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  1. Ok, I'm officially speechless. Like there are no more pressing matters on Drumpf's plate. Squirrel!
  2. Willin'

    Great Quotes

    "Naked as the eyes of a clown."
  3. How about before the start of the debate we swear both participants in to, you know, tell nothing but the truth? The one with the fewest lies wins! Try and prepare Trump for that and see where it goes.
  4. Willin'

    Multi-State Protection Agreement

    Imagine what the power of a 50 state mutual aid compact might be. I'm surprised no one has thought of that in the last, ohhhh, 244 years or so.
  5. Willin'

    LONQR 2

    Thank you! I really missed that thread and now is the perfect time for a threadsurrection.
  6. Willin'

    eight bells for Tematai Tevaearai

    I'd bought a sammy and a couple of cold beers at a shop one day and sat down on the curb at an intersection about a block in from the harbor in Papeete to enjoy lunch with several other locals sitting there. It's a busy noon day and there are lots of people walking by and busy car traffic. Maybe 5 or 6 locals sitting on the curb, me being the only non local. I don't know any of them. I'd finished the first beer and set the empty can down on the curb and continued to eat my sandwich. A gust of breeze happened to blow the can into the gutter just as I was taking a bite of my sammy and it rolled noisily down the gutter. A grizzled old lady got up from a few feet away, came over to me, bent down and got almost nose to nose with me and spoke very loudly and aggressively into my face. Not a clue what she was talking about, I'm guessing it was the local dialect as there were no French words I recognized but she seemed very angry at me. I looked around and everyone has stopped what they're doing and are watching us, but no one is offering to interpret. I took a guess, got up and picked up the beer can and threw it in the trash can behind me, sat back down, looked up at her and asked 'OK?' She gave me the briefest nod, sat back down on the curb and every one went back to talking, eating and drinking. No one else said a word and when I'd finished my sandwich and second beer I got up and left and no one even seemed to notice me. I don't know why that moment has stuck with me after all these years except that maybe it showed the pride even the street people took in their island. The picture of Tematai Tevaearai reminded me of that little old lady.
  7. Willin'

    Captain Crozier

    Wait until the first boomers and attack boats return from patrol and offload full body bags. I'll wager the career losses will track much higher up the COC when that happens. This is just the opening salvo of a coming war.
  8. Willin'

    eight bells for Tematai Tevaearai

    I've had a Hinano golf shirt for about 20 odd years now. It's stained, frayed and stretched into a shapeless blob, but her embroidered figure, looking almost brand new, is still sitting there on the left breast. I can't bring myself to throw it in the rag bin. It just takes me there.
  9. Willin'

    DTS - Bill Withers

    Watched a documentary about him some time back called Still Bill. What an amazing story and life! So refreshing to find a truly great talent not interested in fame or glory. One really cool thing I remember from it was that 'Ain't No Sunshine' was the first ever pop record to be recorded without an instrumental intro. Hard to believe, but try to find another one. IIRC the record co didn't like it but he stuck by his guns and won. After about 3 listens I was sick of it but apparently he had that ear for music that struck a personal chord and would sell. Also, just learned that he had no musical training until he'd gone to a Lou Rawls concert and somehow overheard from the venue manager how much Rawls earned per week. He went straight out and bought a guitar and taught himself to play' I love his story! RIP Bill!
  10. Willin'

    Lesbian Robot was Tommy Lee

    Much as I'd love to think Lee is a brainiac disguised as a lowbrow scumbag, ex junky rock drummer, alas, he is probably best known for his sex tapes and probably couldn't have penned much more than the expletives in this diatribe. https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/blue-wave-and-trump-rage-wake-insult-comic-author-from-his-slumber-300637020.html
  11. Willin'

    Trump Right Now on TV

    Interestingly, or maybe not, our local CBS affiliate, which is owned by a right wing national broadcast conglomerate that never fails to plug in various conservative punch lines like the nightly 'Terrorism Alert Desk' panned away from Trump's mindless babbling and went to local weather. Perhaps there's hope after all.
  12. Willin'

    Trump Right Now on TV

    I got the obvious. I thought by cancelling mask sales to Canada you were saying he was saying from now on they can't give masks to their... oh never mind, it's Friday night.
  13. Willin'

    Trump Right Now on TV

    I think there's a joke in there, am I right?
  14. Willin'

    Trump Right Now on TV

    He just said 'Fuck you!' to Canada re. mask exports from the US, regardless of existing contracts. Screw the myth of open markets, I guess! It's every man for himself in Trumpworld! I wonder how our former ally to the north will respond?