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  1. Cool boat! Fits most, if not all of your requirements. It looks very manageable for a DH'ed PacCup. Seems like it could be made competitive. I guess there could be more of a rating risk with a one-off. But long ocean racing is always a crap-shoot. You would be eligible for the Schumacher prize! Sorry I didn't give you any useful info. Good Luck!! Congrats of the Best First.
  2. I figured you would be cannibalizing Shearwater, but I was assuming shipping trailer and boat back for the 50K budget. Anyway...I'm assuming one of your major reasons for racing a smaller boat in the future is the potential to race it at near "100%" DH'ed. Especially with your comments on the Antrim 27/Syn1000, I think the FT-10 would be too much as well. Any small light boat can be a "handful". Keep in mind that you will pay costs for the manageability of the smaller size. Comfort can be a problem for some. Sleeping, cooking, navigating become harder. Also to be "full-out" one has to drive a lot if not all the time. Autopilots for small planning boats means you are not racing "100%" except for a few scenarios while racing to Hawaii. (Consider all the weight need to power it as well). Saving weight, I think is very important. I, like the Erkelens, didn't bring my auto for the Moore in '92, that, and other self imposed limitations allowed me to take one less battery. On a flip side, consider the fact the squalls for most (all?) boats this year were more intense than usual. So the bar stories might have been more accurate! In racing the Moore twice, we rounded-down once. In '92 we rounded up 3 times (no-downs), only one needed both of us to recover, on the way to an elapsed time ~11d 18h. A fairly windy year with mostly moderate and some heavy squalls. I considered myself to be a "ballsy" decent, but not great downwind driver. We carried the same 3/4 oz chute, except for a 5' check, from hoist to douse, ~9 days... so it couldn't have been too bad! For a very good opinion, talk to Jim Quanci, ~17 Hawaii races, 3 DH'ed on a Moore, Hobie and this year with his wife on their Cal 40. He has sailed with a lot of people with varying abilities and different types of boats with different "styles". After all my BS, under the requirements you stated... my opinion is that I'm afraid that racing a smaller planning/ULDB boat may not improve your experience or out come. At least the first time! Of course there are a lot of worse things to do than racing to Hawaii. Doing well in the Pac Cup, like most things, requires a lot of prep, some skill(s) that allows one to take advantage of any luck that comes your way. (I did read most of your Pac Cup blog as well as many others.) I hope you guys do the race again! Out of curiosity what kind of boat did you check out the day?
  3. If you're talking 50K to do the race: A lifting keel Hobie 33 is the best competitive boat. I've raced a Moore to Hawaii twice. A H33 about 1K off Cali coast. I've raced a FT-10 in SF and Diego and was a boat jake for one. (I also ran private race boats and private sailing yachts). A stock FT-10 would need a lot of up-grades/work. Quick boat, I like it. Many raced hard (ocean) down under. I like the Antrim 27, good pac cup history, albeit with very good crew. If 50K just for the boat with lifting keel...(others seem to have reading comprehension worse than mine)... I'm not educated enough to give an "educated opinion" since I like to use personal experience or that of a few very knowledgeable friends.