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  1. New chemical attack in Syria

    You starry-eyed idealist you.
  2. New chemical attack in Syria

    I think you're better than this agitc.
  3. So Much For Fiscal Responsibility

    Balance is soemthing to worry about later. Fix the obvious low-hanging fruit, then observe to see if further changes are needed.
  4. Aviation Week Say F35 Ready to Rock and Roll

    I addressed the op, and you jumped in on it.
  5. Aviation Week Say F35 Ready to Rock and Roll

    That's because you weren't being talked too dickhead.
  6. Aviation Week Say F35 Ready to Rock and Roll

    Your suggestion that Martin is not proceeding with all due haste to get past all this silly testing and into the lucrative and stress-free maintenance and improvement stage does not even come close to passing the sniff test. My point, which you have so determinedly woffed past, was to criticise the OP for suggesting the JPO was some sort of independent arbitrator. They are, in fact, likely even more motivated than Martin to get past this phase.
  7. Aviation Week Say F35 Ready to Rock and Roll

    Seriously? You don't impress anyone when you criticise people, then paraphrase their quote back at them...
  8. Aviation Week Say F35 Ready to Rock and Roll

    Your post has nothing to do with what I wrote. Both parties want to get this project past all these silly tests by hook or by crook.
  9. A not so subtle warning?

    No less subtle than the amazing mortality statistics Russian ambassadors have had in recent years.
  10. Aviation Week Say F35 Ready to Rock and Roll

    Well, maybe I'm getting old and cynical, but it seems to me that if there's anyone even more desperate than Lockheed Martin to ram, jam, and get this silly turkey through testing and off it's plate, it is the JPO.
  11. South Korea is only just recovering from a long period of very conservative pro-US governance. A return to dialog between the parties can only be a good thing. This is a very american perspective, which tends to dismiss people as being "crazy" and forget that there are large numbers of rational people in there. The fact is that both North and South Korean governments have constituents who by and large want to live in "Korea". Resolving this silly situation has been held up for far too many decades by the fragile american ego.
  12. Israel joins the party

    Mike, the talking points they gave you are shit. Go back and ask for better ones.
  13. The gun massacre America isn’t talking about

    It shouldn't be mandatory, for the same reason we don't force people to fly aeroplanes, but otherwise I am cool with this. Though obviously there would be some sort of essay exam to qualify for the course.
  14. The gun massacre America isn’t talking about

    The laws currently on the books have been carefully rendered unenforceable by the gun lobby. You guys. I'm not really sure who else you think is not wanting laws to be enforced.
  15. They can think up new names, but not so good with new insults.