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  1. Can't believe the boatbuilder didn't install enough track to allow the dip pole maneuver, but with a pin car system at the mast if you can't reach and monkey the pole back down by grabbing it you're doomed. As alluded to above it could be a previous owner put on a penalty pole, but look up your PHRF specifications before cutting down what could be a standard pole; every inch counts on a spin pole, DW boatspeed wise. If it is an oversized pole, the spinnakers could also be oversized, allowed by the rules as spin size is partially controlled by the pole's J dimension, with a penalty. I own and raced a 36' boat with a 14.25' spinnaker pole; believe me, an end for end gybe is not the dance you want to do, including disconnecting the pole butt from the mast during a dip pole gybe idea. My boat's spin pole track top is 14 feet above the deck, making a block and tackle sliding car mandatory. Every now and then, the pole is near the top of the track with a chicken chute up in big winds, so the high track is mandatory. And, the mastman cannot reach the pole when it's set for a dip pole gybe, a lanyard drops from the pole for the jaw release. So there's something dreadfully wrong with your spin hardware setup, or or you boat is an oddball. What type of boat is it?
  2. My observation of the first two races is that ETNZ has a slight boatspeed advantage, better height upwind at similar boatspeeds and being able to soak downwind at the same speeds. The 1st race starting penalty was not important, and ETNZ's belly flop at the end of race 2 wasn't enough to allow ORUSA to overtake (barely). For those with cognitive dissonance, please observe ETNZ was ahead by 400-600 meters at times in both races. ORUSA better work harder on optimizing boatspeed in 6-9kn winds or they will lose the Cup. Extended forecasts for next weekend are @ 12kn both days, but I've learned Bermuda forecasts are iffy. Since the Cup races are only four days, two days a weekend apart, it could be the Cup is won in light air conditions by the light air optimized boat. That would sadden me; it's most exciting when they are powered up (15-18kn) and it's a raging cage match in 18-24kn. Some magic innovations could improve OTUSA in the light stuff, but I doubt it. Let us pray for bigger winds next weekend or ORUSA is toast. Funny thing is the LV races were predicted to be varying winds, with the late June AC races suffering in light air. Personally, light but sailable air rises the cream to the top; anybody can power up in wind and with superior hardware win. Light air is a different game.
  3. He is allegedly a nonsmoker and teetotaller.
  4. The first team to earn 7 points (8 points for ETNZ) wins the cup, so an ass kicking would be either 7 -1 or 8 0.
  5. Nope, I've searched in the usual areas and no pressor today in the USA. Anybody got a link?
  6. Ya, kinda weird. I've watched all the pressors 'till now and it wuz usually 2 or 3 hours after the races, but not today. OTOH, they broadcasted the VL Finals award ceremony, with hard rock soundtracks and a fireworks display during the ceremony; slightly more bling than the 'Frisco podiums. Maybe Bermuda is a slightly better place to hold the AC.
  7. I wonder if the So. Cal. wind predictions should not include San Diego. Here winds below 14 tops,and below 12 for 90% of the time till the 20th. I've lived in So. Cal. for 25 years now and it seems the further South you go the less windstorms. Racing in LA-Long Beach there is strong winds a lot (Hurricane Gulch), Newport Beach and Dana Point it can rage 2 or 3 times a year (usually strong Santa Ana conditions), but in San Diego it's only once in a few years. I was shocked to discover no nearshore racing when it's blowing over 22-25kn in 'Dago; they change the venue to inside the Bay. I think it's geographic factors, the deflection of Palos Verdes and the Southern California Bight, and Point Loma minorly. Also a few hundred miles closer to the Equator.
  8. I researched boat strikes and it turns out it has been a major concern in AC 35. It's likely Team Japan hit a turtle on the way to the racecourse. Turns out turtles are fairly frangible and did not damage the foils and rudders, although Dean said putting divers into the water cut into their prerace tuneup protocol and they had to tuneup during the second leg. Vessel turtle strikes in Bermuda
  9. I'm at a strange nexus in my vicarious life. Religiously watching the AC where boats approach 50kn and at the same time watching Rimas's DeLorme pings as he goes 2.5kn in the wrong direction if Alaska is the goal.
  10. Scroll up for exactly how they measure the windspeed before the start.
  11. Found it. Ian expressed doubtfulness at the morning presser today: "Addressing reporters at this morning’s media briefing at the America’s Cup Village, Murray said: “I’m thinking that we’re not sailing today. Currently it’s blowing 25 knots on average and gusts to 26-27, so that speaks for itself.”
  12. One of his handlers should have told him it's important to secure the Velcro wrist fasteners on yer gloves or they tend to get stripped off when in use.
  13. I guess you're not understanding what a "rolling boxcar" average is. The windspeed can exceed the limit for brief periods (less than 30 seconds) as long as the rolling average does not exceed the limit.
  14. I do not understand your sentence, is it a typo? One could imagine there could be a sharp "sting" (thanks Paul Cayard) gust of 40kn for 5 seconds that the "Rolling boxcar" wind measurement rule would average out. We have been constantly monitoring conditions on the racecourse during the course of the day and have decided that there will be no racing today as the sea-state and average wind speed measured on the racecourse over the allotted time exceeded 24 knots. Strange that this morning Ian notified the teams it seemed unlikely and they didn't bother rigging their boats ashore(?), then he went out for a jolly dousing and collected enough 5-minute wind data tests to judge the remainder of the day would not drop below the limit. I think that even if the wind was barely below the limit Ian would have called it on sea state. Did he breach the Protocol by doing so? Not in my book, he's the ultimate arbiter of whether conditions are met for a start, weather and course-wise. Did the crews lay out the marks today?