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  1. Well if your hull is the same strength and structure as others there shouldn't be a problem with greater loads from deeper keel (and the same bulb) Maybe you have some kind of cruising verison. Is your mast the same as others?
  2. Will you use the same bulb on deeper keel fin?
  3. How come is that your are changing from the type you have and know it is working (square) to a tubular?
  4. What method should be used to attached bulb that size to a keel finn? M26 why did you use circular and not square like in a sketch you attached?
  5. So what is the verdict on this keel finn? Should it be ok if he leaves carbon out and use e-glass?
  6. What do you think about using ring instead of block for top of the mast external halyard?
  7. Hi, what do you guys thing would ring be any good for use on top of the mast instead block for external halyard? Thanx
  8. 4 launched, 1 coming soon (maybe even this summer), 1 maybe this year. From my experiance boat heeled that much like "Tonka" in that video can't sail as fast as a flat one. When guy on video said 5,5 they very heeled quite a lot, dragging stern. With that much heeling I was once measuring 3.8-4 knots upwind in maybe 7-8knots of wind. We were heavy, 4 of us onboard, but when we sailed the boat flat the speed was 4,5knots.
  9. Hi Timber. Can you please tell me in what wind and sea state 5,7+ knots upwind speed is normal? And how much degrees of boat heel. I must have been doing something wrong because I have never manage to go that fast upwind. Little bear off from close hauled yes, the boat is accelerating very well, 6knots or even more yes. But close hauled...
  10. It seems that it hasn't been update for a while.
  11. Is that i550 world map with red and green dots still active and update?
  12. Where is mainsail halyard located? At the bottom of the mast so mainsail clutch is inside the cabin or on the cabin?
  13. Thank you for your complete normal answer!
  14. Somebody on the wrong foot... They are different class boats, I didn't ask why gp26 isn't lighter, it's balast to hull ratio is very good and balast carry a lot of weight so overall weight of the boat is great. I asked how is the other boat build that much lighter and I was interested in building methods about building light boat. I have read Kevin F. thread and thanx for the compliment. I haven't been told that I am lazy for a long time 2 Jim Donovan: Thank you for the info.
  15. I read Kevin F. topic. I see that I am bothering you all and that you know all the answers. Perhaps that is the reason that you explain so well why is hard to build the boat to 1000kg when in australia they bulid bigger ones to 855kg.