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    Sailing in general, scuba diving, long distance sailboat racing, drag racing (also a lifelong gear head but prefer internal combustion stay on land)
  1. Maria

    The 1900 update got our attention. We are in our garage/shop which is 8" of poured concrete on all sides. Should be here in the morning, and the house up top is very heavily constructed from Greenheart and all 316 stainless fasteners. Thwe architect went through Hugo, we told her to design us a 200 year old Danish West Indies tha met modern codes. She did, and we over built it from there. She said she never had clients actually asking her about shear properties of the rebar in the concrete and would it not be better to have the first layer of sheathing at 45 degrees for stiffness. Apparently most of her clients are more concerned are more concerned with the style of faucet. Really liking the off grid power system right now. Starting to hear wind gusts but so far so good. There will be some hurting people here tomorrow. Why we still have phone and internet I do not know.
  2. Maria

    I can assure you that on St. Croix we have noticed. As mentioned we are watching the eye path carefully.
  3. Boiling Atlantic - Lee and Maria

    My house is right under the big three..... My sister just texted me the quote from Sound of Music "How do you solve a problem like Maria...." I am scheduled to fly to Fort Lauderdale on Monday to do a deadweight survey on a big power cat. Probably not going to happen. Already left my wife here for Irma (which gave St. Croix a get out of jail free card relatively speaking) as I could not get back in time. Not going to do the same again.
  4. Irma

    Here is a link to a list of resources compiled by the Caribbean Sailing Association. All our regattas are going ahead as planned. Coming down and participating is one of the best things you can do. https://caribbean-sailing.com/how-to-help-those-devastated-by-hurricane-irma/
  5. Irma

    A lot of people opt for the non battery system to save the money for the battery bank as they are already hooked up to WAPA. In this case they are going grid tied to offset ore eliminate their power bill. Especially if they already own a generator. Problem with generators in extended outages is you have to feed the damn thing. In our case we wanted nothing to do with WAPA plus no poles to site. As far as I know GCY did fine. Not sure about the big cats both where they went and what happened, have not heard much. One person said his fleet did fine other than one cat flipped (not a GCY boat). Will likely hear more in the next few days. Should be home tomorrow. Where did you find the picture of Lady Lynsey?
  6. Irma

    Not sure, but I can see at least 6 just from my house, not counting our place, and we are in a not very densely populated area. Our power is very expensive so a lot of incentive to have PV. They capped the grid tied capacity to I believe 10% (might be 20% now) of the maximum generating capability of the power plant and that limit was hit a couple of years ago. We also have two quite large (for an island of ~ 40000 people) PV farms.
  7. Irma

    Actually, many of those panels are photo voltaic (electricity producing) panels. A lot of places have both. Problem is, unless you have a battery bank they do nothing for you. The vast majority of the PV systems here in the USVI are grid tied and shut off as soon as they sense that the mains are off. This is to protect line workers from getting shocked. When we built our house 5 years ago, the person who installed our system, which is a stand alone with battery bank, said he had installed only one or two others that were stand alone. Many people are surprised when they find out that their grid tied system does not provide back up power. Now starting to wonder about my in-laws an hour east of Pensacola
  8. A remarkable number of people seem to think I have a hidden "design boat" key on my keyboard that I just push and magic happens.
  9. Irma

    Heard from my wife, she came through fine. Will check outside tomorrow. That 40 miles farther South made a big difference, I suspect tomorrow will show St. Croix sustained less damage. Plus we are on the East side of a hill so sheltered from the westerly winds.
  10. Irma

    Thanks. Been messaging her, so far so good. Lost internet, something might have hit the antenna on our porch. Has heard some rocks hit the house but nothing serious so far. We are farther south so in a better position than St. Thomas or BVI. I was on Three Little Birds. That 6 hours of drifting was painful but it was a great ride in.
  11. Irma

    Just talked to wife at home on St. Croix. House is battened down and as ready as can be. Very strong structure and off grid so she will have power. I was up in the states doing the Vineyard Race on a tri I designed and was drifting in Long Island Sound when Irma really developed and no way to get back in time. Starting to feel some wind gusts but no rain bands yet. Close to 800 feet up so no storm surge clearly. Track starting to show a turn to 285 at 2300. Looking bad for Anegada. The storm surge numbers for the Bahamas are really bad.
  12. Capsized 57' Catamaran rescued

    Aquidneck Custom builds a top notch boat. All the major structure appears sound, based on the photos in the link. Even the pilothouse windows are still intact. You might be surprised (in a good way) at the weight.
  13. 2017 Heineken Results - Offshore Multihulls

    Triple Jack is 47 feet, Kelsall design Great boat and great group of people to sail with.
  14. RORC Caribbean 600

    That was certainly a discussion we were having on Lucky this year. Still, great race. I would hardly call it uninspiring. The conditions were all over the place. Everything from 30+ squalls to calms where you could light a candle on deck. I kept on telling the rest of the crew (all from Michigan and very experienced, I was the token Caribbean crew member) this is not typical Caribbean weather. Great challenge, and with the conditions being atypical it meant even those of us who live here had to rethink our assumptions of where to go, what will the conditions be in a few hours etc. Lucky Strike can certainly ghost along in the light stuff. Yes, shame about Morticia. Spoke with them briefly a couple of days before the start and they were in the thick of working on the boat. Seemed to be a very nice group of people, and quite an honour that they would come halfway around the world to sail in the race. Saw them sailing the Friday before the start and they were cooking. Must say, the crew on the HH 66 were very friendly and excited about the boat.
  15. RORC Caribbean 600

    It certainly was at times. At around 0200 on Thursday I stood on the starboard ama of Lucky Strike and just rotated 360 degrees seeing if I could feel anything different from any direction using feel of wind on cheeks in ears whatever. Could have lit a candle on deck and the flame would have gone straight up. Fortunately that boat will ghost in light stuff.