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  1. axolotl

    Lock down madness

    Every day. But you're being cynical, seeing 1/3 to 1/2 of the people around you unmasked and not social distancing means 2/3 to 1/2 of them *are* masked and distancing. Cloth masks, although not very effective, still are 20% effective at stopping virus particles when inhaling, and mainly function as a cough & sneeze barrier when the wearer is infected. 1/2 or more of people masked and distancing has certainly slowed down the transmission rate. In the US I think a Federal mandatory mask wearing law combined with local law enforcement with teeth, and massive production of high quality masks (N-95) is our only option until a vaccine becomes available. Also continuing banning large gatherings, which around here is being enforced aggressively.
  2. axolotl

    Handheld VHF that is seldom used...Maintenance

    At least in the USA, that's illegal. Marine VHF radios, whether fixed or handheld, may not be used on land, period. It's the law. Once a VHF radio goes ashore, it cannot be used for marine band transmission (without a Coast Station License). Important Update: As of September 2016, the FCC now permits the limited use of handheld VHF radios ashore to communicate with a vessel offshore. Use must be in (or near) areas of maritime and boating activity and within three miles of the water. Communications using such radios must relate to the operational and business needs of the associated vessel and must be limited to the minimal practicable transmission time. Use must follow standard VHF operations protocol.
  3. axolotl

    Electric Question

    I had someone borrow my jump starter because his car had a battery problem. A week later he returned it, totally ruined. Turns out he'd used it to *replace* his car's battery. Bastard.
  4. axolotl

    whats up with West Marine?

    Last time I was at Lake Pueblo State Park North Shore Marina (600 slips) had a few 35+ sailboats.
  5. I've had a Garmin Explorer+ for two years for the global SOS capability, plus the ability to send Iridium messages and live tracking globally. This shutdown involves messaging, subscription problems and web services. Since I subscribed the SOS function has been 100% operational for years, messaging worked but sometimes those features have been down for a day or two now and then, this outage is big but I'm sure will be fixed soon. I am concerned in that I paid $500USD for the device & $30USD/month for essentially unlimited location pings and messaging which usually worked well. I just checked and the SOS test message went through within seconds but an email to me was not received, my webpage and shared webpage is inaccessible, so things are majorly fucked up until they fix it. Last year the ability to forward location to your personal FaceBook page with a link to you location map went down and Garmin drug their feet for 6 months before saying it's a FaceBook problem, not us, forgettabout it. Too bad, I bought the thing so i could easily keep my friends updated on FaceBook and they advertised the feature for months after it became unavailable Bad on them. They better fix these problems fast or I'll have to ditch the device as unsupported, in spite of my $30 subscription fee. Sad.
  6. axolotl

    Greta Rides Again?

    Not gonna go through 55 pages so forgive me if this has already been mentioned. Greta's sailing 'cred is impressive, her E-W 15 day Atlantic crossing aboard Malizia II, an IMOCA 60, and her return to Spain aboard the 48-foot catamaran, La Vagabonde, in twenty days.
  7. axolotl

    Solid Shock Cord

    I switched to this stuff. It lasts a year or so if it's red; the black ones last much longer. A good feature is they don't fatigue when set up in a stretched condition. "The Better Bungee"
  8. axolotl

    battery monitors which one?

    When starting the engine many charge controllers don't energize the alternator for a minute or so to prevent full alternator load before the engine warms up a bit. It's a good thing.
  9. axolotl

    Fake USCG Documentation Renewal Scam

    So I get a letter from the "Vessel Documentation Portal" saying Final Notice, your Documentation has expired, contact us. So I called them and was put on wait for 30 minutes, gave up. Went to their website and they want $75 to to renew my documentation, which costs $26 online no hassle direct at the USCG site. I renewed in June and have my paper copy of the renewal in hand and when I look myself up on the USCG database I'm good to 2021. Crazy they'd send me a warning 10 days before expiration and assume my ducks are not in a row. These people are crooks, and not very adept in that they don't even bother to answer their phone(s) so I can waste their time and fuck with them.
  10. axolotl

    yellow fever

    True 'dat! When Taxi Dancer was fresh out of the shed and in her slip in Alamitos Bay her rig came down in the night, calm weather. Other goofy thing was she was (is?) outfitted with titanium stanchions which some competitors viewed as illegal use of an exotic material but were rebuffed by the statement "Hey, stanchions are not part of the rig!"
  11. axolotl

    Marina Karen

    She's suffering from hysteria. mid 17th century (as an adjective): via Latin from Greek husterikos ‘of the womb’, from hustera ‘womb’ (hysteria being thought to be specific to women and associated with the womb).
  12. axolotl

    Stars and Stripes Team USA is gone

    Interesting sidelines but it's quite obvious the S&S challenge is a dead horse, no money, no boat, no future. You heard it here first folks.
  13. axolotl

    Packing a Stuffing Box

    This: Only problem is a roll costs hundreds of dollars so you have to find a friend in the pump business and beg for a foot or so. Downsides include it's only good to 5,000psi so if your submarine dives below 2,300 feet it'll leak, and it fails above 1,800°F (mild oxidizing environment).
  14. Well they are featherweights and fight like it.
  15. Google Jennifer Appel if you're interested in major hull reinforcement techniques including at sea spreader stabilization.