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  1. mustang__1

    Annapolis Performance Sailing - OFFICIALLY DEAD

    writing was on the wall when they went to that awful new website several years ago. I could find anything on the old site (some friends on the college sailing team would have me put orders in for them), all but the most obscure items had details and images, and it was fast/responsive/laid out logically. They went to the new system and it was forever a mess. Slow, disorganized, and fucking useless for hardware. Oh well. Guess the only question now is.... Am i a medium or small for some goretex musto. If they have any left. Small musto salopetts, so probably small jacket i guess.
  2. mustang__1

    Die! Die! Die!

    It was also the peak of GA flying. I think it was the times more than anything. There are still plenty of those old leadmines around. If people wanted to race them in critical mass they would. Faster is funner.
  3. mustang__1

    Used 49er

    There was a point in my first couple regattas where I considered putting sail numbers on my centerboard.... Still more funnEr than a c420 even then!
  4. mustang__1

    Used 49er

    My experience on the big boy boat is extremely limited, but similar to the 29er there is a sweet spot where it's actually pretty easy to sail. When you can comfortable straight leg on the wire, occasionally easing the main, all high performance boats seem almost docile (29er, 49er, I14). When you need to anticipate the lulls, if you've never seriously had to do it - you'll suffer in the light. And obviously the heavy is.... fun! Till you need to gybe. Then it's either funner, or swimmer.
  5. mustang__1

    Warren Miller 470 cl

    Wonder how much rake they were carrying in that video - seemed a bit more extreme than what the 470 carries today. Wish the fleet could make a comeback - I'm actually a competitive size for the boat without being anorexic! I do suck at driving, though...
  6. mustang__1

    PHRF Spinnaker Vs. Non-Spinnaker Ratings

    only wankers sail non spin, anyway.
  7. mustang__1

    Flying with Inflatables

    5/5 with mine. Probably just jinxed myself though. Usually involved a supe coming over to clear me through but haven't had to throw a cylinder away in a while. Philly. Fort Lauderdale, Chicago, Providence.
  8. mustang__1

    Illegal C420 at Nationals

    if he set his shit up properly his house won't be touchable for a non-criminal case. I think. Going back to business law in 2011 here...
  9. Fingers crossed but w10 1903 (when I finally got on to w10) had not been the clusterfuck I thought it would be. Not yet anyway. Still have 12 more computers to switch over at work though....
  10. mustang__1


    After eating out his girlfriend, a guy was afraid that the dentist would smell pussy on his breath so he brushed his teeth 7 times and on top of that 2 liters of mouthwash. As he arrived at the dentist he chewed 5 strong mints too. The dentist told him to take a seat. Feeling confident & relaxed he opened his mouth wide. The dentist got close enough & said, "Man did you have a 69 before you came here?" Kevin, shocked says, "Why, No! Does my breath smell like pussy?" The dentist says, "No, but your forehead smells like ass!!!"
  11. mustang__1

    Whatever happened to triangles?

    dude.... nice word. ehh. In the last two regattas in the last two weeks I've had some pretty damn close finishes with 40ish_foot boats. Maybe you just need to sail faster.
  12. mustang__1

    B-17 Crash in CT

    very sad. ATC recordings seem to indicate (have not listened, just what i read on the reddit thread) they had a failure in the #4 engine and were RTB. Beyond that, I'm not sure what happened. I'm wondering if it was an engine fire they couldn't extinguish? Sad day all around.
  13. mustang__1

    Hangovers are now an "illness"

    I hope someone turns the furnace on again.
  14. mustang__1

    Hangovers are now an "illness"

    I can see that.... Thankfully I never threw up in a kite. I have levitated out of the companionway before body slamming the leeward rail, projectile vomming nearly to a boat on the other layline, though... Fuck that was a rough regatta. It took almost a week to really recover, and I couldn't drink red wine for almost a year.
  15. mustang__1

    Classy women sailing

    do you prefer to wipe your tears with stretchy cloth or low stretch cloth?