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  1. Marklayers get too much shit from coaches

    never given nor never heard of a coach or sailor verbally disrespecting a race committee (ok, maybe one or two asshole sailors, but never a coach). I say verbally because i've been in fleets that have sailed in or banged their tillers on the hull.....
  2. Blue Balls

    god that's sexy. nice boat!
  3. I14 Capsize Compilation

    thats not a very nice thing to call your crew
  4. Daylight Savings v. Standard Time

    i can never remember what the damn offset from GMT is... i just tell the briefer local time and make them do the math.
  5. I14 Capsize Compilation

    pft, its not frostbiting till you need to squeeze camcleats shut. you know, because the ice keeps them from reclosing on their own
  6. I14 Capsize Compilation

    love days like that. well, seeings how its been like four years since i've sailed a dinghy, i'd love to go out and flail around again...
  7. Is this Vanguard 15 worth it?

  8. Community Reputation Points

    this all seems very familiar to the last time we tried this here....... and i didnt even read the thread past the title... edit: and scrolling up from the bottom it appears i may have made a mistake in jumping to the end too soon
  9. Snaggletooth DTS

    mostly inverse proportionate concomitant functions of anhydrous water.
  10. Cop car -vs- Bambi

    just like humans, gotta compensate somehow...
  11. Flushing fuel tank and lines...whew

    you can hire whatever you want on craigslist...
  12. Arm Fatigue

    not even skiff specific - just boat specific.
  13. Virus Anarchy

    windows defender or whatever they call it now. spybot for malware and annoying stuff.
  14. More, from Pennsyltucky.

    thought that said blue bell and was going to ask what you had against blue bell... but yeah... also what you said.
  15. Helly Hansen or Musto - buy both

    frankly my helly gear fits better my MPX - but its just barely waterproof after a couple years.