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  1. Chris Burns


  2. Chris Burns

    Namibia trip

    That’s me.
  3. Chris Burns

    Namibia trip

    Hmmm. Not letting me upload a second picture That was sunset from a dune in the Kalahari
  4. Chris Burns

    Namibia trip

  5. Chris Burns

    Namibia trip

    Just returned from our trip to Namibia. Had a heck out an adventure. Fantastic except for the brutal plane time- total of 17 hours in the air each way going and coming. Fascinating country. The son is already planning a return
  6. Chris Burns

    Looking to get a new watch

    Second the Citizen.
  7. Chris Burns

    Our son made it...

    Congrats to all the other folks whose kids are doing so well. Especially in the practical fields. We started saving before he was born, and thanks to the recent jump in the stock market (and a reasonably priced school and a modest scholarship) he’s incurred no debt. We have enough left over to cover most of the Masters- the tuition for that was only 25k total-and his little split-4-ways rental house is cheap enough that I can cover rent ok. He’ll probably TA and that’ll cover food and utilities. For the rest - he’s fairly frugal and his fencing gear, karate gear, and car are paid for. If he stays for the PhD and they’ll pay him. Starting salary with Batchelor’s is 50-70. Starting with a Masters is 75-100. It’s worth the 18 months or so extra.
  8. Chris Burns

    Chrysler Crossfire anarchy.

    If I recall correctly, Car and Driver ran a test where the SRT version went up against similar cars and came in second only to the then top of the line Corvette. It’ll probably be a classic some day.
  9. Chris Burns

    Our son made it...

    I haven’t been here much lately but a few may remember. My son graduated today, BS in Biomedical Engineering. Second graduating class in that concentration from his school. He’s staying on to finish his research and pick up the Masters. I’m thinking he’ll be invited to stay on for the PhD. He’s worked hard, kept his nose clean, and done something solid things with groups outside his major. We’re quite proud of him
  10. Chris Burns

    merry christmas

    And Merry Christmas to you as well, good sir!
  11. Chris Burns

    Fucking Burrrrrrrrrr Winter 2017-2018

    Went goose hunting on Saturday with my son Cam and some friends. Thursday he and I went to a local sporting clays range to tune up - neither of us had swung on a flying target in probably 3 or 4 years (actually since a visit by an Anarchist from out of country). 18 degrees when we went out. His elderly A5 Browning promptly malfunctioned, as did the spare we brought. My A5 worked fine. When we got home we scrubbed all the heavy lube out of those two guns. Goose hunt started off at 16 degrees in snow, two days later. 6 guys in a pit blind with two portable propane heaters. The heaters would freeze up as the cylinders overcooled. Thank goodness for warm clothes. One of the other guys had the same problem with malfunction. He borrowed our spare gun, we pulled his gun down and scrubbed all the lube out of it and it returned to normal. My son and a friend spent Sunday afternoon over our forge. 22 F out there. Not bad as long as you were near or over the fire. Otherwise? Nippy. Have the woodstove cranking now. It's 10 out and slated to hit 0'or thereabouts later this week. With the chance for a bit of snow, which will shut the state down for a couple of days.
  12. Chris Burns

    Merry Christmas 2017

    Merry Christmas to all. I got some forge tools. The kid shares with those. No snow here but nippy (14?F overnight) and clear tomorrow. Since the forge and anvil are outside it will be a fun day outside. The Kids rifle got some new clothes too. A trip to the range will be in order.
  13. Well I _was_ going to say a cheap sports car. Especially a cheap exotic ... But that's far more aggressively frivolously expensive.
  14. Chris Burns

    Hug your teenager

    So sorry to hear that. My condolences to you and the family. I cannot imagine the grief ... My son walked out of his dorm Monday morning just after a kid jumped off the top of the parking garage next door, right next to the door to his place. Police had just got there. He was a bit shook at that - probably another engineering or science student since they seem to be clustered in that dorm. He's home in 3 more days and he'll need a break. He was grieving for the kid's family.
  15. Chris Burns

    A project finally completed

    Ok - now it's saying my file is too big on the pics. Using an iPhone 6. How do I reduce the file size?