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  1. 11 hours ago, Gouvernail said:

    Interesting. In a thread titled “fake Lasers” the discussion is about the  RS AERO. 

    And the Contender... Don't forget about the Contender!

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  2. 13 hours ago, BruceH-NZ said:

    Kim Andersen responds to Finn Master's letter: http://www.sailing.org/news/88729.php#.XQt5GogzbIU

    We as a Sailing community have recognised that in order to stay relevant, we need to adapt as a sport.

    Hey Kim... FUCK YOU. 

    How prey tell are people who, like me, are 194 cm tall and 110 kg supposed to adapt?  Cut off our legs?

    I guess we're not "relevant" to sailing.


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  3. 5 hours ago, bill4 said:

    If there was a top 10 list of boats you would like to grab to take someone for a ride, the Finn would be 50th. And if your experience is limited, make that 60th. And unless you are talking about a couple kids, a Laser is almost as shitty, but a pretty fun little diving platform on sunny, calm days. My daughter liked doing that when she was 10. Is it possible to take someone out on a Finn? Yes. But it is also possible to take a Finn for a weekend of camping.

    Finn camping!!! The new rage...



    According to Intensity's FB post, 191lbs is minimum! I guess at 160 lbs, I'm out. Just when I thought it would be a better choice thne an RS100 :(

    Things have evolved. 3 different main sail sizes can accommodate a larger weight range.

    Like the Laser, Laser radial and Laser 4.7?


    Three different starts?



    Like the Melges 14 5m,7m,9m sails...

    Like the RS Aero 5m,7m,9m sails...


    Seems to be a trend.

  5. The EVO switched to a dagger board arrangement as well, with a retracting rudder. Easier, simpler and the balance is achieved by an adjustable mast step.


    Everything I've read says the VX-EVO has a centerboard. Please post a link where it says it's gone to a dagger-board.




    Ok thanks, that's probably where i stopped reading.

    Where does this thing fit in compared to the similar devoti and rs100?



    Well for one the Devoti D-Zero and the RS100 are both dagger-board boats...


    The VX Evo is aimed at a larger helm.


    There's many other differences but I figured you stopped reading at the second sentence. :P

  7. The sun hits his eyes beaming through a crack in the ceiling. How long have I been sitting here??? Getting to his feet he realizes that the multiple shandys before starting that last repair job might not have been the best idea. The smell of resin is strong in the air. I dreamed all that laser legal bullshit??? "That's nuts!", he exclaimed as he walked out into the fresh air. Hey... nice breeze! He grabs his sailing gloves off the nearby table and shuffles off to the lake. Only to realize that the lake is all dried up and it wasn't a dream after all.

  8. I'm jumping into this Finn fun fest.


    I want to try a Finn (any vintage). I'm in Indiana. Maybe someone in Chicago? I'll be up that way next weekend.


    I'm 6'5" 245 lbs.



  9. Sometimes the ad speaks for itself.



    #### 1970's Johnson M16 sailing/sail scow (like Melges) needs work ## - $350 (Roseville)

    This is the boat I dated my wife in.

    It's sad, but it is just time to go to a new owner.
    I have the sails and all spars....they need some refinishing.

    If you need a cub scout/shop class/ big brother..... project, the price gets really cheap.

    Call any time.