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  1. USA 236

    J/27 vs. Tartan Pride 270 vs. Impulse 26

    The J/27 is the best of bunch and easy to get it going fast. Its also ridiculously simple, so you can get your head out of the boat. I currently own won and would have a hard time moving out of it! The only draw back in my opinion is the heavier four stroke motors are a bitch to take off before racing and I couldn't see leaving it back there. If you are going to do any cruising or serious motoring, 5hp is as low as you will care to go.... You could pm and we could talk more.
  2. USA 236

    jack the dull knife

    The J/41 Jack Knife is now in Buffalo. She is now called Bada Bing and was sitting in the yard for a decade before bing donated to a sailing school last fall. The prior owner poured lots of cash into her with little return.
  3. USA 236

    J/35 Bretwalda

    There is a J/35 named Bretwalda that is for sale on Yachtworld. She is located in Chicago and appears to have been donated to the Sea Scouts by a previous owner. Anyone have the skinny on this boat? Its cheap, so I assume an abundance of wet core as typical with vintage Jboats, clapped out sails and differed maintenance. Thought I'd ask here while I await a call back from the broker.
  4. Let me fix that for you, he will start a war to throw off the Meuller investigation
  5. Fuck you, you ignorant fool.
  6. USA 236

    Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

    Trump does nothing but race bait you foolish hypocrite.....
  7. USA 236

    Another Day, Another Home Depot Shooting

    sorry buddy, but you don't get to claim "that's how it works" when Trump is the Twitter president who endlessly bitches, attacks and sometimes praises people for far less that what that young man did. Trump doesn't get a pass for this, it's who he is and speaks volumes of his lack of character for his silence on this matter and others when it pertains to people of color. Im pretty sure if a Muslim had shot up that waffle house and the victims more closely resembled his base, he's have something to say. You cant defend the un-defend-able.
  8. USA 236

    Sign 'O the Times

    Of course they did.......
  9. USA 236

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    What this guy said. My dad had a custom Andrews 30.
  10. USA 236

    The Refit - Andrews 43

    My dads custom Maxi MORC had the same setup. The Mumm 36 did as well along with a few other custom race boats I have sailed on.
  11. This plus a thousand. I hate this bastard and his shitty family!
  12. USA 236

    Jones wins.... what now?:

    Oh my god, you are a FUCKING IDIOT.
  13. USA 236

    8 Bells - Chris Wentz

    That's terrible news. A genuine, good guy.
  14. 1994 when they did it in MORC Maxi 30's.
  15. USA 236

    Dotard Goes Off on the British Prime Minister

    The best thing the Brits can do is tell this piece of shit to go get fucked. Its bad enough how he's lowered US politics to a subterranean level, he doesn't need to be interfering elsewhere.