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  1. Defending an existing PHRF rating

    Inaccurate. I was on the local PHRF board for 10 years and probably have seen it all. The *essence* of PHRF is it's performance based. Here's a litany of claims that a boat is rated unfairly: "My boat has 15 year old Dacron sails, carries a full cruising interior, broke my mast and had it sleeved so it's now slower, had it weighed and it's 2,500 pounds heavier than the builder's published weight, my only genoa is a 135%, not a 155%, yada yada." PHRF assumes your boat is in racing condition, with all the latest go fast equipment and is well sailed. Claiming your boat sucks is a nonstarter. "Here's three years of race results, and we're out of contention by 30 seconds a mile and deserve a rating bump." See above. The board will briefly review the condition of your boat (sail ages, etc.) and since some Board members that actually race in your fleet have observed that you suck when it comes to starts, which way to go, sail trim, roundings, etc. You (and probably your boat) sucks and is accurately being rated as the trash truck of the fleet. "We switched to a fathead main with running backs, but the sail area is the same so no penalty. Or changed keel, rudder, shortened upper spreaders, switched to a carbon fiber mast, boom, etc., and only deserve -3sec/mile hit." These are the big boys and aren't spending megabucks to go slower, rate the modification based on the potential speed gain. Liars. A competitor complains about oversize sails, interior woodwork ripped out, prop removed, engine removed and replaced with an outboard, etc. If substantiated, it's not a rating adjustment, it's a one year ban or longer. Declare speed enhancing mods (actually any mods) to your boat or suffer if you're caught, not 3 seconds a mile, instead a ban. OTOH, here's some valid reasons to approach the Board for a rating change: Several years of race results that show you are often only a few rating seconds out of the podium slots, evidence you've got all the go fast goodies (fresh laminated sails, good deck gear, crew and naviguesser) and the boat is observationally well sailed. The board might award a +3-6 second a mile adjustment to keep the fleet competitive. If you own a production boat unique to your area, not modified, and present ratings from other PHRF areas nationwide that are slower, especially from venues with similar wind conditions, so your local rating is way out of whack, the Board may admit a mistake, and homologate your rating. Beware the claim your boat deserves a rating bump when sister boats in the area perform worse than you do, unless they're bonafide old sails, etc., bad equipment and badly sailed. You own a one of a kind boat which was rated provisionally and after a year or two of results has been out of contention. Provide evidence it's in tits condition, new sails, well sailed, etc., and the board may adjust you handicap radically to keep the fleet competitive. The hard part of PHRF is it's a performance based rule, so bad performance results risks skewing ratings into a golf handicap scenario. Also, since it's the bottom of the barrel rating system, some bad players don't declare modifications and can get away with it (for a while). Hard to police. The good thing about PHRF is it gets boats who are not hardcore racers (and some who are) out on the water, with somewhat accurate handicaps for a day of fun, only $35 a year for a certificate. Consult Dennis Conner if you want to go hard core big money in PHRF; the first thing to do is buy a boat with a lot of sister ships in the fleet with a generally soft rating (which will protect your rating), then optimize the boat without breaking any rules and race it with your ageing AC buddies and collect trophies.
  2. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Too far away to affect the SEA NYMPH due to her lamentable boat speed. Please read the situation concerning typhoon Lan which Appel claimed was the (a?) reason for abandonment of the boat: Typhoon Lan Tropical Storm Saola is also not pertinent, also too far away from the SEA NYMPH's rescue location to cause wind/sea conditions be above 25-30kn and moderate seas. The Navy rescue ship which transported Appel/Fativa to Japan was delayed by one or two days due to heavy seas because they transited the storm's track soon after its passage.
  3. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    LIstened to the entire SAR radiotelephone debrief and must say those guys have the patience of Job.
  4. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Actually, you do see the Salvation Army doing that: Salvation Army fraud
  5. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    So Mimsey made it to shore in spite of a leak which required regular bailing . . .
  6. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Yep, no boat, limited money, time ticking down concerning Vietnamese hospitality, Rimas in in a bad spot.
  7. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Appel, please look at our earlier and our posts before posting bullshit: There was no Typhoon endangering your boat; the one you speak of was way North of your position when rescued and not salient. The SEA NYMPh was not in danger of sinking or dismasting when you abandoned it; witness that the mast is still aloft and the boat is afloat months later as reported by a VOR boat recently The 5 second positions based on your GPS logs in the last three days available integrated into average boat speed does not indicate massive speed differences when being towed, just jitter in the GPS signal. The dangerous horrible tow by the fisherman and alleged possible raping/killing by them is BS. There's a good record of them contacting authorities which would obviate any subterfuge. Telling lies over and over does not make them true. It doesn't work on GoFundMe either, as you have learned. I judge you as a bullshitter which you hope will generate income from the 2% of the clueless, both the sailors and "turf roof architecture" types. Good luck. .
  8. Black Celebration

    My yacht club has had near 50% female commodores since its inception. We're a very incluse club; candidates are accepted regardless of diversity, but not many (1 or 2) black members over the years, fine people, but didn't want to pursue the commodoreship. That's OK too.
  9. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Not to interject, but even old solid fiberglass hulls assuming no dry or over resined layups are amazingly strong. Abrasion can cut through them quickly compared to a steel or aluminum hull, but we're comparing days to weeks in that situation. Cored foam or balsa hulls (and cored plywood decks) are much more fragile and will break up quickly especially if not maintained concerning water intrusion. Early solid glass hulls' bulkheads, etc., interior connections to an FG liner are typically plywood, tabbed to the hull. That gets waterlogged and the hull deforms quickly. After this much time I think their boat is ready for the trash heap except metals recovery and salvage of salt water resistant equipment (winches, anchors, lines, etc.).
  10. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    The (translated) text is amusing. 05/02/2018 16:18 Fishermen tell story 'Mr. West' drift nearly 40 days at sea TPO - Fishermen on board fishing boat QNg98785 plunged into the sea in the middle of the waves, swim on the sailing boat is stoned indefinitely. And they saved a Russian from the sea for more than a month. 66-year-old sailor, Rimas Meleshyus, seemed to have no chance of surviving, the god of luck smiled as his boat washed over the waters of Vietnam and was rescued by the Central Coast fishermen. The crew said it was around 10am on 18/1, brothers discovered the white sail length about 7m, about 2.5m wide uncontrolled. The mast is bare in the column, leaving only a piece of white cloth torn by the wind to beat the Buddha. Seeing the fishing boat approaching, Mr. Rimas cries out for help. Knowing the story is not good, fishermen Nguyen Lang (40, Duc Pho, Quang Ngai) do not hesitate to plunge into the sea amidst the waves. On the boat, see "Mr. West" hang loose, he immediately signaled for the towing string to urgently bring this person up. When the train was over, the whole boat pulled his supporter to climb up, the mast also broke the light bulb so the brothers to turn anti-repair, fear of failure can not be caught. Looking at him as "fish sauce", sickly, we took milk, oats for him to drink and let him rest. In the end, he found out that he was exhausted for many days, said Le Quoc Dong, 23, from Duc Pho, Quang Ngai. Rescuers finished, the fishermen left the baskets to swim to get more goods, on the sail for Mr. Rimas. "When we saw the boat he was so happy we climbed up, throwing things out, and throwing the boat. We see too many things, "mercy," should turn to grab him, Lang said. Later on, they learned that these belongings were regarded as "treasures", which are hundreds of photographs, articles, journals written about his journey to the water. After being looked after by Vietnamese fishermen, Mr. Rimas recovered his health and recounted his affliction. He also clarified personal information to everyone. Fishing vessel QNg 98785 then telegraphed the incident with the authorities, but his health is not serious and because the boat has just been caught offshore caught up with him as a friend for 17 days. The boat, his brother saw the old man, eyes dim, should not let him out, go to the toilet must also help out because he fell into the water. On the afternoon of February 4, the QNg98785 fishing vessel with 12 Quang Ngai fishermen arrived at Man Quang border station (Son Tra district, Da Nang city), along with Russian cruiser Ssangyan 66 - Rimas Meleshyus saved them. lived before. Mr. Rimas was born in Russia, now living in the United States, passionate about moving. For more than six years, he began his sea adventure by sailing. And almost any trip he also "single code". On May 25, 1974, he began his journey between the sea with a sailboat called Memosis from Hawaii to Fiji, Tuvalu ... On the sailing journey about 500km away from Yokohama (Japan), his boat hit a object Large and broken. On 10/12/2017, he signaled for help throughout the two days but not heard. From there, the sailing of noise drifted through many of the waters of the states while the food source was exhausted. On January 18, 1818, he was fortunate enough to rescue QNG 98785 fishing vessels in the waters near the Hoang Sa archipelago.
  11. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    No, you said he'd only racked up 10,000 miles and I said it's more like 20,000+ miles so far. In spite of Rimas's braggadocio there's no world records involved. 'Cept maybe least investment/mile for transoceanic voyagers.
  12. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    He's got at least 20,000 miles under his belt, probably much more considering his rather Brownian-motion courses. See my post above for the talley.
  13. Sailing around the world in a San Juan 24

    Well, we'll all shed our mortal coils sooner or later and assuming we have no heirs why not go out with nothing but memories of a life well spent? In some ways Rimas is way ahead in the game of life.
  14. Two sailors and dogs rescued after 5 months

    Ain't it great we can get hi-rez drone footage of SEA NYMPH by a passing by major OTW race boat (named "Turn the Tide on Plastic", YCMTSU) months after she was abandoned? What are the odds of that? Here's what I observed should have been done: Hatch open as noted above. Really dumb. Sails furled on forestay and boom; really dumb. Store all hamper down below, including disconnecting the boom and put it below. Solar power panels and wind generator still operational, should have been (had been?) shunted to the bilge pump(s) & battery charger. Unplug the (allegedly) bunged cockpit drains & bilge seacocks. Seal all ventilation deck penetrations. Get all the junk off the deck, bow anchor, dinghy(s), etc., preferably overboard. Drain all FW & fuel tanks overboard (not visible). Hoist the vessel not under command shapes on a halyard, and if the solar/wind power electrics were working, two red lights in the rigging, if available (unlikely) or at least the normal underway lights, or at the very least the anchor light. Jettison all heavy crap, including doors, tables, toilet(s), ship's stores, etc., and assuming the pumps are energized all light stuff that can get down into the bilge and clog the pumps (books, bedding, cushions, clothes, dunnage, etc.). Essentially strip the boat. . Lock the rudder amidships (not visible). Appel had plenty o' time to button up this boat for a long ghost ship voyage, what with daylight, light weather conditions and a crowd of bored Navy guys willing to do the grunt work. It appears in spite of less than bristol abandon ship preparations and claimed imminent rig failure and/or water intrusion problems the SEA NYMPH has fared well over the last few months but her bow down trim does not bode well for the next month or two's survival. There's been lots of conjecture about how crappy a Starratt&Jenks 45 is, but this one seems to be doing yeoman's duty as a ghost ship, in spite of an alleged 6+ tons of fiberglass & steel(?) reinforcement (according to Appel) which I suspect only reduced freeboard. Now that the SEA NYMPH's position is known will Appel mount a recovery effort? I think the odds are close to zero.
  15. Sold everything to sail the world...boat sunk on day 2

    Not an agreed value policy, and an actual value policy will only pay off for $5,000, your buying price, no more and probably much less. Liability only insurance, yep, it's cheap good deal to protect yourself from hurting somebody or your boat becoming an environmental hazard.