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  1. can-UK

    Farrier bought by Daedalus

    Aren't they the company behind
  2. can-UK

    Goetz's Red Foiling Catamaran

    There's one of these here in Dubai I've heard its powered by a modified BMW hybrid engine.
  3. can-UK

    New Corsair 880
  4. can-UK


    The back of the mast has holes in it that line up with brackets on the deck to allow the base of the mast to hinge/pivot without moving out of alignment. This is only used when raising or lowering the mast.
  5. can-UK


    Look at what Farriers and Corsairs are doing.. it's nice and simple and works great. I'd avoid using bearings. A simple ball and socket with some tefgel once a season is what I use on my F28R. Here's what a mast ball looks like. For raising and lowering.. check out the farrier system.
  6. can-UK

    Remembering Those Who Died

    Wow this thread got nasty real quick.. what a prick..
  7. can-UK

    New Corsair 880

    I use a cheap wet vac on my F28R. Using the crevasse tool, it's very easy to suck the float completely dry.
  8. can-UK

    New Corsair 880

    I'm not sure about that.. Tacking a Hobie 16 in light air is harder than taking a modern F18. A Hobie 16 has low volume high rocker floats and sits IN the water. An F18 has high volume low rocker floats and sits ON the water.
  9. can-UK

    New Corsair 880

    What I meant was.. I wonder if its still a bare shell inside in these pics/videos.. or whether they've installer the interior which could add a few hundred kgs.
  10. can-UK

    New Corsair 880

    Looks nice, light and responsive.. I wonder if it has any interior?
  11. can-UK

    New Corsair 880

    The first Corsair 880 has splashed.. looks awesome. Hope she's light and fast.
  12. can-UK

    Capsized Tri

    Anyone know the story about this?
  13. can-UK

    Distance racing with a trailerable trimaran

    The F9/F31 would be better for long distance racing... they can carry more weight than the F27.
  14. can-UK

    Distance racing with a trailerable trimaran

    I race my F28R in long distance races. The trick is to keep it light and simple. I recently did the Dubai to Muscat race (350 miles) with a crew of 4. The wind was light and we were overloaded with people, provisions and safety equipment. The last 100 miles were upwind in light airs and sloppy seas. We went from 2nd and finished 5th.
  15. can-UK

    well this is bullshit

    If only everyone would do the right thing for a few weeks ('m guessing up 6-10 weeks).. then the process of getting back to normal will start much sooner. Yeah it's a fucking pain being on lock down.. but anyone with a brain can see it's serious. The way things are going, in a month or two when the rest of the world emerges from lockdown.. the US will be prevented from joining the party because it can't get its shit under control. There's an awful lot of stupid going on at the moment.