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    Annapolis - Powerboat on Sailboat Crime

    Six Smart Men, They Felt Smart.
  3. Also, +3 to the fellow who instructed us about pilot bias.
  4. Glad everyone got home that day. I was out that afternoon, too, farther north. It went from the teens to 30+ in an hour. The wind and wave direction was from the NW. The seas were 8+ feet with 11 second period. Choppy and grumpy conditions. It surely was worse down at King Harbor which gets pumped due to the underwater Redondo Canyon and the Palos Verdes bight reflecting wind and wave energy exactly to the harbor entrance. --- +1 to the fellows who suggested tossing an anchor well before the surf zone. That's Old School. +1 to those who recommended creating some headway. Little boats, all they have is speed. But that harbor is developed, and there aren't many soft spots to beach on. +1 to the comment to get some main sail working to go to windward a bit. +2 to the fellows who cautioned to avoid the surf zone and "obstacles" --- What is the fastest way to get a main going? 1. Lash the main to the mast and the boom? (inefficient) 2. Use the spinnaker halyard if the main halyard is broken? (good) 3. Tie a rolling hitch on a bight in the luff rope for downhaul, lash the leech to the boom midway and tie to the outhaul? (e voila, voiler!) As for the fouled sheets/winches: KEEP YOUR SHEETS TRIMMED. DO NOT FLOG. All of those actions can be safely accomplished from the cockpit or midship.