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  1. Battlecheese

    Ben's Wall

    Just not the american way.
  2. Battlecheese

    Ben's Wall

    Planning ahead?? competitive bidding??? That's not how we do things around here.
  3. No, anarchy is where the brute squad goes in first.
  4. No, that is not capitalism. Capitalism is where the ULO holds them over a barrel, and they send in the brute squad. This middle-ground where the government intercedes on behalf of big businesses like this is generally known as fascism.
  5. Honest debate? Now there is some naivete.
  6. Battlecheese

    Shutdown anarchy

    I guess you don't know many park rangers or something maybe. Would you still be playing this tune if the legions of extremely well-remunerated contractors involved in the f-35 boondoggle were at home playing on their xboxes? Loads of fat to be trimmed over there, but...
  7. Battlecheese


    Meh. we need to make sure our pet dictators all have nice different names. And yes, I forgot about Tunisia and agree it should have been mentioned.
  8. Battlecheese

    A New Income Tax Plan

    The appealing feature, of course, is that these flat tax ideas nearly always have a big cash-economy loophole. I'm not sure many people could be bothered to hide $1m income (or REVENUE for those of us with a massive stick up our butts) per year in cash transactions.
  9. Battlecheese


    Cheney?? The guy was an asshole and was heavily involved in setting the stage, but I don't think I can pin this particular mess on him. One critical aspect is that this all occurred right after the us left (was booted out of) Iraq. Lots of people no longer had americans to shoot at in Iraq, so they had gone home. The first act of this little cluster of activity was Egypt, in which america's buddy mugabe was booted. An accidental outbreak of democracy. It took a few years and no doubt lots of late nights at the CIA and State Dept before they got a nice compliant dictator back in the top job. Attempting to make lemonade out of this disaster, the press immediately began to report that Colour revolutions were also occurring in Libya and Syria. A genuine one (not well reported on) did occurred in Bahrain, but the Saudis were super quick to help squish that one. Yemen also had a genuine revolution and booted another long-term friend of america. The struggle for this country is still underway, but seems likely to achieve another failed state. Meanwhile the carefully nurtured protestors in Libya and Syria weren't getting any support from the general population and were headed for failure. Clinton presumably decided that the campaign was going to fail fastest in Libya, so Syria was put on ice for nearly a year while constant bombing and direct special forces support eventually managed to remove all traces of a governable country. Having "won" in Libya significant quantities of weapons were then exported to Syria (thank you ambassador Stephens) and the party started all over again. So, lots of egg on Hillary's face for being a warmonger, and on Obama's face for not telling her to fuck off. Cheney was long gone however.
  10. Battlecheese

    Evil Gun Lobby Busted in Australia

    Because corruption in the police is a problem everywhere? The job attracts people who are only very slightly different to those who get locked away.
  11. Battlecheese

    Father jailed for having toy guns

    BWAHAHAHA he deleted it Don't worry happy. You're safe now. Stuff you delete from the internet is always permanently gone. Noone will ever know.
  12. Battlecheese

    Father jailed for having toy guns

    I am a little bit curious as to why you have a video in there which seems to relate to Happy Jack?
  13. Battlecheese

    Is it selfish for California not to drill

    Spent fuel all nicely boxed up is one thing. Millions of gallons of random chemical byproducts, a significant portion of which is nasty corrosive radioactive sludge which you can't even pump? That's something else. Also, with respect to Hanford, two issues are being conflated a little. The tanks are nasty, and have polluted the ground a bit, but most of their groundwater problems are due to storing spent fuel in some unlined concrete "pools" which were never intended to contain radioactive material.
  14. Battlecheese

    Father jailed for having toy guns

    Well, maybe it's a bit like all those body cameras which are mysteriously broken when perps are getting beaten up.