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  1. Willin'

    Polls Closing Due To New COVID Surge

    Wouldn't it be ironic if the Trumpists that are waiting to vote in person on election day missed their chance to vote because their polling place was shut down by the fake wuhan virus?
  2. Willin'

    The West Wing is on!

    Scrolling around the channels just now I found The West Wing on TNT. OMG, what great writing. Imagine a White House full of smart, slender, fast talking people making informed choices, passionate arguments, ethical decisions based on sound logic and a sense of altruism? If only it were for real! Maybe Sorkin should run for President.
  3. Willin'


    I've had a 10HP Yard Machine homeowner type chipper/ shredder for 15 years. The shredder function is pretty useless but the chipper works surprisingly well if you keep the blades sharp. Unfortunately getting the blades out is a major chore. You'll find the chipper likes green branches much better than dry ones. Dry hemlock branches will vibrate so badly in the infeed you'll think your hands are getting shocked!
  4. Willin'

    Random PicThread

    Yeah, compared to Vladivostock I can see how you'd be unimpressed.
  5. Willin'

    What Have You Done Today?

    Blow job is better than no job! Or at least that was true back in the day!
  6. Willin'

    What Have You Done Today?

    About 3 months into the pandemic I started shopping online for electric clippers. I just wasn't ready to let that young girl breath in my face for $27 plus tip again. It took a while to find one since there was apparently a huge new demand for home clippers, but I finally found a good set for roughly $50. So now I'm 6 months since my last haircut and thinking if I can hold out another 6 months I've got a good pony tail again or at least a defendable man bun and the ugly part of the grow out is during lock down so no one will see the bad days but...
  7. Willin'

    Jerry Jeff Walker --- DTS

    The Main Point was an awesome spot! We caught a benefit show there once featuring Joni M and Tom Waits among many others about 1975. I'd also see Springsteen's name on the Erlton Bowl marquis in Cherry Hill, NJ about the same time, just before he broke big. Imagine seeing the Boss and the E Street Band with the big man in a bowling alley lounge? How I wish I'd checked it out back then. We caught Jerry Jeff opening for Willie Nelson at the Santa Barbara County Bowl one beautiful, sunny summer afternoon about 1978. I wasn't familiar with JJW then but was learning to like Willie and outlaw country about then. The biggest takeaways were how unnaturally white their skin was (I guess late night gigs don't allow for much beach time) and how hard they were both pulling on the jug by the time they all came onstage for the encores. I think everyone on both sides of the stage had a great time that day.
  8. Willin'

    Random PicThread

    I could have sworn this is the road to Punta Allen, just south of Tulum, in Quintana Roo, MX... 50 k of mangroves, pocket beaches and amazing fishing spots!
  9. Willin'

    What Have You Done Today?

    I've been stacking rounds of oak and maple that were either deadfalls or overhanging our road near the hot tub for about a year now. Finally comes the perfect weather weekend to split it up! It came to about 1/8 cord. Now for a nice glass of sumpin and a long hot soak!
  10. Willin'

    Jerry Jeff Walker --- DTS

    I found this tribute while searching through the good ol' stuff. Worth the time.
  11. Willin'

    The Smear of Calling BLM Violent

    I suspect there might be some playful mod intervention going on. This is the second time I've seen B2's posted vids do the oppo to what he intended.
  12. Willin'

    Random PicThread

    And now for a little humor...
  13. Willin'

    “The Big Guy “

    So, according to BB's link, Jason Miller is the big guy? I don't think that Lincoln Project link means what you think it does!
  14. Willin'

    McConnell's Hands.. WTF??

    Before seeing the photo my first thought was of the crazy guy on Sons of Anarchy. His only job was sweeping up the shop, but he could hardly do his job because he had to keep his hands bandaged up to keep from beating off in front of the girls. I still prefer to think that's what McConnell's problem is, even after seeing the photo.