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  1. USA 236

    Freedom 35 (Pedrick): experience sailing one

    Nice boat, well refined and was offered in a performance version with running backstays and overlapping genoa. For cruising the camberspar jib works well assuming its setup correctly and the large mainsail on Harken or Antal sliders is easily managed with lazy jacks and a conventional cover. For added performance, a a-sail with sleeve or top down furling would give you some more hp of the breeze. I recall the ones I were on had a fairly modern looking keel, albeit a bit deep for some cruising grounds. The fit an finish of the furniture down below was pretty nice, not Sabre nice but very well executed. All deck hardware was primarily Harken and up to the task. These were not inexpensive boats. The self-standing carbon rig is pretty maintenance free and naturally de-powering. I am sure others know more, these were my observations from my handful of experiences with the boat.
  2. USA 236

    Asym Sheet Length Question

    Thanks buddy, I thought mine seemed a bit on the short side.
  3. USA 236

    Asym Sheet Length Question

    I just purchased a Viper 830 and need to upgrade the running rigging. I'd like to do this over the winter, but am reluctant as I wont be able to sail the boat, to see if the current rigging lengths are correct. I measured the old sheets and they are 55' w/ 12' of taper each, which seems on the short side. Could the peanut gallery please chime in with thoughts or any riggers with a best practice method for determining length please pipe up? A internet search turns up 2x boat length for symmetrical kites and 2.5 boat length for asymmetrical kites. The Viper is 28' long and we companionway launch the kite. Thanks!
  4. USA 236

    The Boat (2018) Film

    That movie looks awful. However, it has a boat in it so I would watch it...
  5. USA 236

    I don't want to offend, but......

    If I were the sailmaker and saw this post I would have been sure to sew the logo on.... Its a tough business to be in and being uptight about a logo and not wanting to adverstise for the guy seems a bit arrogant.
  6. USA 236

    Henderson SR27 Hull #7

    Maybe not priceless, but most certainly over priced.....
  7. USA 236

    Henderson SR27 Hull #7

    How about a price?
  8. USA 236

    Sizing lines and blocks

    So a forty footer is running 1/4" for controls such as spin sheets and jib sheets? I find that hard to believe.
  9. USA 236,  I read your post regarding Hall Quickvang mounting brackets.  I find myself in need of both the boom side and mast side brackets.  Can you share who you purchased yours from or your drawings?



    1. USA 236

      USA 236

      I had Ted Johnson (local sailor)  make the lower bracket for me.  The upper bracket was borrowed off a derelict race boat rotting in the weeds.  I think Ben Hall has a small production shop, but when I reached out to them about another matter I got little feedback and service.  Nautos parts seems to be a direct counterfeit.  Have you made any luck with your search?

    2. Will


      Hall still had one in stock, but it was $400

  10. I thought tweety was a C&C 38 or so?
  11. USA 236

    cost difference between J24 and J27

    I really couldn’t see owning a J/24 outside of OD racing. Indeed it’s a competent PHRF boat, but so is the 27 and the cockpit of the 27 is much better suited for day sailing.
  12. USA 236

    cost difference between J24 and J27

    I own a J/27, I also race it so you could budget less if just cruising and do need to replace the consumables as frequently as I do. Purchase Price: $10,500 to 15,000 Winter haul out, storage and launch: $510.00 Slip Fee: $1,400 not including yacht club dues Racing Memberships: $225 (PHRF and Local Sailing Club) Sails: $2,500 to 3,000 Misc. annual maintenance: $500 Insurance: $412.00
  13. USA 236

    Dobroth MORC 30

    HayJay was a piece crap that was cobbled together.....
  14. USA 236

    This Could Get Big And Nasty For Donald Trump

    I really don't see how we could be? We have numerous Bush cabinet members in the Trump Cabinet. The most influential being that arrogant, warmongering, cretin Bolton....
  15. USA 236

    This Could Get Big And Nasty For Donald Trump

    It would be refreshing after the last two years that the country that I love, for once would be on the correct side of history. However, I know Trump doesn't care and his enablers will only continue to enable. The winning is exhausting and the Saudi Royal family is a stain on humanity.....