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  1. You cannot change course so fast that the give-way boat does not have an opportunity to keep clear. See Rule 16.1. Exoneration is limited to incidents with a boat that owes you Mark Room, but otherwise, 16.1 is part of Rule 16...
  2. Looking at that call.... Almost surgical separation in the reasoning when ordinary part two rules apply vs. mark room. To further test understanding: Same scenario as in the diagram from the call, but assume leeward mark. Y would be windward (and instead of luffing, substitute DDW). In that case, Y would not be exonerated when sailing below her proper course. I seem to recall that space needed for a tactical rounding (wide approach then tight turn) is not considered part of mark room.
  3. hahah. attempted blogspam by a law firm. SO should buy better SEO. Key phrases "informative post" and "thanks dear". Reads like it was a phone in from the Nigerian Branch Office. That, or a spoof - the username hasn't been reported to stopforumscam yet
  4. I think I finally found out what lee helm means.

    Tell that to the people in Bangla Desh,...

    Don't see how that's relevant to me as I don't have property there. Mt. Everest is being pushed up because of plate tectonics; that's not something that will work for the city I live in...

    If a theory is changed because it would better fit the data, then, in principle, that makes it a different, better theory. If the data are changed to fit the model, that's somehow not science any more and I'd like to see some evidence that this is occurring on a meaningful scale before I build that into my expectation of how this process works. The operative question for those pushing a certain agenda is "can we make the problem go away if we convince non-scientists that the science isn't valid?". This approach is guaranteed successful because you can't convince a non-scientist that there's not room for doubt anywhere.

    Agree, but at that you have lost 90% of the rest of the world who somehow think that situation is described by the word "theory"...

    Now is that a hypothesis or a theory?
  10. SCIENCE!

    Since our daily experience tells us that people (in general) deal with 3% negative reviews pretty much the way Allene suggested in the quote above, the question becomes what are the external motivators that make people (some) react so differently in the case of climate change. It can't all be the Dunning-Kruger effect.
  11. Best sailboat to teach a small child to sail

    Sometimes kids just enjoy being on the boat. Had a cat rigged 8' boat and the three-to-five year old liked to sit in front of the mast, while we cruised up and down the beach. A few years later, the same kid asks to borrow the boat for a solo trip. Wanted to prove to himself he could do it. He could. That's all he wanted; while he has a natural feel for boats, he doesn't enjoy sailing, and certainly not racing. So, start somewhere, be ready to adjust, but also to back off, if it's not their thing.
  12. Sailboat Conversion from Gas to Electric

    I've been following the discussions here (and elsewhere) on the Torqeedo (no "u" in the name). I'm not in the market for one right now, but it seems that because they are optimized for displacement hulls they may stack up well in comparison to any gas outboard that's numerically in the same range, but dimensioned so it can deliver power at faster speed through the water. I'm convinced that they represent a credible choice in any situation where low service/high reliability is coupled with short operating range. And because of the way things are going I'd expect that battery prices will see some downward pressure (although I'd expect that the savings would be passed on as better capacity, rather than lower absolute price for the time being). I'm one of the faction who can't seem to get (small) internal combustion engines to work reliably - on land or water. Finally, for non-OB scenarios, rather than trying to match an existing sail drive, why not look into the possibility of a rudder-mounted system like Hanse is offering?
  13. Meanwhile over in Denmark

    And its not because he left out the ship's flag... Morbid is about right. Seems like he confused his submarine with a crawlspace.
  14. More racing, Seattle style

    someone get Brass over there, quickly -- he might identify the one boat not to DSQ.
  15. Meanwhile over in Denmark

    Thanks for digging this out. His first obligation would have been to report the death; nowadays it would be rare for that to be impossible. And, if I understand the term, his entire sailing area is in "soundings" so should not qualify for burial (whether whole or in parts). What he did was about as far as you can get from an orderly burial.