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  1. How are you going to terminate 2mm dyneema? It doesn't hold knots well and splicing 2mm would be very difficult IMHO. BTW I have 1/8" (3mm) spliced dyneema lazy jacks on a Stack Pak. I used ss rings vs. blocks or ferrules.
  2. I want to hate it, but for some reason, I can't. I'd take it if someone were to give it to me AND pay all the expenses involved in owning something like that.
  3. That is the former Tillotson-Pearson plant, where all Jboats used to be made, along with Freedom Yachts and Rampage power boats. Not certain, but I think the J109 was the first J built somewhere else (J Composites). We drove by there a few years ago. I believe the name on the building at that time was Pearson Composites. It was depressing to see the lack of activity, as well as all those molds in the side yards.
  4. Check the brody knob for unrestricted rotation.
  5. Wasn't Intuition's hull built of bonded (vs welded) aluminum? One of the first boats I remember seeing (in pics) with a headsail that was almost completely transparent. The headsail leads are "interesting"...
  6. The woman in the wetsuit is Ukrainian model/presenter Maria Zarring. Google her images and you'll see that in virtually every photo she displays her ample cleavage. So with that extra information, the SJW's can relax and the rest of you can resume the captioning with renewed vigor. You're welcome!
  7. Rearrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Look up statuesque in the dictionary and you'll see her picture.
  8. The Moorings Beneteaus are either from their Oceanis or Cyclades series (at least in the BVI where we have chartered). The boat designs in those series are completely different from the First series in that they (Oceanis and Cyclades series) typically have very shoal draft IRON keels, fuller hull shapes, higher topsides, more berths & heads/unit of length, fixed props on shafts, smaller sail plans and less (and lower quality) sail handling gear.
  9. The photos in the linked album are of a First 36.7, which is similar in construction to a 40.7, albeit using more robust plates under the keel bolt nuts and 1000 kg less keel weight.
  10. Ditto what Jeff, Dog and IB wrote re Sleep Number beds. I too have chronic back pain and have had two back surgeries since 2011. We bought our SN in 1998. Back then the name was Select Comfort. Ours has a wireless remote control, which I think was an option back then. We've had no issues with it whatsoever. My wife and I love it. There is no "ridge" or gap between the two chambers. If you want to have equal firmness on both sides for "recreational activities", it's almost as easy as changing the channel on the tv. I would definitely buy again.
  11. These videos by "Flugsnug" illustrate just how powerful and persistent WT is: There are many more great videos on his/her Youtube channel taken at Birmingham UK airport. Check it out!
  12. Now that I think about it, I also have a pair of Large Advents in the deepest recesses of the crawl space under the family room (in walnut veneer, not vinyl). I bought those in the mid-70's IIRC. The veneer was pretty bad last time I saw them and I think the woofer suspension foams had decomposed. The woofers can be repaired for reasonable dollars, so I may tackle that someday too.
  13. Once SWMBO gets her act together and cleans out the basement, I plan to set up a vinyl listening space down there with stereo components I bought back in the 70's and 80's. Records will spin on a Technics SL-1800 direct drive turntable equipped with an Audio Technica AT 316EP cartridge playing through a NAD 7240 PE receiver powering Klipsch KG4s. The labels on the back of the Klipschs are dated 1989. Black Sabbath's Paranoid was on the turntable when I pulled it out of storage (lol...). At some point I hope to replace the NAD with a tube amp, but I need to do some research before making any decisions in that regard. Probably will upgrade the cartridge also. One major change from when I last listened to records 20 years is the technology to clean them, and I plan to look into that also.
  14. Pogo 50 - shorthanded capability, robust construction, "sink resistant", swing keel/shoal draft, light, bright low maintenance interior.