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  1. Ricky Bobby

    Any y88s in perth

    time bandit at rfbyc?
  2. Ricky Bobby

    Selling Sportsboats

    you know what is also fun? blasting along at 20kts between islands in warm sunny conditions not giving a fuck who else is around because your on a bitching 6.5m yacht in perfect control and a raging hard-on.......
  3. Ricky Bobby

    ASBA Nationals.

    sport boats have always been about development and home builds. many would argue the introduction of class boats is whats turned the numbers down for the ASBA fleet. Personally I love seeing all the different ideas people come up with and modify there boats to there liking. the only issue we've had was been the inconsistency in the measurement and ratings (normally from the measurements taken)
  4. Ricky Bobby

    Selling Sportsboats

    just keep it and go sailing!
  5. Ricky Bobby

    Sydney to Hobart 2017

    that aint nothing!!
  6. Ricky Bobby

    Please explain...

    i gotta say i did like the look of the far east 28 transom!!
  7. Ricky Bobby

    what is it?

    how quick does it go?
  8. Ricky Bobby

    mystery main

    you don't even make it fun
  9. Ricky Bobby

    Sydney to Hobart 2016

    i think his talking about the new Maserati MOD 70
  10. Ricky Bobby

    VOR 2017-18

    Cape Town to Auckland to Hong Kong to Sth America.....Auckland can't get two gigs unless you made it Cape Town to Australia to HK to Auckland to Sth America to avoid a freeze dried mutiny on the Sth America leg....that said a non stop HK to SA leg would sort the men out from the boys. How about Cape Town to HK to Auckland to SA. Go through the Malacca Straits again. Or throw a pit stop in the middle east in there somewhere. Nobody in their right mind would advocate going to auckland first and then back. One other thing is that it was 40 days when the VO70s did it but that was coming from Qingdao, which is way way north of HK. That's a lot of distance to cut out. just an idea, cape town, fremantle, HK, auckland
  11. Ricky Bobby


    should be sailing Thursday, Westerly 15-20 should be a good launch!!