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  1. Why the tie?

    Tie = useless flap of silk down front of shirt. I don't get it
  2. tRump : Concealing Infidelity

    I agree and I don't care who orange fuck head boffs....lets talk about deficit, Russia, environment, repealing mental illness gun laws. Dumb ass wall Puerto Rico, NAFTA, TPP embassey to Jeruselem. He can fuck who ever he wants, none my business. I getting pissed off because his trade policies threaten to to take the food of my and many others table, the enivromnet....I don't need to repeat myself do I?
  3. So long Huck Finn

  4. So long Huck Finn

    I do not use the n word and I don't condone its use. But it was used and within context of these books taking it out seems to be an overly simplistic reaction.
  5. So long Huck Finn

    If the book was written by a black author the use of the n word would be fine. Just look at almost any black stand up comedian show they use it all the time. So I get excoriated if I use it but Chris Rock is genius. The books took place a long time ago folks used these words get over it move on. Seems to me the authors were trying say racism is bad not glorifying it. Spiraling down the rabbit of hole of lowest common denominator because folks are too intellectually lazy to understand what the books really mean.
  6. Just Another High School Shooting

    It all better now Trump sent his prayers and condolences...now lets get back to regularly scheduled programming.
  7. How to Talk to Girls

    Compliment them Those jeans don't make your ass look as fat as the last pair you bought.
  8. Who Would You Like To See Running In 2020

    Kid Rock/Sarah Palin is likely in these times
  9. 99% of your two elected houses think its a good idea and the moron in chief is doing this because he cares about Turkey, Eastern European countries and Egypt? Wow what did they do to be part of this club? He sure as fuck doesn't give shit about any other countries or Puerto Rico.
  10. Gosh

    All I can think is about Raisin Bran
  11. 3 retirement scenerios.

    Mail house Russian bride, van and gas money yer done mp
  12. Let's look at this from a Darwinian POV. Stupid people leave guns out where irresponsible people (children) can get them and then kill themselves or another sibling. This means the gene pool is be depleted of stupidity. Society is getting smarter we soon will have no dystopia! A new smarter American society will bring wealth, peace and prosperity to the rest of world as their message of freedom and truth will prevail! Come on people this is a good thing ! I know this is sick and twisted POV but I have always been a glass half full kind of person.
  13. If you must elect a "president or CEO" have more than two parties which would require something like the French system where many parties run in first election and a run off of two "alliances" decides on President. Have 7 year mandate so the CEO can actually do things that can occur of a long period of time With 4 you get maybe two years of "governing" then onto election mode. Better still go for a parliamentary system many parties possible compromise is usually required and your CEO actually has to stand up and defend themsleves every once and while. And don't come back with all the flaws of these systems....they do provide effective government not grid locked ideological brawls like the US currently has. Effective does not mean good nor bad it means the government actually effects things. Chances of this happenning are zero but the question was asked
  14. I'm not yelling

    Speak softly and carry a big stick is another approach .....not a good one just another
  15. You beat me too it! I am not a big fan but in the interest of being fair male strippers may work as well. Was in band that was allowed into bar early for set-up, on "ladies night". The girls sure got into, never seen raunchier behaviour, male or female. Those boys sure got the ladies wound-up and I can't remember going home alone those nights. Not that I would do it now. And just so we cover off on all ideas wife swapping is not a good idea for a YC event.