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  1. can-UK

    Look what showed up in SUBIC?!

    They should do well. The ORMAs are still fast. Didn't an ORMA beat Maserati and Phaedo (both MOD70s) in the transpac last year?
  2. On my F28R trimaran with rotating mast i have the following: Raymarine Wireless T121 Hull transmitter T120 Wireless wind transmitter T122 Wireless interface T909 Compass transducer P66 Speed, Depth, Temp triducer T221 Wireless Mast Rotation transmitter 2 x T111 Multifunction wireless dual display T112 Multifunctional wireless analogue display I have a Garmin GPSMAP 276cx wired to the T122 transmitting NMEA 0183 for SOG, COG, GPS Coord, Date/Time..etc It works well now. My first T221 mast rotation transmitter was a dud but was replaced by Raymarine. I'm not sure the components above can operate using NMEA 2000.. (I think only the P66 can)
  3. can-UK

    *#!^%! parts

    It's a pretty light mast. Can't you just get someone to hold the mast base down onto the ball while you lift it? That's what we do with F18s.
  4. can-UK

    Favourite Boat pic?

  5. can-UK

    Umm, tiller?

    AC45 tiller?
  6. I like the Raymarine wireless.. it all works great.. except for my mast rotation transmitter.
  7. can-UK

    Headlamps Exposure Lights Raw head torch. Crazy bright, easy to use, long lasting rechargeable battery. Pricey but worth it.
  8. can-UK

    F-16 Viper or Falcon?

    In the beach cat fleet in Dubai (light wind - flat water) the falcon seems to be the faster boat when both are sailed singlehanded. The falcon is also lighter. 2-up in bigger wind & waves, i think the viper may have the edge.
  9. can-UK

    Sleep Timer

    have you looked at these?
  10. can-UK

    Formula 40 Trimaran Spirit of England

    Thanks for sharing. Great videos! She's still a gorgeous boat.
  11. can-UK

    R2AK on a Beachcat

    Tornado wouldn't be a bad choice. They're still fast. Pretty cheap kick-up boards and rudders nice wide platform with good stability There must be some old Beijing olympic boats out there.
  12. yeah i get that but other foiling tri's.. maserati, gitana..etc retain a daggerboard. Just wondering if the relatively small float foils will allow it to point high without sliding sideways too much.
  13. The boat looks awesome! Not doubting Morelli & Melvin's abilities.. but i was wondering how this boat will perform upwind without a daggerboard. I know the game on this machine will be VMG (and one design racing).. but will the float foils be enough to allow it to point high enough?