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  1. Adrift Movie

    Wow. That's fucking brutal.
  2. What a money pit!

    I'm sorry to hear that. Is there any cure?
  3. Youth evolution in sailing

    the issue isn't the sailing, it's the getting beat against the dock and other boats. the 29er hull will stay stiffer way longer than the non cored standard FJ and 420 hulls (i'm aware that Zim and maybe LP are now offering cored hulls), but the physical abuse in college sailing is.... abusive.
  4. Youth evolution in sailing

    i don't think even a 29er would handle a semester of college sailing..... that was my point. I think you misread my post. I'll concede that the optimal weight of an FJ or 420 is too low for some people, but we'll never see high performance boats in college sailing - at best we'll just see boats that have an optimal around 315lbs instead of 280.
  5. Adrift Movie

    that's why i said future ex.
  6. Adrift Movie

    same wave (and same 3d rendering i think) as The Perfect Storm wave.... I wont waste my money to see it in theater but i might get drunk and attempt to get laid by watching it with my future ex girlfriend when it comes out on torrent - at least it's a love story and it has sailboats in it...
  7. What a money pit!

    don't you sail an I14??? how the hell are you paying 5k for a main lol.
  8. Adrift Movie

    shame they can't make a story about a strong female lead without fucking up literally everything about the mechanics of sailing. goddamn. I can deal with sappy music, sappy love story, etc, to see a pretty boat and a good survival or adventure story (The Long Way Home, Tracks, Wild), but.... fuck they fucked everything up here. Maybe it'll be the opposite of Wind, though? Where the trailer made more sense than the movie? Seriously - watch the trailer - instead of that stupid collision and the Whimper, they actually make the cross. Somewhere between the trailer and release they changed the plot... Also explains the starboard trimmer's goofy smile when the whimper goes up but the jib is on the winch...
  9. Youth evolution in sailing

    brexit joke.
  10. Falcon Heavy....just amazing.

    yeah that'll happen... but you'll be richer for it!
  11. Who is IP-CONFIG? And why is their name on my sail?

    ALT-F4 fixes all kinds of problems. So does CRTL+W
  12. Youth evolution in sailing

    well we all know england isn't...
  13. Who is IP-CONFIG? And why is their name on my sail?

    every half hour my SQL server/terminal server (yay mix use servers.... what could go wrong? at least it's not my DC) has a windows task scheduler that calls up a batch file that calls up batch files that run my SSIS and sql queries to sync my reporting databases with my mas90's fuckingProvideXfuckingProprietaryShitAssDatabases. Now that i have SQL Standard i'll probably migrate everything to an agent job... but for now it all works... relevant XKCD https://xkcd.com/327/
  14. Who is IP-CONFIG? And why is their name on my sail?

    Msg 208, Level 16, State 1, Line 18 Invalid object name 'Forums_SailingAnarchy.dbo.Satanic-rituals-gone-wrong-dept'
  15. Who is IP-CONFIG? And why is their name on my sail?

    the batch file is dead. Long live the batchfile!
  16. Who is IP-CONFIG? And why is their name on my sail?

    pft... you say that like those are the first blood stains... yesterday was my first attempt at setting up an OLAP cube in SSAS.... there's now a scar shaped like the Y key in my forehead, too.
  17. Who is IP-CONFIG? And why is their name on my sail?

    did they allow any sort of retrofit to make the deep cockpits shallower? They keep changing the 29er too - and only some of it will be retrofittable i think (replacing those stupid ass grab rails with molded risers makes a whole lot of sense), and the removal of the scuppers for trenches makes a lot of sense since those things never sealed properly.
  18. Youth evolution in sailing

    To be fair, the ozzy's had a European coach in the 470's for years - i forget his name and country , just trying to illustrate even the best have to bring in the best. same. Too little flotation, too little freeboard, and mylar on a youth-program sail is just..... dumb.
  19. Who is IP-CONFIG? And why is their name on my sail?

    surprised RS went with a pinhead? or is the design older than i remember.... What's the hull made from, GRP or injection?
  20. Who is IP-CONFIG? And why is their name on my sail?

    congrats, it's not even lunch time and i already have blood dripping out of my ears.
  21. A rant about flying

    Last time i flew them my knees were touching the seat in front of me... I slouch and don't prefer an upright position, so maybe that's why... either way, i avoid them best i can. That said, my dad flies them pretty much exclusively - but that's partially due to flying out of Trenton verse Philly.
  22. Digital Loos Tension Gauge on Indeigogo

    My comment about loadcells was more about having a stable and repeatable method of testing. While the spinlock gauge would technically be a good platform, my preference would be a harken style gauge with an over-center lock, that way you don't need to worry about spring degradation or friction changes over time. It might have been poorly timed... It'd have worked for the J70's and other sport boats popping up recently (although the M24 was fairly popular when they were out, i think). If there was a bigger size available, or a single size capable of measuring different wires, maybe it'd have been more popular? Harken is also a mechanical hardware manufacturer, i'm sure almost every piece of the design and build was handled outside - maybe the process just didn't work for them?
  23. flying in pro Race Officers

    TO be fair....some people really suck at running regattas and an outside perspective might do them so good.
  24. 29er

    maybe split the difference and have them trap higher so you can sit on the rail more comfortable. They may need to kneel in more in the lulls to allow you to stay on the rail. It's all about finding a median so that you're both equally unhappy in those conditions where you're not planing, not always fully powered, and lulls that dip into definitely underpowered conditions.
  25. Digital Loos Tension Gauge on Indeigogo

    honestly it'd be kind of a fun project to build a digital tension gauge with an Arduino and a load cell. Only trouble is i would need access to several different rigging types, some sort of reference device (not a freaking Loos gauge) - ie an inline load cell, and a good bit of time. Someone to help actually do the building part would help too since i'm a better electronics geek than a builder.