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  1. If you buy and scrap the Ockam system, PM me.
  2. USA 236

    CS36, C&C 33-2, Ericson 35-3, Cal 33-2...

    This boat was the prototype and as such was built in the custom shop. Construction and interior differs from the production version. At some point in time the current owner, enclosed the head. I would seriously consider this boat.
  3. USA 236

    CS36, C&C 33-2, Ericson 35-3, Cal 33-2...

    Yeah, but you seem happy as fuck with it!
  4. USA 236

    Old Skool gear

    Spar craft ones work pretty well.
  5. USA 236

    Old Skool gear

    I have titanium Gibb trigger shackles on my MORC custom boat.
  6. USA 236

    Caption Contest

    Wood you look at this.....
  7. USA 236

    WIGGERS old Sailboat Moulds

    It would still be much cheaper to take my boat or another back to Wiggers and have a stem to stern refit. Most likely the molds this gentleman has are for the Star 30. The cruising variant.
  8. USA 236

    -3 Rod

    -3 Rod, is this stuff still available? Who is the current supplier/manufacturer of stainless rod for marine use?
  9. USA 236

    Soverel 27

    Its a dog. One was sailed locally for years and never could get up and go.
  10. USA 236

    WIGGERS old Sailboat Moulds

  11. USA 236

    WIGGERS old Sailboat Moulds

    Wiggers built my Andrews 30. Most certainly this boat was built on a male mold and its landfill by now.
  12. USA 236

    Soverel 27

  13. USA 236

    Lewmar Ocean Hatch Repair

    I have an older lewmar ocean series hatch with worn stainless pins that the lid articulates up and down on in its aluminum housing. Lewmar’s website sells the catch block and friction lever kit and few other parts, but no mention of replacement hinge pins. Anybody have any experience with this repair?
  14. USA 236

    Lewmar Ocean Hatch Repair

    Got what? Stainless hinge pins? It also appears there was some type of plastic bearing to keep the stainless from wearing on the aluminum. Is that correct?
  15. USA 236

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    Do you happen to know how he came up with the name of Flak?
  16. USA 236

    ID this PHRF low budget ride

    I now own Flak. I looked at buying Absolute, but decided Flak was the better all around boat. Condition wise not so much, but this year is a write off so it made "some" sense to take on a project a quarter of the way into the season. What ever became of Brian?
  17. USA 236

    Where Didja Get Your Log In Name

    sail number of my old J/22.
  18. USA 236

    Runner Block Replacements

    They make runner socks or padded covers specifically for this application. Why reinvent the wheel...
  19. The boat is Viper 830, the mast is carbon and I have a fractional code zero I would like to fly from a masthead spinnaker halyard that stops at a spectacle just above the fore-stay. My reason for doing it this way is I have the ability to run, two mast head spin halyards, rather then add a sheave box above the fore-stay. Any thoughts or experience doing it this way? What should I use for a spectacle to stop the halyard above the fore-stay?
  20. USA 236

    Brokers - worth it? (probably)

    I just sold my 14k J/27. Considering a broker wasn't an option seeing there just wouldn’t be much left after they took their commission. In the end, I sold the boat for full asking price. Not because I’m a super seller or marketer, but the boat showed well and could not be duplicated for the price I was asking.
  21. USA 236

    J27 Sails

    I have a Ullman Dacron #3 if you’re interested. It’s in very good condition. I never used it as I had a laminate sail built.
  22. USA 236

    Cable less Code Zero development

    We need another year or two for the price to come down on the cable less sails.
  23. Maybe email?  Can you pm me?

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  24. USA 236

    Any Viper 830's for sale?

    I just bought one this past September
  25. USA 236

    Asym Sheet Length Question

    I just purchased a Viper 830 and need to upgrade the running rigging. I'd like to do this over the winter, but am reluctant as I wont be able to sail the boat, to see if the current rigging lengths are correct. I measured the old sheets and they are 55' w/ 12' of taper each, which seems on the short side. Could the peanut gallery please chime in with thoughts or any riggers with a best practice method for determining length please pipe up? A internet search turns up 2x boat length for symmetrical kites and 2.5 boat length for asymmetrical kites. The Viper is 28' long and we companionway launch the kite. Thanks!