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  1. Epoxy question

    Follow up: leftover hardener (special combo) works well if actually mixed with resin. Couldn't resist and tried it with some leftover resin (same brand but slightly different epoxy system, but same mixing ratio and otherwise very similar properties/application areas). That cured fine as well. I even tried it in really small batches, which is always a bit more challenging. (For really small batches I like to use the little clear medicine cups with measurements in "dram". I've always had good results with that.) In the few weeks since the first post, the hardener was left in an open cup; there's been a bit of skin forming, just a hint, but I see no ill effect from it. Appears to dissolve on stirring. Time to use it up, I think.
  2. Downwind main trim in light to moderate

    Swept back spreaders interfere with barn door?
  3. A case against colored lines?

    Some other factors may make some lines more confusable. One one boat, trying to sail with same-colored spin sheets proved unworkable, while same-colored jib sheets were never an issue. Subtle differences in how these were run made all the difference. Ended up going to red-green but suspect any contrasting colors would have worked. Definitely not purely an issue of experience of preference.
  4. Epoxy question

    Same here - unless I forget to use resin
  5. Epoxy question

    Will do
  6. Epoxy question

    Thanks everyone for the pointers on mixing hardeners. I have half my "special" batch of mixed hardeners left over, and this means I won't need to throw it out, but only need to add resin.
  7. Epoxy question

    Good point. Is there anything in the chemistry that would make mixing different hardeners lead to a failed cure? Reason is that I have some left-overs that I'd rather use up than dispose of. (I occasionally use epoxy to mix fillers for applications where some degradation in strength, adhesion etc. wouldn't be an issue as long as the mixture cures, so the question isn't whether I get perfect results, only whether I can expect a goopy mess).
  8. Epoxy question

    Thanks. i do appreciate the (indirect) help. There was something so totally different from a garden variety imperfectly mixed batch, that I knew there had to be something really wrong; even though the process had "felt" completely like always. All your answers convinced me that I hadn't made a "normal" mistake, but needed to look for something unexpected. And that's when I looked one more time.... ... now I'm a bit embarrassed, but also ready to laugh at myself. And I'll be able to start over and get things to work this time - luckily the amount of wasted material is small.
  9. Epoxy question

    Thank you all for the replies - they made me check something which turned out not to be the problem, but in the process I stumbled upon the real "operator error". No, it was not insufficient mixing - no amount of mixing would help. No, it was not due to the ambient temperature - no amount of heating would help. No, it was not incorrect proportions - I did use a correct 2:1 ratio with 2 parts from the large bottle and 1 part from the small one. No, repeating the experiment would quite possibly not have left me any wiser. The embarrassing truth is that I purchased two bottles of hardener.. One of them was fast hardener and a bit lighter in color, so when mixing the two, it looked just as expected, as usually the resin tends to be clear and the hardener slightly amber. There are lovely conventions using big letters (A and B ) and I believe, also differently colored caps, but I use epoxy in moderate quantities, so I only ever have a pair of bottles going, and usually they come wrapped as a pair and after that, the big one is the resin and the small one the hardener...
  10. Epoxy question

    Mixed a batch of a reputable brand of laminating epoxy that requires 2:1 in the proportion 40ML to 20ML (total 60ML). Never hardened, in, didn't even gel. Furnace room in my basement. Figured it might be warm enough, but later found it was closer to 12°C. Raised the temp to room temperature after 12 hours, but still nothing. I'm pretty sure I'm not mistaken about the proportions and I always thought that the worst that could happen from moderately cooler temps is to slow curing or to delay it until things have warmed up again. Anything I missed? Definitely not a shelf-life issue (recent purchase, still sealed).
  11. You cannot change course so fast that the give-way boat does not have an opportunity to keep clear. See Rule 16.1. Exoneration is limited to incidents with a boat that owes you Mark Room, but otherwise, 16.1 is part of Rule 16...
  12. Looking at that call.... Almost surgical separation in the reasoning when ordinary part two rules apply vs. mark room. To further test understanding: Same scenario as in the diagram from the call, but assume leeward mark. Y would be windward (and instead of luffing, substitute DDW). In that case, Y would not be exonerated when sailing below her proper course. I seem to recall that space needed for a tactical rounding (wide approach then tight turn) is not considered part of mark room.
  13. hahah. attempted blogspam by a law firm. SO should buy better SEO. Key phrases "informative post" and "thanks dear". Reads like it was a phone in from the Nigerian Branch Office. That, or a spoof - the username hasn't been reported to stopforumscam yet
  14. I think I finally found out what lee helm means.
  15. SCIENCE!

    Tell that to the people in Bangla Desh,...