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  1. Nrg85

    Marina 36 Sport Now she sails with recut rc44 mainsail for light winds. Symetric and assymetric, code 0.
  2. Nrg85

    Route du Rhum 2018

    Congratulations and thanx for your writing, great read!
  3. Nrg85

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Would autopilot with gyro but without wind information do good job steering down the waves?
  4. Nrg85

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Thanx sailors!
  5. Nrg85

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Found this article: But another way is to use a rategyro added to this flux gate. In short why; A flux gate compass is affected by acceleration, with the movements of the sea, depending on their strength, it's measurement is then false for a short while, and with the inertia comes slowly back to the real value. That's why a standard pilot tend to steer in curves when the conditions are becoming harder. The added rategyro inside the computer detects immediately the accelerations in the horizontal plan, and a gyro is then able to correct the compass value, what gives a good reference to the pilot to steer a more straight course. And an added rategyro creates smaller rudder changes. Every steering reaction creates drag, how bigger the change how more drag. So the rategyro should make your speed higher. And to sail in curves makes your route longer. Essentialy it is what Daddle said. So my question was does gyro need wind information. According to all this it is not necessary.
  6. Nrg85

    gyro autopilot compas heading

    Ok, with more sensitive rate of turn the steering is better. Does that mean that the autopilot will change the course to keep the boat relative flat (and in control) even if that means that he won't steer to the desired compas course but after he stabilize the boat autopilot will head back up to the desired compas course? Or will that course changes be minimal because autopilot know that the sailboat is heeled (gyro info) so it doesn't need to change course (like it would if it uses only compass headings and he thinks that sailboat isn't going in right course when it heels)? So he don't need wind information to sail on desired compas heading but to be able to use gyro information? We are talking downwind sailing on waves.
  7. Hi all. Autopilot with gyro. Steering sailboat under assymetric Steering on apparent wind, autopilot is using gyro information to keep the boat going and not to round up, autopilot can change course, bear away or head up to keep boat in control. What if the same pilot is steering on compas heading? Under assymetric. Does he still uses gyro information to keep boat in control? Does he change course when it have to (bear away and head up) to keep control and than to go back to desired heading course?
  8. Nrg85

    New keel finn

    Well if your hull is the same strength and structure as others there shouldn't be a problem with greater loads from deeper keel (and the same bulb) Maybe you have some kind of cruising verison. Is your mast the same as others?
  9. Nrg85

    New keel finn

    Will you use the same bulb on deeper keel fin?
  10. Nrg85

    New keel finn

    How come is that your are changing from the type you have and know it is working (square) to a tubular?
  11. Nrg85

    New keel finn

    What method should be used to attached bulb that size to a keel finn? M26 why did you use circular and not square like in a sketch you attached?
  12. Nrg85

    New keel finn

    So what is the verdict on this keel finn? Should it be ok if he leaves carbon out and use e-glass?
  13. Nrg85

    Low Friction Ring Anarchy

    Hi, what do you guys thing would ring be any good for use on top of the mast instead block for external halyard? Thanx
  14. Nrg85


    4 launched, 1 coming soon (maybe even this summer), 1 maybe this year. From my experiance boat heeled that much like "Tonka" in that video can't sail as fast as a flat one. When guy on video said 5,5 they very heeled quite a lot, dragging stern. With that much heeling I was once measuring 3.8-4 knots upwind in maybe 7-8knots of wind. We were heavy, 4 of us onboard, but when we sailed the boat flat the speed was 4,5knots.
  15. Nrg85


    Hi Timber. Can you please tell me in what wind and sea state 5,7+ knots upwind speed is normal? And how much degrees of boat heel. I must have been doing something wrong because I have never manage to go that fast upwind. Little bear off from close hauled yes, the boat is accelerating very well, 6knots or even more yes. But close hauled...