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    You might try these three, Tim Dry, Jack Morman or Patrick Gerber. Not aware of any J boat specific surveyor here but any competent marine surveyor should be able to find the info you need. Good luck, what size J are you looking at? https://everythingaboutboats.org/timothy-dry/ http://mormanmarinesurveyors.com/ http://gerbermarinesurveys.com/
  2. @last

    Is The Thrill Gone?

    I have a few suggestions. First spend most of my life sailing on Lake Michigan although after college moved to Jacksonville, FL for 8yrs and purchased a C&C 33 which for three years lived aboard. I thought both places were great, although in very different ways. Not sure how long you have lived in Florida but it summer there so yes, tons of heat and humidity is pretty typical (restatement of obvious I know). You might try sailing at night for one thing. I remember one of my nicest sails was at night on the St Johns river watching pieces of a Russian Satellite re-enter the atmosphere, a similar look to fireworks embers but they stretched from one horizon to the other-pretty cool. Am not a fishing expert but hearing what I believe were finger mullet? jumping around the boat on maybe same night. Pretty memorable sail even almost 40 years later. Ever tried to sail on x-mas day here on Lake Michigan? Probably for the most part not happening. On the flip side again one of the nicest memories of my time spent South was taking the 33 out sailing on x-mas day being sunny and 72. Try not to compare the two experiences. They are both great but in very different ways. No the tea colored, brackish water you find in many parts of Florida is definitely not the pristine, crystal clear, fresh water that you can easily see 20 ft or more to the bottom in the northern reaches of Lake Michigan. From Jan to April you can have many nice days of sailing down South. Unless you do some ice boating, those are things one can only dream about during the long, cold harsh winters that come with living in the Midwest. Find new experiences that will energize you. You have just purchased a new to you boat that sounds great for some cruising. Have you done any down there? I trailered my current J24 down to the Palm Beach area one x-mas from Michigan and took it from there to Marathon via water over 8 days-a great trip! Start at Charlotte harbor and cross the state via Lake Okeechobee to the other side when water levels allow. Be grateful for every day, as our time here is limited and for what we have. If am reading your posts correctly you have a waterfront home with your new to you 32 ft boat directly our front? That sounds like a pretty blessed life to me....... Rant over, good luck in finding your way, it is there in front of you, just might take some searching....
  3. @last

    Pettit Black Widow Video Review

    Out of curiosity was the paint professionally applied or DIY? Sounds silly but did they follow mfg recommendations in terms of prep/application/amount of product used? More of story probably needs to be told to get complete pic.
  4. @last

    Bucket-list Point-2-Point races

    Perhaps Miami to Key Largo, but have never done it personally, sounds like fun though, perhaps some local's can chime in on that one.
  5. @last

    Bucket-list Point-2-Point races

    Mug Race, Palatka, FL to Jacksonville (or more accurately Orange Park), FL. Run on a river (St John) in early May, about 38 miles, very appropriate for a 2 up Melges and nicely run by Rudder Club when I did it ages ago.
  6. @last

    Waxing below the waterline

    Another choice that seems to work well...... https://www.mclubemarine.com/antifoulpolish/
  7. @last

    Suggestions for activities in Newport RI

    Enjoyed the mansions, Marble House, Breakers and Rosecliff, all snapshots of a time gone by. IYRS was cool too, had the original "cigarette" boat that I think Don Aronow got inspiration from(not that it looks anything like his cigarettes)-not sure if that it still there, was a few years ago since I have been. Might add Obriens Pub (again a few years since I have been-not sure if still there) for those with a sense of history to see the A2 battle flag of Kangaroo with boxing gloves. I might also add Team one for gear, kind of a fun place to wander and also Fort Adams. There are no bad answers here, after all it is Newport, RI, a sailors mecca so just being there is well worth the trip.
  8. @last

    You'll Never Guess

    Capital Yachts Newport 33?
  9. @last

    Deal Killers?

    +2 I know it may sound silly but one key to any transaction such as this is having reasonable expectations. You are buying the boat for 5-10% of what it would cost new. Do you really believe that any boat will leave the factory and then pass through many owners hands giving it the care it needs and deserves? Your concerns are certainly valid, but at the price point you are looking at you may have to adjust your expectations a bit or up the budget/lower the size of the boat desired to get everything you want/condition you are looking for. I would perhaps also second the notion of looking at the Tartan 3000 mentioned, it is close by and might give you another yardstick so to speak on condition. Good luck in your search, the good news is you live in a nice area to sail and sounds like have the benefit of not having a long drive every time you want to go sailing or work on the boat.
  10. @last

    Daysails, Short Cruises for $15K?

    Both Canadian built boats. Mark Ellis design on the Aloha, similar looking lines to a Niagara 35. Both should be well built, but as always the long period from when these boats left the factory until they landed in your back yard is what counts, i.e. care among probably several owners of that time frame. Good luck and keep us posted.
  11. Out of curiosity where are the new home bases for 2609 and 2605?
  12. @last

    Daysails, Short Cruises for $15K?

    Slight edit to above post, having owned a 7.9 in the past I would second this recommendation. Although declining in numbers recently, there used to be a nice fleet of boats in Punta Gorda. There was a reason for that (draft issues-none, sails well, good built quality, etc) plus the added bonus if you have a sufficient tow vehicle the keys are a few hrs away not days (plural). Remember every boat is a compromise, so you may not get all the things on your wish list, but I think you will get many.
  13. @last

    Daysails, Short Cruises for $15K?

    All excellent suggestions from above. A few (probably obvious) things to consider. First is for the size you are looking at you are talking paying 10 cents on the dollar of what a new boat would cost so it is definitely helpful to make sure your expectations meet reality, i.e. don't expect to get the new swan in perfect condition for pennies on the dollar. Secondly given your tight budget, the boat will need to be semi local as finding something in the northeast or PNW if it had to be trucked would cost a huge part of that budget. In doing a quick look at YW in Florida, there are not a ton of choices in that range and even fewer when a project boat is out. I think the wisest comment here is take your time as it may take a bit of time to find the boat you want, semi locally, at a price you can afford. Also it may be of benefit to have the boat surveyed, but take heed in the comment about buying at the price point you are looking at and have "reasonable" expectations. The good news is boat shopping is mostly free and part of the fun of the process. Good luck and feel free to report back on your findings.
  14. @last

    West Michigan Thread

    Sorry I didn't take any pics but there was a good group, around 12 boats or so. Ice a little rough but other than that a good day on the (hard) water. A little stiff today from a day on the DN, but nice to be able to use it.