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  1. Greenflash

    what is it?

    some kind of autonomous drone ship upside down. like this but not this:
  2. Greenflash

    Gunboat 68

    You're absolutely right, you need a V-type split around the fattest part of the mold.
  3. Greenflash

    Gunboat 68

    Happy to! Definitely prefer to build the bows in one go, but it becomes a little hard with certain other constraints/must-haves: The reverse bow means it becomes extremely tight in the bottom. You can glue the hullside on but then all the taping has to be done from the outside. I've done this before on a similar type of boat and it does work, just means you have a bit more fine tuning to do on the inside before gluing to ensure a really good blind glue joint. That being said, VPLP really wanted a proper crash bow, our detail is very similar to most of their offshore tri's: The hull skins all join together aft of the bow (what you see on 6802) and the bow, which is completely filled with core and has an area of solid Carbon/G10 in the very tip, is this glued on and taped around the outside into pre-made recesses to avoid the taping bumps. They go even further than that with their detailed skin join details. I can't give away too much but it is cleverly done so that the bow can be completely ripped off without the hull skins being compromised. This also means that if (when) someone crushes a bow we can send them a new one and any good boatbuilder can cut away the old one and attach the new one. We did try to go one step further and actually built the bow molds off the same plug with alignment pins, which means you can just glue the bows on in the mold and everything is perfectly aligned without a lot of hours. Shoutout to "CbrosTheDude" who noticed 6802 does not have her bows attached and upon demold, 6801 did. In fact, when we checked the bow mold to the hull mold before starting 6802 we noticed that one of the flanges had warped a little because it didn't have the best reinforcement from the mold maker. We decided we will attach 6802 bows the oldschool way (no less quality, just more hours!) and then solidly fix that mold flange for the next boat OR make a jig for post-bonding. Just the usual little surprises in boatbuilding you need to keep a wary eye for and be reactive to. Cheers, G
  4. Greenflash

    VOR Leg 11 Gothenburg to The Hague

    Hell yeah let's do this! Torn because I am a long time Dongfeng supporter, but wish the other two win so one of those Kiwi boys get a 'triple crown'... and secretly rooting for the Yellow boat because of their amazing comeback! Will be a distracting few days!
  5. Greenflash

    Sailing anywhere between Perpignan and Montpelier

    There's a little sailing club with Nacras and Hobies next to the Outremer/Gunboat factory in La Grande Motte. Pretty touristy (very French) June-September though. You shouldn't have trouble finding places to hire little boats along the French coastline. Enjoy!
  6. Greenflash

    Gunboat 68

    Yep, our model builder has taken some initiative with the board design! That mini-68 arrived here all banged up from the travel... we managed to repaint her in time for the boat show but the boards will have to be sorted later on. Fortunately tonight we're having a few drinks next to the real thing...
  7. Greenflash

    Gunboat 68

    I'll take the journalists article from 2015 with a pinch of salt. The Gunboat 60, 55 series, the HH66 "Flash", HH55 Minnehaha are all sailing around quite happily with swept back bows and forward cockpits. In fact, the Irens (GB60,55)and VPLP designs (GB68) with the exterior design done by Chedal Anglay have rounded bow sections, I've personally seen how this is more effective in allowing water slamming against the hulls to peel over the top of the hull and shed the water, rather than creating a great big splash of water. These boats are drier as a result. There will always be situations where you get some spray, at that point I would go hang out at the aft bucket seat and tiller, or close the doors, put the autopilot on and open a beer. Remember, we don't have 'pure' wave piercing bows meant to plough deep through waves like floats on a Ultim, this is a cruising boat first and a racing boat second, the bows are designed with huge volume for sails and toy storage space, you aren't submarining these things in day to day sailing.
  8. Greenflash

    Gunboat 68

    Hi guys! This is all a bit subjective and I was certainly throwing the word 'axe' around loosely. I would say between a reverse/wave piercing and a reverse or swept back axe bow...probably more towards an axe bow. A pure wave piercing bow is what you find on Macif floats for instance, Macif was indeed an inspiration for the bow design during the conception of the Gunboat 68. Here's an interesting article from a few years back that tried to sum in up. Now, please stop posting photos of steel ships, they are making me cringe!
  9. Greenflash

    Gunboat 68

    I won’t try to get into the nitty-gritty of naval architecture behind this (because I’ll probably embarrass myself!) but in short: yes, there has been significant development of hullshapes over the past fifteen years (the 62 hull was drawn about 15 years ago!). The hullshapes are drawn with a computer, but so were they 15 years ago. The radical difference has come in the form of much better CFD analysis. You’ll notice a similar pattern throughout the raceboat world, even in monohulls with boats becoming faster the hull bottom is flatter because it is less in displacement mode less often. The other striking – and let’s face it, most badass – difference are the axe bows, but the more important thing is a fuller bow section down low to keep the nose up. For the Gunboat 68, VPLP have run several different hullshapes in their CFD program to optimize the hull for the very wide range of displacements it will see from racing to world cruising.
  10. Greenflash


    I take back what I said about people being too harsh on Brian Hancock. I read his latest post on the FP with great interest, hoping that after the response his controversial article received, he would have a more sincere tone, or REACT... somehow. The summary article is not only hurried and boring, he gives John this mention: "It was tense sailing made all the more tense after the news that John Fisher, crew aboard Team Sun Hung Kai Scallywag, had been washed overboard and was lost at sea. " Tense? No shit. There is no sincerity or weight to the words and that is really disappointing!
  11. Greenflash

    Gunboat 68

    I am by no means soma's replacement but I will be sharing some Anarchists' exclusive updates from time to time direct from the factory and happy to answer any questions I can. In this photo we have just moved the boat into the assembly area in the brand new factory. All the furniture is in the forefront ready to be fitted. We moved into this factory about 2 months ago, the lamination shop is all set up, as is the fairing room. The assembly area you see here is still getting some final touches. The Gunboat 68 in grey is awlgrip finish primer that we made a little more glossy, put the boat out in the sun and checked the fairness. I can tell you that thanks to our awesome hull tooling there isn't much fairing on this! The boat will be painted a custom metallic once the deck is bonded. A huge shoutout and thank you to soma for the vision he had on the project, he added incredibly valuable real world insights during the creation of the Gunboat 68!
  12. Greenflash


    To be clear: I am not defending his actions, I just like to see a fair playing field. 1- He was definitely too soon to comment. 3- I see he said they searched for 2 hours and gave up, although probably in his mind meant to be factual that can be read as very 'mean', especially by the crew, so NOT good! Like it or not, hot and nasty debates like this do often create good outcomes for the future, you have to rip the scab off a sore subject to heal properly. Safety will be at the forefront of the new boat's conception and if blue water knee deep in cockpit is not deemed a major safety issue then I will fully support the people with real world experience! Period.
  13. Greenflash


    I think people are being a little unfair on Brian, his timing was a little 'too soon', but he at least has the guts to raise his concerns about the ultra-wet deck and that nothing is being done about it in the future edition. Agree or not, he wasn't shitting on John's loss, he was in my opinion obviously devastated by it and was lashing out in his own way. I don't agree or disagree that he is being a dick, you decide - but it is really going too far to say he is NOT sad or he is disrespecting John's life. The way I see it he is fighting against the wrongs that HE perceives contributed to him dying. Misguided or not, at least he is fighting - and that means something in my book. Sail on...
  14. Greenflash

    3 D Printed sailboat

    I think printing plugs is interesting but would be EVEN more interesting if we could get the resolution and strength to print molds directly. I image you could get strength in the mold by using fiber half way through the process. Joining high def plastic printing with one of the "tape laying" technologies should mean some pretty interesting strength and finish properties. I'm certainly watching this space closely!