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    Adam 10m


    Favorite Larson Cartoons

    Grisly, yet strangely hilarious. Love it.

    ClubSwan 36

    A gimballed cocktail waitress?
  4. Yawn, so two of the worlds greatest narcissists held the worlds press to ransom for several hours to cover the signing of what? It might as well have been used toilet paper. This was all about "look at me" self-aggrandisement for both of them and will achieve diddly-squat in terms of any real change in the relationship or real peace on the Korean peninsula. Trump flies to Singapore to meet with one of the most murderous tyrants this world has know (since the demise of his father) and calls that a win? Trump just got owned.

    Hawaiian shirt season begins this weekend.

    Full crew and shore support team at Airlie Beach Race Week, back a few years now. Fun, not fashion.

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    No words!

    Adam 10m

    Time may have moved on in yacht design but the A 10s are still highly competitive boats under IRC. They used to kick the shit out of our local measured rating system, AMS, but the faceless ones who run that show took a hatchet to the A 10s ratings so its back to IRC where they are not invincible but bloody close to it. IIRC an A 10 raced at Cowes Week under IRC about ten years ago and did remarkably well. Designed by the late Joe Adams way back in 1976, they are awesome boats to sail, particularly in a breeze. And I haven't sailed a Ten for about 15 years or so now. A good friend once described sailing an Adams Ten as "better then two fucks at once". I have no idea how he came to that conclusion. Interestingly the super modified Ten, Scarlet Runner referred to upthread, used to be a flat top Ten, originally as Bob Tuckwell's "Pistol" out of Gosford and was our second "Sportscar" which we sold back in 1983. She has had an interesting history over the ensuing years and is largely unrecognisable from the boat we raced quite successfully back then. But then the alleged $AUS150K expenditure and clever mods by Steve Campbell and co would account for that. First pic is of the highly successful Executive Decision, a flat top A Ten taken a few years ago. Second pic is Scarlet Runner, the modified Ten now for sale.

    ........ to Noumea

    Hardly a long way, numerous S&S 34s have circumnavigated , Jessie Martin, David Dicks, Jon Sanders, Jessica Watson are a few that come to mind. Another S&S 34 just finished second on line in the two-handed Melbourne to Osaka race. Kearnsie has been kicking serious IRC arse with Azzurro for a few years now.

    Australian Yachting Championship 2019

    Adjacent to St Kilda Pier, St Kilda Beach, this afternoon, 1:30 pm Sunday June 3. Air temp 12 Deg C, water temp somewhat less.

    Australian Yachting Championship 2019

    That one in the middle must be the origin of the old tit descriptor "Dead Heat in a Zeppelin race"

    WTF Led Zeppelin Reincarnated Before They’re Dead

    Their overall sound and his uncannily Plant-like vocals are Zeppelinesque but they are a world apart in musicality. Their drummer is particularly lacking but then most drummers sound ordinary compared to the majesty and power of John Henry "Bonzo" Bonham (RIP). Having said that, I like what they are doing - Rock needs this sort of band to come along every now and then to remind us of whats missing in contemporary music. I guess I am lucky to have lived in the time of Led Zeppelin and to have seen them perform at their peak.

    WTF Led Zeppelin Reincarnated Before They’re Dead

    The one, the only... February 20, 1972. The best concert I have ever seen, more than 46 years ago and I can still remember every note. (My own photos too - enjoy!)

    Australian Yachting Championship 2019

    I have walked up and back along the St Kilda Pier for nearly 50 years and it's a lovely stroll with the beach and all its attractions as so well displayed by Hoppy on one side and the moored boats and marina on the other side with the occasional kite-boarder enjoying a ride for added interest. You can get a great coffee at the Kiosk on the end of the Pier too. I am sure the local and interstate visitors for the ASC Regatta will truly enjoy the St Kilda Pier experience.

    Hawaiian shirt season begins this weekend.

    My favourite, not quite Hawaiian/Aloha but fun to wear. I bought it 20 years ago and have never seen another like it

    List of crew positions for a 40' race boat

    Don’t forget Beer Ferry