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  1. pudge

    Elliott 770 Restoration

    Awesome, I certainty will. Thanks amigo!
  2. pudge

    Elliott 770 Restoration

    Please share! I actually have the 30+ page guide that was developed for the boat at some point, I’m not sure how relevant it still is but I’m going to digitize it and I’ll send you a copy. I’ll take any and all knowledge on the boat at this point, thanks in advance!
  3. pudge

    Elliott 770 Restoration

    Good to hear!
  4. pudge

    Elliott 770 Restoration

    Can't remember off hand, but this is the boat about 15 years ago: https://www.photoboatgallery.net/p488801994
  5. pudge

    Elliott 770 Restoration

    24 years of racing hard and put away wet!
  6. Brought a little life back to this old beast this spring, sailing images to follow...
  7. pudge

    Doug Peterson yacht Mayhem

  8. pudge

    Barge much? (FP)

    Once an asshole, always an asshole.
  9. pudge

    No more "She" or "Her"????

    The majority of people I have ever seen in the last 20 years referring to boats as "her" and "she" are noobs.
  10. I think the most effective approach at this point is to just lobby to have sailing removed from the Olympics altogether before this bullshit destroys the public's image of the sport completely.
  11. This is terrible.
  12. pudge

    Super foilers for sale

    I'm grateful that FINALLY, comments like these are coming out of the woodwork. Thank you sir.
  13. pudge

    Super foilers for sale

  14. pudge

    America One Website Time Capsule