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  1. Race had nothing to do with it, and please don't imply that I'm a racist. AJ Oliver played the race card for no reason other than to stir up some sort of political discussion in this thread about the Volvo Ocean Race. I'm also not offended by his comments, I'm annoyed by his inability to stay on topic. It's ok if you have nothing to add to the conversation, but don't try to change the topic. Those of us who spend time in Newport and the surrounding area know exactly how the police work up there, we understand that Rhode Island is not just the Ice Cream cones and t-shirt shops on Thames street, and if you stop and look around you'll notice that the population of RI is increasingly diverse.
  2. You are the fucking worst. I can't imagine any situation where I would enjoy having a conversation with you, regardless of how much booze was at my disposal. I hope that you don't rant like this in person.
  3. I wasn't there, so I'm going off what I was told by someone involved in the VOR Newport stopover. Then again, I was also told that the donations were made to the MLK Jr. center, and not the Boys and Girls Club of Newport County as reported in the Newport Daily News. And yes, I believe the Newport police would have acted exactly the same regardless of skin tone. They dispatched their entire on-duty force (9 officers) to control the situation. This isn't some flyover state where race plays a part in every day interactions, this is a waterfront town in liberal New England that only cares about bringing in tourism dollars.
  4. First of all, they weren't in the Candy Store at 1 AM...they were in the Boom Boom Room. There aren't $55 steaks served in the basement, there are moderately cold beers and piss warm shots served. The floor is sticky, the music is loud, and there is a camera focused on the dance floor so you don't miss a minute of the action while you're waiting for your drink. Based on the story I was told, the fire alarm went off due to some sort of smoke or vapor triggering the alarm. It's 1 AM in Newport, everyone is hammered outside of the Cookhouse and stupidity occurred. No victims, no damage, just a bunch of hangovers and a few regrets in the morning. This shit happens almost every night in Newport. The donations were made as a way of apologizing to the community, not because of some corrupt legal system. Yes, Rhode Island is historically the most corrupt state in the Union, but that really has nothing to do with this incident. And for all of you conspiracy theorists declaring this "white privilege" or implying that the Newport police department would have controlled the situation differently if anyone involved was a person of color, you can all fuck right off. Stop turning every story into a political drama. If anything, you should be happy that the women were behaving the same as the men and treated as equals by the cops.
  5. RumLine

    Team NYYC

    NYYC could take two of the club Sonars, put some foils on them and have internal trials.
  6. RumLine

    NYYC One Design

    That's a mighty high throne you've got there. So tell us, what have you and your organization done for the sport?
  7. RumLine

    2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    If anyone is looking for a tender, looks like the Coastal Queen could be yours for a price.
  8. RumLine

    2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    Lowest #s since Spring 2013, but not as bad as it was looking a month ago.
  9. RumLine

    2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    Numbers are looking a little better now...still light. If you're not coming this year, but have in the past few years, what could the event chairs do to get you back next year?
  10. RumLine

    Team NYYC

    Weak name and awful logo. At first I thought the logo was numerous dildos entering a welcoming asshole, but someone recently pointed out that it might have more pagan origins.
  11. RumLine

    Team NYYC

    Sorry, me again, just fact checking here...Blackwater was founded by Erik Prince, brother of Betsy DeVos. So here's how those deaths are connected to "American Magic" American Magic Syndicate NYYC and Bella Mente Quantum Racing Assocation - with Hap Fauth as CEO Doug Devos - Quantum Dick Devos - Brother of Doug Betsy Devos - wife of Dick DeVos Erik Prince - former Navy Seal and founder of Blackwater Blackwater (now known as Academi) - a contractor for the CIA Guards employed by Blackwater who killed Iraqi civilians Seems like a bit of a stretch to me. I do like 6 degrees of Kevin Bacon though, always fun.
  12. RumLine

    Team NYYC

    I don't mean to interrupt your rant with facts, but the campaign is backed by Hap Fauth and Doug Devos (not Richard, his father). Doug is not married to Betsy, that's his brother Dick Devos. I'm sure that family trees are confusing for you. As for the Amway logo, it certainly wouldn't be the firm's first foray into athletic sponsorship, but hopefully the syndicate can pull in some other sponsors that you may find more reputable.
  13. RumLine

    2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    You may be right.
  14. RumLine

    2018 American Yacht Club Spring Series

    Numbers are looking very light with a little under a month to go...
  15. RumLine

    NYYC Manhattan campus

    RECIPROCAL POLICY SUMMARY: The Club maintains reciprocal agreements with a small number of yacht clubs throughout the world. These clubs are reviewed by the Trustees each year and renewed annually. A formal Letter of Introduction confirming your membership in good standing is required prior to your visit and may be obtained by contacting the Secretary’s Office five (5) working days in advance. Your membership card is not sufficient introduction. All charges incurred at reciprocal clubs must be settled at time of service by credit card, or other form of payment acceptable to the reciprocal club. Members of reciprocal clubs wishing to visit the NYYC are required to present a Letter of Introduction from their home club at least five (5) days prior to their visit. Members of reciprocal clubs who maintain a residence or place of business within 75 miles from New York City or Newport, RI are not afforded reciprocal privileges. NYYC members who maintain a residence, or place of business in proximity as defined by our reciprocal clubs are not afforded privileges at those clubs. The following is a list of clubs with which the NYYC maintains reciprocal agreements as of 2017. The list is subject to change at any time. Full Reciprocity: Visits to or from these clubs are handled as if you were a member of the club with respect to priority reservations, frequency of visits, and no surcharge. Payment by credit card is required at time of service. RENEWED ANNUALLY: Royal Thames Yacht Club, London, England Royal Yacht Squadron, Cowes, England St. Francis Yacht Club, San Francisco, Calif. Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, Sardinia, Italy Limited Reciprocity: Visits to or from these clubs are based on the By-Laws and Policies pertaining to guests of the host club. The current Guest Policy at the NYYC for limited reciprocal clubs is up to seven (7) days in any one calendar year. Payment by credit card is required at time of service. RENEWED ANNUALLY: Royal Bermuda Yacht Club Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron Royal Ocean Racing Club Royal Perth Yacht Club Royal Sydney Yacht Squadron San Diego Yacht Club