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  1. mustang__1

    Real life iPhone 6 battery replacement....

    did they not supply you with a 120VAC charging adapter?
  2. mustang__1


    you'll probably want to keep that fantassy to yourself.
  3. mustang__1


    for boat wake yeah i think you're best off keeping the bow in. Just have the crew take a step forward to help it dig in. Well in light air, fully under powered to almost powered (powered = able to plane, ish, in this case), you need to keep it high to keep the sails working and the boat moving at all. As the breeze builds you'll be able to drive off a little bit while maintaining the same speed. This holds true even if you're wiring, albeit you'll probably wiring off the mast. To ascribe numbers to this, say 3-6kts you'll do 4kts at 110TWA and 90AWA, in 6-8kts you'll be able to drive off to 120TWA, 95AWA, and maintain that 4kts of boat speed. In this mode the 29er is sailed exactly like an asym keelboat - right up to and including the kite being able to roll to windward sometimes.... In 9kts you might be able to plane if you stay high, but you might not make up that extra distance - and that's when all this shit gets "fun" (for me, at least, because i thought i was fast in it - because i usually pushed low).
  4. mustang__1

    Dear ICOM....

    I killed two standard horizon radios in a single week back when i was coaching. One when i jumped in the water with it in my lifejacket (which i did regularly with my ICOM) the other from laying in the coach boat and there was some water sloshing around. I bet if i found my ICOM on the bottom of Sarasota Bay it would still turn on - once i figured out how to charge it....
  5. mustang__1

    halyards reccs?

    if warspeed isn't flaked out it'll snarl like a bastard in my experience, at least the old weave (haven't tried II).
  6. mustang__1


    ah, nope. Christian and I talked for a bit about it a couple years ago but then I couldn't make it down.
  7. mustang__1

    Dear ICOM....

    depends how far offshore you're going to go. At a minimum, i suggested at least 5 miles.
  8. mustang__1

    Dear ICOM....

    good grief. and people complain about my generation needing shit spoonfed to them.
  9. mustang__1

    Dear ICOM....

    so what you're saying is, it has usb charging and they included a usb cable and 120v wall socket, but not a ciggy lighter to usb adapter? Go get a damn adapter they're like $6 at wallgreens.
  10. mustang__1


    depending on your weight there is a very narrow zone where you're better off sailing it like any other old dinghy or keelboat and just drive the puff low. I always felt like i was pretty good at exploiting that zone .
  11. mustang__1


    if you do that the leprechaun will be after yer lucky charms. the bad feeling is mutual. did we sail a farr 30 together? i don't know that many naptowners.
  12. mustang__1

    No getting the band back together

    thanks for that! definitely going to give it a liston.
  13. mustang__1

    halyards reccs?

    vectran is.... not something i would recommend. If you want cordage that is low stretch, doesn't like curves, sun, abrasion, or salt - why not just go for broke and get a PBO cored line?
  14. mustang__1

    halyards reccs?

    always seemed like a really kinky line for me. I don't know about II, but 1 could get a mf'er. had it for kite sheets and a main halyard (2:1, 1/4") and it was about as evil as any line i've ever dealt with...
  15. mustang__1


    if the Xp44 is a "proven rocket" then anything is fucking possible.