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  1. J28

    i usually bust on major beer brands, but .

    Not my chosen beer, but if someone handed me a cold Bud Light up the companionway after a hot, slow, downhill slog, you better believe I’d drink it and I’d enjoy every last drop.
  2. J28

    i usually bust on major beer brands, but .

    “The worst beer I ever had was just good enough!”
  3. J28

    Cool fairing tool

    Plant City FL, the epicenter of gran prix boat building BITD.
  4. J28

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    I suspect it was one of the Kennedy boys that groped her. Let's face it, they're well known in DC circles for the alleged behavior - and much worse! Most likely since Kennedy/Kavanaugh are both "K" names - and since she was drunk - she probably remembers Kavanaugh now since it's in the news.
  5. J28


    Eunuchs’ (aka Progressive Males) balls are typically kept in a lockbox by their significant other.
  6. J28

    I Remember

    My oldest son Mike was working as a summer associate at a law firm in the WTC that summer. He left to go back to law school 3 weeks prior to 9/11. The morning of 9/11 I was facilitating a seminar at the Renaissance Atlanta Airport and got a VM from a friend who knew that Mike was working in one of the towers and he was worried about him given the events of that morning. During our first break I called to let him know he was back in school. Needless to say, trying to keep the participant’s attention at that seminar was a losing battle once word came of the 2nd plane. .It was amazing to see how quickly airplanes landed and parked - occupying every gate at that huge airport and filling all the space at the large Delta apron adjacent to the hotel. As I recall, Mike said that law firm’s only employee who was lost was their receptionist Never forget.
  7. J28

    code 0 furler for a jib?

    ^^^^^^This^^^^^^. Ubi Maior Jiber. Definitely what I would buy today vs the foil type furlers.
  8. So you’re rollin’ in the hood and see a brotha wearing the colors, so you start to flash him the “blood killa” sign but don’t get your wrist rotated quick enough. Now he thinks you just called him an asshole and he caps your ass with a nine. Scary shit!
  9. Jewz flashin’ white power gang signs in the WH! What’s next - blacks wearin’ Klan hoods burnin’ a cross on the Mall?
  10. J28

    F35 exceeding expectations. Israel .. "Intel Goldmine"

    Why do you hate American workers Jersey Jerk?
  11. Yes but if you take 4 of the left arms of the center figure you can easily create the Nazi swatika. And all the figures appear to be blondes, possibly with blue eyes! Coincidence? I think not!
  12. Pretty sure those are instructions on how to make cute animal shadow puppets.
  13. J28


    ...tip of the freedom spear..... BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! What a fucking moron you are Sped.