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  1. elboracho

    Farrier F-85SR

    Wow. Just wow. A 41' or 42' rig on a boat that weighs 1600lbs? I don't know if the term "powered up" even covers it.
  2. elboracho

    Farrier F-85SR

    It is actually happening, with three already building. However, with so many other things to do, it is not yet an 'officially' released design, so lets keep this between ourselves.....right? Basically, there are no dedicated plans yet, but one can start now with the purchase of a set of F-82 plans, which are then used as a building guide, but with F-85SR hull lines which are available as dxf files which can be purchased via: http://www.f-boatmar...&cat=255&page=1 A few special additional guide sheets then detail various other changes or improvements, such as deeper daggerboard, high aspect rudder or rudders, and fitting lifting foils. Float lines have just been completed, and main hull lines will be done after the first builder starts on his second float. Rig and sail plan will then follow, with the standard rig targeted at the NZ 8.5 rule. However there will be an optional taller 'super race' rig for those who prefer a very high power to weight ratio. But this would not be a boat for the inexperienced. Ian Farrier Farrier Marine Designs that work... Is there any chance you'd be updating the main hull to have a cabin with the sharper lines of the F-22/F-32? I see that the design concept has the cut down racing cabin, but what if someone wanted to build a more dual-purpose boat with a cruising cabin on it? Is updating the cabin shape doable or does that represent a pretty massive amount of effort? I ask because I think the F-82 lines are looking a bit dated (don't take the the wrong way, the design *is* almost 20 years old). As new and pretty as the floats and hull are on an F-85, I think the original F-82 cruising cabin might look a little "off" if somebody stuck one on top of there. Just one man's opinion. Is the 37' rig in the specs the "super race" rig?
  3. elboracho

    Farrier F-85SR

    Has anyone else noticed this? Farrier F-85SR Design Concept Maybe it's just the bows that look like an A-class, or maybe I'm just wrong in the head, but the lines of this thing make me a little fizzy. I was pretty much decided on building an F-82 anyway, I'd be all over a more modern version of it.