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  1. Nuke us and the quality of your hockey will go straight to shit.
  2. Those statues were put in place to exalt and glorify those men. It is not a fucking history lesson. Give me a break.
  3. Sorry Breton not Normandy
  4. OK this totally off topic but an American friend of mine said peanut butter sandwiches are lunch and said no way peanut butter is a breakfast food, He called me a weird fucking Canadian. So what you say you lunch or breakfast??? Want tough baking try this one Kouign Aman its French from Normandy Makes croissant look like peanut butter and Jelly sandwich
  5. Border guards are selected for being humourless. Our country's assholes and yours protected us from each other.
  6. Slightly off topic but I must agree with SloopJB. As a non American (Canadian) for years I really didn't give a shit about what you folks did. Arm your self to the teeth and be in blood up to your ankles as you defend yourselves from all the bogey man you see, or take all your guns off the market. Wage war wherever you want, or not. Cancel Medicaid whatever I have no dog in the game and it really doesn't matter to me. I may find it sad or good what you do but in the end it really has no impact on my life. Now the man you have elected president is threatening economic ruin in a number of places (lumber for one) and is repealing programs that protect the Great Lakes (where I sail BTW) among other things. So now I have a dog in game and my friendliness may not be something you can count on. Which is truly sad and I am not some anti USA nut job, again I have no dog in the game. Three of my closest friends are American (with widely diverging political slants Tea party to left Dem) which I could care less about. In general Canada likes the USA, so why on earth would you fuck up a relationship with perfectly friendly country that is your largest trading partner (with a trade balance)? I mean what the fuck are you guys thinking???
  7. The add makes the claim that Keystone will make the US less dependent on foreign oil. Keystone oil is from Canada. So this either a lie or Trump planning on taking over Canada.
  8. From This is Spinal Tap "Break like the Wind"
  9. Correction. Experienced pilots who already have an Air Transport Pilot Rating and normally 1,000-1500 hours in multiengine aircraft can be type certified for a new aircraft as a copilot in the Level D sims. As a former flight instructor, I'd recommend the coupled approach to touchdown and have the "pilot" hit the brakes and pray. For current GA pilots, there is a big difference in getting a heavy on the ground safely. Probably any reasonably experienced pilot could do It but I'd want to dirty up above 10K ft, work on controlling glide path and get a feel for roll induced yaw, throttle lag, control response and a multitude of other things - particularly those that can quickly lead to PIO(Pilot Induced Oscillations) that can quickly go divergent . With proper prep, an experienced pilot can safely fly at the controls first time (as we did in fighters) but there was a lot of work up at altitude before entering the pattern. PIO's are a bitch. To the topic question, I'd ask, "Which plane?" I have a couple hundred hours in the Beech 18 and who knows how many landings. I'm pretty sure I could land an EMPTY one today. Load it up? Not so sure. You get one shot at getting it to stick to the ground. If it bounces, your only option to regain control is to go around. Otherwise, the bounces get bigger and worse. But enough from my file of things I know but should not. My dad was a pilot for Air Canada (TCA, then) and flew transatlantic (DC-4 and Super constellations), Got bored and left. So he flew relief supplies into Biafra during the Biafrian War (Supper Connies landing on jungle high ways, sometimes under gun fire). Then the acrtic, C-46 on skis. Logged more than 25,000 hours before he quit. His favourite plane was a Beech 18 with the nose wheel. One day the wheel wouldn't lock down so he flew a few approaches to knock it back and lock it in, it worked !! Called it his sports car. Some months later none of the wheels would come down so he belly landed it with passengers on board and everyone walked away. Anyway your mention of Beech 18 made me think of that story. Thanks
  10. What I don't get is what is Little Lil Kim is so pissed about? I mean NK has a economy of 25 billion GDP they are a wart, a nub, a booger on the face of the world. I don't care about them and I really can't imagine that any other country really gives a shit about them either. So what the hell is he all hot and bothered about ???? I get that by creating a bogey man (the US) he keeps his folks in check. But imagine that some day his negotiators will sit down with ours and we are going to say "What exactly is the nature of the bug up your ass?" and they will say???? "You want to steal our Kim Chi !!!" The weirdest thing about Little Lil Kim is that he was educated in Switzerland in some elite school so he has been on the "outside." I mean honestly WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THIS GUY'S HEAD???? I
  11. The first time my wife stepped on a sailboat I had already bought it, I also like running with scissors in hands. Lucky for me she liked it and she even comes out on races now. Not the best advice but FWIW it may give you courage to take the plunge..... Oh and we had a 4 year old and 1 year old at the time.
  12. Only in Southern California. For whatever reason it has been locked down, but up north in Washington it's easy to live on the hook just about anywhere outside of Lake Union and Elliot Bay. Sorry, pal - but you're misinformed. The entirety of the Puget Sound, San Juans, and the Strait of Juan de Fuca is managed by DNR, and by state law liveaboards are illegal and subject to eviction. All marinas are leased from the state, which has liveaboard slips pegged to 10%, just like California. Mooring balls require a permit from the land-owner whose property is adjacent. Everywhere you see more than 2 or 3 mooring balls, the cove is managed by a township and subject to local authorities, and/or neighboring harbormaster. You have the right to spend up to 30 days on the hook in one place, then you have to remove your vessel out of the area (not just re-anchor it). The 2 best ways to liveaboard in the Seattle area (and probably anywhere else that's tightly controlled): a ) is to rent / keep your house or apartment, move the boat into the marina you want to be in and prove yourself as a good citizen to both the community there, local yacht club, and the harbor master. Put your name on the list and after a year or so you'll eventually get your slip. In townships outside the metro area, those marinas are busy during the summer with tourist traffic. If you do (by some slim miracle) get a liveaboard slip it's probably only for the winter months. You'll have to relocate the boat or hope to negotiate your way into a mooring ball in the harbor. Same data here applies to my experiences in SF bay & Norcal. b ) if outside of the metro area and marinas are scarce, then make friends with someone with waterfront property and get a sub-lease to rent a room of their house or guest house / barn whatever, and a make a gentlemen's agreement about using their dock or mooring ball. This gets you legal place for a car, your dink, and hopefully a land based shitter. Don't put it on the hook unattended, and hire a diver to check the mooring and upgrade it if necessary, especially if you intend to ride out the winter. There's a reason most everybody dry docks their boat during the winter months. As already said, your boat should always be ready to sail away. If you're in a small marina, keep talking to the harbormaster when your boat is disabled for whatever reason and what your plan and timeframe is to rectify the situation. Make yourself known to the town - police, post office, theater, coffee shop. Make some local friends and don't be a weirdo. On a semi-related note, Washington is an unholy bitch about sales taxes on your boat if you come in from out of state. Tax rate is about 8% I think. What they want, if you spend more than six months in WA, is their pound of flesh, less whatever you can prove you paid elsewhere. If you are like me, and you bought your boat when you lived in RI and paid every nickel of tax you were obligated to do so when you lived there (which is 0.0%) you can plan to spend 8% of the value of your boat to "import" it into the state. If you paid 5% in another state, plan to fork over another 3%. You have to get a cruising permit, which I think is good for 3 months and cost a few bucks. They you have to renew it for another three months. Then you have to GTF out of Dodge, or pay the tax. We briefly explored sailing back to the PNW to spend a year near there so my youngest could finish high school in the states. After several phone calls and lengthy discussions the revenue folks and the boating registration folks, they told me it would cost me north of $40,000 to spend day #181 in Washington state waters. So if you don't already live there you might get dinged coming into the state. Oregon is tax free for boats BTW. So if I bought my boat in Canada and paid 13% they would give me back 5% ??? Just askin'
  13. My boat base on Lake Huron 102. The same boat with epoxy hull (600 lbs lighter) but with shoal draft is 117 on Lake Michigan. That's what not to like about PHRF. Either I am being screwed or the other boat is "blessed". Wonder what would happen if a raced on Lake Michigan?? Would I go up or he come down. ???? Checked other ratings too, Ben 40.7 PHRF for example on LM and LH is the same so it not about adjusting rating for local conditions. BYC is going ORR wonder how that will work out?
  14. Oh come Yes, just underfunded. OK come on! We just got a first class upgrade to bigger gerbils and treadmills to really get our boats moving.
  15. As the father of an 18 year old with his whole life ahead of him this strikes pretty close to home. Very sad and hope her loved-ones are doing the best they can under these hideous circumstances.