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  1. Oracle Team USA is an acronym for TAMA (maori word meaning 'boy'), U LOSE RACE.
  2. Nationality rules can only lead to boatloads of unemployed Aussie and Kiwi sailors
  3. Forged over a fire of shattered rugby goal posts smashed by ancient All Black warriors on fields of mighty deeds, all of which will pale into insignificance when we show Larry that money is not what it takes to create legends. Kia Kaha boys, bring it home.
  4. Not a lot of votes in yachting mate. State Govt will get behind Sail Melbourne with its youth and healthy life style focus but probably not keel boat stuff where "healthy lifestyle" are not the words that immediately spring to mind. Not much point putting a YA stand in the Melbourne Boat Show these days. The Bogans and pram pushers who attend that show aren't yachties so would have no interest in it at all and without yachts to look at, yachties wouldn't pay to go to the show just to see a YA stand. Better to put effort into building junior sailing so our sport has a future. Been doing just that for the last 10 years.
  5. When I was a kid, early 1960s, I was sent to boarding school in Wellington NZ. We lived in Nelson and I used to fly over Cook Strait on the Gooney Bird DC3s. I would go home for occasional weekends too so I clocked up plenty of flights over a few years and I remember as a little dude how steep the climb up the cabin from the door near the tail was. Some of those trips, usually about 20-30 minutes flight time, were exhilarating and others plain frightening. I can remember how slow it was flying in to a headwind (it blows like all fuck in Cook Strait) when I would look down and see fishing boats apparently making better headway than we were. No seat belts, barley sugar lollies to suck to relieve ear pressure, other passengers smoking were all part of the experience. Never heard of a DC3 crashing in those days.
  6. Population size is largely irrelevant because sailors form such a miniscule percentage of that population and boat buying sailors a tiny fraction of that already low number. The numbers have diminished here over recent years and are now certainly nowhere near enough to support a viable yacht building industry in this country. Boat shows are not put on by sailors, they are put on by industry, manufacturers and dealers hoping to sell boats and stuff to sailors. Just a heads up mate, in case you've been under a rock for the last twenty years,there is NO significant yacht manufacturing left in this country and therefore very little in the way of supporting industry. Yachties who are looking to buy new yachts have been going to Sydney Boat Shows to check out the ranges of mostly imported yachts displayed there in a central location for decades now. Moving even a few of those yachts huge distances to other boat shows around Australia would be prohibitively expensive with little prospect of anywhere near a worthwhile return on that massive investment. Its just the way it is, tyranny of distance and all that. If you haven't booked your flights and tickets to the Sydney Boat Show then do yourself a favour and go take a look. Same day return air fares are quite cheap and there, you will find a wide range of yachts and all the peripheral stuff that goes with sailing on display. But you ain't gonna see any of that at Jeffs Shed any time soon. BTW, There are dozens of successful yacht manufacturers throughout highly populated Europe and thus not too far from Sweden so that's not a valid comparison.
  7. A long, long time ago there used to be TWO boat shows in Melbourne, one for power boats and and the other, a separate, fully subscribed, Sailboat show with most manufacturers and the few importers at the time represented alongside dinghy and trailerable yacht classes Class Associations and many of the Yacht Clubs, most of the leading sail makers etc. Sadly none of those yacht manufacturers have survived and such a show is no longer viable for those smaller organisations with the stupendously increased costs of displaying at shows these days. As for the yacht importers, I would guess it could cost them around $15k to move just one larger yacht in to a show and out again these days. And then you cant rig it because the ceiling is too low in Jeffs Shed. That's why they all show their wares afloat, fully rigged, at the Sydney show, in their natural element, with their state distributors sharing the display costs. It would be cheaper for them to fly their interested buyers up to Sydney than to exhibit one or two yachts to a predominantly disinterested audience in among all the tinnies, ski-boats and runabouts on show down here.
  8. Awesome boat with a fascinating history and an interesting list of past owners. I was privileged to do a harbour race on her in Sydney in the early '80s when she was owned by John "Big Bad" Gilliam, Groggos dad. She has been lovingly owned since the mid '80s by Martin Ryan and has been regularly raced and properly maintained through all that time. It would be wonderful to see her racing in Peter Shipways proposed AC50 years event. Here she is on Port Phillip not so long ago:
  9. Who said they have to be the same crews? Blue water offshore is a specialty area of sailing far removed from inshore foiling multi hull racing. Strange brew.
  10. Pommy sailors - Buggering Kiwis since 1769
  11. I like what you're doing there Ed. It makes sense in so many ways to pick up an older boat for less money, pimp it up to whatever standard you require for not too much freight and go out and enjoy sailing again. You get more boat for the bucks that way rather than sinking enough cash to float a small European nation on an elitist hot new design that may be just a tad faster but really does little more for you. Enjoy the fuck out of what you are doing and if you happen to win a race or two along the way then so be it. There's plenty of life in most older boats and plenty of fun to be had sailing them. Go to it!