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  1. In flat water
  2. Cufflinks
  3. Maybe he/she could customise this even further with pen covers made from rope recycled from famous boats or owners. Who wouldn't pay more for a 50c pen covered in rope from Eds Anarchy?
  4. Probably another watch
  5. Syd 36 Philosophers Club went to Hobart more than a year ago and was actually racing in the same event. Sorro's Cookson 40 is ex Akatea
  6. Sydney 36 rudder on his Cookson 40?
  7. The front fell off?
  8. Which begs the question, what happened to the boat it was once attached to?
  9. Couta that was Corin and yourself on the main, I had a bit on trimming that kite. Also note Sorro in the top pic above with the flappy white chute, similarly experienced and similarly bent out of shape. Good times indeed.
  10. Did a guest appearance in the J24s a couple of weeks ago, my first time class racing in J24s for over 30 years. Still fun, great racing as always and with a friendly bunch of guys n gals but somehow, the boats seem to have got smaller?
  11. In 25 knots, you better believe it. Don't want the chute to bunch up between the luff and the forestay in the gybe. Low risk, high gain. And we don't have a German main sheet either, just a single fall, direct to each side winch. The boat is J/133 # 2 ex Patriot from Chicago, now in Melbourne Aus.
  12. J/133 in 25 knots, gybing was no problem at all for us and we found the boat nice to handle in those conditions. We kept her on her feet and never lost her while others had issues, as you can see here in these great shots from Tom Smeaton. Reasonably experienced crew but not much time on the J/133 and we hadn't all sailed together until a couple of days before this race.
  13. Dart Board Racing
  14. Sailing today must be so mind-numbingly boring for the kids of today without wire braces and wire halyards with reel winches, reaching struts / jockey poles, shy to shy dip pole gybes on races with actual reaching legs, gybe- sets and peels in the dark, dacron headsails that take 2-3 blokes to lift... on a 35 fter, level rating racing (way better than 1 Des), jockey poles, (reaching struts for the seppos) no GPS, just a compass, trimming bloopers and dazy staysails, hydraulic fluid all over the cockpit floor from the leaky backstay ram, I mean, hardly anyone ever bleeds in yacht racing these days. Where's all the fun gone?
  15. Bragging Rights - the REAL prize for winning on PHRF Your PHRF Rating does not define you The Psychology of Sailing - learning to live with PHRF induced depression PHRF and PTSD - Whats the difference?
  16. If you belong to your yacht club on the basis of what you can get out of it you seriously need to re-think your priorities. A good yacht club is a vibrant community of like minded people of all ages with a common interest in the sport of sailing/boating. Contributing to that common interest is not just restricted to sailing but takes many forms, participation in the myriad of social events, mentoring, coaching, mark laying, rescue boat driving, race management in all its forms, serve on a committee, contribute to communications by way of editorial or photographic content for Club publications, canteen assistance, introducing and welcoming new-comers and beginners are just a few ways to add value to your yacht club experience. Like so many things in this life, you get out of it what you put in. With few exceptions, all the best people in my life I have met at yacht clubs. Sitting in the bar or at your keyboard pissing and moaning about your club's club activities, club management or policies while not contributing is not going to add value to your yacht club experience. To paraphrase JFK, ask not what your yacht club can do for you...
  17. Here in Australia we sold them new in 1980 for about $AUS10,500 including sails. IIRC, 4 sails back then were $AUS1000 - 1200. You can find a sailable J24 now for half that and probably even less if you ask around.
  18. On costs are a killer for the new sailor entry level keel boat side of the sport these days. Whereas not too long ago it used to cost just a few hundred dollars a year to park a boat on the local yacht club marina, the very smallest marina berths at my club now cost close to $AUS 6k a year and the cost increases exponentially with size. That's here in Melbourne, Aus and I know Sydney is a lot dearer than that. Paying $6k a year PLUS club membership, plus all the other costs associated with keeping and maintaining a boat is scaring off the first-time entry level used keel boat sailors who soon find the annual costs exceed the value of their boat, every year. And then they find they don't have as much time to devote to sailing because of all the other pressures of modern living and when they do want to sail, they cant get crew so the boat languishes in the berth until the poor sap decides to sell it. Then he finds the market isn't interested in his pride and joy for all the reasons he wants to sell it. As a broker, I have had boat owners in the situation I describe approach me to help them give their boats away, free, gratis, nil, just take it away to stop the bleeding. Without those entry level keel boat sailors, the future is indeed bleak.
  19. Cut short in your prime? Sydney, pre Hobart at CYCA, can't remember the year, they've all blurred together.
  20. The rationale behind the PHS system is that if you sail your boat badly enough for long enough, you will eventually win a yacht race. Conversely, if you sail your boat well for long enough you will find yourself in the position whereby you cannot possibly win a race. ie Good sailing is punished, bad sailing is rewarded. Go figure.
  21. Here's another of Doug's best, this one a half tonner put together in Melbourne by Terry Grundy and superbly sailed with his crew including legends Phil The Whale Miller and Fred Warner, both sadly RIP. My dad had a near sister Peterson 30 built in NZ whereas Casablanca was built in Western Australia. We learned a lot chasing Casablanca around for a couple of seasons, 77 & 78, and watching Freddy and The Whale work seamlessly and quietly together on that boat is something I will never forget.
  22. Jer, Heres the deck grid on XX, (KissKiss). WTF were they thinking?
  23. Another of Doug's classic one tonners, known here as PIoneer Sound after her sponsor but raced internationally as B195 to Appease the dreaded Rule 26.
  24. The sails you see there are only a few years old but were built by the late Ted Silbereisen, a much loved local sail maker who sadly passed away a couple of years ago. Ted was part of the sail making team for Alan Bond's Australia 11 when she won the America's Cup and you can see the sail design heritage from those days. Ted was renowned for the longevity of his sails and Bacardi's sails will probably still be going strong for a few more years yet.