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  1. Honest question as I don't understand the thought process that gets you to this POV
  2. There seems to be a trope from righties that a social democrat that is wealthy is somehow a hypocrite. Can someone please explain??? How these things related. Bernie Sanders does not want everyone to have the same amount of money (middle class incomes????) he wants very wealth people to pay more tax and close income disparity.
  3. HuronBouy

    which charter boat?

    My experience is that for the monos the sails are so blown out that you can't point/sail very well anyway. Next time we will bet a a cat have more room and sail about the same I figure.
  4. HuronBouy

    Oz Music

    Obscure How does a Canadian know this guy we used to play one of his songs in a band I was in with Ozzies in ealry 80's
  5. HuronBouy

    no more Miami to Havana Race

    That policy will break the Cuban people's will and democracy and capitalism will be established within a week. What fucking nonsense
  6. I have it. I am using it to pick up chicks. Nothing like a fireman its like feeding raw meat to a lion.
  7. HuronBouy

    All doubt removed - McConnell is a weasel

    Why would you want to ham string the power of your government at some arbitrary time before an election the term is 4 years of governance not 3 or 2.5 or 3.5 or what ever its 4. Oy vey you guys are meshugana!!!
  8. HuronBouy

    All doubt removed - McConnell is a weasel

    Are we discussing the hypocrisy or the policy. Settle on one and move on If McConnell reversed on this issue, it is what it is; he is a weasel. If someone said the same thing earlier and did not change policy then they may be wrong or right but they are not a weasel (in this circumstance) So please fuck off with whataboutism again.
  9. HuronBouy

    All doubt removed - McConnell is a weasel

    Lie the US into a war for their own personal profit? You mean like Dick Cheney???
  10. This is the reason for the rise of unions. But hey that's socialist can't have that so folks bend over say "Please sir can I have another ass reaming" 3.5 % unemployment when most work for shit wages, USA is winniing!!!
  11. "live(ing) it up overseas in a welter of Lamborghinis, hookers and cocaine...." You say this like its a bad thing .
  12. Why do statistics that people don;t like always get refuted by anecdotal urban myths. How many of the 51 million made bad choices. How could you find out? FFS try to think about what stats mean.
  13. HuronBouy

    what's your top boatspeed in a J boat?

    I got to 35 knots up wind or so my wife Morgan Fairchild said ...that's right 35 knots, ya that's it 35