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  1. Australian Challenge

    Same for the French, we are focused on the offshore sailing races. Mostly the solo Route du Rhum. The focus has never been on the America's Cup and there is also the issue of bringing a lot of million $$ to sponsor it. DDA
  2. Team NZ

    Painting looks nice! A few details are off (like the shape of the foils), but at least he got the large separation between NZ and Oracle... LOL DDA
  3. Goodbye Russell ... ?

    If he should be out because he lost the team, then it's time to give the Cup to NZ for perpetuity... All the other teams lost, so none of them should be selected in a future defender team. Even if he has been a dick (to keep it PC), the guy is/was a great sailor and team manager. A team might be interested by his service if they can afford it and accept his personality. DDA
  4. The Next Boat-----2020

    By definition of the AC all the teams, except NZ, came with a dogshit boat and got their ass whipped. Their is no second in AC. Doesnt matter if you loose by 1s or 10 minutes. Teams were throwing the towel and saving energy for the next race when they saw the other boat way in front on the last tack on their individual race. I think only NZ, Oracle and Artemis thought they had a chance. Japan, France, England were hoping to show decent performances, decent team gelling and development, knowing they would have a start for the next AC on similar boats. They knew they were late in R&D and had no chance. This AC was to show off the sponsor and start their team R&D for the next AC, had one of the 5 or Oracle won the cup. DDA
  5. The Next Boat-----2020

    Manureva, Jet Services, Lada Poch.... Brings back memories of the Route du Rhum and seeing those beasts at the dock on my island. Seeing Peyron (Lada Poch) and the other skippers (Colas, Poupon, Arthaud, Bourgnon...). It was strange to see Loereal in San Diego after seeing it a few years back in Guadeloupe after it crossed the finish line... memories... The Route du Rhum is the ultimate race for the French. AC is nowehere close for them but I want the french back in the AC badly and able to compete for the cup... Regards, DDA
  6. The Next Boat-----2020

    The french are always been on offshore racing, mostly solo. It's the french culture but it's also due to financial reasons. It's sure that if only based on multihull experience, we should have had two great teams for the last 2 ACs (had we put a team in SF), and Peyron was already on a boat in Valencia. One of the problem in France is sponsorship, we cannot find big money to sustain an AC cycle. The rich millionaires don't want to show off their money (if they have enough for AC) due to taxes inspectors and the way the commoners would trash those "filthy rich guys". It's easier for a sponsor to put some money over a long period of time for a solo skipper, buy a used boat for the first season, see it the Return on Investment is ok, then build a newer boat and continue with the solo skipper, upgrade to a team for the Round the World record if need be.... A french sponsor cannot bring the millions of euros needed for AC over 2-3 years periods. Regards, DDA
  7. The Next Boat-----2020

    My understanding was NZ didnt want to continue on those AC50, or not set some rules locking the boat design for the next 2 (or more) AC events. NZ wanted to stay with the standard rules which allow the defender to do whatever they want (as long as challenger agree). With Cammas saying there are financial penalties if they participate in the next AC on different boat, he is trying to put pressure on NZ to keep the AC50 boats. However, I wonder if those penalties would hold on in a lawsuit. I assume ACEA would sue the french (or any of the 5 signatory teams) if they race in the next AC on different boat. Would it hold in court? Regards, DDA
  8. The Next Boat-----2020

    Stingray, Pretty accurate translation. I would say litteraly " I wouldn't dump in the dungeon the agreement we signed 6 months ago" ,instead of "we will not forget an agreement we signed 6 months ago" Replace "accreditation" by "framework agreement". Cammas then went to blast NZ for complaining about the technical agreement (gauge or dimensions of the boat) while never having read the agreement before. In this case, I think Cammas is mixing a few things. NZ was against the agreement of keeping the same boat for multiple AC. The fact that NZ ask for the gauge is completely separate issue. you dont have to read the gauge to be against keeping the same boat for multiple AC. Sounds like Groupama insurance group and Norauto are continuing to sponsor the team for the next AC. Even if they will need more money and sponsors. DDA
  9. Artemis?

    Pogen, I also dream of a Cup in France. In fact, I would love LR to win so the next AC is in Europe, and then the French beat the Italian to get the cup... It would be a sweet revenge. (Think Soccer) Blue sky D
  10. Artemis?

  11. Artemis?

    Gaucho, I'm sure AR can go to the IJ if they feel it creates a third permutation if only 35 out 37 new rules are implemented. For the same reason ETNZ went to the IJ. Even if all teams signed the first 35 rule changes. If the IJ sides with ETNZ, all rules changing the class should be canceled and then the teams should negotiate again any safety rules that would affect the class rules. PC is just hiding the fact he can do what ETNZ did (calling on IJ) so that he looks like the innocent picked upon team... Blue sky D
  12. Artemis?

    AR can use big elevator!!!! With the original rules.... They just have to have big cord so they don't exceed max beam? But at that point, they become draggy, and no racer wants draggy foils... That is why they (whoever want that rule, but not ETNZ and LR) want to extend outside the max beam
  13. Artemis?

    To be fair, there is still no definitive proof that it is slower than OR and no proof at all that is is slower than ETNZ. However, it is pretty widely accepted by most (including me) that this is the case. From the aforementioned interview with GD, that is EXACTLY what he expects AR to do. In effect he is saying that they will become a 1 boat, 2 wing programme. I agree we have no proof who is faster or slower between the 4 boats, and like you I'm guessing AR is slower. My guess is: faster: NZ2 and OR1.b mid: NZ1 and ITA slow OR1 slower AR1 Just a guess from videos and comments on the forums.... Blue sky D.
  14. Artemis?

    With Boat 1 being so slow compared to NZ and OR, why measure it? Just measure B2 and race on it, and pray that you dont break it and have to use a second boat... Blue sky D.
  15. Artemis?

    Question: Will they do the same start entry than the AC33, with both boats entering the box from opposite side? We've seen them dialing up the Dog and Alinghi, so I dont see why not in this AC34. If the start is the standard upwind beat, they will have to dial up to pick the best side. Blue sky D.