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  1. Laser Performance?

    The Laser is by no means dead, if you're having trouble finding class legal parts then it seems that you're just not putting in enough effort. With that being said, what Laser Performance has done and continues to do to the North American Laser class is an embarrassment to the sport of sailing. Bill Crane, who is a lifelong sailor and member of Noroton YC (Bruce Kirby's home club) working for Dory Ventures and acting as President and Chairman of LP, has allowed greed and stupidity to harm the class in a meaningful way. I knew Bill a while back, and in my opinion he is one of the worst people on and off the water. The rest of the Crane family are terrific people, so I'm not entirely sure how that happened. That RS Aero is cool, but I just don't see it having the same staying power as the Laser.
  2. "Send it" for Jim Hahn

    Not a ton to report right now, he's going through the initial rehab, getting used to his new situation and keeping a very positive attitude towards the whole thing. I think he's overwhelmed by the amount of love and support he's getting from family, friends, the sailing community and the SCI community.
  3. "Send it" for Jim Hahn

    Here's a message from Jim on his Facebook page yesterday, it seems appropriate to share here:
  4. "Send it" for Jim Hahn

    Hahn broke out of UMASS yesterday and is at a rehab hospital now. He's in good spirits and seems to be approaching this whole thing with a great attitude. His injury was a T11 Complete, so he's got a long road ahead, but I'm betting he'll be out on the water as soon as possible.
  5. Maritime Lawyers in New England

    Try AJ Evans, he isnt' admitted in NH, but he's heavily involved in Storm Trysail and might be able to point you in the right direction. http://www.bvgklaw.com/attorneys/alton-j-evans-jr/
  6. "Send it" for Jim Hahn

    The outpouring of support for the Hahn family has been incredible, and truly speaks volumes about our sailing community and the people that call the Hahn's their friends. I was thinking about it yesterday after I posted this and realized that if you've raced keelboats on the East Coast over the past few decades there's a good chance you've run into Jim Hahn at some point. If you sail on Long Island Sound there's a good chance you've partied with him under a tent or on a lawn, or maybe even at one of the epic Hahn parties. The below post from the FP a few years ago is a good example of this. He might even have you stored in his phone under an affectionate nickname, if so there's a good chance that nickname has been screamed across a body of land or water followed by a string of profanity laced encouragement. http://sailinganarchy.com/2013/01/21/100-year-ride/ While Jim's injury is permanent, I don't think it will keep Jim off the water for very long. I'm hoping that all this support keeps him motivated and confident during his rehab.
  7. "Send it" for Jim Hahn

    Our sailing community is full of vibrant characters, and Jim Hahn is certainly one of them. Some of you may know Jim as the wildly energetic Ronstan rep at boatshows or the Defender Warehouse sale, some may know him as the guy on the water shouting greetings and dirty jokes across to other boats between races, or maybe you know him as the maniac firing a signal cannon off the Coast Guard Station beach at Block Island Race Week as the parade of boats goes by... However you know Jim, I ask that you please send positive energy as he and his family face the greatest challenge of their lives. Our friend Jim Hahn was doing what he loved on Saturday, February 3, skiing in Vermont, when he had a catastrophic accident that has left him paralyzed from the waist down. Ski patrol rushed Jim down the mountain and he was airlifted to UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester, where he underwent surgery Saturday night to stabilize his spine. Further information can be found below, if you wish to contribute to the efforts I know that they will be greatly appreciated. More than anything, send positive thoughts. https://www.gofundme.com/jimhahn
  8. opti's (sic) rule

    Optis are fine training boats as long as the kids don't hit puberty right away, the kids that sail them until they're 15 usually end up burned out and socially incompetent. Some will survive though. The parents are the fucking worst though...and they're the real reason for this arms race that's been happening in Opti racing. They also help to make the USODA and organizations like them some of the most difficult classes to work with. If you want your kid to be normal and a good life long sailor, take it easy on the Opti bullshit. Great training boats though, and it's always nice that you can fit them inside the trunk of your SUV or the bed of your pickup.
  9. AC45s For Sale

    If you have the right space, one of these could make for a nice art installation. Two might be overkill.
  10. Good Band, plenty of booze, maybe a poker table in the back, some good drunk food, and encourage members to invite their friends as guests. If you throw a good party, and get enough guests in the room, you'll get some members. Just make it energetic. Need a theme? Oktoberfest with steins and a few picnic tables to dance on. Country night: rent a mechanical bull, serve up some moonshine, tell people to wear jeans.
  11. Sailors Powerboat

    A race ready Holland 32
  12. Does anyone know what type of cat hull this is?

    A little plywood and some extra flotation would make that into a nice stationary party platform or swim dock.
  13. Day Rates for Pros?

    what about multi-hulls?
  14. If it's a spectator sport I think the US could put up a good team of household names...
  15. 8mr yachts are beautiful, but probably not the right boat to get people excited about the future. The IC37 platform seems like a pretty natural fit and should encourage some close match racing.