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  1. One Small step for man...

    Hey, It appears we both may have taken more offense than was intended. You say 'butterfly effect', I see you saying something like my story was an urban legend rather than a fond reminiscence, my bad. You taking offense about a Pollack from Erie joke, well, funny or not, you can take offense or laugh it off, I don't care. It certainly wouldn't have been the first Pollack from Erie joke spoken today, nor probably in the last five minutes. Either way, fuck yourself if you can't take a joke. Do it twice! I will say you probably haven't lived in Erie very long if that small slight got under your saddle. Okay, are we square now? Sorry for the mis-insultation.
  2. One Small step for man...

    Well then go fuck yourself! Do it often! Ya think ya heard this story before, youth? You probably have, from me, on here, posting well under the proverbial influence, pretty much every July. Never the less and all the same, every word I wrote was true, and still is. She was the hot high school chick from North Jersey that got away... even though her folks loved me and I got along great with her brothers and sister. That said, what should I expect from an Erie-ite in Poland, ground zero for the Erie, PA gene pool? FWIW, I'll be back there later this month visiting Mom. Erie, that is... you can have Poland.
  3. One Small step for man...

    Huh? You talkin' ta me?
  4. One Small step for man...

    That was the summer after I'd graduated HS. I'd borrowed Mom's car after supper lying about going over to a friend's house, then bee lined it down to the shore to try for some beach nookie from a girl I'd met in Beach Haven the summer before. Spent the obligatory 20 minutes chatting with her folks before we managed to get out of the house and head for the beach. Less than a block away, she looks in the picture window of a house and sees about 20 people in the living room staring at the tv, everyone's faces flickering in blue light. She remembers it's the moon landing and wants to knock on the door to ask if we can watch. No, no, I plead, the beach is just right there! Against my urgent wishes, she knocks and the folks inside insisted we come in and watch, the whole neighborhood was there, gave us sodas and pretzels and a place on the floor and by the time we'd left it was almost my 11:00 curfew. Never got the beach nookie, the car overheated out in the Pine Barrens as I was racing home and it took an hour to get some water in it, so I got totally busted by my folks. That car always ran hot until the day she sold it and every year on this date I'm forced to relive one of the singularly most frustrating evenings of my young life. Fuck you, Neil Armstrong!
  5. Qatar gets bitch slapped

    Only to you.
  6. Qatar gets bitch slapped

    Odd that of all the countries Trump wants to limit US ingress from, he somehow didn't include this one.
  7. Craigslist - Not mocking

    For those not averse to a bit of sanding and painting... https://www.newenglandboatcompany.com/international500
  8. Surfer's ear...

    Thanks ML. Good to know. I guess, not being a major surf center, the local MDs must not be up to snuff on cold water sports medicine.
  9. Surfer's ear...

    That extra thickness of booty rubber always seemed to throw off my take offs. When the water got that cold it was time to surf off Huntington Beach or Morrow Bay's steam plants. Ah, the warm spots were better than a wetsuit piss!
  10. Dinghy engine in dingy, instead of on dinghy?

    I suppose it depends on how you secure the motor in the dinghy to minimize the risk of fuel spillage. We had a bad day once when the crew that brought the tender motor back aboard the mothership forgot to bring the external fuel tank aboard, which flipped in rough water filling the dink with gas, a not copacetic thing to try to remedy when entering a closed harbor. In addition to all the valid issues above, do you really want to risk a tender full of gas and a huge plume of volatile sheen following you where you sail? Unless you can rig it such that a spill is impossible in the dinghy, I'd spend the effort to bring it aboard.
  11. Gregg Allman DTS

    Always thought he had a great voice and musical talent. Then I learned he shacked up with 17 yo Savannah for 2 years in the late 80s... Respect!
  12. Surfer's ear...

    I first heard of surfer's ear when diagnosed with it while in JC in California in the late 70s. While my year round water sports activities gradually tapered off over the next 10 years, the nodes in my left ear continued to grow, but it didn't hinder my hearing any other than to cause frequent water blockage when I did surf or dive. Oddly, since moving to Maine, everyone that looks into my ears is shocked at the odd stalagtites growing now in both ears, but no one has ever heard of surfer's ear here. I've explained that it's commonly diagnosed on the west coast but then I'm generally given the 'let me do the doctoring and you do the patienting' attitude. This lead me to wonder if it has ever been technically described and accepted in medical literature or is it just a colloquialism used by west coasters? Fortunately, so far my hearing is still relatively good (some unrelated tinnitus in one ear), but I think I'd consider learning ASL before I'd let a VA doctor drill into my ears. Sorry it happened to ya. Having too much fun has consequences I guess.
  13. Long books, series and sagas

    Anything by Greg Iles is a bona fide page burner but in particular I'd recommend his Natchez Burning Trilogy, the third volume of which has just been published last month. Like Gresham, they are all rooted in the mystery and history of the deep south. Unlike Gresham, this stuff will grab your heart and make you want to join the SPLC. Painfully intense to read. Be prepared to battle your spouse over these if you read them on holiday. I just bought Mississippi Burning for my wife's birthday and we're both struggling to not crack it now, but want to wait till next holiday in June.Tough noogies on her if I grab it first on the first night out.
  14. What happened to the China summit?

    The trouble with dealing with a loose cannon is you can't anticipate which way it's going to roll. Apparently Drumpf thinks, lacking diplomacy, that this is his strength.