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  1. J28

    Drip Drip Drip

    I wouldn’t mind seeing pictures from AOC’s breast examinations. Hopefully done by a hot female “doctor”. For legitimate purposes only of course...
  2. J28

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    I know! You would think Porker would be happy living the cruising life. Instead he spends his time hatin’ on Americans while sittin’ on his boat half a world away from here. SAD
  3. J28

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    With NMT gone, if I delete my presence in this shithole, @Gouvernail may commit suicide since he has devoted his entire life - and that of his sock army - to downvoting the two of us. Of course he’s already brain dead, so he doesn’t have much further to go.
  4. J28

    Are All NMT Threads Really Gone?

    BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Porter found a female who could overlook his appearance and became a doctor. Her income allowed him to play Mr. Mom and eventually become the America-hating Limousine Lefty - the Fat Fuck, the Cruising Cuck.
  5. J28

    The Fifth Risk - Michael Lewis

    Re the bolded part - "streamlining this shit" is a component of draining the swamp. It - the welfare state - is entrenched in the bureaucracy, left-leaning advocacy groups and the Democrat Party. If the orange NYC asshole can't drain it, nobody can.
  6. J28

    Bill Da Blah makes it 23

    We just need one more Dem to announce he/she/? is running for President to make it an odd two dozen...
  7. J28

    Bill Da Blah makes it 23

    Here’s my response to you - go fuck youself asshole. How ‘bout dat?
  8. J28

    Bill Da Blah makes it 23

    Deflection - it’s what The Lefty Circle Jerk does.
  9. Mayor Bill de Blasio Enters 2020 Race for President https://www.nytimes.com/2019/05/16/nyregion/bill-de-blasio-president.html
  10. J28


    What’s your solution? Go!
  11. J28

    Sempra LNG

    Hey - you shouldn’t hate on the ambassador. He’s a homosexual - just like you.
  12. J28

    Sempra LNG

    For now....
  13. J28

    Sempra LNG

    Interesting fact: the new Sempra Energy LNG terminal in Hackberry, LA that Trump visited yesterday can supply 25% of Europe natural gas requirements. Take that Puty!
  14. J28

    Tariffs on Chinese goods.

    Shipping our manufacturing base off to an anti-West communist country with a highly nationalistic population and a racially superior worldview with a centuries-old chip on their shoulder. What could possibly go wrong?
  15. J28

    Woman calls for sex strike in Georgia

    It’s getting hard to define pussy anymore. Sometimes it’s obvious, sometimes not so much.