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  1. F1 2018...

    The 1500 cc 4 cyl. turbo BMW M12/13 made well over 1000 hp 30 years ago, and it was based on a production engine. From wiki: The 1986 engine was claimed to have produced a maximum output of 1,400 hp (1,044 kW) in qualifying trim, which would make it the most powerful engine of all the turbo-charged engines, as well as non-turbo charged engines, ever used in Formula-1 racing.
  2. NHRA, The cars are exploding

    If you checked the right boxes, you could order a late 60's/early 70's Nova with a 396 from the factory. I know cause a friend had one. Looked completely harmless, right down to the black wheels with hubcaps. The ultimate street racing sleeper.
  3. WTF is this thing?

    That is one serious underbite! From Wiki: A Damascus goat named Qahr won the first prize for the "Most Beautiful Goat" title at the Mazayen al-Maaz competition in Riyadh on June 13, 2008. So htf ugly were the other goats?
  4. WTF is this thing?

    What exactly did you type in the search box that lead you to that photo?
  5. NHRA, The cars are exploding

    The articles in the following links go into a lot of details about the current (2017) nitro-burning state-of-the-art. The writer got special access to the Matco Tools/Antron Brown top fuel team and shares both interesting facts and pics about the technology, the experience and the folks behind and in the machine. Click only if you want to go down the 10,000 hp rabbit hole.... http://www.motoiq.com/MagazineArticles/ID/3099/Nerds-Eye-View--Inside-10000-horsepower.aspx http://www.motoiq.com/MagazineArticles/ID/3161/Nerds-Eye-View--Inside-10000-horsepower-Part-2.aspx
  6. For $14 you could buy a 2’ length of 1/4” CF rod from McMaster Carr and make a bunch of them.
  7. The Lone Ranger

    Loved The Lone Ranger! Another favorite BITD was Sky King.
  8. NHRA, The cars are exploding

    The only time I saw top fuelers in person was in the early 70’s. The sound they made then hit you in your torso so hard it felt like your stomach was vibrating. They make a metric shit-ton more hp now, so I can only imagine what it must be like now. Maybe i’ll take in a show this summer...
  9. NHRA, The cars are exploding

    The first time I read the following it was in Car & Driver many years ago. It is about Top Fuel Dragsters, but they use essentially the same engines as Funny Cars, so the facts apply to them also. * One Top Fuel dragster 500 cubic-inch Hemi engine makes more horsepower than the first 4 rows at the Daytona 500. * Under full throttle, a dragster engine consumes 11.2 gallons of nitro methane per second; a fully loaded 747 consumes jet fuel at the same rate with 25% less energy being produced. * A stock Dodge Hemi V8 engine cannot produce enough power to merely drive the dragster’s supercharger. * With 3000 CFM of air being rammed in by the supercharger on overdrive, the fuel mixture is compressed into a near-solid form before ignition. Cylinders run on the verge of hydraulic lock at full throttle. * At the stoichiometric 1.7:1 air/fuel mixture for nitro methane the flame front temperature measures 7050 degrees F. * Nitro methane burns yellow. The spectacular white flame seen above the stacks at night is raw burning hydrogen, dissociated from atmospheric water vapor by the searing exhaust gases. * Dual magnetos supply 44 amps to each spark plug. This is the output of an arc welder in each cylinder. * Spark plug electrodes are totally consumed during a pass. After 1/2 way, the engine is dieseling from compression plus the glow of exhaust valves at 1400 degrees F. The engine can only be shut down by cutting the fuel flow. * If spark momentarily fails early in the run, unburned nitro builds up in the affected cylinders and then explodes with sufficient force to blow cylinder heads off the block in pieces or split the block in half. * Dragsters reach over 300 MPH before you have completed reading this sentence. * In order to exceed 300 MPH in 4.5 seconds, dragsters must accelerate an average of over 4 G’s. In order to reach 200 MPH well before half-track, the launch acceleration approaches 8 G’s. * Top Fuel engines turn approximately 540 revolutions from light to light! * Including the burnout, the engine must only survive 900 revolutions under load. * The redline is actually quite high at 9500 RPM. * THE BOTTOM LINE: Assuming all the equipment is paid off, the crew worked for free, & for once, NOTHING BLOWS UP, each run costs an estimated $1,000 per second. The current Top Fuel dragster elapsed time record is 4.441 seconds for the quarter-mile (10/05/03, Tony Schumacher). The top speed record is 333.00 MPH (533 km/h) as measured over the last 66′ of the run (09/28/03, Doug Kalitta). Putting this all into perspective: Lets say the you are driving the average $140,000 Lingenfelter twin-turbo powered Corvette Z06. Over a mile up the road, a Top Fuel dragster is staged & ready to launch down a quarter-mile strip as you pass by it. You have the advantage of a flying start. You run the ‘Vette hard up through the gears and blast across the starting line & pass the dragster at an honest 200 MPH. Just as you pass the Top Fuel Dragster the ‘tree’ goes green for both of you. The dragster launches & starts after you. You keep your foot down hard, but you hear an incredibly brutal whine that sears your eardrums & within 3 seconds the dragster catches & passes you. He beats you to the finish line, a quarter-mile away from where you just passed him. Think about it – from a standing start, the dragster had spotted you 200 MPH & not only caught, but nearly blasted you off the road when he passed you within a mere 1320 foot long race!
  10. I made my own from a length of stainless rod. Drilled a small hole in the center to seize it to the soft shackle and rounded the ends on a bench grinder. Cost = pennies. Works great!
  11. Captain Ron DVD

    Glass, swab...I won it in a crap game a few years back.
  12. Sinking privilidge

    Chance in million.
  13. Wood Floor

    1. Solid wood can be sanded down and refinished "several times" to remove scratches etc. Engineered wood is essentially plywood, so the top layer is thin and can't be refinished, other than perhaps chemical stripping and re-varnishing. 2. When we installed new flooring a few years ago we wanted a very durable hard wood, so after some research and alot of looking we went with solid Acacia, which has a Janka hardness rating from 1750 to 2200 (for the small leaf variety). Irregardless, my grand kids can still beat it up...
  14. Captain Ron DVD

    ...if anything's gonna happen, it'll happen out there.
  15. Purple Heart .. Teak Oil??

    Head over and watch the videos in posts 48 and 50 of the "A Big Project" in Sailing Anarchy to see how purpleheart is used in a big project. You'll also see some pretty amazing wood-working and boat-building skills in that thread.