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    hunting, fishing, sailing gardening and exposing my son to all of the above
  1. A project finally completed

    Ok - now it's saying my file is too big on the pics. Using an iPhone 6. How do I reduce the file size?
  2. A project finally completed

    Thanks! How to?
  3. A project finally completed

    Just on cellphone. I'll have to load them onto my photo account. Humph. Min.us seems to be not there any more - shows you how often I stick stuff on line. Whats a good file sharing site these days.
  4. A project finally completed

    6 years ago my son and I took a short metalwork and blacksmithing course. He really loved working over an anvil with a coal fire. So when we got home, we hit the local salvage yard and picked up some interesting scrap and a truck brake drum. And all that stuff languished beside the barn for 6 years. Lots of other stuff got accomplished. But not that. Last weekend we pulled out the bits, cleaned them up and put it together. Had to re-learn our welding. Started Saturday late morning and by evening had it close. Sunday finished it. Hit the same scrapyard and they had a dirty but sound anvil . So - a new tool for the shop. My son spent his last couple of days home before returning to school working a railroad spike into a big kitchen knife. I'm looking forward to making new footboards for a friend's 1954 Massey tractor. His broke.
  5. Joke

    I bought an empty wooden box from Chernobyl. Cheepest eat microwave I could find ...
  6. Joke

    Did you hear that Ukraine is opening Chernobyl up for tourism? They are going to clean the place up a bit, put in some attractions, tours and rides. Kind of like Disney World, except the 6 foot tall mouse is real.
  7. Knee club part deux

    Right knee was first scoped 4 years ago. 3 significant tears, couple of bone spurs, laterally displaced kneecap which had filed its underside off on the projection of bone on the shin, couple of places where I'd worn through the cartiledge into the bone beneath. Surgeon who did it went in expecting two modest tears ... The MRI lied. He told me I should have had a replacement right the. And there but ... 4 years later I tore the left meniscus. Not as badly, but enough. Lots of broken off bits floating around in the joint and the right knee had more of the same. Several friends had tried the stem cell knee therapy with some success. Both are very athletic ladies of about my age - late 50s and both were runners and had similar damage. Both are back to running - fewer miles but - hey. The orthopedic group that had done the first scope had just begun trying the stem cell therapy and I liked their approach and pricing - this is out of pocket. It's an attempt to rebuild the articular surfaces. They anticipate 60% function and reduced/no pain for 5 years or so. 7 weeks after the right one and 3 after the left one. Both are far less painful. Up stairs no problem - down is still a bit tender. Flat surface no problem. No pain getting down on the ground but getting up is awkward yet. Anything with impact is still touchy. But definitely better. Previous surgeon is bringing his son in. They both worked on the scopes this time, cleaning up rough edges and removing broken bits to allow the stem cells a clear field. While I was in recovery they told my wife and son they didn't know how I was still walking ...
  8. Knee club part deux

    Old one is buried somewhere and I'm lazy. This is is the second week after the left knee received stem cell injections. I dropped the crutches Friday. Probably overdid it Saturday and today so I'm a bit sore and stiff. Nothing a good night's sleep won't cure. Both knees feel a lot better. Still stiff ( now I can start re-stretching them) and they do not like impact yet. Going downstairs or stepping off a curb still hurts a bit. But regular walking just. Doesn't. Hurt. So far that's a win. I'll slowly build it up.
  9. Joke

    One of my patients mentioned that when she learned to drive the only thing she had to worry about was "Giddy-up" and "Whoa". Another fellow I met a bit back (pushing 70) asked me if I remembered Gilligan's Island. When I said yes, he asked if I remembered the whole Ginger vs. Maryanne thing. Sure, I replied. Well, he said when you get to a certain age you realize Mrs. Howell was kinda good looking too... Was watching an old comedy a bit back and a cute young girl in a rather skimpy French Maid's outfit was vacuuming and bending over pretty provocatively - dang, I thought. We used to have a vacuum just like that one ...
  10. Riding Lawnmower DTS

    I have a Kubota tractor loader/backhoe that has a deck. But I have to drop the backhoe and put on the 3point hitch to make the mower work (had the smaller version where the deck had its own lift but it got crunched). Finally got lazy and bought a small, used Toro zero turn - trade in by a pro who had lost an arm and needed a wheel steerer. It's a beast. Mowing my office and the office next door, and my yard. Decent job mowing7 gauge welded deck 25 hp Kawasaki motor. Very fast. Worth it. It had 300 hours on it when I bought it.
  11. Broken Rib Anarchy

    Had a couple stove in sparring about 12 years ago. Probably not complete breaks but - for me it was about 6 weeks.
  12. High School Research Anarchy

    Congratulations BD. Those young people are very fortunate to have that level of support. I'd suspect that the parents are also involved and engaged. Hard to do that without some level of support at home. Further kudos to you and your administrative team.
  13. ..the KNEE club

    Ok I'm back on the couch for the rest of the weekend. Friday was the left knee stem cell procedure. They were running a bit late so the Percocets had worn off a bit. He reinjected the right ankle tendons and I told him where I buried Jimmy Hoffa. The right knee is better than it was. Last weekend I did a bunch of chainsaw and rototiller work and it felt better on Monday. Stiff as heck Sunday night though. Limited flex on both now. Will keep you all posted
  14. Dinghy Distance Race 2017

    Dang. My Nutshell needs 12 just to really move. Reduce to the reef points and have fun... Sorry to hear that.
  15. Dinghy Distance Race 2017

    So - how'd it go this year? I've been too beat up with getting my knees fixed to even consider anything like it. Just getting back to walking kind of normally and the left knee is getting worked on over Memorial Day weekend... I refuse to do Facebook, so I'm a bit limited - could anyone post a few pictures here?