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  1. Origami Boat Thread

    Personally, I joined this thread when I saw a serious amount of misinformation being spouted from all sides about a subject I think I know a little about ie gz curves. There were lots of elaborate claims and counter claims that were simply incorrect, so I made some attempt to at least inform that there was more than the AVS to consider. I doulbt very many took that information in however. I am no lemming, though I do like most of the work from the "Bully in chief" as you call him. Some I do not like but thats life. I don't like some of the boats I design myself and would never want one, but I design for my clients so I understand. I couldn't care less about the bar stories of hitting things at night, random reefs, project costs and timelines and whatever if they are true or not. I open my mouth because BS exposed a very shallow understanding of many technical concepts, and spread many extremely simplified opinions as fact and denigrated those who have educated themselves sufficiently to be able make informed decisions for others and charge good money to do so. There a few in this thread that have have demonstrated education and experience. It is obvious in some of the jargon and conversations. Because they are in agreement does not make them lemmings.
  2. Origami Boat Thread

    Its people like you Perry that caused all this crap....what with your extensive design history, love of all things plastic, and ability to take postcard sketches and turn them into living objects. You should be ashamed...
  3. Origami Boat Thread

    Don't blame me.... I didn't have anything to do with it....
  4. Origami Boat Thread

    We it seems I go away for a few days and all hell breaks loose. You people cannot be trusted. On the other hand....the place looks tidier now that the rubbish has been taken to the bin....
  5. Origami Boat Thread

    I never met the original builder. I saw her after she was sold and was being refit. It was in a commercial yard. Looking in my archives, we filled in the foredeck for more deckspace, added a solid shallow draft keel and the transom platform. I did some "as built" drawings and managed some trim estimates with all the weights on/off tracking. Don't think I did any design work, only analysis. I remember I nearly went deaf while taking measurements in the laz. Someone took a sledge hammer to the outside (probably doing some fairing) and didn't know I was in there. That hurt.
  6. Origami Boat Thread

    Except of course that Llinaise eventually did go into commercial charter, and spent a while getting backpackers drunk on the GBR and elsewhere IIRC.. Was renamed "First light" around 2000 and had a grand piano in the main saloon. The framed masts were replaced with conventional rigs too. The walking legs disappeared too. Other differences...She is fully framed with transverse and longitudinal s, was inspected appropriately, and had proper stability analysis. There are also a full set of aftermarket drawings, done in cad no less. I have some/most of them on my hardrive. but I cannot take responsibility for them...I did some other work on her... Certainly not a pretty boat, but very big at around 110t loaded with 150 persons. Last I saw she was on the hard for a while, probably owing everybody money.... Too much boat and not enough return. but like all steel boats... On the market for cheap! http://nbcommercialboatsales.com.au/nevbrooks/boats-for-sale/used/commercial-vessels/custom-charter-sailing-catamaran/178719
  7. Origami Boat Thread

    50% was probably fair for CBS 1. Deadweight at 50% is around ~2300kg. Its a 50'er btw. #2 deadweight was a lot more....but so was lightship.... That boat carries around 9000L of diesel alone.... I know that is trying to compare apples with oranges, but it helps if you try to make the apple look a little like the orange. Tads calc showed 50%, so I went that way. Most people don't realise that the righting arm curves (GZ) can change considerably between departure and arrival.....
  8. Origami Boat Thread

    Why is this attributed to me. Thats not my quote.....You quoted a BS statement which was attributed to me...feel dirty...
  9. Origami Boat Thread

    Must take you years to do a set of hydros.... Got any KN's?
  10. Origami Boat Thread

    Of course, it is not a show stopper, but does show that a BS can only carry a small rig compared to other boats. Also shows that putting the side deck under might be a bit easier than BS thinks. I should note that CBS 1 is not like any other cruising yacht I know of, so I have been watching weight growth carefully during the build. It has quite a bit of equipment on it, and not all of it as low as I would like. I consider it a little more tender than I would like.....and am not entirely comfortable...might be time to put it over the scales again.....probably just being pedantic.
  11. Origami Boat Thread

    Just for comparison, (and because my mind does not read GZ graphs in feet )I took a couple of boats I have at applied a 50 loaded condition (as Tad has apparently done) Comparing at 40 degrees simply because that's where we mostly sail (as a maximum non steady state). CBS Boat #1 GZf = 0.496m CBS Boat #2 GZf=0.677m Both are offshore cruising yachts. Data for #1 is somewhat theoretical, as weights data is derived from weight estimates and on site verification. (Boat is still in build). Data from boat 2 is from fully certified information (third party approved) derived from an inclining. From above the BS36 at 40 deg is 0.95' or 0.29m or 58% of CVS Boat #1 and 43% of CBS Boat 2. Seems the 36 is tender......
  12. Origami Boat Thread

    Can you explain how you calculate your LCB location?
  13. Origami Boat Thread

    Thats how uncharted reefs are made!
  14. australia speed control

    The only point to point cameras I am aware of are there to identify long haul haul heavy vehicles that are crossing the country doing stupid hours behind the wheel before crossing the centre lines and punting some unsuspecting family off into the bush... Truckie have enforced limits to how many hours in a day they can be behind the wheel Google "Safe T cam" I think this is what you are talking about... not speed cameras...
  15. My newest project

    Well maybe the first three will beat me. Doing the work yourself on weekends makes it a slow process. I'd invite you to help out, but I recall you and tools don't seem to mix. I don't mind the dust, its still boats and a change working on everyone elses during the week on the computer.