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  1. knuckles

    name that harbour

    Killer Dana before the harbor?
  2. knuckles

    eSailing World Championship

    Put it on the Underhills, and have a steak sandwich.
  3. knuckles

    san diego open for sailing?

    I took the Laser out this weekend, and put my son in an RS Tera here in Los Angeles. It was great to get back out on the water, and we poked our bows out onto the ocean Sunday, when it was less windy.
  4. knuckles

    Annapolis Racing- Looking for Tips & Tricks

    Late September there is a good chance that you will get frontal driven weather, so pay attention to the tides and current in addition to the wind. If all else fails, my recommendation is to head to BWI, get on airplane, fly to a destination with good sailing conditions.
  5. knuckles

    how it went down

    This could be Ben Mitchell's 3rd or 4th Hanson rescue medal. He's been in the right place to save lives. It's great that the teams both made it safely back to shore.
  6. knuckles

    "fu ws" (from the front page)

    It's too bad they didn't select the OK Dinghy. Beast mode.
  7. knuckles

    Santa Barbara to King Habor 2018

    The marine layer and fog rolled in here hard at Santa Monica Bay this afternoon. Could be a long, no feature, drag race. Don't look around, there's nothing to see.
  8. knuckles

    rs aero

    Steve Cockerill (Rooster Sailing, multi-class champion) posted a video of how to re-run the rigging controls to top-side. Lots of details on lengths and spliced loops.
  9. knuckles

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    That's probably her. Pretty looking boat, and stands out from the crowd on that mooring.
  10. knuckles

    J/125s Are AWESOME

    What is the name of the J/125 moored off of Dollar Point, north Lake Tahoe?
  11. I love it for Jimmy. It's going to be great at the islands, not bad on the ICW, and fit his list of requests. Put an Eisenglass enclosure at the aft of the pilot house, crank up the A/C, and crack a beer....mmm have a margarita. If the aux props were foldable or could be retracted, even better.
  12. knuckles

    Lasers - Applying a Blow Torch

    It's in the Dec 2014 Laser World - it's at the very bottom of the table - they've used the same format for years. The figures are: 2014 US$850,444 2013 US$832,599 2012 £547,696 (British pounds) 2011 £635,482 (British pounds) Last two figures were posted in Dec 2012 Laser World, first two in Dec 2014. I'm pretty sure I have the report in a printed copy of Laser World that has it, but it's stored in a box many miles away from where I am right now. It's easy enough to look up, it will be in the Dec 2007 issue from memory. Also from memory it was higher than £100,000, fairly sure it was in the region of £400,000, as I recall discussing the amount around 2009. (I can't believe I remember this stuff.) I can recall a Laser sailing mate asking "what's it needed for?", and it being referred to as 'Jeff Martin's war chest'. It's fair to say that the ILCA is in pretty good shape financially. Pretty good shape? Understatement! What other Class Association even comes close to that amount? War chest? Did Jeff know this was battle coming way back when? Helps me understand why Rastegar would want to setup his own parallel, separate "Laser Sailing Union". That is quite a revenue stream.
  13. knuckles


    Tell me when it starts so that I can watch the replays on YouTube. I'm over this whole thing. Making Bertarelli look like a genius more and more.