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  1. The easy answer is buy the J/70 built in Argentina.
  2. I am trying to imagine Westerly pumping out all of these hulls in this time frame. Have they ever done a real production run like this? I know that they build great product, but this seems a bit out of their comfort zone. I am very happy to see the business come to SoCal, so I wish them the best of luck. And let's see how the sailmaker thing goes.......in theory, it should keep the cost down
  3. I think the J/70 class is being put into a similar position that the J/24 class was put into decades ago. A fun boat that is accessible and liked by many, built with loose tolerances and sometimes running changes. A comprehensive measurement approach including defined measurements (with tolerances) and class controlled templates may be where this class ends up. And that is a good thing if no more reason to put the boats on a level playing field not only for the purpose of technical measurement, but also as a perception by outsiders that the boats are truly one design.
  4. Link back to previous discussion of keel delrin optimization and Bennett Greenwald:
  5. So I'm guessing that you're new here.
  6. Looks like a good time, and I bet the guys learned something about line management and rethought the best approach to take down a kite in that type of breeze.
  7. I guess we will need to look at the list of late withdrawals to identify the rest of the guilty by association.
  8. This is great. Finally a one design class and the local class national authority are doing something besides wave their hands and not do anything.
  9. My wife called her folks today to encourage them to get their local help in Jupiter to get their storm shutters out of storage and think about getting them up on the house by the end of the week. They came through Matthew last year with no issues (thank goodness), and they won't be on site for this one, either.
  10. Quite the article about how Texas Medical Center (largest medical complex in the world) prepared for a storm of this magnitude after previous experiences. http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/houston-hospitals-prepared-hurricane-harvey/
  11. So much flooding and destruction. I can't imagine what labor and resources are going to be required to gut all of the flood damaged residences and buildings and rebuild them correctly. I cannot believe all of the vehicles sitting in the streets on CNN (Dickinson, TX) that are now total write-offs, too. These poor folks. I hope that they have flood insurance. Any word on how Houston YC is making out?
  12. Steve Cockerill (Rooster Sailing, multi-class champion) posted a video of how to re-run the rigging controls to top-side. Lots of details on lengths and spliced loops. http://www.roostersailing.com/blog/aero-over-deck-rigging/
  13. Could you remind us the difference in all up weight between an Aero and a Neo? How small of sail size will the Neo have?
  14. I miss Vanguard. Every day.