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  1. mustang__1

    29er kite hoist system new

    Can't add additional hardware. So I'm confused as to how a different system would work as well.
  2. mustang__1

    Sarasota Youth Accident

    During you coaching training through us sailing it's drilled in pretty good to wear the cord. There are definitely times I didn't have it on though. It's easy to think of wearing it when you're punching through waves out of the harbor, a little harder if it's a 5kt day and you're setting marks or whatever.
  3. mustang__1

    stupid whisker pole launcher questions

    When did i14s get a wisker pole?
  4. Have had two manual jettas. The first one made it to 200k miles before I traded it. It needed new wheels and rotors, and it was still the original clutch, so I figured it was time to move on while I still could. My current jetta is an under powered pig but at least I can easily drop from 5th to 3rd without waiting for the tranny to catch up. Next car might be a wrx if I decide to go full douchebag.
  5. mustang__1

    Sarasota Youth Accident

    This one hits close to home, I grew up sailing and racing out of this club and I'm at a loss for words as it relates to the incident. I have spoken with some people briefly from general area, but no one that is directly involved with Sarasota, and do not intend to. I have heard what may have happened, it was not a goofing off incident. I do not know if the coach was USS certified, but I doubt that there are any programs operating in the country that are not using certified coaches. As for jet drive, prop guards, etc... A slow coach boat can be a very unsafe boat when it's windy. Boats can become separated very fast - especially if someone capsizes and the other boats don't stick around to wait. (that said i was primarily a 420 coach, not opti coach) Slow speed maneuvering is also very critical when working along side the boats in light air, stopping quickly, setting marks, etc.
  6. mustang__1

    Model Railroading

    I really want a live stream g scale engine. Never going to happen, but I think they're pretty cool
  7. mustang__1

    Teaching beginners to trapeze

    Depends on if tacking forwards or backwards. Depending on conditions I would switch it up every now and then in the 29er.
  8. mustang__1

    Launching and hauling out 29er with crane

    Do you have access to good shelter a floating dock? Launch with the forstay in, sails off. Splash it, get in, and mozy it over to the dock. If you can get remotely into the wind, one person stabilizes the boat on the dock by plopping a wing up and then holding on the dock. Hard. Like... Practically trapping. Get the main up before the jib. Getting the clew on will be a bitch. Might be better to just tip it over at that point.... Then get the jib up and send it. If the area isn't protected your job just got harder. You might be able to substitute the floating dock for a RIB. Don't use the scuppers as a lift point!
  9. mustang__1

    How Stupid is That?

    They also have notably less flotation so I don't think they qualify anyway. Some rules are so poorly written as to meant to be broken.
  10. mustang__1

    trapezing non slip for gunwales

    Do you also need to be able to hike over it? I used 3m gray safety walk. I did need to replace it every year or so due to the Florida sun. Its a bit aggressive to hike on, though, and will eat up wetsuits if you don't feed it board shorts instead
  11. mustang__1

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    writing was on the wall when they went to that awful new website several years ago. I could find anything on the old site (some friends on the college sailing team would have me put orders in for them), all but the most obscure items had details and images, and it was fast/responsive/laid out logically. They went to the new system and it was forever a mess. Slow, disorganized, and fucking useless for hardware. Oh well. Guess the only question now is.... Am i a medium or small for some goretex musto. If they have any left. Small musto salopetts, so probably small jacket i guess.
  12. mustang__1

    Die! Die! Die!

    It was also the peak of GA flying. I think it was the times more than anything. There are still plenty of those old leadmines around. If people wanted to race them in critical mass they would. Faster is funner.
  13. mustang__1

    Used 49er

    There was a point in my first couple regattas where I considered putting sail numbers on my centerboard.... Still more funnEr than a c420 even then!
  14. mustang__1

    Used 49er

    My experience on the big boy boat is extremely limited, but similar to the 29er there is a sweet spot where it's actually pretty easy to sail. When you can comfortable straight leg on the wire, occasionally easing the main, all high performance boats seem almost docile (29er, 49er, I14). When you need to anticipate the lulls, if you've never seriously had to do it - you'll suffer in the light. And obviously the heavy is.... fun! Till you need to gybe. Then it's either funner, or swimmer.
  15. mustang__1

    Warren Miller 470 cl

    Wonder how much rake they were carrying in that video - seemed a bit more extreme than what the 470 carries today. Wish the fleet could make a comeback - I'm actually a competitive size for the boat without being anorexic! I do suck at driving, though...