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  1. The Texas/ USC game was another classic barn burner. A desperate USC drive in regulation, and then 2 overtime periods. Texas 24 - USC 27. FightON!!!
  2. Ooooooh, nice. I was able to parlay my Gander employment into a Savage AR-10 Long Ranger in 308 -- for half price. Reach out - and @#$% something up.
  3. Even when Byte folded, his website Chaps Manor was superb. Man could make paying his monthly bill hysterical....and educational.
  4. Jerry Pournelle has died. A true great in sci-fi literature.
  5. Hey Timo, yeah miss the SA Gun Blasts. We're now in the Gunshine state, hunkering down away from that bitch Irma. PB, we did invite you to a couple of the Gun Blasts...;) For your mission, I'm going to recommend TRAINING, and after that.... a Glock 19 3rd Gen in 9mm. The munificent state of Cali still allows their sale. A rifle or shotgun will be too clumsy in a motorhome. Timo, say hi to SB for me. And.... what new toys?
  6. Looks to be just a hair smaller than the F-150... which is also ballooning in size. WTH are the simple, rugged, relatively cheap trucks nowadays? All I see are Cowboy Cadillacs. And... talk about thread drift....
  7. Just finished Bernard Cornwell's Waterloo. A very readable primer on that fascinating battle(s). Finally working through Gilbert's unabridged Churchill: a Life. Both are about events and personalities that changed to course of history. And I'm getting the urge to do something incredibly politically incorrect; read more about the Founding Fathers and the Constitution.
  8. Do NOT read "In Harm's Way: The Sinking of the U.S.S. Indianapolis and the Extraordinary Story of Its Survivors" For a sailor, it's the stuff of nightmares. Incredible suffering, fear, courage, and heroism, and for too few: survival. .
  9. Hater-Aide: I've got a line on some GREAT sushi! A somewhat reliable Gen-0 (it's a low bar) swears that she knows of a place where the conch roll is to die for. All the fishy cut rolls and hand rolls are likewise great. She's a foodie of some note, and a ditz, which is why she can't 'member 'zactly where the restaurant lies. She's getting back to me tomorrow. Damn, I'm making myself hooongry.
  10. Gawd - Ambrosia on a bun. Had a grouper basket last weekend at the Old Fish House. Beer battered perfection, with entirely too damn many perfect steak fries, and a bottomless lemonade. All served up by a lil' Southern tart bustin' out of her tank top. I'm gonna like it here. ;^)'
  11. Job. Aerospace is an addiction.
  12. Yah know, I'll take Florida over St Louis summers. It hasn't gone above 92 here. Back in St Looney, it hit 107 WITH 70% humidity. 112 degree heat index for weeks at a time. Plus -- here in the Gunshine state, I'll never have to shovel 3' of Christmas cheer. I'll keep Katy's in mind. We found our fish place for all time, but we're still looking for Sushi, steak, and BBQ.
  13. Move Along. Nothing to see here. Move it. In place of the ability to delete a redundant Glen Campbell post.
  14. Corgi's have a very active, warped sense of humor. Friends' have had several Welsh Corgis, they love 'em dearly, but stuff gets torn up, bums get nipped, shoes get destroyed... all with a huge doggy grin. Other friends had a Jack Russell Terrorist. Their solution: get another one. The two bastards spend all day terrorizing one another, when my friends get home, their two reprobates can hardly raise their heads.
  15. Evil little shits. Cute, endearing, but essentially Satan's half-brother. Dachshund, a mini-dog that thinks it's a lion.