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  1. Darwin cheated again

    can't she get it through her head?
  2. Your WiFi Network - DTS

    eh it won't happen to me. (have had two employees get "FBI lockouts", and one cryptolock on the server.... that was a fun two days... but thnkfully no wifi at work )
  3. moving up from a 420

    ....opti? bic? 24volt motorcycles?
  4. Crosswind A380

    still can't believe you people scrapped the Avro Arrow. god what a sweet looking airplane...
  5. Benefit to a loose rig??? Mills 43

    go by the tuning guide, go out with your sailmaker, etc. but, ultimately: you set the mast for the wind speed. 0-5, 5-10, 10-18, 18+, or whatever your guide/boat calls for. A swept spreader rig, like the 88, will often behave very negatively to a lose rig with lots of backstay. A swept spreader rig with lose diagonals will tend to overbend easily with lots of (in other words too much, whatever amount that may be) backstay - leading to an even loser forstay and a crappy looking main.
  6. Crosswind A380

    not heavy tin flyer either, but, jesus that is the definition of an unstable approach. Reading on another forum that has several current ATP's they had some choice words for that entire landing sequence. nope. left seat no, right seat yes. But, just because you're in the right seat doesn't mean you don't fly the plane - it just means you dont have certain legal/moral/procedural responsibilities. Ultimately both pilots should be (hesitant to say are... as the case may be...) capable of flying the airplane through all phases. this looks fun: i think the FAA considers it centerline when you people transition out, you're an MEL with centerline restriction. Basically limits you to that Cessna pusher/puller thing,
  7. Pond Sailing for Practice?

    learning to sail in a small shifty place will either make you a very good sailor or frustrate you into hating the sport...
  8. Blue water performance cruiser - do they exist?

    anything over 45 and shit gets really heavy... Get out some big boats if you can. Humping sails around on a Swann 48 was not a one person job. Roller furling makes things easier but shit breaks. On paper i've always liked the design brief and specs for the J145 but i don't have any experience on the boat or with offshore cruising.
  9. Benefit to a loose rig??? Mills 43

    where'd you come across that article? At any rate, floppy is a relative term... Cap shrouds are almost never floppy on any boat i've sailed on, but the D1/D2's may not have any static tension on them and may show inches of slack in light air if the rig loads up. The forstay may feel lose compared to how it feels in the 10kt band, but still tighter than, say, a j109 forstay is under almost any circumstance. its all relative.
  10. If someone walked up to me on the street, and said "write me a check for $10,000 and i'll give you $20,000 in two weeks".... you know what i'd do???? not write the fucking check to some stranger i'd never met before.
  11. Sweet spot for wind

    really depends on the boat and who im sailing with... I'll sail a cold blustery day in 20kts on the 29er (god i miss racing 29ers) all day long with a good helm or crew - and my proper gear.
  12. moving up from a 420

    Speak for yourself, the only reason I sold my boat was due to complications with water access and crew coordination.
  13. moving up from a 420

    How far are you willing to travel? 29er's will likely take a lot of driving unless you can convince some friends and local clubs to join in. I was never able to do the latter, but i did do a lot of driving. I love the shit out of the 29er and if an old people's class ever got going i'd get back in. Just an awesome boat ,to me. A little too simple, but, by that same token, that was the genius. I think optimal weight is around 265 these days, just taking a glance at the current fleet... but i always felt best around 280lbs combined. My weight in the boat used to be around 125lbs on trap, and the helms tended to be around 150lbs. A little backwards but i'm a better crew than helm. There were plenty of teams that weighed more that could be faster than me in light air, and teams that weighed less that would be faster in breeze. I think 300lbs is the cap for anything less than 7kts.... They aren't the most fun in drifters, though - unless you learn how to be fast in that stuff... then its fun while everyone else is getting frustrated.
  14. Cannibal Couple’ Suspected Of Eating Up To 30 People

    Two clowns are eating a cannibal, one turns to the other and says, I think we're telling this joke wrong