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  1. Charlie Foxtrot

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    Can't count the times we left the electrical room spotless, only to come back and find the Maintenance Supervisor <spit> had converted it into a storage room
  2. Charlie Foxtrot

    Work Bench for the Man Cave....

    Hate to be a contrarian (okay, I live for it), but you might consider a prebuilt bench. Sam's Club features the Seville line of work benches, tables, cabinets, etc. They're incredibly well made and sturdy. Plus, they go up in mere hours and look great. At $210, their six foot workbench comes damn near to the material costs alone. I outfitted my man cave with pretty much all Seville. Very workable. Plus, as a Sams Club Premium member I waited for a sales event, and they were drop-ship to my door for freeeeeeee.
  3. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Hopefully, there's a rule requiring gimbaled drink holders. Hmm... 3 1/2 feet draft. Wonder if they've made it out to the East Coast... Have to look into it when this shi'ite blows over. Was also looking at a J22.
  4. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Bud of mine will kiss his wife goodbye, and leave for the range with a rifle hard case in hand. 3 hours later, he's back. Somehow, the hard case weighs significantly more than when he left. Just by chance, the range happens to be in the back of a gun shop... Helps that his wife doesn't know the difference between an AR-14, single shot 22, a 30 clip magazine, a fully semi-automatic pistol, or a riot spattergun. Although his smooth sailing might be about to hit a reef, as she recently remarked that the gun safe that used to have plenty of room for her jewelry is now getting pretty tight...
  5. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Years ago, I made a deal with the Lord and Master: I can buy a gun for every 5 sets of shoes and purses she buys. I can now red flag myself on every international gun buyers list if I wanted to... And she's bought many of her own (and stolen a few of mine) with our Cowboy Action Shooting addiction.
  6. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Yap, that 3 inch rail makes hiking an exercise in pain management - when you're racing. However, the Thistle can be sailed in a most gentlemanly manner; her weighted centerboard and generous seat tanks making it easy to cruise at old fart speed (mine). Even better, you've got that humongous centerboard trunk so you can work on your dexterity and bruise management.
  7. Charlie Foxtrot

    WTF with annoying car insurance adverts?

    Don't know how effective the ads are: When that Emu comes on, I turn it off. And lets not talk about the radio KarsForKids and Slotomania ads.
  8. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Wow! Guns are a lot easier to hide from the wife... Down to one boat - a Thistle. And it's going to cost me a small fortune - I've gotta build a garage for it (and other carp) in the South 40.
  9. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Gawd, the amount of times I've thought those very same words... A friend of mine has built an impressive collection of old firearms. He's gotten more than a few from oldsters at the end of their days who just wanted to see their cherished history go to a good home.
  10. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Yeah, shame that. And right after I lost all my firearms in that tragic swamp buggy crash.
  11. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    You know da Gubermint is selling off their surplus 1911s through the CMP? About $800, as far as I can recall. Too rich for my blood, but a lot of shooters cherish those old warriors. And the 'Leventy is the only gun I actually like to field strip and clean. Good thing too, as you should do it every time you shoot it.
  12. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Ooooooooh. What firearm? I've been lusting for a CZ 457 combo in 22LR and .17 HMR. A friend has a Savage A17 - talks about his "laser" zapping ground hogs.
  13. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Congrats, SShow Bob! Fine firearm! Just remember, the 1911 is an experts gun, so your learning curve is going to be pretty steep. The light, single-action trigger can and does bite the unaware. I'd get some new-1911-shooter training. Always and excellent base for a shooting career; plus, it's essential for safe gun handling skills. Congratulations again! PS: I own a 1911, which I use in the SASS Wild Bunch competitions. If you have questions about the 'Leventy, feel free to drop me a line.
  14. Charlie Foxtrot

    What's in your arsenal??

    Billy Backstay: And what to my wondering eyes did appear: CDNN has them on sale for $250!
  15. Charlie Foxtrot

    Astronomy Anarchy

    Comet Atlas: Possible Naked Eye Visible Comet Coming to your eyes May/ June: "...Since its discovery, the comet has been brightening at an almost unprecedented speed. As of March 17, ATLAS was already magnitude +8.5, over 600 times brighter than forecast. As a result, great expectations are buzzing for this icy lump of cosmic detritus, with hopes it could become a stupendously bright object by the end of May." Word of Advice: Don't get your hopes up. These types of comets are usually even more disappointing than your average Democrat Presidential candidate.