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  1. Willin'

    Colon Prep

    Hope you stocked in a few extra rolls of TP. Or else maybe mask off the bowl to prevent overspray.
  2. Willin'

    2020 Eggemoggin Reach Regatta

    https://www.erregatta.com/2020/ERR_2020_Scratch_Name.pdf No Serenade this year, although Drift's name, under a former owner, was Serenade.
  3. Willin'

    2020 Eggemoggin Reach Regatta

    It wuzn't me... I don't get the whole vanity plate thing.
  4. I see Cruisin' Loser's (Restive) on the scratch sheet, as is the new owner of Drift. Any other anarchists in it and the feeders? The weather looks like a light air and foggy start and only 63 boats registered, compared to the typical 100 plus. Could be epic in a slow and beautiful day on the water amongst some of the prettiest boats around sort of way.
  5. Sorry, but nothing says 'Not a Badass!' quite like having an iron on applique on your colors that says Badass. I welcome the rebellion of geezers on Harleys. It should be fun to watch.
  6. Willin'

    Don't MoveTo Florida

    I was driving south on my way to Key West one early September long ago. Decided to spend the night at Sebastian Inlet to try to catch some morning waves. Having seen pics of Daytona Beach I assumed you could drive on the beach everywhere down there on the east coast. It's about 11:00 PM, still easily in the 90s and I'm stuck axle deep in soft sand in my van. I discovered the no see ums when I got out to try to dig myself out and managed to let most of them into the van before shutting the doors and windows. No window screens, just a mattress and a 3 season sleeping bag inside. That was a long, hot, sweaty, itchy night. The park ranger that caught me the next day was sympathetic at my spotted swollen face and towed me off the beach for free though, so at least one good thing came of it.
  7. Willin'


    What's amazing is that Trump believes these tweets will somehow shift the polls to favor him.
  8. If it isn't true, it should be. I'll admit, it was a dogpark story my wife came home with that I chose to relate as first hand because I accepted it as fact. MY bad and I apologize. If it's not actual policy, it sure seems like a missed opportunity for some degree of enforcement for not too much money. That said, why don't you mail in your fine anyhow Wess, since you admit to violating our visitation rules?
  9. Willin'

    Random PicThread

    No, mate, that's Squeaky! See and hear more of her than you really want to here
  10. Willin'

    Random PicThread

  11. Yup! When I was training to be a ski tech the torque units on all bindings, regardless of origin, were in DaNM. I asked the instructor what that was? Deca Newton Meters, that's all you need to know! And I thought the metric system was gonna simplify everything.
  12. Willin'

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    My plan was always bring along at least one guy in his early twenties to jump in the water.
  13. Willin'

    Sailing to Maine. Outside Route

    Down here in the Burg the traps were all stacked in the yards until a few weeks ago and right now there's prolly half or fewer traps wet than normal. The bugs were already inside by then so the open water to the south is relatively trap free so far this year. Dock prices are ridiculously low and bait prices are high with almost no herring available at all. Most folks I know are buying frozen redfish heads at $22/ case. I can't catch lobster as cheaply as I can buy it right now so my traps are still under the porch. Sorry if I spread bad dope, I'm not getting down your way as much as I used to. I'm guessing then that Jericho Bay must be it's usual mess o traps and toggles.
  14. Thank you for doing that, you are wiser than many! Not cruising related, but as an example of how seriously Maine is taking the non quarantining violators, our friend just heard from her daughter down in Mass. The daughter and her BF drove up and spent 4 days doing the Maine tourist thing before driving home. A week later they received a citation for $200 or $300 (CRS) from the Maine Turnpike Authority for violating the 2 week quarantine which was mandated for Mass visitors that didn't specifically stop and show proof of testing or prior quarantining. They were caught by the EZ Pass system at the Turnpike toll booths. I imagine if the yachting traffic begins to pick up the Coasties may start checking transients, especially if our counts start ticking up.
  15. Willin'

    First (and hopefully last). Pan. Pan

    Early 1990s, didn't have tow insurance (I think it was called Vessel Assist back then) yet, motoring back to Channel Islands Harbor after a lovely weekend at Santa Cruz Island with 2 guests aboard. It had been a dead calm and oily glassy motor all the way from the anchorage when the old Albin gas engine started running rough and smoking. It had a history of burning through points pretty fast so I was hanging upside down trying to clean and set the gap when the stainless adjusting screw I'd installed somehow got free and splashed in the bilge. No spares aboard. We rolled gently and sunbathed for a few hours until the beer ran out and the guests got antsy so I swallowed my pride and hailed the local CG on 16 to ask the possibility of a tow, mostly for the benefit of the guests. Of course, the coasties, once they learned we were in no imminent danger, said 'You are a sailboat, aren't you?' Call us if the condition persist by sundown, otherwise your on your own. Being Southern Calif. the hoots and catcalls on 16 for the rest of the afternoon were pretty brutal and I dearly regretted using my boat's actual name. I've never heard bad VHF usage like was common in SoCal here in Maine. Six hours later, it's dense fog, getting dark and we're just drifting inside the harbor when the CG called to check our status just as the Harbor Patrol was kind enough to come alongside and tow us to our slip. The guests, hungover and sunburnt were very happy to drive away. That and 5 years later when I called and requested an offshore fuel delivery from Vessel Assist are the only two times I've called for help, but no, never considered using Pan Pan for either.