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  1. LI_sailor

    J120 shipping

    I shipped a J/111 from Chicago to NYC last year - very easy I used these guys: They were perfect
  2. LI_sailor

    Yankees are cunts

    Fuck the Red Sox ? thats going WAY to far.
  3. LI_sailor

    J/111 2011 questions

    Congrats! We bought a J/111 in Western Long Island sound over the summer; an early model as well - no problems so far. Hope to see you out there!
  4. Ive seen the one from McMichaels last year? It looked pretty good
  5. LI_sailor


    Ah, got it. I dont usually sail over there ... but any rock that takes out a SA'er ... makes me want to know where it is, so it doesn't happen to me !
  6. LI_sailor


    Where exactly is this rock?
  7. LI_sailor

    36.7 or 109?

    Or just get a 111 and have a blast
  8. LI_sailor

    What’s next for J?

    When you crawl into the grave; no one will ask if you did everything the "right" way .... only if you enjoyed the ride. I love your response!
  9. LI_sailor

    Oakcliff Melges24 double handed distance race

    I love watching them live on facebook. I swung by their land facilities last weekend (well, walked past due to COVID) - really a wonderful group of people doing great things.
  10. LI_sailor

    new Pogo 36 - any intel?

    I think the Pogo boats are amazing for what they are. Fast cruisers that are FUN. However, because of the rating hits -- I just have a hard time seeing them be competitive in IRC or PHRF. With that said, I would buy one in second if the ratings were competitive.
  11. LI_sailor

    Solo Sailor Found Dead

    Anyone that has gone across an ocean solo is no longer inexperienced.
  12. LI_sailor

    SunFast 3600

    Ive looked at this boat; ultimately I went a different direction but I was sorely tempted by this 3600. Its a beautiful boat that has been very well maintained.
  13. LI_sailor

    ShortHanded Sub 40 foot

    I spent a lot of time looking at the Sunfast 3600. Ultimately, I passed because my local winds are challenging with the wide aft design and twin rudders .... but if your wind is fantastic; I absolutely loved the boat. There was a very nice 3600 in CT that I really loved: listing
  14. LI_sailor

    Minitransat 2019

    I love watching this race. I just wish each boat had a drone with satellite feed so we could WATCH more. ALL of these sailors are amazing. EPIC race!
  15. LI_sailor

    boy is this girl in for a surprise..

    I think this is great, good for her and good for her to use a sailboat to cross the Atlantic!