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  1. HuronBouy

    Kicking off the trade wars

    IF we could put tariffs on the stupidity of Trump's base we could wipe out our national debt in a week or two
  2. I see why you call yourself lonesailor the shit that comes out of your mouth would stink out any cockpit
  3. HuronBouy

    Satisfaction with the way things are going in the US

    Really ??? That just looks like noise to me. Take again tomorrow and it be 35, 36 39 whatever . In any case you think 38% statisfication rate is O.K.??? 2008-2009 into 2010 was the recession that Obama had nothing to do with occurring. You are comparing this rate in that crisis to the current one that reflects the realization of Trumps stupidity to a vast number in your country? Fucking sad what you will grasp on to.
  4. HuronBouy

    Trump? 'No No he’s not. We’ll stop it,' - Agent Peter Strzok

    Sort of the National Enquirer of the UK. But jack will believe anything if it suits his muddy little mind
  5. HuronBouy

    A lot of depressed Looney Lefties around PA today.

    so there was an agreement and they "withdrew" is that not the same as breaking the agreement. Your grasping at straws and I am done with you. Back to the solvent jug for you for another "thought".
  6. HuronBouy

    A lot of depressed Looney Lefties around PA today.

    KJU built tested and fired nukes when an agreement was in place not to do so. What are you talking about? Head in the solvent pot again???
  7. HuronBouy

    A lot of depressed Looney Lefties around PA today.

    What the fuck does this have to do with left versus right. Trump signed deal where he gave stuff up while Kim 'says" he will give up nukes a lie that has been perpetuated by his father and him . When it happens I will thank the Chinese they are communist (that is left) so should you if it comes to something.
  8. HuronBouy

    Trump got rolled

    Trump had nothing to do with the face to face. Hillary would have done it or Rand Paul or Paul Ryan who ever was POTUS. KJU got on train to Beijing a few weeks before this all started. He was called on the carpet and told to play nice/nice by his overlords. The Chinese want a stable region so they can make some money and exercise their power. Little fuck head KJU got a spanking and was told to go and make up. Which is what he did. You are fucking delusional if you think Trump had anything to do with this and then he blew it. KJU probably didn't even use Vaseline.
  9. HuronBouy

    HOMERUN - Beyond anyone's expectations.

    Daddy made the deal and then daddy and fuck head Kim broke it. What is so hard to understand????? If someone broke a deal with me I would upping the diligence not down grading it.
  10. HuronBouy

    HOMERUN - Beyond anyone's expectations.

    He did this 25 years ago and then went ahead and made nukes anyways. What did the USA get other than a promise. There is no verification in place. Trump stopped training exercises with out SK knowing. So what did the master of the deal really get? Nothing concrete Kim spent 5 hours pegging Trump. Fuck me you guys are blind and stupid.
  11. Showing support for another country does not place yours below. If you stop someone beating their wife this does not mean you suddenly don't love yours. But your response is typically jingoisic and smug . As far as TIATP goes the problem is that this is just one act of many that is destroying the credibility of the USA.
  12. HuronBouy


    In the past few weeks many of my friends without being prompted have said they will avoid "buying American" and perhaps more importantly noted that there are lots of other places to vacation.
  13. HuronBouy

    sometimes there's proof there is a god..

    This just proves that God is a Catholic and he took out one of those heretic protestants.
  14. HuronBouy

    “Knot” a cool pun: worst boat names ever

    Wet Spot Wet Dream Knot a Wet Dream
  15. HuronBouy

    SUV anarchy

    Porshe Cayenne Turbo nice