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  2. RumLine

    Team NYYC

    "What did you do today, honey?" "Well, I spent a good portion of my day arguing with people on the internet about the nationality of people on an America's Cup team roster that has yet to be finalized and will likely change many times before the event." "Hmmm, well did you win the argument?" "No, you see it's not like that...we just spend all day going around in circles until someone stops responding, and then we pick it up again a few days later without any real resolution." "Interesting. Honey, I want you take this meat tenderizer, and I want you to smash yourself in the dick. Once the pain subsides, I want you to go out and buy a set of golf clubs because you clearly have too much fucking time on your hands."
  3. RumLine

    Old Sails

    What do you drive on the weekdays while that's in the shop?
  4. RumLine

    Old Sails

    Your sails should never be older than your car.
  5. You've gotta have deep pockets and a big heart to throw the types of parties that Jim Bishop did on the Coastal Queen...I have neither.
  6. The best way to get this boat sold is to bring it to AYC Fall series, put it on the main dock and host an "Open House" with free flowing beer and booze, food and all sorts of rowdy banter.
  7. If you could find a permanent slip for this in Manhattan for a reasonable price, you could buy the Queen and have a sweet pantie dropping place for well below market price.
  8. RumLine

    WiFi Extenders

    I found repeaters and extenders to be basically useless. My new set up is the Google WiFi that creates a mesh network between the three spots. I kept my old extender hooked up in a more remote location so that I can still connect to some WiFi out in the yard. We just renovated the house and added on, and I made a stupid mistake of telling the electrician not to hard wire Cat5 across the entire house. My original Verizon WiFi setup was horrendous, I've now done WiFi tests all around the house and I have excellent coverage everywhere.
  9. Entries a month out are looking ok. Who else is in?
  10. RumLine

    Looking for a Sonar mast

    Noroton Yacht Club has a big and active Sonar fleet, they may be able to help you find one.
  11. RumLine

    Someone Make an Offer

    Price tag as built was probably around $1.8mm, but it was on the market for $399k at some point recently. I believe the most recent paint job was gray and black.
  12. RumLine

    Someone Make an Offer

    If you were that person, I think you would get this and save yourself the maintenance cost.
  13. RumLine

    Race Committe Question

    It's summer on Long Island Sound, you're more likely to see the AP flying than the burgee. They only relief the fleet would get from such a redress filing is comedic relief, it's impossible to think that anyone would be harmed by the lack of AP.
  14. RumLine

    Hanuman for sale

    If you could get a few friends together, it's actually a great boat to own as a syndicate and relatively inexpensive compared with building your own brand new super yacht.
  15. RumLine

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    I think you guys may have misunderstood what happened, when he told someone "a big bone busted inside of me" he was just describing his weekend escapades.