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  1. Irma

    Cool, thanks for sharing. Again thanks to all for the updates to you and others. Starting the trek south on Saturday and also had a few anxious moments watching the hurricane's path as I made a new (used) addition from the dark side recently and have not even seen it yet in person. Thankfully it took a turn to the right and sounds like from the storage place that it is ok. Change of plan from week in the keys on it though, will be headed to lighthouse point instead and doing a little day tripping along the ICW there.
  2. Irma

    RKoch, Uncoop Tom and others, thanks so much for the local updates, they are my appreciated. Heading down in two weeks to visit relatives and was also planning to spend time in the keys (thinking that is not happening given infrastructure!), so nice to know what to expect. Feel free to keep them coming with info on the basics (gas avail, electric, etc).
  3. J24 class saiks

    +1 on the second hand suggestion. Q and North both seem to produce good class sails and people in the very top tier seem to change their sails very frequently, many times after only a regatta or two, creating a good second hand market for lightly used sails at discounted prices. Check the J24 forum, they seem to pop up regularly there. One of the huge plus's of having an active OD boat with hull numbers in the 5,000's, not something you will find (nice used sails readily available) in an orphan boat or very low number of hulls OD boat.
  4. Short term moorage for Melges 24

    Although I have not personally used this, I know several pro big boat captains who do and seem to like it, within limitations of course as it is not an anti foulant per se. YMMV and just my 2 cents. http://www.mclubemarine.com/antifoulpolish/index.php?c=antifoulpolish_directions
  5. Best sailboat to teach a small child to sail

    Out of curiosity which lake on the chart? I used to spend every x-mas in the area and spent time at Okeheelee (sp?) Rec area and also Lake Ida, watch for gators-lol. That said as other posters have mentioned filling in the blanks here would help, how old/weight, etc and also if the goal is to have them sail solo or with you or someone else in the boat as instructor. If solo and they are smaller/younger then I would suggest a more modern version of the Opti-the Open Bic. If the goal is someone else in the boat to provide instruction, (so two people) then my vote would be for the Sunfish as it was/is a boat you can grow into and also a boat you can sail from beginning to very late in life. Just my 2cents FWIW.
  6. Forward hatch hinged fore or aft?

    Nice looking boat! Bill Lapworth designed some real classics. Pretty good looking kite too, North? Looks like she is moving nicely with a bone in her teeth.
  7. West Michigan Thread

    Very sad news indeed. I guess you never know how your day is going to go, certainly given credence to the live each day to the fullest and be grateful as we never know how many we have left.
  8. Beginner

    +1 on bumping budget, 1k for a boat with decent trailer (good tires, etc) and gear is pretty thin, I would allow more like 2-2.5k, more if you want a really nice boat.
  9. this is why we do it...

    Nice pic, will be interesting to see what the new owners do with the place. Went past on the ferry about a month ago, but they hadn't yet closed on the place (now since have though). Quite a challenging getting all the needed rehab equipment out there in addition to permitting (am sure they don't just let you go to town like sandblasting the structure to paint, etc). Still looks like a cool place to spend an overnight on though/few days, especially if you could watch a storm roll in......
  10. Chicago-Mac/Meridian X MOB Recovery

    I just want to say thanks for posting and thanks for taking the time to reply to everyone here with well thought out concise responses. I think this exchange among many individuals is very valuable in helping improve safety in a pastime that most of us are pretty passionate about-Kudos and glad the end result ended well.
  11. this is why we do it...

    Great shot, thanks for posting, although I am heavily biased, I would call the area the prettiest on the round blue marble......
  12. Not sure I agree with first statement, as mentioned owned a level 35 boat and had a slip 3 of the 4 years we completed race. Plenty of T-10s were neighbors in slips too so obviously no where near first group of finishers on either of those boats. Any way you slice it though there are less slips available than boats that are present. If getting a slip were truly the issue, RC offers options of either mac city or St Ignace with a near guarantee of getting a slip, of course you'd miss the ambience of being in the harbor/on boat/on island, which is a much of a part of the race as anything in my book.
  13. Think of it another way, math. According to the DNR website there are 80 slips there. Say roughly 20 near the rest room=too shallow for you. Boat count on island-300? (Granted some choose the option of either mac city or St Ignace that the RC offers if you want a guarantee of a slip). Subtract the 20 slips mentioned earlier from both totals by my math (always suspect-lol) and you have 280 boats competing for 60 slips or another way to say it would be for anyone, not just yourself there is a 79% chance you (or anyone else for that matter) will not get a slip. Honestly I don't think you are being singled out, I think it was more luck than anything that happened to get me a slip. Just my two cents and as always YMMV.
  14. fwiw did 5 races as owner of a level 35 boat. One light air year retired, of the remaining 4 got a slip 3 of the 4 years. That said am guessing there are many factors that determine where you end up on the island. The docking zone that is given pre race is one and as Lar mentions when you are paid is another (and sounds like you were paid up early so in this case should not have been an issue). One year I did get a slip though our zone was not where I ended up as from memory I think there was like 80-100 boats that finished in a super short time period and my perception was the docking crew were pretty overwhelmed doing what is am sure a difficult job and were doing the best they could to get a lot of boats parked over a very short period of time. Add in the fact that although the nearly 7 ft draft is not shoal, it is relative to a Farr 40, larger boats, etc and that yes I think that first year was when the water was a lot lower, it was a little tight under the keel/rudder so no way could the larger boats have docked along the shore/first row near rest rooms. Also restatement of the obvious but being polite and patient goes a long way, saw more than a few people try and zoom in and grab whatever slip was open without regard to what they were being told and not surprisingly these folks were not the first parked nor obviously in the slip they were trying to grab. When we finished I made sure that sails were down/stowed, fenders dock lines out, etc so as not to make what can be a chaotic situation worse by making others wait, etc. Just my 2 cents YMMW.
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    training wheels?