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  1. Farr 25 OD Videos

  2. ORC and sport boats

    First season we are racing now in Turkey with ORC Sportboat. The last race of the season was a 25nm coastal race, that took the fastest boats approx. 2,5 hours, the slowest boats took around 4 hours. At the end the top 5 boats were separated by less than a minute on corrected time, with a Farr25 taking 1st place, a Laser SB3 taking second place, another Farr25 taking 3rd place being separated from a Platu25 by less than a second. The years before we raced under SMS rating, but this year things got tighter, which encouraged more teams to join.
  3. J70, cheating and pros

    Alan, please also give some love and attention to team Eker from Turkey. The owner runs a big Yoghurt business in Istanbul and races also with a Melges32 in the European series. He has a young and very enthusiastic team and would deserve some attention. If you find them, just send best regards from TamTam Racing. We trained with them in Istanbul with our Farr25 and were impressed by how fast they came to speed. Cheers and many thanks!
  4. J70, cheating and pros

    Is it just me, or this happening more in Italy than elsewhere? I remember Italian teams shaping keels in the Melges 24 (with Nicola Celon even loosing a keel in a windy North German European Championship back in 2007), the recent Scugnizza DSQ in the 2016 ORC Europeans in Greece, the rule bending in the 2016 ORC Sportboat Europeans in Italy to allow non sportboats to the fleet, and now this in Porto Cervo... Not that I am full with prejudices (actually I like Italy), but this is a bit more than just co-incidence...
  5. Smart Watch

    Hi Neal, just a quick question regarding Android support of iRegatta. I remember some months ago I read on iRegatta's offical website that Zifigo stopped Android development and only focused on IOS. Is this no more true? If so I would immediately think about buying an Android Smartwatch...
  6. Hi everyone, with numbers more and more declining for the major events all over the globe, I was wondering what makes people attend races? I want to do a survey on this and want to include different factors to better understand how strong these factors influence the decision to drive to an event. So first of all, I try to identify the most common factors and was hoping that you would give me your thoughts on this. So far I was thinking of the following factors Distance to Travel Average Wind Speed at Event Venue Expected Fleet Size Number of Groups (Divisions) Expected Weather (Air and Sea Temperature) Entry Fee Sea vs. Lake Venue Event Integration Event Importance (National, Continental, Worlds, Series) Hotel/Accommodation Costs Any other factors that come to your mind? Any help is really appreciated. As I plan to send my insights to ORC to help them improve race planning, any support might help us all having better attended events in the future. Cheers!
  7. Team Eker (Melges 32 and J/70) invited Farr25 OneDesign (Hull1) to some training. Here are some impressions:
  8. Another Farr25 got delivered to Lake Neuchatel. It will sail as SUI 2506 (Hull6). Here some first impressions: Sails from Top voiles Sàrl
  9. What's the best small sport boat to buy?

    Farr25: Flying in the breeze, but also doing very well in the light. Hull1 became second in 2015's ORC Sportboat Europeans that saw some heavy breeze and some very light winds. In last year's Bol d'Or in Switzerland Hull5 was beating many many larger boats and finished in the 30s (sailed time) out of 500 boats. The race was mostly in very light winds. I just bought Hull4 and I am mega happy with it. In our first sportboat race we faced a really good crowd of ex Olympic sailors, a Melges32 team and some other good teams. In the 20 boat fleet we immediately (and totally undeserved) secured 5th place, despite having the boat for very little time and being a totally new team on the block. Given the very recent price and the low maintain efforts (crew between 4 to 5 people) this boat is a budget grand prix racer. 7 boats racing now in Turkey, Australia, Switzerland and Germany. As far as I know the manufacturer has 2 hulls ready right now and would be willing to give a US discount to get a boat over. Just let me know, if I can help? Doing well in the light too...
  10. This year's Bol d'Or rewarded sailors with awesome but tricky conditions. While the way north included some long and hard upwind action, going back to Geneva allowed the crews to enjoy some epic downwind rides. Here is some onboard footage from www.farr25.ch (Farr25, Hull#5) and Team Cold Duck (Quant 30). Guess they all wished the lake would be significantly larger, once the kites were up. The Farr25 team reports that the overtook almost 90 boats during the downwind. The Quant guys also said that they caught many of the much larger boats during the epic downwind.
  11. We did it with the Turkish crew last year, and our Swiss friends are going to do it this year on their own. They are not only great racers, but do also know some really nice video people. Here some more footage from the French championships:
  12. Hulls 1 (TUR2501) and 4 (TUR 2502) in a tacking battle to the finish line of race1 Race 2 start with 20 very different sportboat designs Hull1 getting some attention and admiration from the next sportboat racer generation
  13. Besides SUI 2505 great success on the weekend, getting second place in division L of the French Sportboat Championships, three more Farr25s were racing in Istanbul's sportboat series last weekend. Here some nice pictures Hulls 3 (foreground) and 4 (background) on a close downwind run.
  14. Congratulations to www.farr25.ch (Hull #5) SUI 2505 for securing second place in the French Sportboat Championship (Classe L) last weekend. The team was only beaten by a very well sailed Longtze Premier and became second in the 32 boat group. Some footage: https://www.facebook.com/farr25switzerland/videos/1316414931812026/ and the results are here: http://evenements.ffvoile.fr/media/309971/championnat_france_g.htm#GRP_4
  15. Some footage from GER 2504 training 2 weeks ago...