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  1. The expertise of the mainland cops attending the scene suggests bears are not suspects.
  2. I get it that the Aero is a superior to a Laser in many ways, but Lasers on Sundays and Tuesdays is what my club does. In any case, thanks everyone for your input.
  3. For example; if had a choice between older hull that has been used gently, or a newer hull that has been ridden hard and put away wet as a club boat, which is the better choice? For the purposes of club racing, what should I rule out as a purchase?
  4. Pascoe has to be the most interesting surveyor ever!
  5. spankoka


    A vessel such as Gitana 17 is going to be the future of RTW racing in any case. Rightly or wrongly-ballasted boats are now for weekend sailors.
  6. spankoka


    Pro curlers have their own paid circuits such as the Grand Slam when not competing for the Olympics or World Championships. They arguably are better off because they get paid to curl, but Olympic sailors presumably earn their money in a gig economy of various classes.
  7. spankoka


    Races come and go, but yet sailing goes on. The Admiral's Cup and SORC come to mind. Maybe the same process will occur with the VOR.
  8. There is one at Jericho Sailing Centre that doesn't seem to do much of anything.
  9. spankoka

    Uber could be The Democrats undoing.

    I'm all for free markets, but the fact is at least some of the medallion owners took out loans to buy their medallions, and then they drove many, many miles just paying the interest on their medallions before they ever got into the principle. Don't forget that the low prices of taxi medallions in the 1980s was in part caused by the high interest involved in buying/earning them. The drivers who went into hock to buy them were clueless enough to think that their medallions might be their retirement nest-egg. They did all this in good faith, just as commercial fishermen buy and sell their licenses/quotas.
  10. spankoka

    F-35 a candidate for the Alpo Award?

    Yeah, Japan will be buying regardless of the issues. When you put it in the context of interoperability with Aegis destroyers the MSDF already has operating and in build, and the possibility of upgrading the new helicopter carrier Izumo to VTOL F-35s....the F-35 makes perfect sense for Japan even if it's stupidly expensive. If they don't have enough yen to buy 'em, they will print more. The opposition parties in Japan are in a total state of disarray, therefore Abe can go ahead with his nationalistic program for the foreseeable future.
  11. spankoka

    Trans Pacific Partnership

    Japan will throw chicken into the pot, that should boost the popularity of the TPP in the broiler belt.
  12. spankoka

    Uber could be The Democrats undoing.

    If the state has a duty to protect the property rights of its citizens, then obviously the medallion owners have an asset that the state has no right to render worthless by legislative fiat.
  13. spankoka

    Punch Leftists in the Mouth (Why Trump is Winning)

    I think if Trump was actually serious, he'd be setting up a blind trust right about now.
  14. spankoka

    F-35 a candidate for the Alpo Award?

    remember that in your province it is illegal to search for rare earths as the processes are same for searching for uranium, which is illegal. (I haven't seen an update on this policy, so I will assume it still stands) The other part is that there isn't as much activity due to it being easier to both look for and finance gold speculation. We do need rare earths and no one seems interested because the Chinese own that market. My Province-LOL, I'm from Halifax. I only live in BC out of economic necessity. I think low-cap guys could do a nice job with salvaged rare earths. However it's as you say, the money is in gold so that is where they are, as of now.
  15. spankoka

    F-35 a candidate for the Alpo Award?

    Is the rare earth problem so large? I think if the price was right there would be operators going into old slag heaps, scrap circuit boards, etc, to get the rare earths. They don't get the price, so they don't do that. All I'm saying is that it is still a demand side thing, and not some conspiracy on the part of Chinese miners-who can make money on rare earths by completely ignoring all the labour, safety, and environmental standards imposed on their putative competition.