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  1. Willin'

    The Two Best Days...

    Ok, with a big Nor'easter blowing and gusts upward of 60 kts, I'm kinda glad to not be sweating about the boat in the cove. So far 2 neighbors have reminded me how lucky I am. There's that!
  2. Willin'

    The Two Best Days...

    Maybe... if I can crew on a superyacht. My days of ocean crossings on small boats are done with. I do have friends in Savu Savu I haven't visited in almost 20years now, maybe it's time. My brother is running a 40 meter ketch in PNG right now, fingers crossed he'll need some help.
  3. Willin'

    The First 1000 Days

    I have to admit, when I first discovered the website What The Fuck Just Happened Today I thought, well this will never go anywhere because Trump will be out on his ass before the end of the second quarter of his reign. What the fuck did I know? I checked the site for my afternoon dose of indignation and was stunned to see the vile POS has been in office 1000 days today. Bigly sad that this is the country we live in. https://whatthefuckjusthappenedtoday.com
  4. Willin'

    Taste Test Tanya's Pussy

    She smoked a cigarette with her pussy and 5 minutes later you couldn't even taste it? Yuck! Two day old warm sushi couldn't cover up that taste. Just sayin'. ETA, I was gonna add a link to a suitable video but for some reason common sense intervened. You're welcome.
  5. Willin'

    Betrayal-who's next?

    Yak, FFS.
  6. This'll only take a minute, but classic!!!! Filled into the end space of every 80's mix tape I ever made.
  7. Yeah, she's been selling that 'moderate Repub' image for decades. Unfortunately, her voting record belies that and people are noticing.
  8. Willin'

    Should Trump go to jail?

    Nah, I vote for Gitmo. A little enhanced interrogation might refresh his memory and get his mind right.
  9. Willin'

    3D printed boat

    Yeah, but much like Trump and coal miners, this will help keep the low paying, low education logging job market afloat. Folks in northern Maine still love that shit.
  10. Willin'

    3D printed boat

    I believe I read the material was a plastic/ wood composite in a nod to the waning Maine timber industry. Haven't heard anyone talking about commercial viability yet regarding cost and to me, a 5000 lb 25 foot empty plastic power boat sounds a tad heavy. Best to wait for sea trials I guess, although other proven sea designs may be adaptable to this technology. Personally, it reminded me of a roto molded power boat I've been on that never made me feel any too safe in a seaway.
  11. Willin'

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    When the boat got underway at a high rate of speed while there was still a breast and spring line made fast to the fuel float, I'm guessing the ship wasn't under command. Might be a bit of a miracle it wasn't still bunkering and didn't tear out the fuel hose while pumping.
  12. Willin'

    What's the Next Lyric

    You're an honorary geezer, Lefty!
  13. Willin'

    New Yacht Plows Into Dock At Port Angeles

    It may just be VWAP's nefarious influence on me, but why do I suspect sex in the wheelhouse? Seems odd the propwash stops ALMOST immediately after the boat comes to a halt and two people suddenly appear at the aft end of the flybridge. Could be the second most expensive BJ ever!
  14. Willin'

    What's the Next Lyric

    She sits on the dock, fishin' in the water uh- huh!