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  1. HuronBouy

    Pit Bulls Behaving Bad Again: Biggly Part III

    I don;t know abut Pit Bull bite but I had a girl friend who had mouth as gentle as Labrador retriever .
  2. HuronBouy

    Question's surround Kavanaugh's accuser

    Never went to bed with an ugly women, woke up with a few.
  3. HuronBouy


    GoFuckYourSelf ???? or did I get it wrong if so sorry if not GFYS
  4. HuronBouy


    A little sensitive aren't we?
  5. HuronBouy


    Got a rapping dog? Here is something useful you can do with it. or might if you don;t shut it the fuck up
  6. HuronBouy

    grumpy old farts vindicated

    Yah he got real political and I think a couple of his hits here were actually banned in the US
  7. HuronBouy

    I Remember

    My sister was on one of the planes diverted to Newfoundland. I guess it was a bit surreal. The locals were feeding everyone as best they could mac & cheese and other basic gruel. She laughed when an Irishman starting raving at how good it was like the best thing he had ever had. She being a foodey was appalled by it. Later they were told if they want to pass the time they could go to the local hockey rink to watch the Leafs practice. She went and there were some guys from Somalia sitting in the stands. Clearly they had never seen hockey before and were cheering at all the wrong times. This was made even more weird as the rink was cold and they brought blankets which they had wound up on their heads, the big woolen ones. So here are these guys in traditional Somalian dress with about 2 and feet of wool blanket (like Marge Simpson) on their heads cheering when someone flipped the puck over the boards. But to be serious those were tough days for everyone and my heart goes out to the families that gave up so much.
  8. HuronBouy

    grumpy old farts vindicated

    Original I like it better
  9. HuronBouy

    grumpy old farts vindicated

    My 19 year old actually asked me, as an ex pro musician, why there was no good contemporary music any more. I could not answer him aside from the risk thing. He listens to some rap but one of his favorite bands is XTC . Go figure??!! one of their better ones here enjoy
  10. HuronBouy

    How Did You Pick Your Profession?

    I looked to see what job got you laid the most. So I became an accountant
  11. HuronBouy

    White Whales in the Strait of Juan de Fuca

    albino killer whale?
  12. HuronBouy

    Justin "I'm a pantywaist" Trudeau wants to take your gun.

    Fuck You there is no need for hand guns except to masturbate. If society were more civilized maybe we could permit them but we are not and so they must go.
  13. HuronBouy

    Trade Deal with Mexico

    I think that is the prevailing attitude. We will see....
  14. HuronBouy

    Trade Deal with Mexico

    Your Commerce Secretary said today "The key thing is the Canadian economy can't survive very well without a deal with the U.S. They're too dependent on us and particularly too dependent on the automotive sector. Since we've already resolved the automotive issues with Mexico, those are now issues that are particularly adverse to Canada," Ross said. You assholes are bunch of bullies Fuck You I will never buy anything Made in the US again nor travel Trumpland. Negotiate a deal with Mexico and then hold a gun to our head to give in on shit that no-one would agree to. You subsidize your farmers to the tune of billions a year, even before the last soy bean subsidy then give us shit for supply management. Hypocritical bunch of cunts. Rant over who wants to go sailing?
  15. Does anybody have her phone number I think I am in love. I live in Canada it could work. really