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    Kashoggi report

    I think you are confused. Oil was found. Conveniently medieval loons were already in charge of the place, alleviating the need to install some new ones of our choosing.
  2. Battlecheese

    About time ... no national anthem at sporting events

    You do understand these guys are all actors, right? They are following a script, maybe from memory. It is CAREFULLY DESIGNED to make people like you think like this. This is why so many people think you are a gullible fucknuckle. Because you just loooove this shit.
  3. Battlecheese

    Big Brother is indeed watching you

    Nope. That's just the obvious knob so that people think they've turned it off. Turning it off off is a process.
  4. I totally agree. Maybe healthcare will happen - but it's a big change. A lot of vested interests to buy off. I think it'll take longer than 4 years. At least it's part of the conversation now. I guess my feeling is that even when you don't like what the smart people are doing, it will be a better situation than putting idiots in charge. Biden is no saviour - but fixing the electoral system to deliver better candidates is no small task.
  5. Battlecheese

    Voting is too important to be left to the people

    Which guys?
  6. Battlecheese

    Voting is too important to be left to the people

    Compulsory voting. Boom. done.
  7. They did - his name was Yeltsin. Because of that debacle they put Putin in charge.
  8. Battlecheese

    Dominion Sues Rudy

    We know there is a shitfight here, because you are in the thread.
  9. Battlecheese

    Trump Supporters Shutting The Fuck Up

    How much has the price of carrots changed?
  10. Battlecheese

    Fuck you Iran

    I have to agree that Mr Floyd is a terrible example to be used. However the fact remains that america is not one to be casting stones at others for poorly-justified executions of those they dislike.
  11. Battlecheese


    So why did they choose a french name? The whole thing sounds like it was a silly joke that got a bit out of hand
  12. Battlecheese

    QAnon is a Nazi Cult, Rebranded

    *They* are generally referred to by historians as "Suckers and Losers".
  13. Battlecheese

    Trump supporters attack Biden campaign bus

    There is a word for people who always blindly believe the police. Make up your own mind. The police probably only have public-domain videos - apparently neither party to the crash has gotten back in touch with them yet. I think I have decided that in the first moments of the video, before the camera pans away, the bus is mid-way through a merge into the right-hand lane. It manages to complete this, but the white SUV is rather aggressively prevented from merging as well. Methinks the trumpist forgot that Stand-Your-Ground is only for guns. Cars have rules.
  14. Battlecheese

    Trump supporters attack Biden campaign bus

    This is either a straight-up lie, or you are just incompetent at watching videos. The white car is following the bus. There is a lane to the right of both of them which has the black trump car in it. The right-hand lane is ending, and the trumpists are cranky that there is no room for them to merge back in (being clearly abeam of the white car). So their solution is to ram it. Edit: Maybe it's an emergency lane, rather than a proper lane which is ending. This only makes it worse for the trump car.
  15. Battlecheese

    The Dog Ate Tucker's Homework

    This forum needs Groups, so we can @bullshitters and ping them all in one go.
  16. Battlecheese

    The Aftermath

    The middle of what the fuck? Both american parties are hard-right theocratic nutters. The dems just slightly less so.
  17. South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem (R) on the community control of infectious disease: Yikes. She has a lot of faith in the local meth-heads.
  18. Expect some more democracy to be heading to South America soon - Bolivia's recently-installed leaders have dramatically lost an election to filthy socialists. Apparently expecting legal issues if they remain in the country, the outgoing leader has requested hundreds of visas from america.
  19. A position with which I am fine with. But I feel some in this thread are getting a little excited and making factual errors.
  20. I would have to say I am having trouble finding the problems everyone is finding with Joker's cite. The article itself was written on 16 Sept.
  21. Battlecheese

    Kidnap the democRAT Governor!

    Well, the 74%ers have an excuse. The 2% made them do it. That is the 98% actually. The islamists are also right-wing extremists.
  22. Battlecheese

    Kidnap the democRAT Governor!

    I would be ok with this as a permenant situation.
  23. Battlecheese

    75th anniversary of a great crime

    Because, maybe at a subconscious level, they are incabable of rationally analysing the topic. Don't look too closely at the sacred cow.
  24. Battlecheese

    Something is Wrong Around the Courts

    Your checkers game is coming along great. It happened because it's desirable to have a nice convenient example for clowns like you to point at.