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  1. Not many AC72s in these drawings. Just OR and TNZ I guess! What will Bruno have to say about it? "It was the best Louis Vuitton series ever. That AC72's are the boats of the future for the America's Cup. We congratulate China Team on their upset win over Team Korea in the first all Asia Louis Vuitton and we wish them well against Oracle in what should be the best America's Cup in decades.?
  2. America's Cup has always been "too rich" and was never "sustainable" if by that Dalton means makes a profit. Or Bertarelli or Valencia and Spain or Auckland and New Zealand and Bertarelli, Ellison and Bertelli. It's the America's Cup, the richest race in the world, someone always pays. That has been the case with every winner weather from city/state (New Zealand) to billionaire Bertarelli to billionaire Ellison.
  3. I think you have it upside down. The $5M is what it costs AC34 to stage an AC45 race. Worth is saying that cities need to figure out how their city can get $5M from an AC45 event. And is the $5M a total cash fee paid to AC45 or is it in return for goods and services, police, trash, road closures etc. For tourist towns like San Francisco, using its 400,000 additional tourists, it can monetize fairly accurately. Naples reported did pay the $5M "fee" but Naples may feel, after watching the Cascias and Plymouth events, that AC45 provides $5M in excellent worldwide advertising value to them to help boost the cities image and proflle. Many here dis Naples as being trashy and crime ridden so there does seem to be good reason for Naples to spend money advertising itself, to change its image. AC45 is offering a very upscale event. Millions will watch online and thing "Naples = Yacht Racing". AC45 has to careful that cities that can make the $5M cost work may not be good places to showcase the race. Basically you want a Plymouth, a place with strong winds for an exciting event with crowds on shore. San Diego is likely to be a snoozer where people will say..."I don't get it, what's so exciting about this?"
  4. It's the vast hardwing conspiracy.
  5. The real news from the Embarcadero....hey check it out...someone gave it its own topic.
  6. It's outside GGYC's give a hoot zone which is why Peter Huston is posting on some wacky internet blog. No one here represents GGYC , that's one of the oddball conspiracy theories here which is why it is a wacky internet blog. So there was no reaction to Peter Huston's comments from GGYC or AC34. You are talking about someone (Peter Huston) who thinks one the wackiest posters on the wacky internet blog, Magua, is a "thorn in the side of AC34". All his credibilty is lost at that point, which came some time ago as he actually recommended the wacky internet poster to, he says, Tom Ehman and Larry Ellison. No wonder AC34 or GGYC don't take his calls anymore much less his advice. As for AC34, the rest of world saw an "awsome" "jawdropping" "addicting" sail racing series on the prototype AC45's. Everyone from spectators to sailing media to the sailors on the boats LOVED IT. A huge success by every measure, millions on online viewers, packed shorelines in the venues. On to more fun in San Diego while the discredited critics shrink in number.
  7. Actually everything has changed not the least is you now say the popular things and have been proven wrong. Yet the exact opposite is true. Ellison is dropping $500M with no hope of recovering it. What it's "ALL about" for him as evidenced by his actions (vs your imagined motives) is moving the America's Cup into the 21st century so that it is what it started out to be, a no limits sail boat race pitting the fastest boats and the best sailors, the pinnacle of sailing. Is Ellison, arguably one the smartest businessmen on the planet trying to recover some of his costs, of course. Will the America's Cup "make money", of course not. Never has, never will. Only 90% wrong there, making the America's Cup a 21st century version of the original is a huge change and requires a LOT of groundwork in boat design, construction in building new tools to run the races, using and improving those tools to build up to the main events. Training the sailors in using those tools. Just as Blake took five years to build the venue for 2000 America's Cup, Ellison is building the venue for the 2103 America's Cup and the 21st century America's Cups to follow. The AC45 development and test series is certainly designed to prove the concept of exciting racing that is publicly accessible physically and via broadcast and that in turn will make it worthy of sponsorship as nothing happens without money. That it is doing that in spectacular fashion is what has proven your earlier and current diatribes to be completely wrong. As for your personal jihad vs. the people Ellison hired to try and recover some of his money, the normal sales fluff you seem to confuse with sworn testimony at a murder trial. Your emotional investment in it seems personal (your personal attacks on anyone who disagrees with you being the example of that) as they do not take your advice. That they have been hugely successful NOT taking your advice seems to drive you to more diatribes of personal invective. If they can recover money for Ellison, good on them, but that's between them and Ellison. Why you take such personal affront over it is unfathomable that it leads you to make statements that are proven wrong by events is undeniable. 100% wrong again. We have just been treated to the most exciting sail boat racing ever which has exceeded all expectations. Everyone is agog over the fabulous racing from WIRED to NY Times to sailing journos to sailors. Critics, such as yourself, have been proven wrong in spectacular and undeniable fashion. Projecting the AC45 development series to the AC72's in San Francisco Bay has everyone's hair on fire. At this point, Ellison has proved the concept so quickly that AC34 is on a glide path to a great sporting event in San Francisco in 2013 that will have the whole world talking about and watching great sailing, the fastest boats, the best sailors. Delivered in full. Whether we have 5 more AC45 races or 10 is a no never mind. Matters not to the event or to Ellison. Be fun to have more but completely irrelevant.
  8. Only by pushing his shopping cart through their front window. One would have take Magua seriously to be critical and you are the only person who takes him seriously which is more than a nail in the coffin of your credibility, more like a Trade Center structural pillar in the coffin of your credibility.
  9. Ah yes the "secret politicians ball"...by which you mean EVERYONE is a politician when everyone else means the elected political leadership in which case San Francisco's elected POLITICAL leadership, aka San Francisco's POLITICIANS, have been wildly enthusiastic and supportive of the America's Cup getting things done in record time. Proving your past claims as wrong as your current claims. Your statements to the contrary are completely and demonstrably wrong. Except Tom Huston made no "inconsistent remarks". You attribute some internet blogs quote of a Plymouth business booster to Tom Huston and then claim Huston is "inconsistent". Again you make a statement that is completely and demonstrably wrong. Everyone was happy with the large enthusiastic crowds in Plymouth. Plymouth was such a huge success in every way, including spectators, that even long time critics like Vsail felt compelled to write mea culpas over past criticism and heap praise on AC34 race organizing and marketing.
  10. Completely contradicted by the facts AGAIN as the SF politicians have been wildly enthusiastic to the point that the SF mayor, a huge AC booster, moved on to become Lt Gov of CA and AC ambassador for AC34 for California. same for tree huggers in SF who have all supported the CLEAN wind powered America's Cup. Despite all your criticism since Day 1, AC34 facts have proven you wrong at every point. Plymouth was a huge success in every way INCLUDING the large enthusiastic crowds noted by Plymouth residents here on AC Anarchy to the sailing media at the event.
  11. And likely why AC34 care so little about whether you and you're lawyer Magua have "faith" in them. You quote a fringe blogger("Yachtracingbusiness.com") which shares your antiAC34 views, views that have been crushed by the success of the AC45 races, who in turn quotes an anonymous Plymouth boosters sales pitch and then try and claim the big crowds in Plymouth are a failure even though the town, the businesses, the locals posting here and the sailing media contradict your long standing and dicscredited opinions.
  12. This oughta be good. Well Tom Huston (no relation CLEARLY) stated that AC34 had a sponsorship partnership with YouTube/Google (doesn't get any bigger than that) to broadcast the races on the web. Tom "Mr Credible" Huston made the annoucement with Stan Honey and Claude Ruibal, Global Head of Sports Content for YouTube. YouTube/Google banners now appear on AC34 website and at the events. Boing! Credibility totally shot AGAIN and AGAIN sunk on the reef of the bizarre "Magua" and his incomprehensibly silly word salad postings on an "anarchy" blog on the internet. First time being touting the bizarre Magua to Ehman and Ellison and doubling down on that fiasco but claiming that the strange character and his Unibomber diatribes and conspiracy is "a serious thorn" to anyone or anything. Incredible.
  13. Can't be..all the San Francisco experts said September was a terrible time to have a sailboat race in San Francisco Bay, cold, no wind, fog...just awful...but wait...could the experts be wrong...AGAIN? This would be right in the middle of the AC races, sunny, nice wind...perfect conditions.
  14. America's Cup has always been about the no limits sailing most people will NEVER do on the fastest boats money can buy with the best sailors money can buy. It's why it has always had an appeal outside of the small population of racing sailors.
  15. Never claimed I did but certainly funny to find I know more than some self professed experts who didn't even know that you can see Alameda from San Francisco and specifically from Herb Caen Promenade. It certainly raises questions of credibility for their expertise and claims to know what the city wants. People in the city are the one's who proposed the temporary moorage at Rincon Basin. The topic people keep bringing up and then complaining about bringing up in AC Anarchy. The people in the city proposed a temporary moorage and possible future marina at that site. As for flogging the topic, YOU raise the topic. YOU address a message to me about the topic. YOU then blame your actions and the results of your actions on others. I find the topic interesting as does the city and AC34 who spent a lot of money and many pages discussing it, providing reams of interesting info on current, flows, moorings, wave attenuation issues...lots of cool stuff.