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  1. @last

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Boat looks great and glad you have a safe crossing. Wishing a fun 2020 summer and beyond in the new addition!
  2. @last

    bouwe bekking

    No disrespect meant for one of the greatest, was using it more in reference to Mark who has since passed.
  3. @last

    bouwe bekking

    Stan Honey and (the late) Mark Rudiger were regarded as two of the best navigators in the business. Who was the best you worked with? Who do you regard as the best now? If you could bring a "dream team" crew both from the past and present (meaning best in their day) who are the 8-10 guys you would take for another lap around the planet?
  4. @last

    Great 35-footers

    Thanks for sharing, I don't think I have ever seen a Donovan design that wasn't truly beautiful.
  5. @last

    bouwe bekking

    Sorry thought of one more. Even though it is probably a shop worn catch phrase from the race "life at the extreme", what is it that kept bringing you back to that brutal harsh experience? Was it the "one that got away/desire to do better results wise" or is it simply the experience itself or some combo of both.
  6. @last

    bouwe bekking

    After 8 laps around the blue marble racing you must have a lot of crazy out there stories about things happening. Best one I ever read was Curtis Blewitt (bowman on the wining EFL) down in the southern ocean, top of the rig at night trying to clear halyards I think it was and the boat broaches so he gets a little time in the "cold tub". Boat rights itself and then again from all the way up to broaching a second time/trip into the water. Boat rights itself again and call is made to cut the halyard for the kite. In the confusion they end of cutting the halyard he is on! Fortunately he makes it back to the deck safely but for sure pretty out there experience. Please relay in detail a situation like that that never made it to the press.
  7. @last

    Picture Sharing From Your Boat

    nice pic. Slight hijack, have you used Buckley's pass/firsthand opinion of it? Or are you in a portion that did not benefit from the change.
  8. @last

    A puzzler? What is it?

    Thanks, if I had not noticed the ad a few months ago I would never have guessed. Saw a heavily modded Pearson 32 I think it was in Ohio/Western Lake Erie and was same kind of deal, bow modified to near plum, etc and you couldn't tell what it was from just looking at it. People have many interesting ideas on how to improve things.
  9. @last

    A puzzler? What is it?

    From memory looks like the heavily modified Bayliner 22 that was for sale on Detroit craigslist in the last few months.
  10. @last

    our next victim

    Well as the design had shall we say a lot of input from SA will start with a few about the FT10. With the benefit of many years hindsight, is there anything you would do differently with the design of the boat if you had the opportunity to do like a Mark 2 version/i.e. tweaks? Is there some things with that you were very happy the way they turned out and would not change a thing with. Was all the input from SA welcomed or did you feel like your were designing a boat for a mass of different owners all with different opinions on how it should be done/frustrating. Always a loaded question-what is your favorite boat you have penned. What was your favorite design penned by another. You have worked with a lot of different builders over the years, what does it take to have a successful marriage of designer and builder? What are shall we say, some of the less than optimal experiences you have had with builders (of course without naming names on that part of the question). Is there a feeling of euphoria when a design is built/finished, a feeling of sadness that the particular job is done/finish line reached, or a combination of both. As this website has a bit of a racing flavor, it seems at times with all levels that there can be a bit of burnout from doing the same thing (Windward/Leewards, etc) over many decades. Is there something that helps keep the design process fresh for you so to speak? Kind of a similar question to earlier but what makes up a good commission of a new design i.e. client and again without naming names, what constitutes a frustrating commission. Scot to answer an earlier up post question, I think you are doing a great job. As I am not local(West Michigan here) I don't have the benefit of listening to your radio show but you must have been good at it. Content is a big one for me, perhaps it makes me less of a person, but have seen many of these lately on different sources but I tend to prefer the entertaining ones vs the technical ones. By that I mean I very much enjoyed two that Ken Read did and there was some anecdotal things he said where you felt like you were having a beer with him and he was pretty funny in them. There have been some others on the speed/technical side of things that were done by experts and very well done, but felt a little less relatable to a guy who does beer can racing. Sorry for the long post, keep up the good work and will look forward to what Bob has to say.
  11. @last


    Anything bucket list sailing wise, ie RTW race, AC, etc. Other adventures (cruising, doing something non water related, etc).?
  12. @last

    Lake Michigan Shipwrecks

    Saw this a few days ago and cool that the ship on its side made it to the front page. It sounds like these shots were taken from USGC air chopper out of TC in the spring time. Most of the wreck/pics locations were well documented in the article but in my internet surfing I could find no specific location of this particular ship/what the ships name history was. Anyone come up with anything? Stuff like the Rising Sun wreck in the article is well documented in terms of location and history, but couldn't find anything about what I consider to be the coolest pic of the bunch.
  13. @last

    15 minutes of fame

    Thanks again for another good one. Like your idea of going over each model and giving him a minute for a quick response. No disrespect to him or the family biz (think both are great as own/have owned two of their models-24/35) but I wonder if moving it up a generation (Rod ?) and asking that minute deal might make sense? Also I think a nice addition to the list might be Bill Lee. His creations are legendary and yet created out of a chicken coop during a very special time/area of boat building and design. Seems like there has to be some good stories there. Thanks again for all that you do here.
  14. @last

    15 minutes of fame

    Bruce Kelley? Of Mr Bill's Dog Fame?
  15. @last

    15 minutes of fame

    How about like one of the EC Challenge or R2AK participants? Love reading Cat 5's acct on that one and sure there are lots of interesting stories in those two events. Burd brothers did a neat one a few years back, would be interesting to hear more about the Cat that was first to finish/day and change in the 2020 EC.