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  1. Willin'

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    Makes me chuckle thinking back. I was on a nuc boat for my last 3 years in the Navy. Every so often I used to enjoy pissing off the XO by submitting a Non Vol chit ( request to un-volunteer from the submarine service) and request for inter- service transfer. Once I asked to be transferred to the Coasties to be lighthouse keeper at Watch Hill, RI light. Once I volunteered for Operation Deep Freeze. There was never a chance of getting non volled or transferred, but it was great fun hearing him explain how I was too valuable to be let go. It must have killed him.
  2. Willin'

    Latest Book Recommendations

    Late to the game, I know, but Bourdain's Kitchen Confidential is a surprisingly interesting and entertaining easy read. I meant to read it years ago but was sufficiently entertained by his TV shows and somehow never got around to it. I really miss that guy. Loved his snarkey yet somehow endearing take on things.
  3. Willin'

    Random PicThread

    I may be developing a serious man crush on you, Hobie!
  4. Willin'

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    Yeah, Hutch is #1, my bro and Marcus Rowell 2 & 3. That's 3 3Kton Captains! Good boat, great crew, excellent boss but busy sailing program. From Antarctica they have to beeline it up the East coast in time for the Saint Bart's Bucket. That's a long slog. Only met Hutch briefly, long ago on another boat in Auckland, I'm not crew, just enjoy the odd crossing with my bro when invited along. My 100 ton masters MMC doesn't go far in the super yacht world.
  5. Willin'

    Situations Vacant...Antarctica ..seriously

    My brother is sailing a super yacht, SY Rosehearty enroute to Antarctica right now. They're currently in Chile looking to jump off next week or so. This is his second trip there as apparently it's become a bit of a tourist destination for those fond of risking hypothermia while supping. Looks to be a pretty rough crossing. The charter guests will be flown in once the boat is on station, then the boss arrives with his family for a few weeks after that. Unfortunately, I haven't gotten called to make that trip yet. I could handle Antarctica on a super yacht, otherwise, no thanks.
  6. Willin'

    Catalina is sinnking

    Ooops! I was only off by about 12K miles. Wrong island. My bad.
  7. Willin'

    Catalina is sinnking

    Odd, I recall Descanso, Crescent (the harbor), Lover's Cove (not actually a beach) and Pebbly Beaches. Gabgab?
  8. Willin'

    Catalina is sinnking

    Oh gawd, I hope all of them.
  9. Willin'

    Catalina is sinnking

    I'll reserve judgment till I've been there, until then Catalina will be a 26 month turn in the barrel for me.
  10. Willin'

    Kelly quits

    I find it funny how often the Trump administration still castigates the evil Hollywood Elite. Check out Mnuchin's resume... https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6518391/ Nope, no hypocrisy here.
  11. Willin'

    Kelly quits

    I can't come up with a suitable disparaging remark.
  12. Willin'

    Catalina is sinnking

    Lived there for 26 months back in the 90s. Can't sink fast enough to please me.
  13. Willin'

    Tattoos, Smoking and "Class"

    Does that say Plevocution on her face?
  14. Willin'

    The Maid

    Too funny!