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  1. New to me V15

    the mast itself is the same section as a 420 mast. It aint going anywhere. If it does over bend, can always add some support to the vang area or spreader root. The king post may not like it, though. I do know at least one person who set their v15 up with trap., no idea how it's held up over the years, though. my only concern with the trap is the narrow ass gunnel, it might be hard on your feet... but if you trap off your toes like you're supposed to it'll be fine... The forestay is only there to hold the mast up when you're not sailing. The reason for the string is because the wire is too short and/or to allow more range... not sure why they did that to be honest. The jib has its own wire, that i always called the jibstay but i think i made that up? anywho, to rig the boat just put the jib on the halyard, pull it up, then rig the 3:1 purchase on the jib halyard (the halyard should include a block with a becket - the primary side of the halyard (to the jib) is on one end of the block, and the secondary (rope part that you're pulling) is on the other side. IT runs from the block on the halyard, through the block on the port side of the mast, through the block on the halyard, down to the cleat. You can also run it through the cleat and has it as a 4:1 ish (lots of friction, but helps to hold it tight to get it on the cleat easier). edit: if you look at this picture of a 470 wiping out, you'll see their forestay is just flopping around. They secured it with a piece of shockcord to try and take some of the flop out. (once you pull the jib (jibstay) on, the permanent forestay will go slack since the mast has been pulled forward of its storage position)
  2. why am i here?

    yep, thems the ones.
  3. why am i here?

    surprised no one mentioned the smoke stacks on long island (always forget what town they're in). they always give you so much hope, can see the stacks we must be close.... and then the wind shuts off and the tide switches. every. damn. time. or its the ABI race and you can't see shit through the fog anyway.
  4. why am i here?

    holy shit what a machine. beautiful boat.
  5. this was a great read on an F22's pilot's take on his experience in the F4: https://www.reddit.com/r/AirForce/comments/7fc317/f22_pilots_comments_after_flying_the_f4/
  6. Percentages in other bases than ten

    that is, in fact, the joke. a joke within a joke if you will.
  7. Percentages in other bases than ten

    there are ten types of people in this world, those that understand binary and those that don't. edit: goddammit sequet scrirl beet me too it.
  8. Hobie 33 anyone?

    yeah.... but did you see that picture of twisted 3 strand for a mainsheet?
  9. Merlin at 75 mph

    shit, we could barely get our 109 out of salt creek... Hey Brian, what happened to your old account?
  10. always thought the russians were aliens.... i thought CAP stood for bunch of old people bitching about the way other people fly...
  11. Sports Marketing 101

    i've found most sailing coverage really.... not that fun to watch. Even when they do everything right. And, when it is fun to watch, i never got to watch it live - which is the fun part. That said the footage of the volvo boats leaving Portugal was pure sex. I must have watched that footage three times and then another three times when i went to my parents' house in florida with their huge tv. Also, the coverage from the olympics in Brazil and Weymouth has been fucking excellent.
  12. Hobie 33 anyone?

    ...how big were those women?... The hobie has yet to wow me as an upwind boat, thats for sure... it's upwind performance is fitting for its cockpit ergonomics. God its fun downwind, though.
  13. Hobie 33 anyone?

    like that freaking engine contraption, i call it california engineering at its finest (and no, it wasn't really the engineering;s fault)
  14. Pit Bulls Behaving Badly.... Again

    Well, that last line was a kick in the nuts. Sorry man. A dog yelping in actual pain is really hard to hear, thankfully the only times I heard it was because my dog did something stupid but he never seemed to have any lasting pain from it.
  15. How long to shit?

    how long to shit? really depends on if there is anything good on SA or reddit...
  16. Open letter to Microsoft/Windows

    ...and??? batch files for days dude. Actually, one of the best pranks i ever pulled was setting Left Hook's firefox icon's target to a batchfile that read something like shutdown /c "windows has encountered a c time run error and must now restart". Poor bastard every time he went to open firefox the computer would shutoff lol. I should have taken it a step further and changed the actual exe in the firefox directory instead of repointing the target, but oh well. i also deal with a hosted server, which is why i know a smattering of linux commands now.
  17. Blue Balls

    great looking boat! drop dead sexy with the rig up and the lines on. Get any pictures with sails up?
  18. Why don't more people race?

    just realized i transposed ankle for anchor lol... anywho, yeah real life is definitely a kick in the balls. Moving to philly (burbs) didn't help, i'm a long way to go just to go beercan race, and while it may be a bit snobby, i fucking hate sailing on rivers... I still do a lot of OPB racing, hardcore as it were, just no racing on any boat i've got any ownership interest in. I've got a job that "lets" me take a good bit of time off, and i definitely take advantage of that. I don't think most of my friends with non industry jobs have as much flexibility. There's definitely a bit of burnout even on OPB's, though. there are some races i've come home and asked myself wtf i'm doing this for anymore. But, if i didn't race, think about race, plan on racing, talk about racing, i'd have a serious hole in my life, despite having so many other interests.
  19. Open letter to Microsoft/Windows

    the reason they went to a subscription model (ok they haven't....yet.... but the rumor/theory is they will) is because of exactly that.
  20. J35 Shoal Keel

    My experience with the 109 is that the shoal draft, when lined up against deep draft, was shit. Furthermore, the first time i sailed the 109 after we swapped keels i was shocked how abrupt the mode was between pinching and stalled. I think with the old keel i just didn't feel the stall as much bad because it was, well, just never as effective when it wasn't stalled. Also just got my ass kicked sailing a shoal draft x yacht a few weeks ago in an upwind race... I blame the keel, personally... As for the sump, Jboats still sent us a retrofit kit even though our boat was built with a deep draft, so i can't speak to any extra material or not to begin with.
  21. Open letter to Microsoft/Windows

    i'm doing some server experimenting on digital ocean and ubuntu 16.04, CLI obviously.It's.... interesting. I dont know how those fuckers on stack overflow have all that stuff memorized. That said, my time playing with ubuntu desktop was definitely mixed. maybe by the time i need to ditch W7 it'll be where it needs to be.... that said there are some very nice gaming computers on craigslist im thinking about buying - given my laptop can't really handle anything made after 2007. aside from the copious batch files i write, i thankfully don't have to manage any outdated software for our company. Hell, even mas90 (i refuse to call it anything else) is on its newest version (ish, dealt with that clusterfuck in the spring) - sans subscription model. I wouldn't bother updating OS - W10 sucks and if i am going to suffer with it there better be some nicer hardware to go with it. I have started integrating W10 into work on a case by case basis, manager's laptops and stuff. Trying to get clusterfuck of a UI around a network is maddening.
  22. Are You Tougher Than Me?

    Depends on the pain. Certain pain you just deal with, certain pain is your body saying, "hey you're creating some long-term damage here". I tend to isten to the latter.... Edit: I've got pretty agressivr eczema on my hands and sometimes feet. The first bit of the day on the water can be extremely.painful as old and new cuts are opened on my palms. I deal with. Things that feel like tendon or bones that hurt chronically force me to take a break.
  23. Manly Ferry & Yacht Collide On Sydney Harbour

    how many fucking boats have hit those damn things over the years....