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  1. Arm Touching is 'Battery' Worthy of Lawsuit

    He lives in Strasbourg so French French is the phenotype
  2. Arm Touching is 'Battery' Worthy of Lawsuit

    One of my best friends is French and when I see him he kisses me on both cheeks (the face ones). The first time being a hetero WASP I thought yuck (he has a beard too)! But , I got over it and have moved on but I have not started the greeting with my male friends in Canada. So to each their own get over it.
  3. 2017/2018 Ski Season

    Andorra for us over Christmas. That should be exotic
  4. Dead GPS

    My Garmin 540 Chartplotter looks as though it is dead. Would like to buy a new one that uses existing cable and Pin configuration. I am dreaming the impossible dream?
  5. Welcome to the Royal Family....

    As one who is a subject Lizzy and her clan, I mean them no harm but I have zero respect for them. Basically their wealth is built in 100's of years of fighting and feudalism. They are where they are because their ancestors were particularly more murderous then their contemporaries. Do a tour of the Tower of London someday there are literally a a couple of thousand bodies on site. If memory serves 1600 under the chapel alone. If they are so fucking wonderful I would like someone to point a single great work of art, piece of music, scientific discovery or work of scholarship that has come out of the any of these people in the last 200 years. God knows that they have the time and money to pursue what they like. I don't think they be put against the wall just stop revering them let go off do whatever it is that they do and be done with it.
  6. Health care sticker shock

    Is there a statistical difference between any of these numbers??? I said overall life expectancy go cherry pick a bunch of other outcomes and get back to me. Even if these numbers are truly different, US spends 10 times more to get marginally better outcomes. I thought you guys were hard nosed capitalists?
  7. Health care sticker shock

    rah rah rah go USA!! jingoistic bullshit. Who benefits from the "best healthcare"? a few % points of the populace? Like Monty Python said in the Meaning of lIfe you have the machines that go "bing" but then have folks getting financially crucified for their use. Life expectancy is higher in Canada then US yet you pay 10 more/capita. Maybe less power house medical technology and more real care would bring about better outcomes.
  8. Health care sticker shock

    Folks that argue against the single payer system always come back with anecdotal horror stories when stats that consider the global outcomes are the only ones that matter. Yes folks are hard done by sometimes but the greater benefit is seen by the public, collectively and individually, when for instance preventative care (that has no out of pocket costs) prevents suffering with a more serious issue down the road. What are the costs, in terms of suffering, due to poor access to health care? If you give a shit about suffering, like I am sure your do with regard to the woman in Edmonton, then maybe this should be considered.
  9. Health care sticker shock

    Care is given out by most urgent need first. You think we let car accident victims die in the ER because someone is ahead in line to have ingrown toe nail removed. Yes there waiting lists but don't quote Sarah Palin bullshit Americans pay for Cadillac rates for Yugo outcomes. Look at morbidity and life expectancy outcomes for US versus Canada and other countries with single payer. Health care delivery in the US is an argument against capitalism since the free market system has driven prices through the roof instead of driving them down due to competition. Health delivery in civilized countries does not obey open market forces which is why single payer has been selected as best (flawed) practice among a choice of other flawed systems. A little bit of pragmatism could go along way in this debate, instead of spouting bullshit.
  10. Happy Thanksgiving Fuggers.

    Hope all you yanks recover from your turkey induced comas quick enough you are up to watch football while drinking beer eating wings and nachos....Grey Cup weekend here so I know I will be doing the latter but not the former. Happy Thanksgiving except to Trumpdumbman
  11. I'd vote for this guy!

    Myself I never went to bed with an ugly women but I did wake up with a few.
  12. LONQR

    That was Olestra and no I do not about this first hand
  13. Rememberance Anarchy

    He might not have said it but it was unspoken attitude on many British General Gallipoli was another example But maybe its just my disdain for British Royalty getting in the way. Isn't getting blooded being smeared with the blood of the first deer you kill? They were both kinda loose he had many affairs too. When he was head of British forces in south east asia he was constantly overruled on his military plans he was a complete ningcumpoop as the royalty would say.
  14. Rememberance Anarchy

    It is rumoured that when informed of the Canadian casualties on Dieppe aorund 3600 in one day) he said they were only "colonials". Ok now you got me going next topic India or bragging to Stalin he had ties by blood to the Russian Royalty hoping to get a state visit.