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  1. cbs

    Would you build it?

    Ok I'll bite.. since you are a student. Take everything I say as constructive....If you look back on this in a couple of years you will cringe. Everyone who has been where you are does it eventually....I shudder to think my final year projects might be in your library.... Chain locker/Collision Bhd - You appear to have a wt door in it. Drop the door and give access through the deck. Where does the chain go btw? Deck camber looks high for such a large yacht. Raise the bottom of transom a little - Looks like it will drag its bum when heeled. You show lots of Portlight/windows in the hull side, some very close to waterline. I would drop them if it were me but in any case raise them up high. Does the chain need to see out? Propeller shaft overhang beyond the bracket. Keep to max 1 diameter before prop or less. Slope strut forward a little. Build material - don't know if it was stated. Can effect a lot of things. Tanks? Self tacker track (said before) A bit of curve in the transom wouldn't go astray. Bowsprit would help with the anchor on that bow. Your floor space is greatly exaggerated. Master cab need own toilet/shower, what do the fwd cabins have? Whats the massive space aft of the master cab? There is more, but you need to figure this out too....
  2. cbs

    AutoCad fatal error Anarchy

    I was about say this.... I use rhino for 3D and Acad LT for 2D on the subcription....It is very cheap really if you are using it often. but try the old re-install first...perhaps you corrupted something... Yeah and as for the maxsurf subscription.... stupidly expensive....but I got my older version running fine in win 10. Its going right now.
  3. cbs

    ORC inclining test method

    Righting moment = Displacement x GZ (units t.m unless you come from one of those backward non metric countries that like to use obscure units like pound furlongs etc) Its that simple. A GZ curve is used as it can be used to compare all boats (of different sizes and shapes) immediately. A righting moment curve cannot.
  4. cbs

    ORC inclining test method

    That's why I'm the NA!
  5. cbs

    ORC inclining test method

    That's 'cause it be a righting moment curve not a GZ curve..... (need to divide by displacement :))
  6. cbs

    ORC inclining test method

    I would never use a digi level for a real inclining. Got one in the box for proof/practical tests though. The pendulum damped in a bucket of water is simply foolproof. Accurate, easy to read and doesn't need calibration or carefull treatment. It also shows me very quickly errors when a wind gust comes through, when someone has missed loosening a mooring line line, moved the wrong weight or if we have forgotten to close a valve somewhere.... I agree with what fastyacht said above.... and add if we in the commercial field treated the process with the same attention to detail as indicated above, reckon quite a few of us would be in jail for it...
  7. cbs

    Looking for a yard...

    I hadn't considered mcConaghy but will. It wont' be a dozen in the first year, maybe the second year.... The moulds an IP will not be owned by the yard and oversight is expected. I have had some experience with builds in vietnam and indonesia, and definitely want to avoid problems associated with "the local solution". NZ would be a good option, but difficult to make the numbers work on the final price. This is not about price alone, as the quality has to be there. This company looks interesting, but don't look like (at the outset at least) like they have much experience in series production. I like places that have a metric truckload of teak sitting around though. The spray booth with the dirt floor...not so much. Keep the ideas coming.
  8. Hi All, Perhaps not really fitting into the spectrum of CA, but since quite a few in the industry visit here....seems like a good place to ask. I am looking for a yard to build a boat....not just one. A series. Location can be just about anywhere provided the exchange rates and shipping costs work. Have been looking at Asia with a couple of options there being explored already. Boat is a powerboat, but not a "sailors powerboat". A relatively simple boat but with high end detail and finish. E-Glass Vaccum infused/vacuum foam sandwich construction possibly epoxy. Size between 40-60'. Sorry cannot tell you more than that. So for those in the know...who would you approach to do this.... smaller yards ok, but must be experienced, competent, innovative and speak english... This is a serious question for a serious project, just going outside my normal channels. cbs.
  9. cbs

    Sailors Powerboat

    I know of a ~50' powerboat with a pair of 700hp diesels fed by ~3500L of fuel on board and a bunch of bells and whistles like gensets and gyros... It is a sailors powerboat because the owners other boat is a spectacularly large yacht (100+') complete with sails and loads of bright timberwork.... I guess not everybody has these things though...
  10. Its a single screw Cat C18. (de)rated to 600 HP . I don't have figures on cost of that particular engine. but a C12 at 715hp comes in somewhere around US100k each with gear box. There would have been no reason to attempt to save it after the rollover. They were the insurance companies once that happened.
  11. How do you know that the first wave would have knocked it over..... My eye says windage will be the dominant upsetting lever... You are right in that it looks like everything that opens and closes was added. Sometimes it is hard to say no, but sometimes that is necessary. Most of of the add on contained within that hull are currently worthless and would be assumed to be removed and thrown away. So you have a blank canvas of a boat to start with.... Starting with that, one can identify what needs to be done to make it work. At the end of the day, that may or may not include knocking the top tier off. For a few hundred K, whoever picks it up will be ahead... Ever seen a containership? They look worse by a long shot...
  12. I'm not, but I'd bet some cashed up individual is waiting until the yard fees on it get a little higher and whoever owns it gets a little more desperate....The lawyers aren't the only vultures out there....
  13. Because at the end of the day anything can be fixed..... I haven't seen any official report (Is there one publicly available?), but to my eye it seemed like it became unstable whilst still on the cradle. Very possible that if it was launched by travel lift this conversation would not have occurred.
  14. Why do you think a glass hull would be toast after exposure to water? Millions of glass hulls are treated like this every day. Someone will eventually pick this one up for a song and make something reasonable out of it. Yes the interior and fitout is essentially stuffed, but it is nigh impossible to build and fair the hull alone for the asking 500k min bid. Am I the only one that can see this?
  15. cbs

    Origami Boat Thread

    Personally, I joined this thread when I saw a serious amount of misinformation being spouted from all sides about a subject I think I know a little about ie gz curves. There were lots of elaborate claims and counter claims that were simply incorrect, so I made some attempt to at least inform that there was more than the AVS to consider. I doulbt very many took that information in however. I am no lemming, though I do like most of the work from the "Bully in chief" as you call him. Some I do not like but thats life. I don't like some of the boats I design myself and would never want one, but I design for my clients so I understand. I couldn't care less about the bar stories of hitting things at night, random reefs, project costs and timelines and whatever if they are true or not. I open my mouth because BS exposed a very shallow understanding of many technical concepts, and spread many extremely simplified opinions as fact and denigrated those who have educated themselves sufficiently to be able make informed decisions for others and charge good money to do so. There a few in this thread that have have demonstrated education and experience. It is obvious in some of the jargon and conversations. Because they are in agreement does not make them lemmings.