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  1. mustang__1

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    yeah he;s got enough of an issue with his face.
  2. mustang__1

    The Umbilical Cord

    this probably should have been posted in DA. At any rate, there have been a couple different tries on this. Bethwaite put a lot of effort in to developing/marketing a better system back in the early 2000's - that was similar in concept but i haven't seen either of these systems in person. My recollection from the forums is that it was hard to hook-in blind. With practice a standard trap hook/ring is pretty easy to do without looking at it. The traditional hook is definitely a hazard - i've had two instances that got my attention that i can remember offhand. Once was transitioning from in front of the thwart to behind it on the 29er with the XX rig, the hook got caught on the D1's. I cleared it relatively quickly - but a similar hangup drowned someone on a laser 4000 maybe ten years prior. I had a ring go sideways on the hook (fucking RWO trap rings, fucking Dakine trap hook - horrible execution met horribler execution) leading to me clotheslining myself on a tack. The boat promptly flipped on top of me. I popped up between the hull and the boom and my helm dry-rolled onto the board - so i had all the time in the world to sort it out - but if the boat turtled the 29er would not have provided an airpocket and i would have had to work a bit faster to clear the jam. That said, i never for a second considered one of those ridiculous auto-ejecting systems that ISAF/USS tried to mandate back in the mid 2000's - i just got better about making sure the hook was cleared and being aware of its hazards. The girl's drowning in Annapolis back in 2011 could have been prevented in any number of ways, one of which would be a system like the one Allen (and Bethwaite - might even be the same system/patent now that i'm thinking about it) so it is definitely worth investigating (as is throwing out the stock trap-rings that came (come?) with Laser Perfornance 420's and replacing them with Ronstan trap-rings)
  3. mustang__1


    bearing away as in, you're stable going downwind, gust hits, but you won't plane as you stay high so you bear off? Rule of thumb, the faster you go, the less bow you have in the water. I still say 1in to no more than half the bow. As i get closer to planing, a sticking closer to that 1in area until it's time to try and pop it up.
  4. mustang__1


    I figure no more than half. While takinga few drops over the deck isn't as damming downwind as it is upwind - its still not fast... If not trapping, i tend to be in a very smooth mode, no ooching over any waves that may exist. Once on trap maybe some real small pulls on the shrouds or something, but i'm not really going to twerk the boat till i'm solid on the wire.
  5. mustang__1

    halyards reccs?

    Anything with a dynema core should be good enough for your purposes. NER EnduraBraid should be sufficient for you. Good relatively hard wearing cover that isn't too stiff to cause assholes, good core. Their "euro" braid cover is a little prettier but feels ostensibly the same as the flecked cover.
  6. mustang__1

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    i always considered the x yacht to be more like a j-boat that was designed and built in europe. I feel like i might be playing this game wrong.
  7. mustang__1

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    stop using your facts to support your argument. it offends me.
  8. mustang__1

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    if your reference is a cal20...
  9. mustang__1

    Researching move to Oregon

    anyone else first think PM Ancient Mariner?
  10. mustang__1

    Bode Miller / Tragic

    ....might want to find a new climbing partner.... dude... stop making me cry at work. Write the book so i can cry at home like a normal functioning adult.
  11. mustang__1

    Bode Miller / Tragic

    guess you need the good stories like that to keep doing that job huh
  12. mustang__1

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    you're goddamn right!
  13. mustang__1

    LEFTY??? What DID you do?

    i heard he was shipped up to boston.
  14. mustang__1

    Protection or pressure - kid decisions

    try google sheets - excel is so last century.
  15. mustang__1

    Todays Race Boat getting Spanked by old school

    pft i had the XP44 planing upwind in 12kts on the down the bay race last month. shows what you know.