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  1. chippin' away


    Killer vid. Looks like the bar has been raised again. Did you notice the huge bear away near the end? Amazing move for such a beast.
  2. chippin' away

    Ian Farrier

    My condolences to the Family and Friends of the Great Ian Farrier. He was one of the most patient, kind and brilliant people in the industry. I hope his new F22 can still make it to the USA in great numbers. If so, it will be a fitting tribute to a great man!
  3. chippin' away

    used 4 seat convertibles under 8k?

    Saab 93 aero.
  4. chippin' away

    My newest project

    As with most Perry boats, I have a hard time with the house. Looks too big and slopes down too much. The hull looks sweet.
  5. chippin' away

    Live Racing Thread

    Anyone have another link for watching today's races? The above links aren't working for me. TIA
  6. chippin' away

    Multihull PartnershipS

    Interesting concept. Where is the Antrim?
  7. chippin' away

    mondo bondage

    Cool project. Will follow.
  8. chippin' away

    C&C Custom 43

    Wow! Congrats. That is one awesome sailboat. If the balsa is ok you just stole it. Pile on your friends and family and have great time. What do you have for sails?
  9. chippin' away

    Did somebody say Waarschip 1010?...

    Mowgli- Thanks for adding this cool 1010 to the mix. I love the self tacking jib and square top main. How does he manage the square top in relation to backstays? I would think that jibing in heavy airs would be a little tricky?
  10. chippin' away

    Did somebody say Waarschip 1010?...

    It looks like they did some cool mods on that boat. Super TALL stick. Masthead kite. Must have been a rocket downwind.
  11. chippin' away

    Girl with patreon account goes sailing in hot place

    Great video. Great soundtrack. Galapogos to Marquesas on a Tri.
  12. chippin' away

    Everglades Challenge 2017

    Great report ZTH. What is a chikee?
  13. chippin' away

    pics : StFYC One-Design, Sat March 4th

    Nice, tight OD racing in perfect conditions. There is still a God.
  14. chippin' away

    Did somebody say Waarschip 1010?...

    Ive raced with 6 and its fine. you only need 3 in the cockpit and the rest have to find another way across when tacking. last rating was a 105 PHRF
  15. chippin' away

    Small Offshore Boats Recommendations?

    Check out the Waarschipp 1010 thread in Cruising Anarchy. A lot of bang for the buck.