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  1. Good News was/is a Farr 37 and Great News the Farr 50, many years apart but both built for John Calvert-Jones, a past Flying Fifteen World Champion who went on to win one or two Farr 40 OD Worlds. I believe his F40 ODs were called Southern Cross?? He was at one time Rupert Murdoch's brother in law, hence the earlier 'News' connection. The Farr 37 is still racing regularly out of Sandringham YC.
  2. Some sage advice from my learned friend. Please note that Lydia is him, or perhaps her, self a Sydney 38 / chopped off Sydney 40 owner so may be proffering a somewhat compromised view. And I so advise. See you later this afternoon Hoppy, we can workshop this thing.
  3. Thanks, have sent them a note.
  4. NS 38. Syd 38 a much quicker boat than either of the NS boats. That 369 you have at St Kilda is not competitive compared to the one listed for private sale at Hobsons Bay. That 369 has been optimised and is (usually) very well sailed with good race success. FYI: I sold that A40RC (Arcadia) to PJ nearly 2 years ago! Who is still showing it as a listing?
  5. 369 will sail rings around a NS 38. 369 can be quite competitive if well sailed, 38 no way.
  6. Story of my life Couta, but then I have been told I have a great face... for radio.
  7. No, she was an original build for John Calvert-Jones.
  8. Thanks Couta, the photos have been quietly accumulated over the decades, Sadly, I lost a lot of photos in the process of a matrimonial disentanglement, but that was worth it! I do, however, still have this priceless shot which encompasses quite a bit of that history:
  9. BT at the finish of the Melbourne Admirals Cup trials long bay race GN in the same series during a triangle race
  10. So the race is on for the coveted 3rd on PHS. go the mighty Maverick
  11. Yes, I have walked past Jessabe a few times. Will say hello next time I see you there.
  12. Hoppy, Come and see me on the Jeanneau stand at the Sydney Boat Show August 3, 4 or 5 (it runs til Aug 7 but I head home after Sat 5) and I will show you over the new, upgraded model Sunfast 3200. We can talk about your SO40 too. PM me for contact details.
  13. Mid 1980s, I sold a Farr 11.6, Pacific Breeze (ex Saltshaker), to the late Bruce Hitchman who was a Sydney Harbour Ships Pilot and a Master Mariner of vast offshore experience. He took delivery of the boat in Melbourne and sailed it 500 miles back to Sydney in horrible weather conditions, single handed, as a familiarisation cruise. He went on to complete many short handed blue water passages including the 5500nm Melbourne to Osaka double handed race. He often told me he couldn't fault the boat for what he was doing with it. From a seaman of his credentials, that was a strong recommendation.
  14. In flat water
  15. Cufflinks