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  1. How difficult (and pricey) would it be to build a mast mount instrument (ie mounted on a bracket under the gooseneck) that would display sea-talk/nmea data received via wi-fi from on-board Raymarine instruments and autopilot? I already have a box that sends data to iregatta on my ipad. More interested in a dedicated panel with large enough digits to read from 20 feet away and in bright sunlight. I'm most interesting in seeing boat speed and TWS. BTW, the person asking the question (me) has extremely limited knowledge of electronics and coding, but I can solder and follow directions pretty well. I'm aware of sites like Digi-key and Mouser that might have the components needed, but not sure what to look for. TIA
  2. Best Rock Song Intros

    Couple more: Welcome to the Jungle - Guns and Roses. Train, Train - Blackfoot Machinehead - Bush
  3. If you're sold on Duralac Fisheries Supply sells it - $40 USD for 115ml tube. Personally I use Tef-gel and Blue or Red Locktite, depending on the application. Loctited screws can be removed by heating the fastener. I believe Loctite creates a corrosion barrier in the threads themselves, but not necessarily between the head and surface, so corrosion could occur there.
  4. Best Rock Song Intros

    Hell's Bell's - AC DC (the tolling bell is actually Big Ben) Shotgun - Jr Walker and the All-Stars Enter Sandman - Metallica Moby Dick - Zep (whole 4:21 is intro to Bring it Home) Kickstart My Heart - Motley Crew Sat. Night Special - Lynyrd Skynyrd Eminence Front - Who Love will Find a Way - Yes Wake Up - Rage Against the Machine And for the biggest letdown intro: I Need a Lover - John Mellancamp
  5. Ubi Maior Jib Furler

    Thx. Great article that highlights all of the benefits I see (and more) of the Jiber. I probably ought to just get a subscription to SH. Christmas is coming!
  6. Ubi Maior Jib Furler

    I spotted some sweet new-to-me gear by Italian company Ubi Maior while lusting over the photos of the J121 in the link Blur posted over in the Jboat forum: http://www.blur.se/2017/09/26/j121-provsegling-newport-detaljer/ . The jib furler looks especially interesting in that it requires no foil. To me, that is a big advantage for shorthanded sailing, because eliminating the foil has some significant advantages - sails are much easier to hoist and douse, jib is more controlled when on the deck (the luff stays fully attached), you can actually see the headstay, and of course much lower weight aloft. Anyone seen or have anything to share re UM gear?
  7. NKE

    Thx all. I’ll give Mike at EMT a call next week.
  8. NKE

    EMT is the importer, not a dealer (I thought). I didn't look for west coast retailers (where Mauri is located). Apparently EMT is now THE east coast dealer (per Rail Meat).
  9. NKE

    Was googling for info on NKE products and it appears the US retailers they show as dealers on their website no longer carry their products or are out of business. Anybody know anything about it?
  10. J 121

    Jboats almost never miss the mark, and they've done a great job with the 121. However, the twin wheels vs. tiller debates illustrates the tradeoffs that have to made in a dual, or even triple-purpose boat. I wonder if some buyers would opt for a tiller if it were offered?
  11. J 121

    I'd much rather have an NKE autopilot (if I'm sailing solo or short-handed).
  12. JFK

    I believe in the Magic Loogie Theory.
  13. Whiskey Anarchy

    Sauza Silver tequila Absolut vodka Pusser's rum New Amsterdam or Beefeaters gin, or Hendrick's for special occasions
  14. J 121

    My interest would primarily be short handed cruising, and I agree 1 jib, 1 asym would be a good inventory for that purpose. I would put the asym in a sock vs furler and it would stow nicely in that bow area, leaving the rest of the interior open. With a sock you can hoist and drop right through the foredeck hatch (which we do on our current 36er, albeit no sprit). I would simplify the jib sheeting to just traditional jib cars, although the ring system used on the Pogos is intriguing with lighter weight, lower cost and more adjustability, with the downside being more of a trip hazard on the side decks (I’m old so that matters to me). The removable inner forestay and Solent is a neat idea, but I don’t think I would spec that.