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  1. US Olympic Team - Whoa, no Women 470 athletes

    as opposed to....
  2. US Olympic Team - Whoa, no Women 470 athletes

    i have some friends that are olympic hopefuls that haven't made the team yet. if they had more support they might be on the team - weird how that works...
  3. 29er

    can't taper anything in the americano 420... One note - tacking in breeze is slow - but tacking in light and shifty conditions is faster than sailing a header to mexico! Can you adjust forestay length now? Last i sailed the adjusters were available for the forestay, but the hole had to be X mm from the bottom of the mast step - same as a fixed length forstay.
  4. 29er

    watching that top section flex never doesn't make me uncomfortable...
  5. What goes wrong with opti sails?

    neither part of that statement surprised me...
  6. 29er

    jib sheet should be tapered. I'm fanatical about tapering (so many years in the 420 where i couldn't, i guess), but it really needs to be done for the jib. Make sure its setup to run through the becket of the floating block so it runs symmetrically tack to tack. primary end should be to starboard so it doesn't get friction from the kite bag. No block on the jib clew. So, cleat > starboard block > floating block > port block > becket of floating block > tied off on starboard block. Put some pieces of grip tape inside the rails forward of the thwart to help hold the kite sheets in. I preferred using a nylon ring rather than a block to take the tension up on the kite halyard. Lighter, and sort of easier to clear if the line hockled up. For the douse, pretty much what mozzy said. The crew can stand a little bit more to windward to help a hotter line in, but right over the block will always give the fastest douses - unless its blowing 20 then you need to come aft a good bit... If you need to turn up but the crew isn't ready you probably doused too late. If you need to turn to turn up to avoid boats etc, then you can always hike yourself and not bring the main in. The crew should feel the boat shifting and help - a little communication never hurts, though.
  7. Adrift Movie

    Wow. That's fucking brutal.
  8. What a money pit!

    I'm sorry to hear that. Is there any cure?
  9. Youth evolution in sailing

    the issue isn't the sailing, it's the getting beat against the dock and other boats. the 29er hull will stay stiffer way longer than the non cored standard FJ and 420 hulls (i'm aware that Zim and maybe LP are now offering cored hulls), but the physical abuse in college sailing is.... abusive.
  10. Youth evolution in sailing

    i don't think even a 29er would handle a semester of college sailing..... that was my point. I think you misread my post. I'll concede that the optimal weight of an FJ or 420 is too low for some people, but we'll never see high performance boats in college sailing - at best we'll just see boats that have an optimal around 315lbs instead of 280.
  11. Adrift Movie

    that's why i said future ex.
  12. Adrift Movie

    same wave (and same 3d rendering i think) as The Perfect Storm wave.... I wont waste my money to see it in theater but i might get drunk and attempt to get laid by watching it with my future ex girlfriend when it comes out on torrent - at least it's a love story and it has sailboats in it...
  13. What a money pit!

    don't you sail an I14??? how the hell are you paying 5k for a main lol.
  14. Adrift Movie

    shame they can't make a story about a strong female lead without fucking up literally everything about the mechanics of sailing. goddamn. I can deal with sappy music, sappy love story, etc, to see a pretty boat and a good survival or adventure story (The Long Way Home, Tracks, Wild), but.... fuck they fucked everything up here. Maybe it'll be the opposite of Wind, though? Where the trailer made more sense than the movie? Seriously - watch the trailer - instead of that stupid collision and the Whimper, they actually make the cross. Somewhere between the trailer and release they changed the plot... Also explains the starboard trimmer's goofy smile when the whimper goes up but the jib is on the winch...
  15. Youth evolution in sailing

    brexit joke.