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  1. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship...
  2. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    Should have gotten Life in Prison for Future Crimes Against Humanity.
  3. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    It's the gold standard of WWII German reference books. Captain Green flew most of the planes in his work as the British chief technical evaluator. Quite a few of the planes tried to kill him. The man had some stories.
  4. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    And the Silver Hill restoration site! You have to call well ahead for the guided tour. Hmmph, they might not be doing tours because of the Wuh Flu.
  5. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    Yup. But since the rear engine was reversed, the prop naturally rotated the opposite direction without a change to the engine. The Do335 was said to be very neutral in its handling and very fast. Because of the inline thrust an engine-out posed little problem. RAF Captain Green, in his Warplanes of the Third Reich, was complimentary of the 335.
  6. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    Correction: My memory failed me: I had my facts bass-ackward. According to Wikipedia, the Do335 was restored in Germany, shown at various German locations, then repatriated back to the US, where it is on permanent display at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum. BTW, if you've never gone, the SASM is a wonderful place for a wingnut to spend a very long weekend.
  7. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    They did say he was a man's man. NTTAWWT. And the best thing about working from home is drinking at work.
  8. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    Big fan of rum in the (early) afternoon?
  9. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    Dornier Do335 Pfeil ("Arrow"). It had two V-12 engines in the fuselage. Second engine was behind the pilot and drove the rear propeller via a long shaft. Never tested in combat. It was intended to be a bomber destroyer. Prolly too big to mix it up with single engine fighters - but it could certainly outrun them. It's a beast - I saw it at the Smithsonian after its beautiful restoration; it's now back in the Vaterland.
  10. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    I like the Magpul (M-LOK mount), especially after buying the metal feet. However, I don't complete in long range events.
  11. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    I remember watching To Catch a Thief at some college screening and being desperately in love with her at film's end.
  12. Charlie Foxtrot

    Random PicThread

    No doubt about it.
  13. Carp - I misread it. My blonde fart. My apologies. That's IS really, really freaky.
  14. Bah. Our house in St Loo was that way. Realtor said it was because it was easy for a crook to get into a basement unheard - and then into the rest of the house - without that lockset. We always kept that door locked. Gawd, I miss that unfinished, deep pour, walk-out basement. Can't have 'em in Floriduh. Here they're called indoor swimming pools.
  15. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal?? Midway's AR-Stoner Single Point Sling. It's tied to my shotty via a double-sided attachment plate. The shotgun is the only one firearm with a single-point sling. I had them on several other guns, but the utility of a good two-point sling, like a VTAC or the Slingster, won out.