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  1. J-105 cruising down the ICW

    These days most people are using J/29 hulls to store extra pairs of bike shorts.
  2. J-105 cruising down the ICW

    Seems to me that the better option would be to toss it on a trailer and haul it down 95.
  3. The Four Carbon Cutters project

    Looks like a Portuguese Water Dog
  4. THIEVES!!! junior Regatta night shoppers

    In your original post you state that your club has been hit twice this year that you're aware of, maybe the cost of the security guard is justified especially given the size of your grounds and fleet. As for the theft, I would bet it's someone involved in the event in some way.
  5. US Watercraft goes to Auction!

    I'll take a North Rip 30 fully loaded on the cheap if you have one.
  6. NYYC One Design

    You sound a little jealous... I don't think it's true that they lack the time to sail, I know plenty of people who find the time to sail but simply can't or won't dedicate the time it requires to properly maintain a boat of that size. Money doesn't buy you happiness, it buys you free time.
  7. Any info on this boat?

    Always a good sign when they take photos from 100 yards away at sunset.
  8. Team NYYC

    I heard from a fairly reliable source that the NYYC team is going to tie Gary Jobson to the mast and have him blow hot air into a chute they're calling "The Whomper"
  9. Team NYYC

    Royal New Zealand Yacht Squadron has been informed by the NYYC Commodore Phil Lotz that the club would be challenging for the 36th edition.
  10. NYYC One Design

    Looks like the first hulls are moving along nicely. I heard they sold 5 or more to individual owners at the Newport Boat Show. https://www.facebook.com/MelgesIC37Class/
  11. ORR in Long Island

    Last I heard, there was some momentum pushing ORC at NYYC. Many of the people involved in that movement are LIS sailors.
  12. A different type of Charter?

    I think 20k for two people on a nice 45-55 ft. boat with captain and crew is probably on the cheaper end.
  13. used 4 seat convertibles under 8k?

    You can probably find a number of Bentley Continentals with fewer than 8k miles.
  14. American YC Fall Series and Leukemia Cup

    2017 American Yacht Club Fall Regatta & Leukemia Cup American Yacht Club Rye, NY, USA September 23, 24 // Sep 30 & Oct 01, 2017 97 on the Entry List so far (including boats only participating in the Leukemia Cup) Good numbers in some of the OD classes, a little light in IRC. For those of you who skipped out on the Leukemia Cup party last year, I would encourage you all to participate this year. Great party and an easy way to give to a great cause.
  15. Vineyard Race 2017

    The dedication of the entire team, including the adult volunteers, is really crucial to the success of the program. Every day I'm down at AYC the kids and adults are working on the boat, regardless of the weather. I've been down there in early April and the kids are on the boat rigging everything up for the season, or late October when they're taking the boat apart. During the season you can probably find YA at the dock being hosed down, or watch someone hauling a cart of sails to or from the boat. It's a lot of work, and everyone involved pitches in to make it happen. That's really the added experience that no one thinks about with this program, the offshore miles are impressive at such a young age, but learning to maintain and repair a boat is a lifelong skill.