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  1. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    That's the sad part: I don't drink! I should have made-sure that it was attached better before putting the shade on. Good news: I upgraded to a carbon-fiber spin pole last year. If the standard 18lb pole would have dropped on my head from that high, I wouldn't be typing this right now.
  2. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    jsmin: You clearly don't know big chicken, so your accusations/suggestions just make you look bad. apologize and move on. (You won't win this argument if you keep at it.) My experience with Bay Week this year started with me being pissed that the J-29 fleet went form having our own class, to being jammed in with PHRF-C. I would not have taken my boat all the way out there to race PHRF. When I said that to Bob, his response was "It was too late, sorry." That was a load of shit. When I signed up for the regatta, I was listed on the site in the J-29 class, and there were 4 boats. The J-105s only had 4 boats, and they got a start, so the "5 boat minimum" argument doesn't hold water either. There were never 5 J-105s, and never 5 J-29s. We had a class last year, and didn't this year. When I left the dock on Wednesday for the transport, the website said we had a class. When I arrived at the dock Thursday afternoon, the scratch-sheet said we did not. I spent money on hotel rooms for crew, and even flew my foredecker in from NY for the weekend. If I hadn't had about $1,500 and 8h of transport into it at that point, or I would have left and gone home. Friday racing was what it was. I didn't mind the 'around the islands' too much, but wish the course would have been explained a little better. 5-6 of the boats in the class headed out to a mark we were to round on starboard. Only to realize that everyone else was taking the mark to about .5mi. Having everyone round it to port would have also avoided 1-2 boats running aground while cutting off the corner. After that, it was just a drag race for the next 3h. I can't blame the course for my performance on the second race. I think we were the 2nd boat to the first mark, and then promptly put our kite in the water so we could let the entire fleet...and the next one...cruse on by. O-Well. Saturday was a slow, and cluttered race. We did pretty well, and felt like if we could have hung out another 20-30min, the wind would have picked up. But racing was canceled for the day, and we headed in. From there I got cracked on the head with my spinnaker pole while rigging a sun-shade at the dock. I got to take a helicopter ride to Metro in Cleveland for a quick head/neck CT Synergy didn't get a chance to play on Sunday. I can't comment on that racing. I'm sure I gave people at the dock something to talk about, so that was my little contribution to the weekend. (I got 3 text-messages from people asking if I saw the accident on A-dock.) More than likely that I'll have a J-105 next year, so I'll be back. I should have stayed in Cleveland this year though.
  3. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I need another body or two for Bay Week. If anyone is looking for a ride...we could use a foredecker and/or jib trimmer. email me directly if you're interested. (doug-at-sparkbase-dot-com)
  4. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Quitters... We were SHOCKED when passed by them about 3h after we rounded the break-wall at Lorain.
  5. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    So do I get an "Iron Man" trophy for sticking it out, knowing damn-well I'd be the last boat?
  6. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I didn't make it over today for the awards and results. We were going to head over, and then the heavens opened up and dumped a monsoon on us. I'll head over tomorrow and post a pic if they don't post them by then.
  7. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    As of 1:30, there were still boats out there. Results and awards tomorrow at noon. I won't be able to make it, but was hoping to stop by the clubhouse after the Indians game to see how we did. (poorly)
  8. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    15:52 here. Would have been a LOT shorter of I'd trusted my gut on the last leg and headed out early after the break wall. ( a LOT, I mean about 35min) That'll teach me to open my mouth and ask "how long does this usually take?"
  9. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Roberts Race: Dear God....please make it end.
  10. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    Yeah...I JUST saw that you posted the previous years results. I didn't remember seeing them before. I tried to hustle back here and edit my comment, but you beat me to it.
  11. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I put the .3oz kite on the boat last night...and looks like I'll get a chance to use it! Me moved Synergy to CYC last night. Had a great cruze over. On pretty nights, it's amazing how many people you can get signed up for a delivery sail! (I think we had 9 on board.) Question: How long does this race usually take? Are there records for longest/shortest? ...and I also like that I get to race in the "B Fleet" for a change.
  12. MrDoug

    Lake Erie Anarchy Part 2

    I'm disappointed it wasn't "Lake Erie - Part Deux"
  13. MrDoug


    Anyone ever think about a bigger version of the i550? I've been thinking about trying my hand at designing a 25'-30' sport-boat.
  14. MrDoug

    J/111 Goes Sailing...

    Are those classes backwards? On LE, the PHRF-A boats are the fast ones.
  15. MrDoug

    J35 Anarchist

    Does anyone have a picture of a J35 on Lake Erie called Warlord? I grew up racing against it, and always thought it was a great graphics set.