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  1. Farr25: Flying in the breeze, but also doing very well in the light. Hull1 became second in 2015's ORC Sportboat Europeans that saw some heavy breeze and some very light winds. In last year's Bol d'Or in Switzerland Hull5 was beating many many larger boats and finished in the 30s (sailed time) out of 500 boats. The race was mostly in very light winds. I just bought Hull4 and I am mega happy with it. In our first sportboat race we faced a really good crowd of ex Olympic sailors, a Melges32 team and some other good teams. In the 20 boat fleet we immediately (and totally undeserved) secured 5th place, despite having the boat for very little time and being a totally new team on the block. Given the very recent price and the low maintain efforts (crew between 4 to 5 people) this boat is a budget grand prix racer. 7 boats racing now in Turkey, Australia, Switzerland and Germany. As far as I know the manufacturer has 2 hulls ready right now and would be willing to give a US discount to get a boat over. Just let me know, if I can help? Doing well in the light too...
  2. This year's Bol d'Or rewarded sailors with awesome but tricky conditions. While the way north included some long and hard upwind action, going back to Geneva allowed the crews to enjoy some epic downwind rides. Here is some onboard footage from www.farr25.ch (Farr25, Hull#5) and Team Cold Duck (Quant 30). Guess they all wished the lake would be significantly larger, once the kites were up. The Farr25 team reports that the overtook almost 90 boats during the downwind. The Quant guys also said that they caught many of the much larger boats during the epic downwind.
  3. We did it with the Turkish crew last year, and our Swiss friends are going to do it this year on their own. They are not only great racers, but do also know some really nice video people. Here some more footage from the French championships:
  4. Hulls 1 (TUR2501) and 4 (TUR 2502) in a tacking battle to the finish line of race1 Race 2 start with 20 very different sportboat designs Hull1 getting some attention and admiration from the next sportboat racer generation
  5. Besides SUI 2505 great success on the weekend, getting second place in division L of the French Sportboat Championships, three more Farr25s were racing in Istanbul's sportboat series last weekend. Here some nice pictures Hulls 3 (foreground) and 4 (background) on a close downwind run.
  6. Congratulations to www.farr25.ch (Hull #5) SUI 2505 for securing second place in the French Sportboat Championship (Classe L) last weekend. The team was only beaten by a very well sailed Longtze Premier and became second in the 32 boat group. Some footage: https://www.facebook.com/farr25switzerland/videos/1316414931812026/ and the results are here: http://evenements.ffvoile.fr/media/309971/championnat_france_g.htm#GRP_4
  7. Some footage from GER 2504 training 2 weeks ago...
  8. Great insights! Thanks! I am slightly biased towards the Farr25 as I recently bought hull #4. I agree with the One Design aspect, but right now I just see many sportboat classes dying because of the huge success of the J/70 (even the Melges24 is suffering a lot). So if I want to race real OneDesign there is for me on international level only the J/70. But I admire Switzerland and especially the French speaking part for preserving these amazing fleets like the Surprise. I think it is quiet rare to see things like this. The Farr25 offers me the benefit of racing well in handicap too. The boat became in 2015 Vice European ORC Sportboat Champion and is doing quiet well in IRC too. So that's compensating me for the lack of a larger One Design fleet. And yeah, it is quiet comfortable to race with. Especially easy to helm and delivers a lot of power. I was astonished to see how well she did in this race, finishing apparently all races as first boat crossing the line. The people behind the project did a nice job in designing the boat and perfecting it. Unfortunately they then stopped and never promoted the boat well. Still I have hope that some people understand the benefit of it and see the great value (for a very reasonable price) of the boat. I very much like the Joker. I started racing with Skiffs and soon went on to race with the large Libera yachts on Garda, Lake Constance and Lake Leman. Some years ago I even raced with an Asso99 around the Island of Fyn in South Denmark in the Baltic Sea. These Santarelli designed boats are awesome lake racers and still have a huge potential. Also for a very little investment...
  9. Agreed I am surprised by the low TCF rating of the Dolphin. 1.055 compared to the Farr25's 1.076. In ORC I see the Dolphin 81 with a GPH between 605 and 618 and the Farr25 with a rating between 621 and 627. How does this come? I am not complaining nor excusing anything, as I am sure that the Dolphin was sailed extremely well and deserved the victory very much. Just confused that in ORC the Dolphin needs to be ahead and that in TCF the Farr25 needs to be ahead. From what I see (and my apologies for my ignorance) the Dolphin is very similar to the Joker, so the boat should indeed be very fast. Any ideas?
  10. Looks like rather little wind...
  11. Congratulations to Horia Grassu and Sebastien Scherthenleib for finishing second with their Farr25 SUI 2505 in the Coupe Farewell on Lake Neuchatel in Switzerland racing under Swiss Rating Handicap TCF. Very surprised and delighted to see how well the Farr25 is doing against other recent sportboat designs like the FarEast28 finishing in all 4 races ahead in handicap and sailed time and securing first ship across the line in all races. Another Farr25 is heading to Switzerland mid of May growing the fleet there to two boats. Farr25s now sailing in Turkey (3), Switzerland (2), Germany (1), and Australia (1). http://www.manage2sail.com/fr-CH/event/d3d98100-d0f9-49ec-a096-06607cbb3dba#!/results?classId=29d5cc2b-c5dd-4953-bfdf-8a890c899b2e
  12. I guess you are aware of the fact that ORC has more options than GPH and the triple scores. When using performance curve (supposing you have ORC Int instead of ORC Club) you would not only compensate for different wind conditions but also for the different types of courses sailed. This makes scoring even more fair. I agree that comparing very different types of boats (planing vs. landmines) is impossible for any type of rating rule. But you can cope with this using different rating groups like ORC1 to 3 or like now applied by the new ORC Sportboat rule that learnt from the past 2 Europeans and tries to distinguish between different types of sportboats (including trapez boats). I raced my Farr25 under different rating rules (ORC, IRC and SMS) and tend to like ORC most, as long as no one tries to cheat the rule. I still have my issues with last year's ORC sportboat europeans in very light air with very specifically optimized non sporties... but this is another story... also I don't want to sound like a bad looser... For what I see in the US (with the fleets you are currently racing with), I believe ORC is the best option available. I guess the next ORC Europeans in Riga will also deliver more insights. Unfortunately I will not be able to attend them, as traveling from Turkey to Riga involves too much costs this year. But I am certainly attending the 2018s in France (rumors talk about Hyeres on the Cote d'Azur, which would be awesome).
  13. You might wanna have a look at the Farr25 too. Farr Yacht Sales can help you with the import. More agile than the Esse, quick, easy to sail and a true killer under ORC and IRC. Hull1 became Vice European ORC Sportboat Champion 2015. I just bought hull4 second hand and I am mega happy with the boat. Build quality is amazing. Equipment is highest quality (all Harken, Spinlock, Karver). Hulls 6 and 7 have just been shipped to Switzerland. New race ready boat comes around 54k USD (ex factory Istanbul/Turkey, plus VAT) including sails (Main, Jib, and A1) and cradle.
  14. Farr25 SUI 2505 at Bol d'Or Mirabaud 2016. In a fleet of more than 500 boats the little Farr25 became the 31st monohull to cross the finish line, taking line honors in their class TCF3. Most surprisingly only 5 boats from the next bigger class (TCF2) finished in front of the Farr25 (these were 4 Toucans and a JPK 998). It was the first time the Farr25 competed in the famous Bol D'Or race on Lake Geneva. With some other excellent results over the season on Lake Leman and Lake Neuchatel, the boat attracted serious interest resulting in one more order so that in 2017 already two Farr25s will race in Bol D'Or Mirabaud. https://ibb.co/kqTmka