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  1. RedTuna

    Rethinking the drug war

    It's not just a libertarian or liberal view. Conservative William F Buckley's National Review published an issue devoted to the drug war back in 95 or 96. Although he was against drug use, the war's impact on a free society outweighed the risk.
  2. RedTuna

    Jerry Jeff Walker --- DTS

    Well, damn. This sucks, but he lasted a lot longer than I would have guessed after watching him self destruct for a while. I'm glad he lived a full life, sad that he suffered. I first met him at a burger joint on 19th Street in Austin in '73 or '74. I was fumbling for change in my pocket because I didn't want to break a bill for ten or fifteen cents. Guy behind me said, "I got it, I got it." Turned around to thank him and it was Jerry Jeff. Which I thought was pretty cool until I realized I was holding up the line. This was one of those joints where the only seating was picnic tables out front on the drive. Then he joined me. Wanted to know where I'd gotten my electric blue ostrich skin cowboy boots. Told him I wasn't exactly sure, as they'd turned up on my feet at some point during a road trip to Colorado in my bus a few months earlier. Which he found amusing and understandable, given the era. I guess he imprinted on them because he remembered me by name a couple times later when our paths crossed, even though I'd cut my hair and shaved. A genuinely nice guy. RIP
  3. RedTuna

    water from air

    Moisture farming is so hot right now.
  4. Looks like the NYTimes is monitoring #PS752 for information. "Obtained" and "verified." Man, they suck.
  5. Sorry. I was agreeing with you, but in a hurry to leave the house. Anyone seen this yet? Purportedly, the missile strike. We'll see if confirmed. ps752 missile hit.mp4
  6. RedTuna

    Buck Henry DTS

    Screw 'The Graduate." My favorite was his script for 'Candy' in '68 or '69. Oh, shit. I've been saying, "Rubatubdub," whenever I scratch my back on a tree for over half a century now. I don't have a hump, though.
  7. I was an engine weenie. Conducted 12-15 Safety or Accident Investigations per year for well over a decade. I'd have thrown that NTSB expert off any team I was involved in. I've seen most of the pictures from PS752 and reached no conclusion except that one engine was still turning and burning upon impact.
  8. Yeah, really. ADSB went blank while still climbing. And no IFE declared, as far as I know. Anyone know where the transponder switch is?
  9. Sorry. He's busy putting kiddie porn on Nobel laureate Paul Krugman's computer.
  10. Pretty common assumption since the bad orange man was elected.
  11. Have yet to see that pic in context of the crash site, and it's all over the place. And yet tineye didn't find it when I uploaded it. Best to let the hysteria die down before reaching any conclusions.
  12. RedTuna

    What's in your arsenal??

    Although my friends were shooting antique trapdoors, I wanted a falling block .45-70 Govt that could handle modern loads, so got one of these about 25 years ago. And then realized it could be punishing with the amount of shooting we were doing. Found that 10 grains of Unique would push a 405 and 420 grain slug all afternoon just fine.
  13. RedTuna

    "National Cleavage Day"

    I have the weirdest boner right now. razor tits.mp4
  14. RedTuna

    Foiling is ruining sailing

    Yeah, if it's his jet, that is a likely career ending maneuver.