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  1. Charlie Foxtrot

    2500 naked women

    It's a chunky dunk.
  2. Charlie Foxtrot

    Buying Gold Online

    Floriduh pawn shops look sketchy at best. And they make change in Meth. There are several coin and jewelry shops with good reps, but they are way off my beaten path.
  3. Charlie Foxtrot

    Buying Gold Online

  4. Charlie Foxtrot

    Buying Gold Online

    Let's just say that the hole in the floor is only a few times bigger than the bores of the weapons protecting it.
  5. Charlie Foxtrot

    Happy Birthday Stevie

    Her Rhiannon still brings chills down my spine. 70 -- damn. How the hell did that happen?
  6. Charlie Foxtrot

    Buying Gold Online

    Yep, keep it my Scrooge McDuck vault. (House came with a shoebox sized floor safe.)
  7. Charlie Foxtrot

    Buying Gold Online

    Anyone here buy gold online? I'm thinking about diversifying my portfolio and buying some investment gold or silver bullion, bars or one oz coins. I'd dollar cost average into the investment, buying an oz every month or so. Any experience, recommendations of firms? Better yet, any firms to avoid?
  8. Charlie Foxtrot

    P-51 Crash Landing - cool video

    Fascinated by the thought processes going on in that 104 seconds. He definitely has the Right Stuff. Put the chimp back in the cage by accessing that checklist you've already worked out... Good plan.
  9. Charlie Foxtrot

    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    ...Engineering School...
  10. Charlie Foxtrot

    Fuck you im sick anarchy

    Sack up: we've all been there. NyQuil, cough syrup, Vit D, C and E. Fluids. Chicken soup. Most importantly - sleep. Don't let yourself get run down.
  11. Charlie Foxtrot

    Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

  12. Charlie Foxtrot

    Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    Hit a median: a freakin' curb. Had to be a lot of speed/ alcohol involved. Fox Gnus: Impressive air time, doooooood!
  13. Charlie Foxtrot

    Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    Miss it yet, Point? Orange County Fire Authority is prolly still going "WTF?"
  14. Charlie Foxtrot

    Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    I've listened to a couple of combat medics (NOT formal training!) They were advocates for very aggressive use of tourniquets. Especially in a mass casualty incident. They both carried two tourniquets everywhere they went - much more likely to use a tourniquet than a gun. Supposedly, the Las Vegas shooting could have been much, much worse except for the civi's enthusiastic use of tourniquets.
  15. Charlie Foxtrot

    Anti-Ballistic Missile Anarchy

    Good thoughts, thanks. I'm way out of cert, but in my Emgr training for the bomber company the instructor basically said tighten it until the victim screams. Then tighten it some more. He got trained up in Gulf War I.