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  1. LI_sailor

    Sun Fast 3600

    Useful information on a thread being dominated by cunts who like to see their post count go up. thank you!
  2. LI_sailor

    Chicago Mac Race - Jon Santarelli

    Prayers for your family my friend; I donated to help out.
  3. LI_sailor

    CHI-MAC Race Wx

    Prayers to the family. Thank you to the folks who put their own neck on the line to do the search.
  4. LI_sailor

    Sun Fast 3600

    So if we conclude what our useful LB15 is saying its that .... hell; he contradicts himself I have no idea. Basically that the 3600 sucks because it cant beat a faster / bigger boat the 12.50. May I politely suggest you go and fuck off. This was a lovely thread talking about a boat; its positives and negatives, before he brought his cunt attitude into it. I would ask to see his wife's tits, but I dont like it when you can draw a straight line between the nipples and get the naval. Next he will suggest the boat sucks because it cant beat Comanche over the line in the Hobart race. So back to topic; JL -- how do you feel she handles in the light breeze? Can she sail to her rating?
  5. LI_sailor

    Sun Fast 3600

    LB 15 - I was asking for help and advice on this boat, and you have been less helpful and attacking someone who IS being helpful. And, even worse, sounding like an idiot in the process. Heaven forbid we use some logic here: IRC rating compare: Pogo 12.50: 1.155 & 1.165 Sun fast 3600: 1.039 & 1.048 & 1.047 Now, I dont have a PhD in math or statistics. But the IRC ratings are pretty conclusive that the 12.50 is FASTER than a 3600. Now, I agree that ratings suck. So lets use some more math: Pogo: 12.50: 40 feet; 12,125 pounds; upwind sail area: 1,152 sq feet; downwind sail area: 2,347 sq feet Sun Fast 3600: 36 feet; 10,913 pounds; upwind sail area: 751; downwind sail area: 1,473 feet. So you get nearly 40% more sail area per displacement pound. So hm .... do you really think the pogo isnt that much faster than the sun fast 3600? So anyways, JL92S .... I would love to hear more stories and examples of the sun fast 3600. Who you can typically beat on both inshore racing and offshore .... and who can give you challenges. I have very much appreciated all of the things you have said so far .... thank you!
  6. LI_sailor

    Sun Fast 3600

    I think the Pogo designs are much more fun and I would love to buy the 12.50. But the reality is they get destroyed in IRC ratings, hence I would agree that they are the one trick pony. What I find fascinating about the 3600 is that it appears to have a good rating. So you get a modern race boat with potential to plane and also a good blue water boat ..... but at the same time you can still race around the cans and win.
  7. LI_sailor

    Sun Fast 3600

    So I am looking at it pretty seriously; it seems to tick all of the boxes for me. If I could beg your indulgence for a few more: 1. Which other boats do you typically race against; how do you do in general. What are your thoughts on the IRC rating in different conditions. 2. What crew size do you typically use? 3. Do you use both spin + bowsprit; or just one? I ask because finding experienced bowman seems to get harder each year; so I wanted to lean only for a bowsprit type of boat to make it easier. 4. Do you mostly race around the cans or long distance. Do you find she works better in one versus the other? 5. What breeze do you typically sail in? Do you find she is better in more or less breeze? I ask because where I sail; we have good breeze in the fall and spring ..... and summer is very low breeze. 6. How much FUN have you had sailing her? I ask, because around here the J boats are everywhere because they do well under IRC. But a lightweight boat that planes seems like a LOT of fun. And versus the Pogo 12.50 or 36; the IRC rating seems like she is competitive. I guess that is it for now; thanks!
  8. LI_sailor

    Sun Fast 3600

    What was your view of that versus the JPK 1080? I agree it a sexy looking boat; and the IRC rating seems pretty achievable. Obviously its something I am looking into right now ....
  9. LI_sailor

    Sun Fast 3600

    So this boat came out and people seemed pretty fired up about it. Now I am seeing a bunch of them for sale around the globe. Any thoughts on the boat and did it fail its promise? It looks pretty fun and interesting; so I guess I am missing something ? thanks!
  10. Ah yeah .... I forgot she put a bowsprit on her .... good boat and a tough competitor
  11. Well ... Im more of a casual person on the boards. But ive been reading this forum for quite a while. What do people think about the Swan 45 ? that seems to be coming into the price range ... I dont like how the Swan 42 has held up to the test of time. If you can find a Swan 45 in the price range, it's definitely better than anything else mentioned. You can put a temporary sprit on the bow for racing, and remove it for cruising. Has all the comforts you need and want, quick around the buoys, has a strong history offshore and as long as you figure out the proper sail plan you can do well in IRC. You'll need some good crew to race it well, but you can throw in some newer crew members and build a nice crew list. In my opinion, the Swan 45 is one of the best examples of a Cruiser/Racer ever built. Hows the IRC rating with the bow sprit ? The spinnaker pole was my only concern with that boat; finding a highly competent / reliable bowman is getting really hard these days as its a dying skill. I figure its like many boats; I can get away with a few skilled folks to start off with and then train the others over the years.
  12. Well ... Im more of a casual person on the boards. But ive been reading this forum for quite a while. What do people think about the Swan 45 ? that seems to be coming into the price range ... I dont like how the Swan 42 has held up to the test of time.
  13. I love the pogo ... but the interior is a little spartan for the Admiral
  14. When cruising, will your tender have proper accommodations and AC/heat? Negative ... the tender will be sold to pay for the sailboat. Otherwise I would just go hardcore raceboat and not have any cruising aspects to it
  15. First off, I realize this is an impossible question – too many variables and opinions. With that said, I wanted to gather some opinions and then get some help flushing out what I was thinking. So budget: $250k or so Want to do well under standard buoy races; but also want to be competitive while racing to Bermuda. As important as racing; it has to be very comfortable for the Admiral and a few kids for weekend cruising. So racing; ideally would have a bow sprit to make getting crew easier. And cruising, this is absolutely critical – we spend a lot of weekends on the boat now (a power boat); so this has to be a move up vs that. The current power boat is mid 30s with bells and whistles that the sailboat wont have (heat / AC). So the rest of it has to be great. I had always thought about the Beneteau first 40 … toss a bow sprit on her and move on. However, Ive got some concern on how that boat ages. There is also the classic J122 – but those boats (in my price range) are getting a wee bit old. However, if that’s the right boat …. I am happy to make it work. And the final one is ability to resell it. Ive found there are great deals on boats that are unique … but when I turnaround to sell that boat …. I will probably lose my shirt. With that said … besides the first 40 and the j122; what do people think?