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  1. One of the few non-military staff at West Point has gone off-script, highlighting the role of military education institutions in the under-performance of the american military through recent decades. It goes a long way to explaining people like jbsf et al. Obviously not entirely stupid, but strangely resistant to observable facts which contradict the kool aide.
  2. Battlecheese

    He shoots he scores. Taliban sign truce.

    Once upon a time there was a functioning country there. Unfortunately when all the smart leaders are killed or chased away, you are left with religious loons. Nothing to do but wait a few decades.
  3. Alas it is standard operating procedure when you have a little riot which you want to become a big one. See any of the colour revolutions.
  4. Posted elsewhere, but just as relevent here: In news which will no doubt shock and amaze many here, the justification for this assassination had no basis in fact.
  5. Battlecheese

    Qasem Soleimani refuses to provide dirt on Biden

    In news which will no doubt shock and amaze many here, the justification for this assassination had no basis in fact.
  6. Battlecheese

    Trumps war on socialism poses risk for Bernie

    Because economic refugees are always the most reliable source of information about the country they wish to leave?
  7. Battlecheese

    How Much of a Fascist Are You?

  8. Battlecheese

    'Kushner took a knife and put it in Netanyahu's back'

    heh. So much sympathy and respect for the palestinians being shown by kushner et al.
  9. Battlecheese


    You are probably wrong. The foreign country got involved because he will have gone to Barr and Mitch to get investigating, and they both told him to fuck off. So he winged it. Yes, Politicians do dirty shit all of the time and are good at avoiding permenant trouble. How long did they spend trying to pin something, anything on Hillary?? It takes a special talent to fuck it up this bad.
  10. Battlecheese

    Will the Coronavirus bring down Trump?

    I'll give him a Meh. China is at least attempting to combat it. The risk is places like Thailand.
  11. Battlecheese

    Just when you think it couldn't get worse

    There are many other interesting differences too. They did studies of the east and west german populations, and found that east germans were way better at sex.
  12. I have no idea why you're going off down this stupid path. Of course they were lying about any plan to capture him. While Obama was not the worst president in recent history, the american foreign policy of his time was chock full of the same lies and murderings we have come to expect.
  13. The question was so spectacularly dumb and ignorant of opinions people have expressed on this board that it can only be interpreted as a ham-fisted attempt at a gotcha for blind partisan Obama supporters (given that gwb used drones relatively little, and china was responding to flier pouring shit all over trump supporters).
  14. Us being everyone not of his elk
  15. The funny thing about you guys is watching you project your own slavish allegiance to party onto us.