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  1. Pick your sport, Kiwis are virtually always poor/sore winners. Which is a shame, as they're otherwise pretty likable
  2. sorry to burst your bubble on this one but weather.bm usually can't forecast conditions in the next 5 mins. they frequently call for 30 and 40+ and we see 20 Suggest wind guru and learning to read the chicken bones to modify it a bit yourself
  3. Nice little funnel along the north shore with a steady include updraft there, absolutely perfect to pick up a bit extra breeze with today's easterly
  4. Somewhere between midnight and 6am
  5. Well, not really... you actually have to wait for a system to NOT come through "Systems" mean <5 or >25. Default is 12 or so, all day every day
  6. from the WEST? not even sort of going to happen... until Tuesday night maybe into Wednesday Land/Sea breeze really doesn't happen here, outside of a select few microclimates the AC isn't exposed to. ex: if the race course was further down, you ALWAYS go right in a SW upwind... but they're too far north for that
  7. Exactly, ENTZ killllls BAR in less than 10. Morgan's point (old US Naval base, current Artemis base) says 6.4, Commissioner's point (Dockyard, and at a pretty good elevation) says 2.2. 90 degrees of discrepancy between the two. Light easterlies in Bermuda are flukey as all fuck. Even if they somehow managed to meet the wind strength requirement, we may learn about directional stability requirements. Prepare to watch some replays
  8. VERY highly doubt there'll be any racing today
  9. That'd be the pervasive anti-Kiwi bias... I've already heard that the judges are reviewing that lift and declaring it illegal to hand the win to SBTJ on a DSQ
  10. Jahhhayyysus... the persecution complex is unbelievable
  11. Fairly simple. Clean's appeared to pretty much piss all over anything to do with Bermuda ever since the 2010 or 12 Newport race (whichever it was he was a passenger for) and we presumably failed to worship him sufficiently This Viper regatta is a seriously great event, put on by the class for the class. Not a lot of bureaucracy, just a bunch of people coming together to enjoy sailing together. Lots of Facebook coverage, it's even made the front page here: http://www.sailingscuttlebutt.com The class is very easy to approach, go get a test ride / drive on one! Disclaimer: not associated with the class in any way, just know most of the guys and went sailing with them a couple times when they needed someone who knew how to sit, and (sort of) pull a rope
  12. It happens...even to the best. More and more routing services are hedging 20%+ over model expectations so they don't get sued. My issue with that is that the smarter crews are going to start watering down the number by 20% to see what they really should expect. That's great...until the forecast is 20% ABOVE the routing forecast and you have watered it down by 20%. Now there is a large difference between what people planned for and what actually happens out there. That's my chief concern - Bermuda weather has been doing the same thing ever since (retroactive hurricane) Fay came somewhat out of nowhere 2 years ago. It doesn't take people long to figure this stuff out, and we're already seeing people here being far bolder with the forecasted weather than they would have been in the past simply because they "know" that whatever is forecast isn't going to be that bad. What will boats that were read the riot act and told "you will NOT be racing to Bermuda, you will be sailing there, and at times surviving" (pretty much direct quote from the Friday AM meeting) do next time the forecast is up a bit?
  13. Bermuda Oyster - never reefed the main Now, an Oyster 435 is not exactly a sporty boat, at all, but for commanders to get that SO far wrong... wow
  14. RC just abandoned the race. Saturday in Bermuda never started! Was a mark boat - I have some crazy pics of them zipping around Hamilton harbour (they were going to try a race basically on the Gold Cup course). I assume none of that ever made it to TV
  15. What a joke... the day they CANCELLED in Bermuda they were flying hulls and almost threatening to foil But this is allowed to go ahead???