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  1. Ian Farrier

    Stolen from the F-boat forum. "I've never met Ian, but he made my life so much better" I love my F28R. Thanks Ian
  2. F18 ownership costs

    F18's eat blocks and lines. Capsizes can easily destroy tiller extensions (and sometimes booms and sails). I've seen a few spinnaker poles bent due to crashes. Make sure the standing rigging and the bolts that attach all standing rigging to the hulls have been checked or replaced. Apart from that.. they are tanks and pretty cheap to run.
  3. What Happened To Timbalero III?

    Didn't it become the DNA F4?
  4. Libertist 850 - new tri by Erik Lerouge

    sorry.. just re-read the data.. looks like only the spars are carbon.
  5. Libertist 850 - new tri by Erik Lerouge

    1400 kgs seems a little bit heavy for a carbon 8.5m trimaran. A corsair F28R is around 1300kgs empty
  6. Corsair Nationals

    Great footage!
  7. F28R vs F31R - Speed?

    I think you misunderstood my question.. I am well aware that a 28R is slower than a 31R.. I was asking if a 28R could ever be customised (a la Cheekee Monkey style) to beat a standard F31R.. examples of mods being stripped out interior, more efficient foils, more sail area..
  8. F28R vs F31R - Speed?

    Ignoring the obvious differences that come with size (standing room, enclosed head.. ).. What is the real-world difference (assuming both are unmodified) in speed between an F28R and an F31R? Next question is.. can an F28R be modified to match an F31R?
  9. Ian F has put together a Used Boat Guide here: http://www.f-boat.com/pdf/UsedBoats.pdf
  10. Hi, I've decided to get a Corsair F31R but I'm struggling to find a surveyor with experience with folding Tris. Any recommendations for San Diego or Venice Beach? Thanks in advance
  11. That's an understatement.. it's a miracle!
  12. GC32 super cat

    link here Was down at the club this weekend and saw it in the flesh.. it is stunning. It went out for a sail on Saturday.