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  1. Best Race Committee Boats

    This one is OK if you happen to be on the start line side of the boat. The view of the flags is not too flash from this angle if you're in a pre-start and doing the right thing by keeping clear of the line.
  2. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    Omar actually, could be related.
  3. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    The Botin 40 is still parked in the yard at Sandringham Vic, has sat there since the Aus Yachting Championships in mid-January.
  4. Chicken Chute

    The sound of flailing galvanised wire, a sort of low pitched demonic whistle, is something I don't miss in sailing.
  5. Chicken Chute

    The young'uns will never know true fear because it doesn't blow like it used to.
  6. JG, was Ian Harvey post Gary Banks / Ian Margan at Eagle Yachts?
  7. Yep. Some sellers tell us their boats are ready to photograph for listing when the interior looks like an explosion in an Op Shop, beer cans or worse in the sink, filthy toilets, sails lying around un-bagged etc. You wouldn't offer up your home or your car for sale looking like that and boats are no different.
  8. Anarchist Hacks

    Or Pineapples?
  9. Thommo T980 in Melbourne, Aus. Same deal, swinging Di#@, similar solution, wetsuit leg or arm with a stainless steel ring to hold it in place. Theres enough stretch in the neoprene to allow the pole to swivel.
  10. what was it?

    Soto 30, not even close: This is a Soto 30
  11. VOR Leg 7 Auckland to Itajai

    Autocorrect function on Anarchy? It'd be busy as a one armed paper hanger with crabs.
  12. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    L. R., the man, the legend....
  13. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    That was Wild Thing 1 aka Wild One. She was sold to an eminent French short-handed sailor for the Osaka 2-hander but his sponsorship evaporated and that didn't happen. Don't think she failed entry requirements , the program never got that far.
  14. Melbourne Big Boat Fleet

    I was discussing this with a well known sail maker in front of his wife just the other day. I was reminiscing with him about the good old days when there used to be about six around the bay races on the annual calendar. He whispered "Shhh, she thinks there still are!"
  15. The 70th Brisbane to Gladstone race.

    Vendetta was not alloy. Cittadinis' next boat, Valtair, was alloy. That one, a Lyons 55 (?), was later sold to Matt Allen who scored a PHD win in a Hobart with her and she's now residing somewhere in Asia, having changed owners a few times The Inglis 47s Wild Things 1 & 2, Vendetta, Scavenger, Fast Forward and maybe others were strip cedar construction. We got involved with Cittadinis and the legendary Vendetta crew putting the second generation deck on Vendetta when they converted her to a flush-decked day-sailer. She was later converted back to something similar to her original deck plan but I believe has been changed again since. Launched thirty years ago in 1988, she was built pretty tough. Most of those Inglis 47s have had many owners over the years. They were great fun boats to sail and to watch sailing in a good breeze. Hard on the crews when things went pear shaped but exhilarating when they got it right which they mostly did. We put some additional bulkheads in WOT Wild Side when she was owned here in Melbourne by Peter Hansen who had previously owned WT1 for a while. A gung-ho Sydney based delivery skipper with an over-inflated opinion of his skill drove her out of Port Phillip Heads into the teeth of a south westerly gale with far too much sail and bloody near destroyed her dropping off the huge seas running just outside the Bay. His brief had been to get her to Sydney for the Hobart but they rushed her back to us at Knights Slipway in Williamstown for emergency major repairs and ended up doing the Melb-Hobart West Coaster that year. The guys who sanded her bottom for an earlier antifoul reckon Jim got his inspiration for her hull design from his mum's ironing board. She was as flat as a tennis court underneath and just about as big so lots of painful overhead long boarding was required.