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  1. Out West

    can;t say no to projects

    @dacapo There's now 4 of us Dolphin fixers (non-sailing status) here, how's the work going on #176? My ongoing slog is posted in fix it anarchy....working on an engine swap, stuck in cleaning mode
  2. Out West

    Help me out with some MORC History

    1961 #200, one of the earliest Lunn boats. It has a pretty basic interior done by an early owner, Ron Noe, he also designed/built/raced a couple other sailboats (per google) It's definitely built light, the foredeck flexes underfoot. She was raced many years out east, leading to all sorts of tweaks I am still learning.
  3. Out West

    Help me out with some MORC History

    Nice, you'll put the current Anarchy Dolphin 24 fleet up to 4 current owners by my count. When I was looking, the older boats (ODay, Lunn) were more racing oriented, the later years / builders were more cruising focused.
  4. Out West

    Engine Swap Anarchy - Gas Palmer to Yanmar 2GM

    This scraping gunk out task is not fun, had a gallon of NAPA degreaser to test while waiting for the SuperClean to arrive. Weighed out the engines, the Yanmar will add about 50 lbs. I think I can balance it out as the water tanks are also 58 years old and I'll pull at least one out and then could shift it forward.
  5. Out West

    Engine Swap Anarchy - Gas Palmer to Yanmar 2GM

    Excellent - just what I was looking for in suggestions, figured acetone was a bit too much for the first try. I'll have at it with Superclean and Zep as both are on the shelf at Walmart/Home Depot (walking distance from boat) and see which works better. QuicknBrite via Amazon pending. 59 years of gunk down there...but it's only a few square ft of surface.
  6. Out West

    Engine Swap Anarchy - Gas Palmer to Yanmar 2GM

    The saga continues....it's out (solo job with strategic use of a forklift) ...and now to clean up the bilge. What's the preferred method of grease/gunk removal in a engine bed area? I'll try wipe up with simple green and then see if something else is needed. It looks like the existing beds will need changes to hold the Yanmar, as it's a bit longer due to the isolation mounts.
  7. Out West

    Textured gelcoat weight ?

    The application method can be a significant factor. Spray out of an open mold by an experienced guy with the right nozzle may land a well controlled thickness of gel coat. Roll out of gel coat will be heavier, and getting it on the roof on a finished boat if it's not something done regularly sounds hard and will be probably the heaviest result. Some fillers can lighten up the gel coat if textured and in low wear areas. A good peel ply is going to be pretty uniform surface if it was bagged for layup. Test panels are great, orient at least one in the way you'll apply the coating for a real test. If fairing and shooting 2 part, it's going to be lighter. You could look to see what the estimated coverage is of the 2 part and go from the net weight of material in the can. This comes into play for light weight shells and kayaks where a gel coat adds maybe 2 - 4 lbs on a 45 lb boat, on a 47 ft boat, go with what you are experienced with
  8. Out West

    Mocking Ads on Craigslist

    Vintage engine enthusiasts special...trailer not included https://portland.craigslist.org/wsc/bpo/d/hillsboro-vintage-sailboat-motor/7128089481.html
  9. Out West

    Engine Swap Anarchy - Gas Palmer to Yanmar 2GM

    There's just one tank mounted dead center aft of the engine, I think I'll take Zonker's advice and run to the vent line. As far as I can find out, the Yanmar weighs about the same as the Palmer, I'll put them on the scale and see how they compare though. 3 day weekend coming, may at least get the Palmer out of the way if keeps raining (if it's nice...delay of project so I can get outside)
  10. Out West

    Engine Swap Anarchy - Gas Palmer to Yanmar 2GM

    Thanks for those tips @Zonker that is exactly why I posted up...I knew there were a lot of details to figure out that wiser folks would know already. I am working on getting the old Palmer out right now. The boat was sailed hard for many years, lot of stories I am sure. Near as I can tell, that red funnel was the head. I got things out of the road and cleaned and realized it goes straight to a through-hull.
  11. I have learned many things here, but now draw your attention and feedback on an engine swap. Updates to be as sporadic as the progress… The basics: The gas Palmer 27 engine is the original from 1961. The prior owner had no issues and had it professionally maintained, with a new fuel tank, filter and pump back maybe 5 years ago. Engine ran when parked, but I don't want to put the family aboard and have this museum piece crap out at the wrong time, and parts are rather hard to find. I have a decent Yanmar 2GM10 of unknown hours that I got from a character in Huntington Beach. We bench ran it at purchase, sounded/looked good no smoke started up fast. Going from 8 hp to 13 may help, but ditching gas, and increasing reliability is the plan. I plan to reuse the tank, but it will need a return line added (based on reading Yanmar install manual) Unknowns: The exhaust route, transmission linkage, prop, and who knows what else?
  12. For a small boat (8 ft beam or less / no permits etc) towed by non-commercial truck (commercial will have the DOT numbers on it) not likely to be weighed, I never pulled into a weigh station and wasn't worried as the boat was 4500 lbs / w trailer about 6000. Tolls were a rounding error - done by number of axles ( had a dual axle trailer so got 4 axle bill) - couple bucks each time, probably $50 total. Google maps will highlight the toll routes if you use for directions, and if you then google the specific toll road you can get a toll list from operator website. Out east, there's no booth at times, they just grab your plate using cameras and send a bill (MA) others it was a few bucks in the basket or to the collector. Considerations on DIY - get the info on what size hitch ball on trailer, then go buy receiver and the ball to bring with you as otherwise when trying to get moving you're running around in new town getting one, finding big wrench etc. Also check connector on trailer (7 pin or 4 pin) bring adapter for rental if needed. Make sure you have trucker's ratchet straps, local boats sometimes are just using weight to hold to trailer across town. Also the huge 1 or 2 foot wire ties are great for securing rigging to mast rather than messing with cord and knots. 6 in wire ties will lock down blocks, traveler and other rigging you may not want to remove but that will bang around. (Note that I didn't do any of this, I did it on a Sunday late fall in a very small Maine town...live and learn!..
  13. In 2016 I moved a 24 Foot centerboard from east to west (Maine to Portland OR) Quoted prices were about $4000 then door to door. I think it was calculated at $35/hr running cost by at least one guy on UShip (looking at my notes). If it's already on a trailer ready to roll that's one price, if it has to be loaded/unloaded at either end it added a bit. Also had to be ready for a highway run (not the cross town seasonal) with things stored, tank empty, gear cleared etc. For all the quotes if you have the measurements ready to go it will save a lot of time (beam/height/weight/etc). Quotes ranged widely depending on if a truck was passing by empty - but also there were some that would have added a lot of miles to coordinate other deliveries (the one on the roof going somewhere else) A lot of yacht movers will not mess with trailer boats, as they are using big rigs for keelboats and didn't want the hassle of trailer condition. I ended up doing it myself for about $2k, slept aboard at night in rest stops on the cheap plan. Time wise if you are thinking of driving it, factor in a very low average speed due to fuel, food, stopping for invasive mussel inspections, traffic (well, maybe not too much traffic) and the hassle of a long rig when you do anything off the highway...
  14. Out West

    can;t say no to projects

    All right, this thread may only be of interest to 3 Dolphin owners and a few enthusiasts but let's revive it. I just learned I am now supposed to work and home school my kids for another 5 weeks. I expect there's a lot of screen time coming for all of us. While dacapo is the OP, I'll just throw in some of my efforts in putting a Dolphin back in shape. I started with pulling her out of down east yard in Jonesport Maine where she was laid up for about 3 years.
  15. Out West

    Another Interesting Home Built Steel Boat

    I watched about 10% of one video. Is it possible that it is like "Iron Chef" but instead it's a boatbuilding contest under constraints? "build a boat using only what you find on the ground" Kind of like prisoners that build boats out of Popsicle sticks or matches. I struggle with corrosion on stainless, bronze and aluminum bits, that mild steel block will be interesting after maybe a week at sea, but he stayed in the rules (found in forest) where I'd head to W.Marine....