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  1. nah, think of the rivets as golfball dimples
  2. +1 for WCS. If you are in Canada you can also try 49er.ca or pitch pole skiff products (Same entity) - although their website seems to be buggered up at the moment. https://www.westcoastsailing.net/default/boat-parts/one-design-parts/29er/spars/upper-sail-track.html
  3. What does the top of the mast look like? Is there a halyard lock for the main? As for the jib, on a modern 470 the setup is typically something like: 2:1 jib/forestay halyard (block attaches to jib hayard/forestay), up to the jib halyard sheave, then where it exits it is connected to a 3 or 4:1 which is then connected to a (guessing at this next purchase) 8:1 for finger tip control of the forestay tension. Point is, the thing is designed to take some load. That knot you have there might become difficult to to untie after a hard day of sailing. I recommend learning how to splice (don't worry its really not that hard once you learn how to taper the tails prior to burying).
  4. That's what buttons are for
  5. that's kind of a dumb statement... all sports require gym and cross training at the top levels... Football players don't get their physique from Football but they (most....) are athletes. Do you think runners only run or they also do lift weights in the gym? Not all boats are physically demanding in the same way, not all conditions are physically demanding in the same way, and not all positions are physically demanding in the same way (heh). One of the most exhausting day's i've ever had on the water was 4-9kt day in 29er's. The half trapping shit, the countering any sway from the motorboat chop, and the mental focus drained me to the point that i was asleep by 8pm that night and my legs were on fire... on a light air day! Let alone running a few races in 25kts - i guess the adrenaline kept me going for a while on those days. This was several years ago when i was in college and regularly running 2-4miles several times a week in addition to sailing 6 days a week racing FJ's and other gym time. I'll never claim to be an athlete (i wonder if i could even run 4miles right now...) or that i ever was an athlete, but to broadly paint sailing as unauthentic is a very narrow-sighted idea....
  6. I hoist without a pole all the time (if i need to..). Gybesetting is a great time to do it - you can practically sambuka it... But if for whatever reason something is snarled with the pole or you know you're going to immediately gybe after the hoist, you can hoist without a pole without incident with a tiny bit of practice. The kite will get flying just fine.
  7. something i learned in the two worlds i did in the 29er, the german's will cut you off when you try to launch your boat, and the italians will ignore anything you say to them at a mark rounding...
  8. yeah... im going to have to disagree with you there. if anything i'd just say the quality of the shit slinging has gone down.
  9. then... no. i am not a songwriter.
  10. define song... define writing... back in my high school/college days i would "come up with" some chord progression and sounds/styles that we would model the rest of the song after... but i aint gettin near lyrics.
  11. its a slippery slope and you know it. Might as well mandate a helmet when playing soccer (sorry futball or whatever the hell you people call it), helmets in cars, state appointed family advisers with monthly checkups and daily report submissions by parents/guardians... I don't think not wearing a helmet on a sailboat is "Darwinian". I think that in some situations it may be wise, and thus should be a user and or parental decision. Wearing a helmet in a drifter in an opti is as ludcirous as putting on racing leathers/flamesuit/helmet/hans device...... while sitting in a station wagon at a parking lot waiting for your friend to get out of the package store. There's a time and place to wear all that shit - even in a station wagon.... and i'm happy that our government at least lets us make that decision on our own.
  12. Yes i wear a seatbelt when i drive.... and im not sitting stationary in the parking lot. I dont think i ever debated that anywhere in any of my posts. A helmet would probably be a smart thing to wear when i drive too, seeings how there is still a chance for brain or head damage even with an airbag.... but i dont.
  13. Guitar player since i was a little kid, high school jazz band, couple college jam bands.. haven't performed in a lot of years. still pick the guitar up to make sure i don't forget anything i already know but rarely learn new stuff. I learned how to play classical - still can't use a pick. Occasionally i would use one when i cut my fingers up sailing but it was always difficult for me. Have a Yamaha jazz-cutout nylon string guitar, real nice classical guitar that just plays so... so sweet, american strat, epiphone, and a pawn shop special i need to put a new nut and bridge on. same, lefty who plays right,. glad i "made" that "choice".
  14. i prefer not nylon. nylon gets sticky when its wet. of course cloth never dries out. i dunno....
  15. depends... USCG vests provide so much flotation that i think they are a hindrance - particularly with a wetsuit. Too much shit to get caught on (even the foam), too high in the water, too hard to push under the boat to get to the CB, etc. Bouyancy Aids like the old Gill and the current Zhik harness provide a good middle ground.