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  1. RedTuna

    North American deep freeze

    Ever hear of USC and HELE? CCS-SG EGUs? LNS-CAP? Fluidized bed combustion (going back 40 years, just for you)? No, because you're just another fuckwit with a ignorant opinion. But to be fair, I'm just another fuckwit with an informed, technical opinion.
  2. RedTuna

    North American deep freeze

    You're right. I stand corrected. I remember the bitter cold snap and icing but do not remember any blackouts. But I see now ERCOT was about 7000 MW down on 2/2/11 but the numbers improved hourly. It was over in eight hours.
  3. RedTuna

    North American deep freeze

    Engineering risk management and reliability margins involve economic cost. Hard enough to manage/guesstimate risk for something that has never ever happened before, but how exactly does one spread that increased economic cost across all energy sources without putting energy costs beyond the reach of the poor? As a mechanical engineer, I'm a fan of clean coal-fired steam turbines. My fair city, 7th largest in the nation, is down to its last two units, generating just 18% of our power. Less than two weeks ago, city officials were publicly discussing shutting them down well before they were amortized and well before the end of their economic lives. And replacing them with primarily solar and a gas turbines. With about a 25% bump in consumer utility cost. Hopefully, the last week's nightmare has them rethinking it. Oh, has it made it into the mainstream that the Dept of Energy refused Texas' request to exceed normal emission requirements for each energy plant that did not go off line?
  4. RedTuna

    rs aero

    Email sent. Thanks, Todd. The last week has been an interesting ride.
  5. RedTuna

    rs aero

    I hope it was a second Aero from LCYC and not Chuck's. Thought I might just head to Kolius in Houston and buy a new one. Special order, apparently. 8-10 weeks after order, but with the plague, who really knows how long. Guess I'll just take a wait and see for now. And thanks for the back road directions to LCYC. I used to play on those roads 35-50 years ago when there wasn't much of anything other than the Salt Lick and Camp Ben's swimming hole in that area. Devil's Backbone was a great place to ride a motorcycle or look at the night skies before all the light pollution. Brings back some other great memories, too, however foggy or... But I live in San Antonio, not near LCYC. If I'd known what a nightmare RR 620, Hwy 71 and I35 were going to be I'd have gone to Dripping Springs and taken 281. Last several days have been a real ride. Electricity is back but now that it's defrosting, no water. Freeze killed the pumps' juice and drained the water tower a few blocks away. Hope you've managed to stay safe and warm.
  6. RedTuna

    Graphics on Dinghy Gennakers

    DaveK airbrushed his Weta's screecher years ago. Looked even better in person.
  7. RedTuna

    All-New Velocitek ProStart

    Any success adding a shift indicator yet? Probably my favorite feature on my Speedpuck. Speaking of which, will they ever be in stock again?
  8. RedTuna

    rs aero

    Thanks, Fred. Tried to PM you but it said you cannot receive messages. Don't have your phone or email and I forget your business' name. Looking for a fairly stock boat that hasn't been abused and not much rubbing-is-racing damage. Sail(s) suitable for club racing. Haven't kept up with the available updates but I see there are a few from watching Peter Barton's videos. If you're wanting to build a circuit fleet, I'm not a good candidate. I intend to sail only at LCYC. I detest highway travel, especially I-35. Damages my calm and harshes my mellow after racing. Took me almost four hours to get back to San Antonio last time I raced at AYC, two of which just to get back to 35. Larry
  9. RedTuna

    rs aero

    Dead thread but Spring is just around the corner. Anyone know of any used Aero 9s in Texas? One also with a 7 rig would be even better. Chartered one at Wurstfest '16 and regret not buying one of the boats immediately afterward.
  10. RedTuna

    Rethinking the drug war

    It's not just a libertarian or liberal view. Conservative William F Buckley's National Review published an issue devoted to the drug war back in 95 or 96. Although he was against drug use, the war's impact on a free society outweighed the risk.
  11. RedTuna

    Jerry Jeff Walker --- DTS

    Well, damn. This sucks, but he lasted a lot longer than I would have guessed after watching him self destruct for a while. I'm glad he lived a full life, sad that he suffered. I first met him at a burger joint on 19th Street in Austin in '73 or '74. I was fumbling for change in my pocket because I didn't want to break a bill for ten or fifteen cents. Guy behind me said, "I got it, I got it." Turned around to thank him and it was Jerry Jeff. Which I thought was pretty cool until I realized I was holding up the line. This was one of those joints where the only seating was picnic tables out front on the drive. Then he joined me. Wanted to know where I'd gotten my electric blue ostrich skin cowboy boots. Told him I wasn't exactly sure, as they'd turned up on my feet at some point during a road trip to Colorado in my bus a few months earlier. Which he found amusing and understandable, given the era. I guess he imprinted on them because he remembered me by name a couple times later when our paths crossed, even though I'd cut my hair and shaved. A genuinely nice guy. RIP
  12. RedTuna

    water from air

    Moisture farming is so hot right now.
  13. Looks like the NYTimes is monitoring #PS752 for information. "Obtained" and "verified." Man, they suck.
  14. Sorry. I was agreeing with you, but in a hurry to leave the house. Anyone seen this yet? Purportedly, the missile strike. We'll see if confirmed. ps752 missile hit.mp4