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  1. Having another go at Iran

    Law and order is all well and good until it starts being applied to CIA assets in Iran?
  2. Having another go at Iran

    Mysterious protests in Iran. Again. Any bets on the colour this "revolution" will be assigned?
  3. UFOs: Jeff, IB, need mil pilot-speak translation

    There are some "Russia"-themed threads in Political Anarchy which need you.
  4. Looking for a Cat Whisperer

    Sounds like you're already well on the way to being a Cat-Whisperer yourself. I had a cat which favoured a dark corner under a table during the winter months when it (ex he) didn't want to go outside and freeze his little footsies. Once a spot starts to smell of poo and wee, then it is officially aok to put more there. Moving his litter container there for the problem months solved it.
  5. "Swat" Hoax ends up with an innocent dead.

    I think the guy who gave the (random? completely unrelated to the game being played anyway) address to the swatter (saying it was his) and daring him to swat it should go as well.
  6. "Swat" Hoax ends up with an innocent dead.

    30 years old this year. Still no corresponding "Fuck the Fire Department". maybe there's a message in that.
  7. What I Don't Want to See Here in 2018

    Are you trying to hint that most posters here sail J105s?
  8. Get the hell out of the way

    I dunno. I've worked in offices full of women quite a bit, and it's not all rainbows and unicorns.
  9. Get the hell out of the way

    Your avatar has suddenly gone very generic
  10. Dilbert

    Clicking on a link with those search terms was an act of faith
  11. Religion of peace

    Nigeria, maybe in the future - the oil must flooooow. I don't see the Philippines happening, they seem to be well on the way to being a nice compliant police state. Though this current president they have will need to stop talking about being friendly with China.
  12. Religion of peace

    It is argued in some circles that this has happened in spite of american involvement, not because of it.
  13. Religion of peace

    I nearly had a stroke when I read that.
  14. Cholera in Yemen

    Who: america and saudi arabia versus the population. Why: The population has failed to play along nicely and accept the government which was selected for them.
  15. Religion of peace

    You cite the Philippines, and Nigeria. I was unaware america was running large-scale bombing campaigns in either of those places.