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  1. Bronze Nuts?

    Always good to have DDW input. I have heard there is a lot of metal quality fraud-- even in aerospace, and by reputable companies. Is there any way to test for presence of Zinc that you know about?
  2. Bronze Nuts?

    On cosmetic stuff-- there is a relationship between cosmetics and function. Caring about how stuff looks is a way of paying very focused attention, and that attention feeds back into the functional decisions.
  3. Bronze Nuts?

    Never used barrel bolts. So clean. Really love that idea. thanks.
  4. Bronze Nuts?

    Sounds like nobody does this, which probably means that Slug is right. So now that I have the fastener Taliban assembled, what about acorn nuts for deck hardware? Too fussy? (this is a well loved but cosmetically challenged Corsair F31). Also-- some of the bolts are a bit to long. In the past, I have often shortened bolts in place with a cutoff wheel. I put a sacrificial jam nut on top of the working nut, cut the bolt flush with the jam nut, and then back off the jam nut, which helps clean up the threads. Is there a better way?
  5. Bronze Nuts?

    Yeah, I think this is one of many areas where inexperience hurts. When I work on my bike, for critical fasteners, I have started using a torque wrench and Loctite. On the boat, there are too many different circumstances, and I just rely on "feel". which could be totally wrong. I have only had SS fasteners gall a couple of times, but it made me cautious about the issue.
  6. Bronze Nuts?

    Reinstalling a bunch of deck hardware. Using Butyl as sealant, G-10 backing plates and compression tubes. Regular nuts (not nyloc) with Blue Loctite. Thinking about maybe using silicon bronze nuts on stainless bolts to avoid galling issues. Anybody ever do this?
  7. Prior owner

    Own a boat long enuf, and you become you own incompetent prior owner. Sometimes I can tell I am pulling a prior owner move while I am actually doing it. Living in the present and future at the same time. This tends to happen on rainy January nights.
  8. Sharpening twist drills

    Thanks for responses. Alex, will contact you off line. Always impressed by the depth of tech skills of DIY people ouside sailing. Seems like there are just a lot more people working on cars than on sailboats.
  9. Sharpening twist drills

    Tired of trashing bits that are dulled quickly by drilling composites. Any body out there sharpening bits on the regular?
  10. Round The County 2017

    Any body know how strong the winds were at the start on Sunday?
  11. Libertist 850 - new tri by Erik Lerouge

    Looks like the dagger board is perfectly vertical and located immediately aft of the mast. Have you figured out a way to get the board out without removing the boom?
  12. Tool kit must Haves

    Knipex pliers wrench (7"). Forged nickel plated German goodness. Has replaced adjustable wrench in my kit. Parallel jaws, compound leverage, easy large adjustment.
  13. Swiftsure

    Anybody have a update on terremoto? Always one of my favorite boats.
  14. Proa question

  15. Seascape 27 in Seattle

    O30-- What about size of crew required relative to Olson 30? Did you consider any other boats? Be interesting to do a statistical comparison, Seascape to O/30. HE -- Sail area/displacement, ballast ratio, AVS, etc. They really are an interesting comparison-- similar in program, 30 years apart