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  1. Vincent DePillis

    Grainger R42 - 12.8mts Performance Cruiser Trimaran

    Doyle has been working on a "cableless" style of code zero/screecher. I am very interested in figuring seeing if this could help with my F31 upwind in light air. Did you look into that at all?
  2. Vincent DePillis

    Grainger R42 - 12.8mts Performance Cruiser Trimaran

    I think the float is in displacement, and the main hull is being levered out of the water to some extent, and drug through the water really fast by a powerful rig. Maybe planing to some extent, but doubt that is the main event. I also think that the aft biased rocker is there as much for safety downwind (suck the stern down to avoid pitchpoling), more than desire to promote planning. Guessing that generous rocker is also a result of squeezing the necessary displacement into a trailerable length, while keeping the transom clear of the water at rest..
  3. Vincent DePillis

    Grainger R42 - 12.8mts Performance Cruiser Trimaran

    I have wondered this as well-- as my F31, with all its rocker, does pitch more than I would like in certain conditions. Also would like to be able to trim the nose down a bit when sailing hard on the wind-- the faster we go, the more the stern sinks. But when I think about how much the boat heels when pressed, I think that the tfoil rudder would be kicking the boat into the wind as you start to really haul ass up wind-- which you would have to then counter act with more rudder angle, which would be slow.
  4. Vincent DePillis

    Maine Cat at Shilshole?

    Somebody on here have a big Maine Cat (I think) on B dock at Shilshole? Nice looking boat, what ever it is.
  5. Vincent DePillis

    How big a square top?

    Further to last-- skin provided by evolution everything else by Ballard Sails, who have been great to work with.
  6. Vincent DePillis

    How big a square top?

    Went with a 40% square top. Carbon twaron laminate from Evolution, RBS carbon battens. Two sails so far, one in 15knotsor a bit more, one in very light air. So far so good. balance seems ok, seems faster in light air. upper leech seems to open up nicely as wind builds.
  7. Vincent DePillis

    Image Stabilized Binos

    Canon's 10x42 L IS WP is by every measure a better binocular than Fujinon's Technostabi 1440, Except for one: Stabilization Freedom. Technostabi reports 5.0 degrees of stabilization freedom, and Canon only 0.8 degrees. I suspect that this makes the Canon's useless on a small boat. Any body with experience to share?
  8. Vincent DePillis

    Protecting net Spectra Lashings from UV

    Samson sales rep says UV has not been a problem. (thx) Yale engineering support says Maxijacket does have UV protective characteristics-- lasts about 2 years, and that once the pigment starts to go, the UV protection is going. DSM (manufacturer) has a graph on the web site purporting to show that Dyneema is better than Polyester in terms of UV resistance. References a specific testing protocol. Will get some of the maxijacket Pro and play around with it. Painting the lashings in place would be messy. In any case, will try to replace critical lashings more regularly. And will look for black lashing cord.
  9. Am replacing lashings on nets of Corsair 31R. I use discrete lashings for each grommet, and 8 strands of 2.2mm Samson spectra lashing twine ( I double a length of spectra, knot the end, make two passes, and then secure with half hitches). In looking at the Sunrise nets web site, with a view towards replacing my nets, I notice that they have a graph of UV life of various net materials that show untinted spectra netting dropping precipitously in strength over three years. This is said to based on actual testing by Sunrise. Not working for me to insert the link, but I would be curious what you all think. Makes me think that I need to be much more conservative about replacing lashings than I have been, especially when I am using such small twine. I also wonder what kind of UV protective goop or tape I could use. I use spinlock RP 25 on halyards and sheets to protect from wear, but I don't think it has any UV protection function. Maybe black self amalgamating tape?
  10. Vincent DePillis

    Integrating carbon in glass structures

    Thx for specifics on the stringers. How far apart did you place them? I will try and upload a pic later today.
  11. Am replacing slider hatch and seahood on my Corsair F31with a low profile fixed blister. (better visibility, lighter, better line routing from mast base lines to the winches.) Blister is carbon foam prefab piece to be bonded in place after removing the existing hatch surround. My concern is that bonding the stiff carbon piece into the soft glass deck will create hard spots that will eventually crack. My plan to mitigate the risk is to spread the load all the way to the cabin top edges. I would remove all the gel coat on the aft part of the cabin top and laminate over with carbon, stepping down the laminate and fathering carefully as I approach the edge of the cabin top. I would reinforce the underside of the cabin top as well (currently thinking stringers, because antigrav lamination is a PITA). I am also planning to reinforce the (really flexy) cockpit sole, with some carbon foam stringers. In this case I plan on landing the ends of the stringers on structural bulkheads with some wide (100mm) taping. Interested in advice in general on how to stiffen a boat locally using carbon without creating downstream problems.
  12. Vincent DePillis

    Coolboats to admire

    Have often though this. Seems like boats in the days before reliable motors used bowsprits and boomkins to spread as much sail as possible. I am thinking about a way to increase light air capability on my F31R (mast head cable less jib top) for exactly this reason. If I could put a mizzen on, I would. I thought about lengthening the mast, but chickened out. I am going to increase the size of the mainsail head tho. sorry, drifted there for a minute.
  13. Vincent DePillis

    How big a square top?

    What boat?
  14. Vincent DePillis

    How big a square top?

    Yeah that is the thought. just today I did a rough measurement of the mainsail head on a brand new Corsair 970 sport: 67”! i suspect that the main hull, mast location, and daggerboard location are v similar to f31. Hope to sail on the boat tomorrow. Should be interesting.