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  1. All it would take to have something to analyze would be to recover one remaining piece of one failed keel bolt from the hull. Here's a photo of an actual keel bolt that failed over a long period of time, progressively, i.e. not suddenly. "examined the pieces under his microscope and reported that the fastener is not galled, had not been over-torqued, did not appear to have a manufacturing defect, and that the failure was clearly a fatigue failure, most likely as a result of repeated flexing due to the fastener not being tight enough. He indicated that a tell-tale indicator of looseness as the cause was that the fastener failed right at the nut, and that a tell-tale indicator of the progressive failure over time was the staining and depth of the crack which had grown over a long period of time to over 60% of the fastener material before failing completely during the tightening procedure." At least that's what the expert at the forensic engineering firm reported.
  2. Some of the story is here http://www.orc.org/SH%20Columns/SH%20ORC%202016%20Dec.pdf
  3. An empty, un-insulated container that goes overboard and floods would become negatively buoyant. Unless steel is less dense than water ...
  4. FYI, the 1/2 day seminars do not meet the VI360 requirements (as I understand them). Highlights of the 2 day course would have to include the practical drills - flares, rig cutting, PFD & life raft in-the-water drills, ...
  5. Cruising Ports: The Central American Route says 49.5'. See preview link here
  6. An update with the fleet is up on the event website at www.vanisle360.com/wp/entry ...
  7. Of interest to sailors participating in the Van Isle 360, the Offshore Personal Safety (Safety at Sea) schedule for BC has been updated for January – April 2017. Information and online registration links are posted online at www.bcsailing.bc.ca/safetyatsea.php. There are two kinds of classes: 1/2 day Safety at Sea seminars, suitable for Southern Straits and similar coastal races, and 2 day Offshore Personal Safety classes, Sail Canada - World Sailing Approved, suitable for offshore or oceanic races including Van Isle 360, Vic-Maui, etc. Note that 2 day Offshore Personal Safety classes are scheduled for Victoria in January and West Vancouver in March, and that these classes will open for general registration on November 17 at 7:00 a.m. Space is limited and early registration is recommended. Additional classes may be offered, subject to demand and also subject to availability of facilities and instructors. Two pricing notes for the 2 day Offshore Personal Safety classes: (1) Early bird pricing is in effect for people who register early. (2) Renewals: participants who have previously taken this training in BC are eligible for a 25% reduction in the registration fee. For anyone who needs this type of training to participate in an event, we would recommend registering early for a confirmed class. The Van Isle 360 NoR specifies the safety training requirements.
  8. Winds at Lahaina peaked at SE 30 G 35, seas 3-5 feet. Boats: some in harbor, some on moorings with or without an anchor watch. All fine. Moorings very solid, one held a 110,000 pound vessel. Some boats to Honolulu, haven't heard about those.
  9. The post-Darby wave of Vic-Maui boats should start arriving around midnight tonight HST.
  10. I am migrating to a new laptop. I contacted Expedition by email for a replacement license key for the new laptop. Nick replied in under 3 minutes with the new key. You just can't get better than that! That's just the latest experience I've had in something like twelve years of hyper-responsive customer service from Expedition. Go ahead, tell your own story of exceptionally good customer service. It may inspire more people to do business with Expedition. Or, it may inspire other vendors to do a similarly great job for their customers. Either way, it's a win for everyone.
  11. Greenpeace ...
  12. A+T Instruments describes a Fastnet FFD GFD replacement - anyone have any direct experience with these? http://www.aandtinstruments.com/home/products/ http://www.aandtinstruments.com/aandt_wp/wp-content/uploads/2015/12/MFD-Specifications-V1.5.pdf I have no connection to them.
  13. Sometimes the heavy jib is flown as a spinnaker wrap preventer, and for quicker recovery from wipeouts.
  14. Vic-Maui uses a historical wind matrix. The wind matrix used for 2014 is on the event website here 2016 TBD.
  15. Assuming this is a reply to the OP, I think it is correct. I can think of a number of boats that have cockpit drain arrangements that include drains aft through the transom and that do not have 'cockpits opening aft to the sea'. It also seems to me that the proposed opening would more than comply with the cockpit drain cross sectional area required for cockpit drains. 3.09.8 b - in yachts with earliest of age or series date 1/72 and later - at least that of 4 x 20mm diameter (3/4 inch) unobstructed openings or equivalent (italics mine)