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  1. knuckles

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    Clarks, I must say that you have drawn and built a very handsome small boat. A couple of them would be great to have and zoom around on during the Summer.
  2. knuckles

    Fulcrum Speedworks Rocket

    That would be a sight to see. I'm sure you have it safely tucked away in the video vault.
  3. knuckles

    What is this?

    I had the opportunity to sail on this boat in the late 90's when MacLaurin had it in Marina del Rey. It was fun to rip around on, and I remember a capsize when the mainsheet got tangled during a gybe. It was good to be younger and able to hang onto the wing mesh until the boat got pulled back up. It took a pile of people and a chase boat back then.
  4. knuckles

    J35 Companionway Hatch Slider Channel

    Years ago when re-fitting a J24, we replaced the cracked plastic hatch channels with aluminum square-U channels that we sourced at Home Depot. We put a chamfer on the top edge to reduce the chance of slicing hands or spinnakers on them.
  5. knuckles

    8 Bells. Ken Havard. Boatman, Racer and Diver.

    I am floored to read this. I just saw Kenny over the weekend walking around the yard/club, and I have always gone out of my way to say hi when I have seen him. I spent a couple of seasons sitting beside him on the rail in the S35's in my first big keelboat fleets out of school. I am really sorry to hear of the passing of such a kind soul.
  6. knuckles

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    I read a few of your blog posts. Scot lucked out with this purchase, if he had to buy an Ericson 35 MkII, he bought the right one.
  7. knuckles

    Ericson 35? Ed is mooching for pickle dishes

    Did you paint the wooden toe rails white, or did plastic toe rails get installed? I like the look, and I think SD Bay is a great place for a boat like yours. I'm not so sure about outside, but I think it will be great inside, and if you make the trek to Catalina.
  8. knuckles

    what's wrong with it?

    You could call yourself Team LYRA - Redux
  9. knuckles

    name that harbour

    Killer Dana before the harbor?
  10. knuckles

    eSailing World Championship

    Put it on the Underhills, and have a steak sandwich.
  11. knuckles

    san diego open for sailing?

    I took the Laser out this weekend, and put my son in an RS Tera here in Los Angeles. It was great to get back out on the water, and we poked our bows out onto the ocean Sunday, when it was less windy.
  12. knuckles

    Annapolis Racing- Looking for Tips & Tricks

    Late September there is a good chance that you will get frontal driven weather, so pay attention to the tides and current in addition to the wind. If all else fails, my recommendation is to head to BWI, get on airplane, fly to a destination with good sailing conditions.
  13. knuckles

    how it went down

    This could be Ben Mitchell's 3rd or 4th Hanson rescue medal. He's been in the right place to save lives. It's great that the teams both made it safely back to shore.