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  1. Cool beans; good info. So, with a little internet sleuthing, some 19 and 17 years for the 200 and 400 before updates, respectively, with the sails updates driven primarily by unavailability of the original sail material. And RS went through the class associations with their proposals. I like that. A lot.
  2. As manufacturer controlled one designs go, how have RS done with other boats over the long run? Kept to the baseline or periodic updates to the original?
  3. Can we get back to writing happy thoughts about K8's kid coming home? Or going to Mars, maybe?
  4. Go ahead, Weta Marine. Keep making significant changes and upgrades every two years or so to these wonderful little trimarans. But stop calling it a one design for racing. #212
  5. In the last year, I kept seeing an odd assortment of old warbirds flying low overhead when walking the dog a morning or two a week. Oh my goodness, there's no mistaking a Tigercat profile accompanied by a Corsair. Double OMG, is that a Wildcat bringing up the rear? Then I realized that the B-26 I'd seen a couple times had wings that were not quite right. Turns out it's an A-20 Havoc. Oh, cool a Thunderbolt and Lightning. What the hell is a red star doing on a B-25? Speaking of what the hell, what the hell is going on week after week? I'm not seeing any airshows anywhere in the area so regularly. Where are these guys coming from, going to, and why are going through SA International? Turns out they're not transient aircraft. I just found out some three dozen privately owned warbirds live near me, all in flying condition. Could you imagine rolling into work on any given Wednesday and say, "You know, I don't feel like working today. I think I'll go fly Glacier Girl. Lemme see if I can find someone to come play with me." Yeah, that Glacier Girl. http://www.lewisairlegends.com/ I need to find a way into that hanger. I know a guy who knows a guy...
  6. Cool beans, K8. I'm so very happy for you.
  7. So I might not need to lose 25 pounds to be competitive against the younger, fit guys after all?
  8. Wow, talk about glamour shots. More please.
  9. Yeah, Jon Britt at Nor'banks. When I had trouble getting my "local" dealer some 200 miles away to respond to demo requests, Jon sold me that thrice used demo boat for a great price, since he actually owned it as the importer. I think that was 2010. Stand up guy. My Weta, sitting on it's dolly in a Road King trailer, is about 17.5 feet long. Without the rudder installed, which takes maybe a minute to put on. I don't believe trailing it with the rudder installed would be wise. It's about 5.6 feet wide on the trailer. You should be able to get a good 2008-2010 boat for $8k, but you may have to bump it up a little. Early boats don't have a continuous furler for the screecher but some have retrofitted them; I forget what year that started. Nice but no worries without it; rigging tape around the bottom of the drum base prevents overrides. Sub-300 series boats like mine also didn't come with bungie cords on the ama port covers, but they can be added. You'll find out why that'd be nice when you watch some capsize videos. The boats are stout. For an unknown boat, I'd probably be mostly concerned about the daggerboard trunk if the boat had grounded at speed. Lots of good info, pictures and people in the Yahoo Weta group. Private, so one needs to join it. Nose around a bit and then ask away. https://groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/Weta-Trimarans/files
  10. For what you've wasted in electricity, you might consider an inline flow meter alarm. And from what you've said was leaking from positive head, I'm guessing your pipe size is about 3/4" ID so an alarm wouldn't be all that expensive. I'm curious what kind of pump you have. I would have guessed a positive displacement, but leaking eight gallons a minute through it seems counterintuitive. Or maybe I just came here so I could say net positive suction head required. It's been a while.
  11. Be happy. Maybe someday the technology on it may lead to a compact fuel cell for your sailboat. I'm curious if they're going to produce gaseous hydrogen or liquid hydrogen peroxide to power a fuel cell.
  12. The recall is for a master cylinder replacement. Anyone who thinks that is a 0.9 hour job should be made to do it themselves. Just be glad you dont have a Ford Fusion. You cant even SEE the MCYL without ripping half of the engine compartment apart. And make sure they bled the shit out of the brake system. MS Easy peasy lemon squeezy. It would have taken me a couple hours, most likely. But then I tend to drink beer, smoke cigars, and talk to neighbors whilst "working." After my last trip to the stealership for an oil change when the mech didn't reset the oil life or hook the IAT sensor back up, I was going to put my Mityvac bleeder on to check. But it's been raining a lot around here and seems fine. Oh, right. Rain. I guess that's one of the reasons why I was pissed about being stuck at the dealership for so long. When I made my recall appointment, I intended to ride the Trek on a nearby greenbelt trail. Of course, we had thunderstorms rolling through. I couldn't even wander the sales lot.
  13. That's mean. I sincerely, whole heartedly, and remorsefully apologize if I appear ablist to you, but I believe you meant below mean intelligence. If not, well then...
  14. My GF finally gets to go in tomorrow for her Honda Fit. I spent a good part of yesterday at a Ford dealership for my 2013 F150 master cylinder recall. Amazing how ineffective their appointment schedule is and how long it takes for a job that says 0.9 hours to complete.