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  1. il mostro attempting chi-mac speed run record

    Best Part is that they won't correct to 53rd like they did after setting BYC Mac record.
  2. Trump and Trudeau ... Tough v. Tender

    So you prefer moronic egotistical bully to polite moron ? You being american I get that
  3. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    http://www.yachtworld.com/boats/2007/Hanse-470e-3086680/San-Diego/CA/United-States#.WeTi4iFvS70 I know Ikea interior but self tacking jib and more ......
  4. Good God, but he is sad.

    AS he cannot read teleprompter what makes us think he can read an IQ Test.

    Seeing as how most chemicals to do everything come largely from oil why would we burn such a valuable asset??

    Here is the problem and why everyone is chasing their tails. At the root of this is that there is no hypothesis that can be tested. It not feasible to manipulate, short term, CO2 levels either up or down and see if climate change is altered in the hypothesized manner. There is a very strong correlation between CO2 levels and the increased temperature, among other things. If you cannot manipulate a variable you cannot test the hypothesis. This does not mean that I am a climate change denier I think it is real and it probably man made because the correlation is so strong. Like when cigarettes were linked to lung cancer there was a very strong correlation but no direct evidence, initially, it came later. The tobacco industry used the exact same argument strong correlation but no cause and effect data. However the risk that we completely fuck the planet up because we keep going round and round on correlation versus hypothesis testing seems kinda of academic because if we are wrong by doing nothing and the weather goes completely haywire then we will look very stupid and trivial indeed.
  7. Pence wants to go to the Moon

    I don't know but I understand that he helped fund "research" to see if hormone therapy could treat homosexuals. He also has such high respect for women that he will not dine with one unchaperoned. I guess this means he cannot control himself and the dinner would end with him waving his dick at the poor women. We had some in the Harper government too , no?
  8. Anyone wanna take a shot...

    I just had an awful thought IF Mueller comes back with a you're guilty lying sack of Russian collaborating shit. Will he start some sort of war to distract people? He used the hurricane in Texas to hide his pardoning of the fascist cunt in Arizona.
  9. Mast or boom furling?

    Why either ???/ What is wrong with a stack pack?? if you must catch or confine your sail when not in use. Lots of folks in my harbour raise the main then loosen lines and secure bag to boom and voila you have main you can work with! At end of day lift stack pack lines and drop sail in bag! Jesus if your going to waist money can you send some to me ?? I can waist it on all sorts of shit I don't need.
  10. Humane options to Kill Raccoons "in a City"

    Letting the dry ice come into direct contact of the skin is extremely painful you will need to take steps to prevent this.
  11. I am really impressed with Shooter Jeff and Tom

    I don't follow Switzerland never militarily participated WW II going form dairy to dairy barn eating drinking and fornicating is ALL there was to do.
  12. Humane options to Kill Raccoons "in a City"

    Catch kill eat 1 raccoon 1 qt. water 1 pt. vinegar 1 tbsp. salt 1 tsp. pepper 1 tbsp. brown sugar 1/4 oz. pickling spices 1 onion, diced 4 sm. potatoes 4 sm. carrots 1 recipe baking powder biscuits Cut prepared raccoon in serving pieces. Mix water, vinegar, seasonings, sugar and spices together. Put raccoon pieces in this brine for 8 hours or more. Drain, put in stewing kettle and cover with water. Cook until meat is tender. Add onion, potatoes, and carrots. When all ingredients are tender, remove from broth. Thicken liquid with browned flour and butter and season to taste. Place meat and vegetables in a dish and cover with gravy. Cover the top with your own recipe for baking powder biscuits, with a little extra shortening in dough. Cut vent in dough. Bake at 450 degrees until brown, about 12-15 minutes. Serves 8.
  13. Man-buns: finally a reason.....

    Take that train of thought a little further and you could be a Harlequin Romance, or a little further still, a porn author...
  14. ORR in Long Island

    I got fucked by ORR for MAC this year. I lost around 30-40 seconds/mile in comparison to my PHRF. When I quizzed USS to ask "How does rating this makes sense knowing what you know about the boats involved" I was met with silence. When I said fine I am not going to race and will not be needing the certificate can I have my money back they said no. 400 bucks down the toilet to a process that USS can/won't justify. I heard all kinds of stories of folks doing stuff to modify their boat to get a slower rating including adding fixed props, carrying smaller sails... I wonder if the RC verified these changes??? AND..... How does a boat that sets the course record, Il Mostro, correct to 57th after the ORR "correction" ? Total cluster fuck
  15. Show your boat sailing thread

    Code 0 up going for the finish on Lake Huron