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  1. Battlecheese

    Nuclear Option

    So BE the change you want to see. Otherwise you're just part of the problem.
  2. Battlecheese

    Ajit Pai - It's not your internet

    @random wrong issue. They're making a bit of a fuss about this, but that's just other people trying to drag their own agendas into it. The "neutrality" bit relates to selectively slowing traffic which passes through your network. The classic example is certain cable companies which own a video streaming service having mysteriously poor throughput to NetFlix (for example).
  3. Battlecheese

    To the Spineless Twit who Wrote NYT Op Ed

    So, back to guessing. I was reading about the delightful nickname "Moderate Dog" just now. There's a guy who might have been growing a bit of an axe to grind over the last few months.
  4. Battlecheese

    Iran-A laywoman's perspective

    Noone will call that bluff, because the strait is undefendable. Too narrow - Iran has too much coastline there.
  5. Battlecheese

    Iran-A laywoman's perspective

    I don't think so. The US has a miserable record even with small countries without a recogniseable military. I don't think we are stupid enough to try and tackle a real country. What will happen is the Iranians will curb-stomp another bunch of CIA assets, the USA will bitch and moan about human rights violations, China/india/etc will keep on buying Iranian oil anyway.
  6. Battlecheese

    Another one bites the dust...

    Proper channels? By foreigners, no less. What a bunch of lowlife scumbags.
  7. It is hard to let go of lies you have trusted and stood up for in public. Same reason why so many girls stick with proven total losers. Much simpler to just keep on believing the lies than confront reality.
  8. Battlecheese

    carbon free fuel

    The link appeared to be using the ammonia as a bulk-transport option, with the CSIRO invention being a way of splitting out the H2 quickly and effectively so it could be pumped into people's car like LPG.
  9. He was off hooning around in Iranian waters, trying to pick a fight with speedboats. Way up there on the "trigger-happy" scale.
  10. Noone is arguing with either of those points, though you gloss over the bit where the Iranians were also being harassed. Sounds like a good place not to have a Leeroy Jenkins in charge.
  11. Battlecheese

    Positive thinking

    This place can get so gloomy from time to time. Sometimes we should just take some time out and appreciate the little silver linings which even the most terrible topics can have. Take President Trump. By and large everyone agrees that it's been a bad idea. But then, without him, I would most likely not have seen this protester:
  12. Battlecheese

    Why Does "Mid" Start So Many Threads?

    Your post is a success! You seem to have located a number of critical readers.
  13. Battlecheese

    Koch Bros Break with Trump - big news indeed

    Best idea in this thread so far.
  14. Battlecheese

    Stand your ground madness..again

    I am deeply skeptical wrt this claim.
  15. So are you supporting Steamer's assertion that the aircraft was in fact diving on the Vincennes?