlie Foxtrot

    Mexico pipeline explosion

    Mein Gott. The people running away on fire... I hope we've got burn specialists on their way. This happened years ago in Africa, and the death toll reached into the hundreds.
  11. Charlie Foxtrot

    Gilette wants to make men not be men

  12. Charlie Foxtrot

    Looking for a new Razor Brand?

    Reading the Amazon reviews on the Merkur safety razor and the Feather blades; we might have missed a very good thing. Oil well, in two years, I'll look at upgrading.
  13. Charlie Foxtrot

    Latest Book Recommendations

    In these trying times, I find myself drawn again to my Churchills. Rereading Gilbert's Churchill, A Life, adding Arnn's Churchill's Trail, and the grand old man's A History of the English Speaking Peoples.
  14. Charlie Foxtrot

    Looking for a new Razor Brand?

    Naw, using the old two-bladed Gillette Excels for my neckbeard. Bought a bunch years ago when the Marketers went to those stupidly expensive 5 blade cassettes. I'm good for another two or so years. By then, they'll probably be pimping 12 blade razors.
  15. Charlie Foxtrot

    Gilette wants to make men not be men

    Who could have guessed: Gillette Ad Directed By Man-Hating Feminist