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  1. Jeff K

    Melges 24 Furler/Forestay Rigging

    Thanks, haven't thought about the unwinding of the cable. I'll have to check ours.
  2. Jeff K

    Surveyor in Houston/Galveston

    No worries, I knew what you mean't. Yes, yes, yes getting old does suck!
  3. Jeff K

    Surveyor in Houston/Galveston

    Roy Newberry Jr also knows race boats.
  4. Jeff K

    Surveyor in Houston/Galveston

    Kevin is very good but he owns a rigging company. We use this guy, even flew him to San Francisco to survey a 1D35 for us. The boat that your looking at has been out for a few rum races. It looked nice out on the water.
  5. Jeff K

    Moving a wide boat across the US

    We used U-Ship and bought the extra insurance. Damn glad we did, the driver broke our carbon mast and it still took 4 months for them to pay off. If you do it yourself, it's almost impossible to get permits for every state. Most states permitting systems aren't setup for John Q Public towing over sized loads. Prepare yourself for a white knuckle trip, staring in the mirrors waiting for 18 wheeler to pass and seeing if cops coming after you from every weigh station that you pass. It's a what doesn't kill you trip...
  6. Jeff K

    syndicate , partnership or crew on 1D35?

    Our last three boats (2 -1D35's & FT10M) all had multiple owners. 3 on our first 1D35, 4 on the tiger and 5 on our 1D35 that we own now (happens to be for sale in the classifieds). With nothing for than a handshake and a beer. Never had a problem but of course with 5 owners there's always some people that work on the boat more than others but all of the checks cash every 6 months. Boat note, insurance, and slip rent cost each of us a little over $200 per month each. Everything else is divided up on a spreadsheet. I know everyone different but it worked really well for us. cya jeff
  7. Jeff K

    J-34 IOR

    Also, missing about 4 of them.
  8. Jeff K

    30-35 ft sprit boat - up to 75K

    We went from a stock 1D35 to the FT-10. FT-10 Pros - A lot of speed for your buck, fast in the light stuff, fast in anything downwind, stable downwind, nice layout with roller furling. Cons - The boat is narrow and I'm 6' 4" so the boat kept me hunched over or I would have to slide between the lifelines. I always got off of the boat with a backache. Struggles upwind against most boats in it's rating band. Outboard = fighting ethanol, we bought a second carburetor and kept swapping the two out all of the time. We ended up going back to a 1D35 and put a prod on it. Jury is still out on the prod vs speed vs rating hit...
  9. Jeff K

    How long to make my bowsprit?

    Does anyone have any recommendations for a sprit builder?
  10. Jeff K

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    Wow, I'm really curious about the hollowness of the trailing edge of the fin. I was always told that was a no no but i guess it's like everything else. What was bad for ya is now good for ya... Anyway Bill the boat just looks great and as always wish you guys all of the luck! cya jeff
  11. Jeff K

    Ker 43 Ptarmigan

    I walked around it a couple of days ago, it looks great, congratulations Bill. cya jeff