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  1. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    While it's a great boat, the J145 doesn't check as many boxes for long range performance cruising as well as the J160. The 160 is more a cruiser-racer, while the 145 is more racer-cruiser (it has carbon in the hull layup). For example, the 160 is a much bigger boat @31,000# than the 19,000# 145, but only a couple hundred sq. ft. more sail area. Extra displacement means more ability to carry stores, a/c, genset, etc. and still maintain performance. Also the draft is just under 9' on the 145, vs. 7'2" on the 160. 145s for sale on YW now range from almost $300k to over $500k. The 160s are around $400k, so not twice the price.
  2. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Lots of reading material re Jboats that have gone the globe from right here on SA: Dr. Scott Piper has done numerous circumnavigations on both a J40 and J160. Two J/160s currently on the market: http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1997/J-Boats-J-160-2757338/Stonington/CT/United-States#.WeU0O3opCf0 Asking $425,000. http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/1997/J-Boats-J-160-2921395/Alameda/CA/United-States#.WeU0t3opCf0 Asking $399,000. BTW I have no connection to jboats.
  3. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    Or in keeping with the Jboats theme, the J160.
  4. In late 2011 I had a single level anterior fusion at C5-C6 (surgeon goes in through the front of the neck right next to windpipe for that) and in late 2014 had a lumbar laminectomy at L3-L4, L4-L5 and L5-S1. Generally results have been good. Started doing PT this summer due to increasing pain both in my neck and lower back but stopped about 6 weeks ago due to lack of progress. DPT had diagnosed facet joint arthritis at both locations which was confirmed by MRIs 2 weeks ago. Saw neuro doc who did the surgeries one week ago. He advised no additional surgery is recommended as they would be fusions and would reduce my already limited ROM (he said another cervical fusion would mean "No more sailing.") He recommended facet joint injections and yoga, but I've decided to give PT another shot as I've had numerous injections with little relief and I'm not a good candidate for yoga as I've had both knees replaced. Have you had an MRI and seen the results narrative? I think you need a lot more detail about the diagnosis than just DDD at those 2 locations. I would also recommend you do your own research (google degenerative disc disease, lumbar fusion, herniated disc, ruptured disc, anatomy of the spine, etc.) and get a better understanding of how the back works, what happens when it starts to deteriorate and the various methods to deal with that. PT might be something to look into also, as well as chiro. Surgery should always be the last option. I'd stay away from laser back surgery.
  5. Crosswind A380

    It it possible that data on all flights is sent via telemetry to both the airplane manufacturer and the airline? Hopefully the odd chance someone video-records sub-optimum operation of one these things and it goes viral is not the only check on pilot competence.
  6. J105 Pushpit

    If you really want a new one, you could try Whitewater Marine in Port Huron, Mi. They bought Tops-in-Quality, who may have made the original pushpit (and other SS items for Jboats).
  7. North sails ,pricing, discounts

    Our loft has switched from Doyle to North. For the last 10 years I’ve been happy with both their product offerings (especially their version of tape drive) and service, so now have to determine if I find another Doyle loft or switch to North. My understanding is they are pushing the various iterations of 3di. We are more “performance cruisers” than racers, so the new 3di Nordac sounds like it might fit our needs better than the aramid, carbon or dyneema versions. I’m familiar with the 3di process, but what are the differences between “regular” 3di and 3di raw? Also, is 3dl still a competitive product?
  8. In Over Our Head

    Irregardless of your results, you guys (and gal?) are sailing a great looking boat with a solid pedigree and appear to be having a blast doing it. Winning!
  9. Noteworthy Puget Sound Traffic

    That would be China.
  10. Ranger 26-2 Gary Mull 1980 Design

    Very cool boat! Obvious IOR influence in the design, which looks like a scaled up Ranger 22, which IIRC measured in as a mini-tonner. The builder was an iteration of the company that also built Cals. Good luck with your build and please post pics with your progress.
  11. Sailboat Sinking in Marblehead/MA

    Don't think it's a Beneteau....
  12. Sailboat Sinking in Marblehead/MA

    DPRK spoofed their GPS.
  13. Lazy Jack & Topping Lift line

    How are you going to terminate 2mm dyneema? It doesn't hold knots well and splicing 2mm would be very difficult IMHO. BTW I have 1/8" (3mm) spliced dyneema lazy jacks on a Stack Pak. I used ss rings vs. blocks or ferrules.
  14. Magregor 26's big brother at 17KTs

    I want to hate it, but for some reason, I can't. I'd take it if someone were to give it to me AND pay all the expenses involved in owning something like that.
  15. That is the former Tillotson-Pearson plant, where all Jboats used to be made, along with Freedom Yachts and Rampage power boats. Not certain, but I think the J109 was the first J built somewhere else (J Composites). We drove by there a few years ago. I believe the name on the building at that time was Pearson Composites. It was depressing to see the lack of activity, as well as all those molds in the side yards.