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  1. axolotl

    AC TV Coverage

    It's obvious they're displaying the raw outputs from the onboard sensors, which have a data rate of maybe 10 times a second. Lame considering even basic 4kn shitboxes have readouts adjustable by a "damping" factor. A simple rolling boxcar averaging algorithm with a 3-5 second span could be easily coded by a journeyman coder in less than an hour. It's painful to see a "million dollar" AR effort not have a clue concerning presentation. A lot of the overlays so far have had been shit, most noticeably the boundary line where I've seen spectator boats lined up inside the course and boats tacking/gybing way inside the painted boundary and getting popped with a penalty & vice-versa. Stan Honey's 'Frisco graphics were spot on and quite useful, why things have degraded in this cycle is a mystery to me.
  2. axolotl

    Main sheeted to windward

    All of them have a second wind sensor at the tip of the bowsprit.
  3. axolotl

    head like a hole

    Hard to believe the battery mounts were not engineered to take full G-forces during sailing and also not break free to penetrate the hull in an inversion. FGS my 7 knot shitbox has 250lbs of batteries and they're secured against inversion, but a few minutes sulfuric acid raining down into the cabin would be a problem.
  4. axolotl

    Hullside paint costs & necessity?

    True 'dat. Nine years ago I had a boot stripe redone on a 36' boat for $800USD. Gotta admit it was a stunningly well done job. Width varied from 4" at the near vertical bow to over a foot underneath the near horizontal transom Somehow they used a transit to establish the upper height above the waterline and painted down to the waterline (bottom paint line).
  5. axolotl

    Shorten Lifelines

    *This * is the cause. When lifelines are heavily loaded from the outside (spinnaker guys are culprits) they bend towards the center of the boat and don't spring back. Either carefully try to straighten them or remove them and bash them straight, which might require rewelding the baseplate.
  6. axolotl

    Increase in Rope Weight when Wet?

    Me neither, aluminum is too light, grass skys it and it won't punch into hard mud or rocky bottoms. My go to kit was 30' of chain with 200' of double braid with a 25lb Danforth. Others swore by CQR or Bruce/claw anchors in the 40lb range which is above my pay grade when weighing anchor.
  7. axolotl

    Increase in Rope Weight when Wet?

    Boulders no problem, but trees require chafe protection so the line does not damage the bark. Carpet strips or 4"d surplus fire hose split and wrapped around the line works well. Please don't kill trees by being ignorant.
  8. axolotl

    specific gravity anarchy

    Plenty accurate enough for the task at hand if used properly. Although I defer to your vast expertise concerning all things sailing based on your books & blog so let's not get into a cat fight concerning this matter. I too have a BA degree in Chemistry & 40 years of cruising/racing experience on my 36' sloop (also a few years crewing for John Walton on the factory F-27 back in the day) and just tried to point out a $4 thingie will do concerning SG readings compared to a fancy refractometer.
  9. axolotl

    New sail order headache

    38% over quoted weight? That's significant for a weight aloft item. Was it Conner who said "If you're willing to spend $500 to get 50 pounds out of your salon you should be willing to spend $500 to get 5 ounces off of your masthead"? Something's amiss with this tale; I've bought two sails from North and they weighed within a couple pounds of the quoted weight; the 3DL genoa was actually 1/2 pound lighter than the quote. And unless things have changed if North makes a mistake they'll make it right. OTOH if the customer is nuts they'll stick to their guns. For example a SC52 owner I crewed for bought a North kite who became convinced it was a piece of shit and demanded restitution. Robbie Haines came out on a practice day and we spent an hour reaching, running, photos, etc. and he announced the kite was perfect in his eyes. The owner went ballistic but Haines stood his ground. While we were doing cleanup Robbie was helping and I asked him privately what the problem was and he said the problem was the nut behind the wheel.
  10. axolotl

    specific gravity anarchy

    Or get a battery hydrometer ad the auto parts store for 4 bucks.
  11. axolotl

    Bird Repellers

    I've tried 'em all and the only thing I've found that works is stringing a line 4-8" above where they like to perch. Run it between the mounting posts of your masthead equipment. Best stuff is Gore Tex dental floss (Polytetrafluorethylene floss (PTFE))); UV proof, low windage, hard for the birds to see so it startles them & too thin to perch on. It's slippery so put a dab of glue on the knots so they don't untie. Mine's been up there for ten years.
  12. axolotl

    Bird Repellers

    Audible bird deterrents (recorded bird alarm calls) are not allowed in my marina. They are extremely irritating for humans too.
  13. axolotl

    Christmas Regatta

    Well, that's wrap.
  14. axolotl

    Christmas Regatta

    Ainslie's complaints may have a basis but one would think basic foil up/down control (which apparently failed in INEOS's second race) is part of the FCS package and is therefore the same for all boats. Why INEOS's crapped out & competitor's did not points to a problem with INEOS upstream of the supplied FCS package. Glad to hear the rules guy say no redress for supplied FCS failures unless the competitors change the rules. In your face Ben!
  15. axolotl

    AC TV Coverage

    I'm surprised about all the hand wringing concerning how to get the live feed for free. I'm sure will post a free copy of the live broadcast soon after each race day, as they did in 'Frisco and Bermuda. So why not go to bed at a reasonable hour and watch the race while enjoying your breakfast?