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  1. Yummy yummy execution ???? Doesn't sound as dramatic
  2. Meat is murder, yummy yummy murder
  3. "I would rather eat raw snapper." When you say "snapper" you mean fish right? Not that there is any anything wrong with eating the other snapper.
  4. Next time I do a charter I will likely rent a cat. Not because they sail better they don;t.Ugly? you bet! Don't go to weather? yup! But because of the room a condocat provides. Last time in BVI's we had a Bendy toy (43 feet) with completely blown sails, shit hardware that would not/sail point worth a shit. So two boats that don't sail well, albeit for different reasons, so I figure get the condo you ain't sailing worth shit anyways and you will have more room while you cry in rum about it. Also about the upwind cat sailing "lesson" did any body spot of properly trimmed sail in that video ??? Trim looked shit to me car way forward going up hill then he moved it back and it was back winded.....need I go on??? .
  5. I generally think that climate change is real and that man likely has played a role based on what I have read . But I too am a scientist with lots of publications and thousands of citations, none in climatology. My scientific eye tells me that graph in post #272 has a low point around 1910 then starts an upward trend but what about before 1880??? Is it possible that a similar uptick occured before like we see now, but the data does not exist? So in fact does temperature fluctuate. Perhaps its periodicity and amplitude of the swings that should be concerning? So, fast high (and low) changes may not permit the planet to adapt. Forgive me if my queries are amateurish and naive. You folks are a tough crowd
  6. So I am not complaining or whining; just want to know. Started a race recently and one boat was sitting on the other side of the line (windward). When the start was sounded he dipped his bow below the line and turned and off he went. Is this O.K. ??
  7. Perhaps Category 1 on Neptune would be 500 kph. It's how you divide the wind range. No sense having a Cat 10 if the wind on this planet never goes to 1000 kph. This has to be the most stupid fucking argument I have read on SA. Really no Cat 6 because you're are liberal? Get fucking life Limbaugh is a fucking idiot. Let's end it there. I'm out
  8. You need to see "Spinal Tap" to get it
  9. Marshall guitar amps can go to 11 why can't a hurricane go to 6?
  10. Burns on the way in but unfortunately on the way out too
  11. OK I will chime in. Failed out of university and decided to be a rock star, So I played pro bass for a number of years. Learned to read charts and could show up on day of dance/concert and fake it, so I made money. Played in Canadian Legion country bands, Elvis Impersonator band, lots of cover bands and in bands writing their own stuff. One band went on to get a Juno award (Canada's Grammy) after I decided to go back to university (does that make me sorta like Pete Best?). Kept playing in pick up bands throughout university into grad school and then played in blues/rock band in the DC area when I did a post doc there in early nineties. Got married, kids came and voila! my playing more or less ended except for the one or two gigs I do here locally per year. My guitars Gibson 1950's LGO acoustic, Mid 1980's RickenBacker 12 string electric (360), early 90's Schectner Stratocaster and my bass is a early 90's (American Made) B.C. Rich Mockingbird bass. Amps Hughes and Kettner 50 watt single 12" guitar amp, Fender practise amp, Yamaha 100 watt single 15 bass amp. And more sound processing carp a than I can keep track of Do I still want to play ? Yes. Can I find the right combo of folks to do so ? no Sigh
  12. How does your allegiance to the Queen of England square with your law. I know she is head of state but she is also head of state of number of other "foreign powers" too. We do not have this law here in Canada in fact one of our Ministers (Stephan Dion) is also a citizen of France. Being France there is not much chance of being called upon to wage war, but he may have to defend the true baguette from the fake Canadian one. That would be catastrophic!! Sounds like much to do about nothing
  13. At highway stop outside Basel Switzerland there was huge billboard over top of an escalator of a naked family sitting on spa steam room advertising Baden Baden baths and spas. Now that was the mid nineties maybe some American attitudes have crept across the pond and what I saw is now rare.
  14. I lived in Strasbourg went over to Freibourg and Baden Baden many times WC were often but not always men/women. France too for that matter. Perhaps in Munich/Bavaria which is more conservative it is rare.
  15. In many places in Europe particularly Germany the water closet (WC) is sexless. Why are Americans so hung up on something that we all do? In Baden Baden whole families sit in the nude in the steam rooms. Topless beaches in France Spain Italy....I mean WTF get over it. IN any case if a tranny comes into a women;s washroom she will go to a stall use it and leave, after washing her hands of course. But who is offended ? Is the unsightly look of huge manly hands sticking out from a floral print dress so bad? I really don't get it