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  1. JackGriffin

    Adelasia of Torres - AC36

    Well, Richard followed up on my interview of Squire and Azara, as I reported in my newsletter, but he still manages to spell Azzare (sic) incorrectly.
  2. JackGriffin

    Practice videos

    Great suggestion, jaysper! A few folks have followed your suggestion and made a second donation. If a few more do that we'll be close to $4K. I haven't tried to work out what that would be as an hourly rate for Jason...
  3. JackGriffin

    Practice videos

    New tribute video to Jason Smith and his MyIslandHomeBDA channel. http://www.cupexperience.com/blog/2017/05/americas-cup-videos/ BIG, BIG thank you to AC TRAGICS GROUP for putting this together! Bravo!
  4. Payments have started hitting the Paypal account! Thanks to all who have already donated!!
  5. ^ Thanks Jason! And thanks, Artemis, for letting me invite Jason.
  6. Donation page for MyIslandHomeBDA with some photos of Jason by Sander van der Borch Your contribution goes to Jason, except for what PayPal skims off. http://www.cupexperi...yislandhomebda/ I'll work on making the page better, but at least now we can make contributions. BTW, if there is a Wordpress jockey out there who can help me with the Stripe payment system, I'd love some help to make some improvements and raise some more money for Jason.
  7. JackGriffin

    Practice videos

    Donation page for MyIslandHomeBDA with some photos of Jason by Sander van der Borch Your contribution goes to Jason, except for what PayPal skims off. http://www.cupexperience.com/myislandhomebda/ I'll work on making the page better, but at least now we can make contributions.
  8. JackGriffin

    Sailing to Bermuda For AC

    New Caroline Bay Marina at Morgan's Point nearing completion, will open end of March. Provisioning, electrical hookups, water, fuel, pump out. Marina clients have access to Arabella for race viewing with VIP flag. 157' superyacht, up to125 guests for cruises. Sunset cruises, dinners, happy hours on board.
  9. JackGriffin

    Team NZ

    Casting modesty to the wind... Easiest to read AC race calendar is here: http://www.cupexperience.com/americas-cup/ And... who has the toughest round robin schedule? Look at days off, who races twice each day... A Closer Look at the Schedule Does Land Rover BAR have the easiest schedule? Do Oracle Team USA and SoftBank Team Japan have schedules almost as good? Do the Kiwis have a good schedule? Do Artemis Racing and Groupama Team France have the worst schedules? Answers here: http://www.cupexperience.com/blog/2016/10/modified-round-robin-ac-qualifiers-schedule/
  10. JackGriffin

    AC format

    Thanks for the link Xlot. All the details here: http://www.cupexperience.com/blog/2014/8/how-to-win-the-americas-cup/ Winner of ACWS carries 2 points into the round robin. Runner-up gets 1 point. For some reason the AC-Alphabet commentators never mention that the ACWS results will be used as a tie-breaker at the end of the round robin phase. Bonus question: Why is the bonus point for the AC Match -1 for your opponent? Bonus question 2 ... who can explain how a team could go undefeated in the round robin (aka AC Qualifiers) and still lose? Answer here.
  11. JackGriffin

    Team France

    Fine memories indeed. Of the first race especially, force zero, duller than watching paint dry. So much for the "Fastest sailors in the fastest boats". Then out of the harbor, to the open sea. So much for "stadium racing". Ha, pathetic. It went better from there on, tho. Highlight: Meeting Xlot, Nulo and Jack. Yes, that was a highlight for me, too. Enjoyed meeting all of you!
  12. JackGriffin

    Team France

    Thanks. He tries to explain the french public what they do and why they should compete. Quote: we are now working on a new cheaper offer to make to our propect sponsors. TC - you missed the most important part - where he says Team France is getting Oracle's design and Oracle collaboration. I've transcribed the French, translated it and posted it here: http://tinyurl.com/qfjebpw SR: the first video link you posted is just a shorter version of the second video. The first link does not include the part where FC says they are getting Oracle's design.
  13. JackGriffin

    Oracle Team USA

    Maybe it's just for popping the camber in the wing early in a gybe to get powered up on the new side That's it. The yellow line is the "inverter" to pop the wing through.The wing is still self tacking in the sense that only one line controls the camber by limiting the camber. The camber control line runs aft along the center of the leading element, then between two sheaves. Ease the camber line to give, say 30° camber. No change needed when tacking / gybing - the flaps blow through to the same amount of camber on the other side. But sometimes you want to help the wing to pop over, so you pull on the inverter line. Remember that ETNZ's wing was not self-tacking - they used hydraulics to pop the wing over. Race 8, near the top of Leg 3... "Hydro, hydro, hydro... "
  14. JackGriffin

    Oracle Team USA

    Possibly the yellow line controls camber in some of the upper elements?? Nope. The Stb mainsheet is slack and just getting blown aft against the rear beam Yep.