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  1. How long have you lived in France
  2. Americans are over weight, gun toting red necks.  But this is true generally. What is your point? Just sayin
  3. I did not say everyone works 30 hours I said folks want to. One of my best friends lives in Strasbourg and we do talk. My aunt did live there and was over the moon about those who live on the public tit. Generalizations do not constitute ignorance they are generalizations like the weather in Nice is usually nice but then there are mistrals.
  4. I believe Trump he is that stupid that he would not know.
  5. But the French get everything for free that 20,000 is for wine cheese and bread. I know I lived there. I got free health care and my lunch at the local city hall was subsidized by about 60% so I got a good 4 course French lunch for about 2 bucks. Full price was 6.50 Plus we received a cash payment for the last 6 months of my wife's pregnancy and after to help make sure that she was well nourished and therefore the kid was healthy. Need I go on? O.K. housing is subsidized even the bread. It is a real live well fare state They want a 30 hour work week and be able to retire at 60. They are lazy and entitled . They are in the shit they are in because there is still about 60% of population on land running small cost inefficient farms. And there is nothing they can do. To drive that many people off the land would mean unemployment in the stratospheric range.
  6. HuronBouy

    Qualifications for UN Ambassador.....

    I need a heart valve replacement (not really) but my car mechanic did a great job replacing a broken clutch. I think I will give him chance to sort me out.
  7. HuronBouy

    Qualifications for UN Ambassador.....

    Trump only hires the best so what is the problem?
  8. If I knew that and I figure Trump does why make it worse. What the fuck is your point ? Blame for ballooning dept goes back to Reagan and his voodoo economics. Why does the right campaign on being fiscally responsible and outraged over national dept and then make it worse? Obama took on an economy that tanked due to Clinton (lax Wall Street banking I Figure but Bush didn't fix it) and then had to spend to battle recession. There is no recession now so why not pay down debt??? WTF.
  9. HuronBouy

    Need help day dreaming about a boat....

    I suspected it was a project at that price. But my buddy has one in great shape (not for sale) and they do sail well and are very comfortable. Oh well
  10. HuronBouy

    Need help day dreaming about a boat....

    How about this?? Probably needs some love
  11. HuronBouy


    You are correct I just checked my Uni where I am a prof and it is 30K I am way off . Grad school is 16K BTW I did my PhD at McGill in those days no differential for Canadians, tuition was 500/year for three years and then 25 admin fee to stay registered after that. This was in the 90's not the 30's.
  12. HuronBouy


    Last I saw was USA tuition in state school was around 25K plus residence, but I am unsure about this. We looked into Dartmouth for my son (for ski program) it was 65K tuition plus plus plus ... My wife went to school in Switzerland and it was more or less free but only for permanent residents are you sure it is not the same thing in Germany.
  13. HuronBouy


    Have them go to school in Canada tuition for ferinners is about 16,000 and residence is about 9,000. My kid is in university here and all in is 18,000 plus pocket money and my employer gives him 4000 against that. Ah socialism is great
  14. HuronBouy


    OK I would be considered a lefty in the US, more centrist here. I just watched her on CNN interview. She is an idiot. I mean really, 40 trillion bill in expenditures for medicare, free this and free that!! She could not answer anything just mindless platitudes. Now don't get me wrong Trump is so stupid he dangerous and Bush Jr was a moron too so my opinion is not based on my politics. I wonder with all the smart folks in the USA why there are so many dumb-asses in government. We have them too. Ford, Sheer, Singh...Trudeau got the brains of his mother which is too bad.
  15. HuronBouy

    Smart Party - Official Founding Announcement.

    Really???? Vaccination versus exposure to something that can make you very sick or on occasion kill you? Choosing the latter makes you an idiot. Which if so I encourage those that think this is a good idea to do so as your genes in the pool are a disservice to humanity. Deliberate exposure to pathogens is not a good idea on the other hand there is evidence that being too clean weakens your immune system but going out of your way to get sick is fucking stupid.