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    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Thank you, Jim that helps. I really like the box rules because of the reasons you mentioned. I also really like the Mini's but I think they are wrong. I do not know how to test without anyone to sail against. The boats are way too wide and cant be fast to be that fat. The evolution is clear in that the the 10% static heal rule made the boats get wide for increased stability. The 3 basics of speed are DSPL, SA and stability. Since SA is constant then the stiffest boat will perform over the widest range of conditions given nominal weight differences. I think they have evolved to be too fat and too downwind oriented and the newest boats simply win because they are the lightest best built and have the best sailors. The B/L ratio on the boats is so far off the scale that the boats are crabbing on the keels when heeled. The boats with the shortest cords then induce the least added drag. The worst condition must be tight reaching when healed as the boat wants to sail on the bow to rudder axis but the dagger and the keel are 15% off angle for that??? I am just thinking of trying a narrower heavier boat that will out preform the current fatties upwind in all conditions, reaching and in light air.(less wetted) How can I measure the trade for downwind losses in breeze and how steep they would be? The other factor is leg angle % and breeze over the race course. Everything is a trade so If I can trade 10% more speed on 35% of the race course against a 12% loss on 30% and even speed on the other 35% can I win.
  2. re-psycled

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Can you buy polars for existing club rated boats? I do not know the data fields for the designers software package so if you, as a designer, wanted to do some analysis and comparisons for your boat, a Melges 20 and a Viper 640 how do you go about doing do you input the Melges and Viper data?? Or for the guy who wants a single handed sportboat could you get the polars fro a Melges 24 and a Mini6.5 ( I see that they both have certificates) and design a 23 footer that takes all the best features of both and morph new design criteria to shoot for? Or in designing your GP26 can you get the matrix for existing boats.....not the lines or measurements but just the polar matrix??
  3. re-psycled

    20+ Footer - Building in Hawaii

    Polars are does ORC factor stability?? I find it tough to believe 9 knots @75 true is achievable without traps? Can I buy polars for other boats from the ORC? Its all relative so comparisons are more important than theory vs actual.
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