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  2. Battlecheese

    So, when you finally manage to stick a fork in him

    Lots of people with complicated solutions in here. What really needs to be addressed though? The hijacking of the political class by whackjobs and narrow interest groups. Mandatory voting will ruin their day.
  3. Battlecheese

    The World Rebukes The United States Over Iran

    These links are both from after america renegged on it's part of the nuclear deal, no?
  4. Battlecheese

    Brad Parscale

    Culture starts at the top
  5. I'm not sure why more people aren't asking about the timing. Do people really think it took 20 years for the ebil Russians to think of paying the opposition? I am suspecting this was just a standard propaganda drop, but they didn't think through the line a hostile press would take.
  6. Battlecheese

    Question for Jeff

    Does this mean you acknowledge that Iraq's WMD were a lie? Or is it only the bits of the system you weren't involved with that were broken?
  7. Battlecheese

    On This Season of Riots

    There's some great material in this thread to recycle in a few months when we're back to criticising other countries.
  8. Battlecheese

    This Could Get Big And Nasty For Donald Trump

    Ah. You spoke too soon. They are all going to skate. I bet that was expensive.
  9. The camera dude has been arrested too now.
  10. Battlecheese

    Captain of USS Roosevelt fired.

    Ah yes. "Just a few bad eggs". I am happy to agree that they were all there stuck with an impossible job in very trying conditions, but the blame-dodging culture they use to protect themselves also protects the politicians who sent them. I see your "maligning a whole group because of the actions of a minority", and raise you a "birds of a feather flock together".
  11. Battlecheese

    Captain of USS Roosevelt fired.

    These accountability standards you speak of are notoriously low. Military organisations everywhere are right up there with cops when it come to Protecting their Own. Do you really think anything would have happened about Abu Graib if it hadn't been sensationally leaked? Even when it was they sacrificed a few grunts, and all the important people skated.
  12. Battlecheese

    U.S. Mercs Captured in Failed Venezuela Coup Attempt

    I'm not totally convinced about "better". "Cheaper" in the immediate budgetary sense, certainly. Much more problematic than hiring truck drivers, is hiring guys with guns. They don't need to be brought home preciously wrapped in flags, and greatly extend the amount of adventuring our fearless leaders are able to do.
  13. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) on the community control of infectious disease: Yikes. She has a lot of faith in the local meth-heads.
  14. Battlecheese

    Another vaccine may help boost immunity

    That bit in bold, I haven't seen that supported by the research. It doesn't seem to be supported by the data, because so far, globally, bacterial pneumonia infections kill more each year than SARS-CoV-2. The secondary infection isn't necessarily the pneumonia, but based on the mortality data, the secondary infection seems to be the SARS-CoV-2. Go get some sleep.
  15. Battlecheese

    There’s a Memo, Because of Course There Is

    All sorts of fun possibilities spring to mind for such a looooong length of sloping concrete. And you can probably even sue them when you come unstuck on arriving at the bottom.