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  1. Lazy Jack & Topping Lift line

    Polyester has the same UV resistance as dyneema,. I guess you're confusing it with polypropylene. My 12 strand polyester lazy jack lines are 3 years old and they are like new.
  2. Lazy Jack & Topping Lift line

    Why dyneema, do you really have that much money to burn? For my lazy jack lines I used 12 strand coated HT Polyester line: http://www.alpha-ropes.com. (4mm for a 28 foot boat). Also used Tylaska FR5 (T-FR5) ferrules instead of blocks. The 12 strand line makes it easy to splice them on.
  3. How many keels fitted in a slot in the hull with a keel box, and horizontal bolts through the keel blade fell off? I'm not a yacht designer but I expect this to be a more reliable construction (if executed correctly of course). If so it might be wise to accept the disadvantages of this construction if it can save lives.
  4. More Unassisted Mast Climbing

    No, heeling my boat that far is impossible. I just secured the mast on the side with the damaged V1 with 3 halyards, and climbed it. I also loosened the stays on the other side a bit. I used some lines to lower the old stay and pull up the new one. Also had some duck tape with me to temporary secure the V2 and D2 which also came loose after disconnecting the V1.
  5. More Unassisted Mast Climbing

    I've been using your GriGri methodes for years. I did about 20 climbs. Even used it to replace a V1 stay on a standing mast, and survived :-) 1 modifications: I don't use a pulley on the ascender, a carabiner alone works just fine. Great info, thanks!
  6. Construction of a Pogo 12.50

    I don't know about the NKE instruments on Shaggy's boat on a fast-ish boat, it's important to know that BSP is correct across the full range of boatspeeds that the boat will hit. almost always.., if you calibrate BSP at motoring speeds - say around 7kts.., but then sail at 10-15 kts, the the BSP calculated is too fast - you usually need to apply negative corrections in the BSP calibration table for those higher boat speeds As far as I know NKE only has a single boat speed calibration parameter. (Which I'm stil fine tuning after 2 years, don't know if that's normal).
  7. You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    The one I bought last year also has an USB output on the front.http://www.toplicht.de/jpeg/4426001.JPG the older model had serial out - right?does the new one still have serial out the back? i think you mostly want output on the back, for a cleaner installation... The old and current ones have NMEA out on the back, which you can connect to a serial or USB port using an appropriate cable. A nice feature is that it gives an alarm on substantial pressure changes which might lead to very strong winds.
  8. You sick of reading that anologue barometer??

    The one I bought last year also has an USB output on the front. http://www.toplicht.de/jpeg/4426001.JPG
  9. NKE gyropilot

    I cut my bus amidships to add an NKE NMEA output box, and just used a block terminal. Works fine. NKE's wiring instruction say you should use their junction boxes, but I don't see what's so special about these.
  10. Neosil - Fouling Release Coatings

    Don't expect to much feedback on Silic One as it's a pretty new product. The technology has proven itself on commercial vessels, which of course is no guarantee for the use on sailing yachts. Most yachts spend the winter on land, making it necessary to apply a new coat each year. I wonder if that doesn't lead to a serious build-up of the coating. This review looks promising http://www.mby.com/maintenance/tried-tested-antifoul-81351/7 I think I'll try it next year on my rudders and keel.
  11. Neosil - Fouling Release Coatings

    I had it on my boat 7 years ago. No good on salt water, I had to scrub the bottom every week. I've seen very good results from the new Hempel product, Hempasil. Boat is 1 year in the water now, and no fouling whatsoever. It's a silicon based product, so the finish is very smooth. The expected lifespan is 5 years I thought. You can roll it on yourself, but an epoxy anti osmosis primer is advisable. The consumer product is named Silic One: http://www.hempelyacht.com/en-GB/product-list/silic-one-page
  12. NKE gyropilot

    If I recall correctly the system might do that after startup, and probably if it hasn't been used for a while. It doesn't need that much current during normal operation. It's in one of their manuals, ... somewhere ...
  13. The Perfect AIS Transceiver?

    No internal antenna splitter I think?
  14. The Perfect AIS Transceiver?

    In the EU the Amek is a very affordable alternative: http://www.alltekmarine.com/products_detail.php?bgid=2&gid=41 (Version 108S has an internal splitter).
  15. Vendee Globe 2016?

    Drilling in as much as possible on the VG 2d tracker, it seems that Le Cleac'h missed the corner of the TSS zone by a margin small enough to wake us all up. The caveats regarding the accuracy of my measurements on the VG 2d tracker remain. The TSS zone does not seem to be displayed accurately on that tracker though. And on the Navionics chart https://gis.ee/vg/navionics.php?boat=3? Something must be off, because according to that chart he also sailed over the Chaussee De Seine, with a depth of 1 meter ...