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  1. J28

    Random PicThread

    Lotus 49 driven by Jimmy Clark. Probably the car that sparked my interest in GP Racing BITD. I followed the the Circus back then via Road and Track, but have lost interest in the last decade or so as technology has ruined the sport IMHO. The 60's cars were so elemental - just enough structure to get the car over the finish line was Colin Chapman's ethos - they made the racing more dependent on driver skill than the technology - again just IMHO. Link if you want to dive down the Lotus 49 rabbit hole: http://www.grandprixhistory.org/lotus49.htm
  2. J28

    halyard reccs

  3. J28

    Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    Shaggy, you’ve torn up a rudder, broke one of the wheels, hit a whale and now trashed your boom - all in a couple of years. Do we need to do an intervention?
  4. J28

    Just another complaint about Mr. Clean

    Sailing Fascism?
  5. J28

    Anarchy is Hate Speech

    Point taken
  6. J28

    Just Another High School Shooting

    You failed at both reading comprehension and logic. The answer is that it takes a PERSON with bad intent to make ordinary items kill. Just like a firearm. Gun control folks like you only want to address the inanimate object.
  7. J28

    Just Another High School Shooting

    Bombs/explosives are illegal and are not available to the general public. However, the components to make bombs are available to anyone. Homework for Bent Sailor, what does it take to make the components lethal and used to kill?
  8. J28

    Blind Faith

    I had the Blind Faith album (with US artwork) BITD but traded it to my cousin and I can’t remember what I got in return. Going to fire up my vinyl stereo set-up in the basement as soon as I get some decent speaker wire, so I wish I had it back.
  9. J28

    The debate over assault weapons

    Actually there were no funtional explosive devices. They were just decoys. In one case just a gas cylinder wrapped in duct tape. You are absolutely correct in that a duck hunting shotgun and a typical mid-20th century police sidearm were able to create the carnage they did. There is no plausible gun control scenario short of confiscation that targets (sorry) those firearms. Hell, Biden said folks ought to buy a shotgun if they need protection and there is video of Obama shootin’ one of them!
  10. J28

    Just Another High School Shooting

    Well, a messenger attack (gun nutter) combined with a deflection (by calling my post a deflection). Well done! It's not a deflection because the devil of gun control, other than an out right gun ban is in the minutae. At least you came up with a number, which is a starting point. So, how to we get from 300 million to 60 million? BTW, I'm not going to disagree that we have a lot of mentally ill folks in this country and I've stipulated I would support strict regulations to keep guns out of those folks hands.
  11. J28

    Just Another High School Shooting

    I am a gun owner, but not a member of the NRA. I support what AGITC proposed above and that there is a need for better background checks, prohibit gun possession for the mentally ill ( as determined by a medical professional) and a number of other issues that would keep guns out of the hands of people who would commit evil acts with them. That said, one of the most common arguments I hear from gun control advocates is "we have 300 million guns in this country - we need fewer guns". What would be interesting is to hear from folks on this thread about their thoughts on gun control . For example: Let's assume the 2A could be changed - what is the "right" number of guns for this country? What is the breakdown by type permitted: revolver, semi-auto pistol, bolt action rifle, semi-auto rifle, single shot rifle, pump shotgun, semi-auto shotgun, etc., then further broken down by cartridge/caliber/centerfire/rimfire and so forth. Are sales of new guns allowed? If yes which ones ? Which agency/department is responsible for collection of the weapons that are to be surrendered? Would owners be compensated? Which agency/department is responsible for future compliance? Any one on this forum willing to take a swing at this?
  12. Why bother trying to argue with BL. "I learned long ago never wrestle with a pig. You both get dirty and besides, the pig likes it"
  13. Good grief BL - the Holocaust was an actual genocide! There are more examples throughout history, but what's going on in Gaza now is not one of them. If Israel is attempting genocide on the Palestinians (which they are not), they are doing a piss poor job of it because the Palestinian population is going up at a rate of 3% per year. And you stumbled on the right word - propaganda. It's used very effectively by Hamas and the PA. For example it works on you and most of the MSM here in the US.
  14. Battlefield .22's were deemed too lethal by the IDF. I guess badlat must have forgotten to include his source. http://ruger1022.com/docs/israeli_sniper.htm So it turns out that guns like my wife's are actually too dangerous for the IDF! Yikes Well, the IDF were probably using dum-dum bullets in their battlefield .22s. And how much more lethal would the battlefield .22 be if the stock had been all black? Imagine!
  15. bad attitude doesn't understand Hamas value proposition, which goes something like this: in exchange for some of our (non-uniformed) soldiers being killed and wounded, we get lots of video of our heroes being carried off the battlefield and in hospital shown around the world by media outlets sympathetic to us and who condemn Israel, which has no right to exist.