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  1. @last

    the greatest

    +1 vote for Passage, a lot of history for sure. I think I might add Merlin/Blondie to the list as what I kind of view the pro type SC 70 and then the "new and improved" version. That said it is a pretty subject list and you could include everything from a Laser upwards and not be wrong. "
  2. @last

    West Michigan Thread

    Have not heard anything about a course change. As a participant agree that yes, I like the informal nature of the race, the super easy logistics and having a nice overnight/dinner at tip in GH. Made my slip res I think in March maybe? Anyways, here is hoping that change doesn't sent course too far out into lake as being in a smaller boat that might impact decision to race/participate.
  3. @last

    CRW 2018

    Thanks for the recap, much appreciated!
  4. @last

    CRW 2018

    Any updates on what is happening down there? Was first day a no air affair?
  5. @last

    what was it?

    Looks very similar to the N/M 25 Easy GO. If I recall correctly there also was a G&S 26, sort of a mini version of the custom 30 I sail on that was kicking around Florida a bit ago.
  6. @last

    Anyone know what loft this logo is from?

    I believe it is from Goose Island Sail makers in Chicago. Perhaps some anarchists from the windy can comment or you might try this guy as it sounds like he worked for them. http://madsails.com/about.html
  7. @last

    Fazisi Front Page

    Glenn and other posts directly above, thanks for the update. Although I don't claim to be a marketing expert and perhaps it would not generate enough income, my 2 cents would be to sell T shirts with the boat name and sail number on front and covering a large portion of the back the sickle and hammer symbols from the old days/Russian heritage. I would think you could get like $25 each plus shipping for a plain white short sleeve cotton T. Of course it takes large dollars to run large boats, so perhaps this would not be enough but it is just a thought.
  8. I think you pretty much have probably answered your own question and hit the nail on the head in all categories/thoughts. The J24 can't have too much carrying cost (initial cost, maintenance, etc) so for now hold and wait and see how it plays out. The J70 class looks like it has some potential for club level stuff in the sense that 1-hull numbers are now in 4 digits, could be wrong but I think like 13-1400ish and I think perhaps room to get to 1600ish in the next few years. If so, the available pool for used boats could be potentially nearly double what the M24 is. 2-So you have a few strategies here, one, like you say try and come up with sort of a sportboat "run what ya brung" class. Two perhaps try and regrow the J24 class. I realize that they are never going to be as sexy/new/updated a boat as either the M24 or J70, but, and this is a big but, they are very low cost boats to buy with hull numbers in the 5500's/large available pool of inexpensive boats and as such it may be easier to attract newbies to the class with a low cost to enter. Suspect too that the J70 class at the moment has a fair number of people in it who are willing to travel a good distant for regatta's with the ensuing expenses (motel, gas, meals, entry fee, etc) and as these road warriors leave the class, perhaps there will be some trickle down of boats congregating to the lower level/weekend warrior type budgets. Either way I think you have it spot on and figured out. Good luck, fun choices/problems to have.
  9. Not to sound funny but perhaps focus on what the key goal is. Melges 24s for example while great boats are typically not as new as the J70. So for example, if someone had 40k to spend, it would buy a nice (but older) Melges, while in the J70, you would be getting a nearly new/few year old boat. Is the j24 still raced locally with a decent OD class size and is OD class racing locally the goal? Not to sound like a politician, but focus on the goal (to own a newer boat, to own whatever has the most local OD racing, to own the fastest/"best" boat of the three for example?). Depending on the priority will probably shape your answer. FWIW I have a j24 and like it primarily for cost reasons (low initial cost, etc) although there is no OD racing here and from that standpoint the M24 is the clear winner in this locale. YMMV and just my 2 cents.
  10. @last

    Sailors Powerboat

    Sounds like some really epic memories of the boat and not a bad backdrop to play in either. Was in Palm Beach briefly over x-mas, many stops close by WPB to see my favorite but forgotten pink MORC 30 in Riviera Beach, a quick stop at lighthouse point marina, Fort Liquordale, etc before heading to Florida City/the keys. Rarefied air incomewise for sure though in that area, reminds me of the famous JP Morgan quote, "if you have to ask how much it costs...........".
  11. @last

    Sailors Powerboat

    Nice looking boat! Thanks for sharing the story and pics, pretty impressive for those who can afford it.
  12. @last

    Sailors Powerboat

    Well I am a little biased, but cruise at 15kts, tops at 21kt. 110hp yanmar turbo diesel. Micro cruising for sure, but deliveries sure do go a lot faster.
  13. @last

    Fazisi Front Page

    I completely get that and feel terrible for what has happened down there. That said there are other ways to have a hot meal, say a homeless shelter for example rather than in effect stealing from others to provide one's own needs. Just my 2 cents and obviously not everyone would agree with me.
  14. @last

    Fazisi Front Page

    Agreed. When the boat was on the great lakes (and would guess prior) she also had two very beautiful nicely laminated wood steering wheels which now look gone too. It's kind of weird, on the trek down and back to KW, there still in many places on the oversea's highway/A1A is tons of debris left, you name it, boats, household appliances, travel trailers, parts of homes, etc. In one such pile are two golf carts, one looking almost brand new. So I am thinking to myself too bad, casualties of the hurricane but then start to notice that the almost new one is missing almost everything of value, no wheels, engine, etc, just basically the shell left. Am sure the hurricane didn't magically and precisely remove everything of value, in some ways kind of a sad comment on life I guess.
  15. @last

    Fazisi Front Page

    Sad to see the news, interesting to read Brian Hancock's memories of his time on her. I was just down in KW the week before Christmas and forgot the name of the island just off Mallory Square, but behind it you could still see the distinct rig of Fazisi looking intact. Fate of all old race boats at some point in time, just sad to see a piece of history pass like that. Had two former crew mates do a Isla Mujeres race on her and they had some funny stories about the experience. Hoping someone down south will post her final resting place/fate.