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    Probably a bad idea: super cheap Farr 39 ML

    Not much demand for big phrf boats that don't have a J on them anymore. Sold our well sorted out 1D35 last year for 40k.
  2. Jeff K

    Annapolis Racing- Looking for Tips & Tricks

    It's not the area to worry about it's the boats. We did it twice on the Navy 44's and there's a big disparity between them. When we did it they made us tape over all of the instruments that were working and you could only take a handheld gps. You changed boats everyday but take the same jib and spinnaker with you from boat to boat. You can't adjust or fix anything on the boats. We sent our bowman up the rig to adjust the windex, don't do that! They will give you an safety officer (retired navy) and a cadet that stays with you from boat to boat. I thought our rudder fell off a couple of times but then the boat finally started to turn. Oh yeah, there's a lot of protesting that goes on too. Good luck, overall it's fun.
  3. Jeff K

    WTF did they do to this J/125!?

    What he said vvvv Looks to me it does! It’s over priced if it has an aluminum mast.
  4. Jeff K

    Melges 24 Furler/Forestay Rigging

    Thanks, haven't thought about the unwinding of the cable. I'll have to check ours.
  5. Jeff K

    Surveyor in Houston/Galveston

    No worries, I knew what you mean't. Yes, yes, yes getting old does suck!
  6. Jeff K

    Surveyor in Houston/Galveston

    Roy Newberry Jr also knows race boats.
  7. Jeff K

    Surveyor in Houston/Galveston

    Kevin is very good but he owns a rigging company. We use this guy, even flew him to San Francisco to survey a 1D35 for us. The boat that your looking at has been out for a few rum races. It looked nice out on the water.
  8. Jeff K

    Moving a wide boat across the US

    We used U-Ship and bought the extra insurance. Damn glad we did, the driver broke our carbon mast and it still took 4 months for them to pay off. If you do it yourself, it's almost impossible to get permits for every state. Most states permitting systems aren't setup for John Q Public towing over sized loads. Prepare yourself for a white knuckle trip, staring in the mirrors waiting for 18 wheeler to pass and seeing if cops coming after you from every weigh station that you pass. It's a what doesn't kill you trip...