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  1. FAIR Act to Reform Asset Seizure Laws

    FOI lawsuit against NYPD to find out how much money they've confiscated. "Um, the system cannot report this info, and we can't make a backup to let you look at either". https://www.courthousenews.com/no-forfeiture-database-backup-millions-line-nypd-admits/ I'll buy "Obvious Bullshit" for 20c thanks...
  2. First of all, obviously your gold-star families can be liars. The military and their families contain plenty of liars, thieves, and out right criminals. And plenty of good honorable people of course. They are just normal people. Let's not get too hung up on worshiping them. Sorry if that's not sufficiently politically correct for you. Since there does not appear to be any sort of recording of the exchange, maybe a little thought experiment could be instructive. You're at yet another casket-welcoming ceremony. Say all the usual words, go to shake hands with the relatives etc. One of the families is all over your ass because they saw the violent protests in Egypt at the same sort of time, and some clown on Fox was discussing rumours that the two incidents were linked. "Are you going to get this filmmaker and bring him to justice? are you going to punish him? This is all his fault! My son didn't do anything wrong, just what he was told!" Do you get into a philosophical discussion about the (classified?) potential motivations of the various groups involved? or do you just promise to get the guy, and move on to the next family?
  3. Isn't it a pity they needed a maniac to take a chainsaw to the system before they did their job.
  4. Is It Too Much To Ask For An Early Christmas?

    I don't understand what all this fuss is about. I am sure there is nothing to find.
  5. Data Recovery

    Good luck. People always bitch about how expensive IT stuff is, but it pales compared to the expenses which rack up if you really need something rescued. A stitch in time saves 9.
  6. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    In finance, this is known as a "sunk cost". it is irrelevant when making future decisions.The critical issue to consider is how much more you can lose.
  7. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    Did you go to a special school or soemthing? Your entire career has been built around leveling countries which have these exact same issues.
  8. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    Outwardly. it is a veneer, a charade. There are pros and cons of the two approaches, but I am personally a much bigger fan of honest, open communication.
  9. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    Please clarify how the 1st enables these sorts of acts? Possibly I am wrong, but the 4th and 5th relate to the state? not private enterprise? If your hotel wants to xray your bags as they go in, you are free to go elsewhere if you decline? In any event, no luggage of mine has ever, anywhere been inspected closely enough by a hotel to verify that no weapons are present.
  10. Bump Stocka

    After all, what is the point of even making a law if it won't be enforced?
  11. Active shooter on the Vegas Strip

    So I gather you do agree that in order to posses a gun one must be "enrolled for military discipline"?
  12. "Viet Nam" documentary by Ken Burns

    It interests me that you stand up for these liars, yet the later people who lied about Iraq do not get a similar pass.
  13. The risk of Nuclear war with North Korea

    You are like jbsf and Iraq. Have another drink of that koolaide.
  14. "Viet Nam" documentary by Ken Burns

    Only for those wearing blinkers.
  15. The risk of Nuclear war with North Korea

    Casually accepting as "reality" the words of someone who is making a living out of badmouthing NK is how we ended up in the last two pointless stupid wars which have not even finished yet. How many times do you idiots need to get this lesson? or is it just too complicated for you?